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TuesdayAugust 14, 2012

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No Justice for Colombian Journalist’s Death 13 Years Later

No Justice for Colombian Journalist’s Death 13 Years Later

Photo: Jaime Garzon (Semana)

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Press organizations, defenders of human rights, families and journalists gathered here Monday to commemorate the 13th anniversary of journalist and humorist Jaime Garzon’s murder and to protest the authorities’ failure to punish anyone for the crime.

The Press Freedom Foundation, or Flip, the Ccajar lawyers’ group and dozens of journalists placed their floral tributes at the place where Garzon was slain and on his grave in a Bogota cemetery.

A total of 4,748 flowers were left at the crime scene to “symbolize the number of days we have lived without Jaime Garzon,” the organizations said.

Garzon was fatally shot on Aug. 13, 1999, while driving to the studios of Radio Net.

His vehicle then swerved up on the sidewalk and crashed into a lamp pole.

That lamp pole, christened “Sin Olvido” (Not Forgotten), was painted yellow, blue and red, the colors of the Colombian flag, by the dead man’s sister Marisol, as she has done every year since the murder.

Before Garzon there were “90 journalists murdered and, with his death, these tragic times for freedom of the press in Colombia continue. In just four years, from 1999 to 2002, no less than 32 journalists were killed as a result of reporting the news, Flip said Monday in a communique.

The president of Ccajar, Alirio Uribe, told journalists that “the only person detained for the crime is in a military garrison,” apparently “protected.”

Uribe was talking about the ex-assistant director of the now-defunct DAS security service, Jose Miguel Narvaez, whom the Attorney General’s Office summoned for questioning in September 2009.

Nine months later, on June 29, 2010, a warrant for Narvaez’s arrest was handed down for his role in “deciding the murder of the humorist and journalist.”

But the case “has never gone forward,” members of the journalist’s family said.

Several Colombian paramilitaries have told authorities that Garzon’s murder was ordered by the late founder and leader of the AUC militia federation Carlos Castaño, “instigated” by Narvaez.

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New York’s Mayor Bloomberg Calls on Campaigns to Talk Immigration

New York’s Mayor Bloomberg Calls on Campaigns to Talk Immigration

Photo: Bloomberg on Immigration

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New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg called here Tuesday for the inclusion of immigration reform in the presidential debate as one of the most important subjects affecting economic growth in the United States.

In the first of two business forums in Chicago and Boston, Bloomberg defended the role of immigrants as essential.

“(T)here is no way to help the economy as quickly and as cost-free as opening the borders to create jobs and create business,” the billionaire mayor told a meeting of the Economic Club of Chicago.

Bloomberg said that immigration reform is probably the most important subject pending in the United States, but neither Democratic incumbent Barack Obama nor Republican hopeful Mitt Romney has presented any plan to resolve it.

“This country cannot retain its global leadership without an immigration policy. The competition for immigrant talent with countries such as Singapore and Germany is too fierce, and the consequences of losing the battle are too great,” the New York mayor said.

Joining Bloomberg at the breakfast in Chicago was former White House chief of staff William Daley, who said the shortcomings of current U.S. immigration law “hurt our economy, jeopardize job creation and arm our competitors with the world’s best workers.”

The mayor mentioned a study by the Partnership for a New American Economy, an organization led by Bloomberg and media magnate Rupert Murdoch, showing that immigrants created one out of every four new businesses last year.

In companies that work in the sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics, a foreign-born worker with a U.S. graduate degree creates an average of 2.62 jobs in the United States.

The report also said that historically more than 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies have been founded by an immigrant or the son or daughter of one.

Bloomberg said he chose Chicago and Boston for Tuesday’s forums because they are the cities where Obama and Romney have their respective campaign headquarters, and he urged voters to demand that the candidates treat the immigration issue “with the seriousness it deserves.”

He called it “unforgivable” that Democrats and Republicans refuse to support reform and suggested a four-point platform to begin the discussion.

First would be the granting of Green Cards to foreign students pursuing graduate degrees in science, math and technology.

Second, the percentage of Green Cards awarded on the basis of economic necessity should be increased from the current 7 percent.

Third would be the issuing of a visa specifically for businessmen.

And finally, the creation of a program for temporary workers in agriculture and seasonal industries.

Later the mayor will meet in Boston with News Corp. chief Rupert Murdoch for a roundtable on the same subject.

Murdoch said before the meeting that he is in favor of getting beyond “politics and antiquated notions about immigration if we are serious about attracting and retaining the best talent in America.”

“America is a great nation built on the hard work and ingenuity of immigrants, and our economic prosperity will depend upon our ability to unleash innovation and compete in the global marketplace,” the Australian-born mogul said.

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Jasmine Guerrero Helps Ex-Cons Integrate Back into Society

Jasmine Guerrero Helps Ex-Cons Integrate Back into Society

Photo: Jasmine Guerrero Helps Ex-Cons Integrate Back into Society

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Jasmine Guerrero has spent more than 10 years helping minority girls and young women who have done time behind bars to overcome the resulting social and economic barriers so they can find a better future.

After submitting her senior thesis at California State University, Los Angeles, about the plight of women in jail and the hardships they face when released, Guerrero decided to jump in and help them herself.

“Doing the research and the interviews and hearing the awful experiences of those girls opened a new horizon for me and made me want to help them reenter society,” she told Efe in an interview.

She found the right opportunity when she began working with the Girls and Gangs foundation, which helps young females who have run afoul of the law.

“At first it wasn’t easy, in fact it never is, since first and foremost you must get the young women to believe in you,” Guerrero, now a case manager with Girls and Gangs, said.

The rehab professional said that sexual and psychological abuse, domestic violence and poverty are some of the factors “that push these girls onto the street and into problems with the law.”

“It’s very sad to see what they’ve been through - they’ve generally suffered abuse, most of them since childhood - and now they’re trying so hard to find a place in society,” she said.

Once she manages to win the young people’s trust and while they’re still behind bars, she puts together a to-do plan for them for a period of about six months.

“If when they’ve done their time in a reformatory they don’t find specialized guidance, they’ll soon be back in the same cycle of violence and imprisonment,” Jasmine said.

“They set their own goals - they decide if they want to study or work or both to reinsert themselves in society - and establish the priorities to achieve them,” she said.

That’s how the process of acquiring the necessary tools to be useful people in their community begins.

Guerrero said that this is the critical point in the process, because the young women return to the same surroundings as before, “where their families are often disfunctional, living in poverty with no future to speak of.”

And if they go looking for work, they have neither the necessary experience nor the qualifications, besides having a past that doesn’t help them, nor do they have enough confidence in their parole officer to tell him their problems, because they’re always thinking he could send them back to jail.

But through the mentoring program they begin to see what they want and what their strengths are and start training themselves to be more competitive - and they also receive professional care to overcome their psychological traumas.

“We show them the different opportunities before them: how they can finish high school and get their diploma if they don’t already have it…and get them thinking about whether they would rather attend community college or enroll in the armed forces or get job training,” she said.

Guerrero added that what is most important is to teach them not to give up no matter what “obstacles and difficulties they come up against along the way.”

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Tourism in Mexico Grows Nearly 4 Percent in First Quarter of 2012

Mexico’s tourism activity grew 3.9 percent in the first quarter of this year, compared to the same period in 2011, thanks to strong demand for tourist services, the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, or INEGI said Tuesday.

This indicator shows how the gross domestic tourism product is performing and is complemented by another statistic, the quarterly domestic tourism consumption indicator.

The measures reflect the consumption levels of both domestic and foreign tourists, a figure that was up 5.1 percent during the January-March period.

Consumption by domestic tourists rose 5.3 percent in the first quarter, while consumption by foreign tourists was up 3.8 percent during the period, the INEGI said.

The tourist services sector, which made the biggest contribution to Mexico’s gross domestic tourism product, grew 4.6 percent in the first quarter.

A total of 38.2 million foreign tourists visited the country during the first six months of the year, with border tourists and cruise ship passengers accounting for 26.6 million of these visitors and international tourists accounting for 11.6 million, the Bank of Mexico said.

Tourism accounts for about 8 percent of Mexico’s gross domestic product (GDP) and is the third-largest generator of foreign exchange, trailing only oil and remittances.

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LATINO BLOTTER: Did Michael Mendez Keep Woman Locked Up in Room For Years?

LATINO BLOTTER: Did Michael Mendez Keep Woman Locked Up in Room For Years?

Photo: LATINO BLOTTER: Did Michael Mendez Keep Woman Locked Up in Room For Years?

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The woman police believe may have been locked in a bedroom for years is now defending the man suspected of keeping her there.

According to police, Michael Mendez, 42, is a member of the Latin Kings street gang and when they entered his New Jersey home during a search for drugs they came across a pad-locked door. When the door was opened, 44-year-old Nancy Rodriguez Duran was found in the room alone.

Police believe Duran, 44, was held in the room for extended periods of time over the last 2 to 10 years.

However, Duran, the alleged victim in the case against Mendez, says she asked to be locked in the room, because she did not want the maintenance men coming to service the apartment to see her in her nightgown.

Mendez has been charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, and charges related to the drugs officers had initially been looking for.

Inside the Paterson, NJ apartment, state police found $2,000 worth of marijuana, $100,000 in prescription pills, and roughly $23,000 in cash.

On Tuesday, Mendez pled not guilty and is currently being held on $1 million bail.

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Jennifer Lopez Drops Longtime Agency, Signs With CAA

Jennifer Lopez Drops Longtime Agency, Signs With CAA

Photo: Jennifer Lopez Drops Longtime Agency, Signs With CAA

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Jennifer Lopez appears to be shaking things up.

Following her departure from Fox’s American Idol, JLo has now signed with a new agency, Creative Artists Agency (CAA).

The singer/actress had previously been with CAA, along with many other agencies in fact, and has now returned, leaving United Talent Agency.

She will now be represented by Jenna Adler, Kevin Huvane, and Hylda Queally at UTA.

Her publicist recently released a statement saying, Lopez switched over to CAA “to focus more time on film projects, her music and other ventures.”

UTA is said to have really helped launch Lopez’s career, landing her the role of Selena in the movie following the Tejano singer’s rise to fame and tragic death. However, she left the agency only to return in 2008, but according to Deadline, UTA did not handle Lopez’s 8-month world tour which prevented her from signing on to more movie/TV projects.

Next up for Lopez in the 2013 movie Parker based on the crime/thriller literary series written by Donald E. Westlake under the pseudonym Richard Stark. Jason Statham stars as the title character, along with Lopez, Nick Nolte, and Michael Chiklis. Parker is an adaption of the novel Flashfire.

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Deferred Action Request Forms Now Available Online

Deferred Action Request Forms Now Available Online

Photo: Deferred Action Program

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Earlier this afternoon, the Department of Homeland Security officially released the forms to request deferred action that may be filed by undocumented immigrants who arrived in the country as children and meet various other requirements. Beginning tomorrow, August 15, applicants may mail their requests to specified facilities maintained by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), an agency within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
Immigrants wishing to request deferred action must submit three forms:

Form I-821D, Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals;
Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization; and
Form I-765WS, Form I-765 Worksheet.
When completing the forms, applicants will want to consult the detailed instructions for both Forms I-821D and I-765 (available here and here). In addition, applicants wanting to be notified by e-mail or text message that their forms have been accepted should also submit Form G-1145, E-Notification of Application/Petitioner Acceptance. As detailed in the instructions, applicants must submit $465 in fees as well as documentation demonstrating that they satisfy the eligibility requirements.

For complete information on the request process, potential applicants should visit www.uscis.gov/childhoodarrivals

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Gomez Children Blindfolded, Bound in Parking Lot Because Family Thought They Were Possessed

Gomez Children Blindfolded, Bound in Parking Lot Because Family Thought They Were Possessed

Photo: Gomez Children Blindfolded, Bound in Parking Lot Because Family Thought They Were Possessed

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Earlier this summer, Adolfo and Deborah Gomez were charged with two counts of child abuse and five counts of aggravated child endangerment when police allege they left two of their children bound and blindfolded outside their vehicle at a Walmart in Kansas.

On Tuesday, a police officer testified one of the bound children’s siblings who was in the vehicle at the time, told an investigator she and other family members believed her siblings and their home in Illinois were possessed by demons.

Tuesday’s testimony comes after an officer testified on Monday that the 7-year-old girl found bound with duct tape over her eyes said she asked to be tied up after she hit her siblings.

In June, the family pulled into a Walmart parking lot in Lawrence, Kansas when their car broke down en route to Arizona to visit relatives.

ImageDeborah Gomez, 44, went into the store and claims she had no idea her 7-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son were being bound and blindfolded.

After witnesses called police, officers arrived and found the two children outside of the car, the 5-year-old without shoes and wearing a soiled diaper.

Adolfo Gomez Jr., 52, was in the family’s vehicle when officers arrived and reportedly refused to get out of the car. Worried he may have a gun and/or hurt the three children in the vehicle, officers used a stun gun to subdue Gomez, who had begun “loudly either reciting religious sayings or possibly praying.”

When the vehicle was searched, officers say it smelled due to rotting food, bags filled with soiled diapers, bottles of urine, a cooler full of urine, and various other trash items.

The duct placed over the eyes of the two children was said to have been put there to protect them from demons. The older daughter, who was inside the SUV told officers the family planned to exorcise the demons from the two younger children, because “if the demons were to die they would die also.”

In all, five children were recovered from inside and around the vehicle. Their ages are 5, 7, 12, 13, and 15. They have been placed in protective custody and Deborah and Adolfo Jr. remain in jail on $50,000 bond.

The family was heading to Arizona from Northlake, Illinois, where the state’s Department of Children and Family Services investigated the parents in December of last year after receiving reports the children were being neglected. However, the case was closed in April 2012.

Tuesday’s preliminary hearing will end with a judge determining whether there is enough evidence to send the case to trial.

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38 Cities in Mexico Declared Disaster Zones Due to Hurricane Ernesto

38 Cities in Mexico Declared Disaster Zones Due to Hurricane Ernesto

Photo: 38 Cities in Mexico Declared Disaster Zones

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Disaster declarations have been issued in 38 cities in southern and eastern Mexico affected last week by Hurricane Ernesto, the Government Secretariat said.

The disaster declarations will allow officials in Veracruz, Guerrero and Tabasco states to obtain Natural Disaster Fund, or Fonden, money to deal with the damage.

The funds will allow officials to “deal with the food, clothing and health needs of the population,” the secretariat said.

Disaster declarations were issued for 31 cities in Veracruz, which is on the Gulf of Mexico, five cities in the southern state of Guerrero and two in the southeastern state of Tabasco.

Hurricane Ernesto, which first made landfall a week ago on the Yucatan Peninsula, reached Category 1 status and killed 12 people on its path through Mexico.

Ernesto first made landfall near Mahahual, a fishing town in the southeastern state of Quintana Roo, as a Category 1 hurricane packing winds of up to 165 kph (103 mph).

The storm crossed the Yucatan Peninsula last Wednesday without causing any casualties or serious damage and then moved back over water.

Early Thursday afternoon, it made landfall near Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, bringing winds of 96 kph (60 mph) and causing two deaths in the neighboring state of Tabasco.

Ernesto was the fifth tropical cyclone of the 2012 Atlantic season, following Alberto, Beryl, Chris and Debby. Chris and Ernesto both became hurricanes.

The season officially began on June 1 and ends on Nov. 30, but two storms - Alberto and Beryl - formed in May.

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, has revised its forecast for the Atlantic.

Forecasters now expect the season to be more active, with 12 to 17 tropical storms and five to eight hurricanes forming.

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Alex Rodriguez Selling His Miami Mansion

Alex Rodriguez Selling His Miami Mansion

Photo: Alex Rodriguez Selling His Miami Mansion

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Though it was only finished last year, the Florida mansion owned by New York Yankees third baseman, Alex Rodriguez, is now up for sale.

The 20,000-square-foot Miami Beach home on the water and the adjoining property were bought in 2010 for a eye-popping $24 million and it’s said Rodriguez’s then girlfriend Cameron Diaz also gave her input on the redesign.

The mansion is home to 9 bedrooms, 13 baths, gym with steam room and batting cage, roof deck, home theater, and 275 feet of water frontage with two docks. The home is also equipped with 16 security cameras, zen gardens, a heated pool with a vanishing edge, an outdoor kitchen, and thick impact glass to protect you during hurricane season.

A-Rod is selling the revamped home for an eye-popping $38 million and Sotheby’s has it listed as being “what Miami dreams are made of.



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JUST IN:  Ron Palillo, Horschack on ‘Welcome Back Kotter’ Dies from Heart Attack

JUST IN:  Ron Palillo, Horschack on ‘Welcome Back Kotter’ Dies from Heart Attack

Photo: Horschack, Ron Palillo, Welcome Back Kotter, Dies

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Actor Ron Palillo who gained fame as Arnold Horschack on ‘Welcome Back, Kotter’ has died at age 63 according to various reports.

The Palm Beach Post is reporting Palillo died in his Florida home this morning around 4:30 a.m.  TMZ is reporting the actor died suddenly from a heart attack.

Palillo made a name as the ultimate class clown and part of the ‘Sweathogs’ on the popular ‘70s high-school themed show that ran from 1975 to 1979, alongside a young John Travolta. 

According to Palillo’s IMDd profile, he started his own summer theater in Cheshire, Connecticut when he was just 14 years-old.  After graduating college as a drama major he pursued acting full-time. 

For the last three years, Palillo had been a 9th grade acting teacher at a charter school in Palm Springs.  He is survived by his partner of 41-years Joseph Gramm with whom he resided in his Palm Beach Garden home.

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Mexico Reintroducing California Condor to Baja State

Mexico Reintroducing California Condor to Baja State

Photo: California Condor Returns to Mexico

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A total of 23 California condors flying free and six other soon to be released are the basis of a project to reintroduce the species in Mexico’s Baja California state, the Environment Secretariat said.

The figures represent the results of an effort to bring the California condor back to the Sierra de San Pedro Martir mountains in the northwestern state of Baja California, the secretariat said in a statement.

The first step of the program was in 2002 when the Los Angeles Zoo donated six birds as part of the joint effort by Mexico and the United States to restore California condor populations to their native environments.

The project is “at the point of achieving the reproduction of California condors in the wild,” with 1.5 million pesos ($114,123) being spent on the program this year, Environment Secretary Juan Rafael Elvira Quesada said after visiting the area.

The money goes for equipment, management and rehabilitation, dealing with such problems as lead poisoning (often caused by the birds swallowing bullets in animal carcasses left by hunters), and the training of specimens born in captivity for life on the wing in the Sierra de San Pedro Martir.

Also taking part in the project along with the Environment Secretariat are the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, or INEGI, the National Protected Natural Areas Commission, or Conanp, and other academic institutions, and Mexican and U.S. non-governmental organizaciones.

Since 2008 some 10 nesting sites have been found, the coordinator of the binational project, Juan Julian Vargas, said.

Since condors nest in caves, it can take hours to find them, despite the signals emitted by the radio transmitter attached to one of their wings, Vargas said.

The “key to success” for the project of reintroducing the California condor in the Sierra de San Pedro Martir is “the combination and consistency” of a number of elements like the state of conservation and the topographical characteristics of the mountains, the scant presence of humans and the application of a rigorous management and monitoring plan for the birds in the wild, Vargas said.

The specialist praised the team of expert biologists, the coordination among Mexican and U.S. institutions, their understanding of the environment, plus the unfailing financing provided by the governments of Mexico and the United States.

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Spanish Press Reporting Shakira and Pique Together in Puerto Rico

Spanish Press Reporting Shakira and Pique Together in Puerto Rico

Photo: Shakira and Pique in Puerto Rico

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Colombian singer Shakira arrived Monday in Puerto Rico to be with boyfriend Gerard Pique, who came to the Caribbean island with the Spanish national soccer team for a friendly match this week, according to the Web edition of the daily El Nuevo Dia.

Shakira flew into San Juan on a private plane to meet up with her boyfriend, the daily said without naming its sources.

The supposed presence of Shakira on the island has stirred new interest in the insistent pregnancy rumors surrounding the Colombian artist, who has been in a relationship with the FC Barcelona defender for years.

The Colombian magazine Gente said that the singer and the athlete will be parents of a baby boy to be born in late January 2013 and that they have already given it the nickname Ulicito.

The publication said it has seen the results of the latest ultrasound that the Colombian had in Miami 10 days ago.

The artist’s agents in Colombia told Efe that the couple is sticking to their decision not to say a word about any possible pregnancy, which according to the magazine is now past its 13th week.

The last time the singer appeared in Puerto Rico was in October 2011 on her Sale el Sol (Sunrise) tour.

Pique will stay in Puerto Rico until Wednesday night, when he will head back to Spain after the friendly match.

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Pro-Immigrant Groups Not a Fan of Romney-Ryan Ticket

Pro-Immigrant Groups Not a Fan of Romney-Ryan Ticket

Photo: Pro-Immigrant Groups Not a Fan of Romney-Ryan Ticket

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Mitt Romney’s selection of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate is additional proof of the “disconnection” of Republicans with the reality of the majority of Hispanics in the United States, several pro-immigrant groups said Monday.

The Romney-Ryan ticket, presented officially on Saturday at a campaign rally in Norfolk, Virginia, has injected new energy into both the conservative base of the Republican Party, which views it as a winning combination, as well as into the Democrats, who see it as a return to the “failed” policies of the past.

The major concern among progressive groups consulted by Efe is that Ryan, 42, has defended anti-immigrant measures and is the architect of a budget proposal that emphasizes cuts to social spending.

That plan, approved by the GOP-controlled House of Representatives but which did not prosper in the Senate, recommends drastic changes to Medicare and Social Security.

Ryan, who was boosted politically by the Tea Party movement, defends his work in pursuit of “an agenda of economic growth, fiscal discipline and job creation.”

However, activists say that in his 14 years in the House, Ryan has prescribed ideological measures that hurt the middle class and favor the wealthy.

His presence on the ticket with Romney consolidates the image of the Republican Party as one that “promotes anti-immigrant measures (and) fiscal proposals that run counter to the interests of the Latino community,” Maribel Hastings, executive advisor to the pro-reform group America’s Voice, told Efe.

In her judgment, Romney “is giving up the Latino vote for lost,” if one takes into account that, on the subject of immigration, “Ryan’s presence does not offer any balance to the extreme stances Romney has outlined during the course of the electoral process.”

Hastings referred to the fact that Ryan in December 2010 was among those who voted against the DREAM Act to legalize the presence of undocumented students in this country and, in 2005, supported a bill to criminalize unauthorized immigration.

In April 2011, during a budget forum on YouTube, Ryan listened to complaints of conservatives that the U.S.-born children of undocumented immigrants are a public burden and don’t deserve to receive automatic citizenship.

Ryan replied that that would require a constitutional amendment and that, in any case, the ways to combat illegal immigration were to strengthen border security and “correct the legal immigration system.”

Other national groups, among them LULAC, the Hispanic Federation and the National Association for Hispanic Elderly, are warning that the budget cuts Ryan is promoting would harm the Latino community.

An editorial in the Spanish-language daily La Opinion criticized Romney’s VP choice as being “partisan extremism,” and it said that “the designation of one of the most radical, polarizing and obstructionist figures in Congress does not help to attract the vote of minorities and moderates.”

But Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, the most prominent Hispanic Republican, has come out defending Ryan as a “courageous reformer.”

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EXTREME TRAFFICKING:  Illegal Money Found in Man’s Prosthetic Limb as He Tries to Cross Border

EXTREME TRAFFICKING:  Illegal Money Found in Man’s Prosthetic Limb as He Tries to Cross Border

Photo: Money Seized at Border

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the Eagle Pass Port of Entry recently seized more than $10,000 in undeclared currency bound for Mexico.

CBP officers at the Camino Real International Bridge, assisted by Texas Department of Public Safety troopers, made the discovery Sunday evening while observing outbound traffic leaving the United States. Officers searched a 1995 Nissan pickup truck after the driver gave conflicting declarations when asked if he was carrying more than $10,000.

During inspection, officers discovered $10,000 in U.S. currency concealed in a prosthetic leg worn by the driver. Officers seized the hidden currency along with $504 from the driver’s wallet. The driver, a 56-year-old Grand Prairie man, was turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations for federal prosecution.

“The filing of a Currency or Monetary Instrument Report form is required for the transportation of negotiable instruments or currency in amounts equaling or exceeding $10,000 into or out of the United States,” said Port Director Cynthia O. Rodriguez.

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TuesdayAugust 14, 2012