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TuesdayMay 15, 2012

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To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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France Yet To Respond to Colombian Rebels’ Offer to Release French Journalist

France Yet To Respond to Colombian Rebels’ Offer to Release French Journalist

Photo: Romeo Langlois

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Former Sen. Piedad Cordoba and the International Committee of the Red Cross agreed on Monday to form a delegation to receive a French journalist captured last month by leftist FARC rebels while embedded with Colombian security forces, but neither Paris nor Bogota commented on the proposed release.

French authorities “are fully mobilized and in constant contact with the Colombians to obtain the liberation” of Romeo Langlois, a government spokesman said in Paris.

François Hollande, who will be sworn in on Tuesday as France’s new president, did not respond to the FARC’s request that he send a personal envoy to take part in the journalist’s release.

Langlois, the Colombia correspondent for France 24 television and Paris daily Le Figaro, went missing April 28 amid fighting between rebels and soldiers in the jungles of the southern province of Caqueta.

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, initially said it was prepared to release the Frenchman only in the context of a debate on the role of the press in covering the Andean nation’s decades-long armed conflict.

In a message released Sunday, however, the insurgents said they would hand over Langlois to a delegation comprising Cordoba, the ICRC and a representative designated by Hollande.

“All our teams are available” for an operation to retrieve Langlois, the head of the ICRC’s Colombia office, Jordi Raich, said Monday in Bogota.

Cordoba, who was ousted from the Colombian Senate for alleged collusion with the FARC, said she could not refuse to take part in a humanitarian mission.

She has helped broker the FARC’s release of score of prisoners - Colombian politicians, soldiers and police - since 2008 and leads a group called Colombians for Peace.

Langlois was accompanying a task force of police and troops when the contingent was ambushed by FARC units, sparking a battle that left four members of the security forces dead.

The journalist was wounded in the firefight and fled toward the rebel lines, after shedding the army helmet and bulletproof vest he was wearing.

A FARC medic treated Langlois’ wound, but the rebels then decided to hold him as a prisoner of war.

“Romeo Langlois wore regular-army military garb in the middle of a battle. We believe the least that can be expected for the full recovery of his freedom is the opening of a broad national and international debate on the freedom of information,” the FARC said last week.

“The journalists the Colombian armed forces bring on their military operations do not fulfill the impartial proposition of reporting about reality, but rather that of manipulating,” the insurgent high command said.

Colombia’s defense minister rejected the FARC’s call for a debate.

“This criminal organization cannot impose conditions of any kind. The government cannot debate with criminals,” Juan Carlos Pinzon said last week.

Amnesty International and the Inter American Press Association responded to the FARC’s statement by insisting the rebels release Langlois without conditions.

In the message outlining the plan to deliver Langlois to a humanitarian delegation, the FARC said the reporter will face a choice of “fulfilling the role expected by the Colombian government, its armed forces and the giant media outlets, or remaining true to his conscience and telling the truth.”

Should Langlois pursue the second course of action, “it might be that some of those who today demand his immediate release will turn on him and destroy him completely,” the FARC said.

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Frank Francisco Closes Right for the NY Mets

Frank Francisco Closes Right for the NY Mets

Photo: Frank Francisco Closer for Mets

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Before yesterday’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers, New York Mets manager, Terry Collins said he was sticking with Frank Francisco as his closer.  This was despite Francisco’s 8.56 ERA, and the fact that he’s been scored on in seven of his last 12 appearances, and he’s suffered three losses in the year. 

Dominican born, Francisco told ESPN, “ I love challenges. And when we go through tough times, if you’re a true player, you have to fight,” Francisco went on to say, “You get in the hole and you have to fight to get out. If you don’t fight, you’re going to live in the hole forever, so that’s what I do. If I fail I’m going to get up and I’m not going to stay down.” 

So what would happened when Collins called for Francisco to close the door in the 9th last night with a 3-0 lead?  Francisco notched his ninth save of the season, but not before allowing a run to score and letting the tying runs get on base.  The final score was 3-1. 

He kept his cool this time unlike Sunday when he threw a temper tantrum after the Mets lost to the Marlins. 

Written by Tim Horodyski HS-News Sports Writer

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Bomb in Bogota Targeting Interior Minister, Fernando Londoño, Kills Two and Wounds 39

Bomb in Bogota Targeting Interior Minister, Fernando Londoño, Kills Two and Wounds 39

Photo: Bombing in Bogota, Colombia Targets Interior Minister

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A bomb targeting former Interior Minister Fernando Londoño killed his driver and a bodyguard and wounded 39 others Tuesday in the Colombian capital, police said, amending earlier official comments that spoke of five dead and 29 injured.

The adjusted report, provided by police spokesman Alberto Cantillo, came after several hours of confusion and was apparently verified with the several Bogota hospitals that received casualties from the blast.

The bomb was meant to kill Londoño, who served as interior minister from 2002 to 2004 in the administration of Alvaro Uribe, President Juan Manuel Santos said.

Londoño was wounded, but he is out of danger, Santos, who was defense minister under Uribe, said.

“I have just learned that Dr. Londoño was the target of an attack on his armored vehicle. Fortunately, Dr. Londoño is in stable condition, but, unfortunately, his driver and a police officer, who were part of his security team, died,” the president said in an address to the nation.

The capital’s police chief, Gen. Luis Eduardo Martinez, blamed the deadly bombing on the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, the Andean nation’s largest guerrilla group.

“It can’t be attributed to anyone else and we have the elements to be able to say what we are saying,” he told reporters, declining to speculate about whether the attack on Londoño was linked to the FARC car bomb that was disarmed earlier Tuesday outside the Metropolitan Police headquarters.

Londoño’s vehicle was going through a busy intersection in the northern section of Bogota, near the financial district, when the bomb exploded.

Bogota Mayor Gustavo Petro went to the scene, where chaos reigned for hours as ambulances and other emergency vehicles came and went.

“The politics of hatred and vengeance want to rule in Bogota,” Petro said, adding that the bomb did not go off in an empty bus as initially reported.

The blast destroyed the bus and several other vehicles, and it damaged nearby buildings and businesses, an Efe reporter confirmed during a tour of the area.

“I want to condemn this attack in the most emphatic way possible, we do not understand the reason,” Santos said.

The bombing happened on the day that the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement, which was signed six years ago by Uribe and former U.S. President George W. Bush, took effect.

President Santos planned to attend a ceremony in the Caribbean city of Cartagena, marking the occasion by seeing off the first ship to sail for the United States with a cargo of textiles.

The president cancelled all his appearances after the attack.

The bombing “is an attempt to tarnish the (image of the) city on the day the FTA takes effect,” Mayor Petro said.

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US Citizen on Hunger Strike in Bolivian Prison

US Citizen on Hunger Strike in Bolivian Prison

Photo: Jacob Osteicher held in Bolivian Prison

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The attorney for a 53-year-old American man who is on hunger strike in the Bolivian prison where he has been held for 11 months without formal charges said that he sent a complaint to the U.S. Embassy in La Paz because of the scant progress being made on his case.

Jacob Ostreicher’s defense attorney, Jimmy Montaño, told Efe that he originally decided that the embassy should not intervene “so that it wouldn’t be an obstacle,” given that “bilateral relations between Bolivia and the United States aren’t the best.”

“But faced with such an outrageous situation, today I’m sending the American Embassy a note recounting all the violations of this citizen’s rights and guarantees, so that they make the corresponding complaints to international organizations, because in Bolivia that’s no longer possible,” Montaño said.

Ostreicher, a flooring contractor from Brooklyn, New York, came to Bolivia in 2008 to start a rice plantation in the eastern province of Santa Cruz with several partners.

According to Montaño, in 2011 prosecutors began investigating him for alleged money laundering, because two Brazilians from whom Ostreicher’s Bolivian administrator, Viviana Rodriguez, bought real estate property, were suspected of having ties to the illegal drug trade.

One of the Brazilians escaped and the other was deported for using a fake ID, while Ostreicher and Rodriguez have been behind bars ever since without any formal charges brought against them - a frequent occurence in Bolivia where 70 percent of inmates are either awaiting trial or still pursuing appeals.

The attorney said that his client has produced all the documentation needed to prove the legal origin of the money.

“They opened the investigation based on the amount of money involved. Mr. Ostreicher came to this country for the sole purpose of investing and creating jobs,” he said.

Ostreicher went on a hunger strike a month ago to attract attention to his case and, according to Montaño, “he says he’s ready to die” to get his rights back.

Bolivian officials have refused to discuss Ostreicher’s case publicly.

Ostreicher’s supporters sent a petition to the White House on May 3 via the “We the People” Web site, asking the U.S. government to help win the businessman’s release.

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Online Radio Project from Daniel Alarcon, ‘Radio Ambulante’ Debuts

Radio Ambulante, an online radio project that enables thousands of stories from every corner of the Western Hemisphere where Spanish is spoken to be told and listened to, premiered Tuesday.

The podcast was created by Peruvian-born Daniel Alarcon, named one of the best young U.S. writers by The New Yorker.

“It’s a way to get to know ourselves more, to share our stories,” the author of such prizewinning books as “Radio Ciudad Perdida” (“Lost City Radio”) and “Guerra a la Luz de las Velas” (“War by Candlelight”) said during a past interview with Efe.

Narratives broadcast on Radio Ambulante’s official launch Tuesday included the story told by former Honduran President Mel Zelaya of his exile after being ousted in a June 2009 coup, and the odyssey of a Peruvian who stowed away on a ship to New York in 1959.

Alarcon, who lives in San Francisco and acts as executive producer, is backed by a team of journalists, poets and writers scattered around the globe.

During a test run earlier this year, the Web site - www.radioambulante.org - was visited by listeners in more than 70 countries in Latin America and such faraway places as Indonesia, Belgium and Namibia.

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Rep. King: Meeting Colombian Prostitute at Center of Secret Service Scandal “Simply Not Necessary”

Rep. King: Meeting Colombian Prostitute at Center of Secret Service Scandal “Simply Not Necessary”

Photo: Rep. King: Meeting Colombian Prostitute at Center of Secret Service Scandal "Simply Not Necessary"

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

New York Congressman and Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security Peter King has released a statement saying he will not be meeting with the Colombian prostitute involved in the Secret Service’s scandal, despite attempts on her end to discuss the incident.

The Republican Rep. stated:

I have declined a request to meet with one of the female foreign nationals involved in the Secret Service misconduct in Colombia.  Late last Thursday, an attorney for Dania Londono Suarez contacted Committee staff and requested that I meet with his client in my office.  While such a meeting—and the inevitable circus atmosphere surrounding it—would no doubt be of great interest to the media covering this story, a meeting with her is simply not necessary at this time for the Committee to conduct a serious and thorough investigation.  For now, I have directed my staff to communicate with and gather information about the misconduct from the woman via her attorney.

It is my understanding that the Secret Service investigators met with and interviewed the woman last week at the U.S. Embassy in Madrid, nearly a week after she participated in that lengthy interview with a radio station.  During her interview with the Secret Service, Ms. Suarez acknowledged that at no time did she have access to any sensitive information whatsoever and had no idea that she had been involved with a Secret Service agent.

“The Committee’s investigation is ongoing, with investigators continuing to gather information on the misconduct from the Secret Service and a number of other sources.


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Univision Announces New Social Experiences on Facebook

Univision Announces New Social Experiences on Facebook

Photo: Univision Announces New Social Experiences on Facebook

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Univision Communications Inc., the leading media company serving Hispanic America, announced today at its Upfront presentation in New York that it will deliver a new integration with Facebook, making Univision the place to go to discover, share and discuss the best of Hispanic programming. In the first of a series of social experiences leading up to the launch of UVideos, a new digital network that will include programming from Univision’s portfolio of television networks, Univision will kick-off live chats with its personalities and celebrities through Facebook Platform. With the summer launch of UVideos, Facebook will be threaded throughout the experience allowing viewers to see what their friends are watching, follow celebrities, have access to exclusive content and join the conversation with Univision’s synched social stream.

“Univision is integrated with Facebook to provide our audiences a whole new way to join the conversation and engage with our content,” said Cesar Conde, president, Univision Networks during the presentation. “As part of our commitment to expanding the social experience for our audience, we will build on Facebook Platform and launch integrated social products to deliver even more value to Hispanic America.”

Kevin Conroy, president Univision Interactive Media and Enterprise Development added, “Facebook Platform offers us a way to create a unique and differentiated experience for Univision’s audience by bringing the content, community, conversation and compelling programming and creative talent closer together. We’re excited about the new ways we can collectively entertain and inform our viewers.”

Currently in BETA, UVideos will be available this summer and will feature thousands of hours of current content On-Demand as well as second screen companion experiences such as TV check-ins, social streams, alerts, and bonus content.

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Playboy Argentina Uses New “Tweetgrid” and Maria Paz Delgado to Increase Twitter Presence (VIDEO)

Playboy Argentina Uses New “Tweetgrid” and Maria Paz Delgado to Increase Twitter Presence (VIDEO)

Photo: Playboy Argentina Uses New "Tweetgrid" and Maria Paz Delgado to Increase Twitter Presence

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Wanting to increase their number of Twitter followers, Playboy Argentina an nounced that for every 15 retweets about the show “Sabado Bus”, a portion of a nude photo of the show’s secretary, Maria Paz Delgado would be uncovered via Tweetgrid.

Each time the show was mentioned 15 times using retweets (RT), another block of Maria Paz Delgado’s nude phot was revealed.

Playboy said before the first segment of the show had ended (it was less than an hour), users had retweeted more than 390 times.

Ultimately, the photo was seen in 29 different countries including the U.S, Mexico, France, Spain, India, Kuwait and more.

The magazine said it’s Twitter also increased its number of followers by 23 percent in just 3 hours.

Check out the video to see how Tweetgrid does it.

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JUST IN:  One of Mexico’s Best Known and Beloved Writers, Carlos Fuentes Macias, Dies at 83

JUST IN:  One of Mexico’s Best Known and Beloved Writers, Carlos Fuentes Macias, Dies at 83

Photo: Carlos Fuentes Dies at Age 83

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

One of Mexico’s best known and beloved writers, Carlos Fuentes Macias, has died at age 83-years-old at the Angeles del Pedregal Hospital in Mexico City, today sometime around noon.

Fuentes was born on November 11, 1928 and was celebrating the 50th anniversary of some of his most well known works “Aura” and “The Death of Artemio Cruz’”.  Just yesterday Fuentes had been appointed Doctor Honoris Cause of the University of the Balearic Islands in Spain – one of numerous recognitions he had received in his lifetime. 

He is the recipient of France’s highest civilian award the ‘National Order of Merit’ and he also won the ‘Cervantes Prize’ in 1987, when Mexico recognized him as their most distinguished living author.

The author often criticized his beloved Mexico but never gave up on its glory and potential.  President Felipe Calderon wrote on Twiiter: “I deeply lament the death of our beloved and admired Carlos Fuentes, a universal Mexican writer.”

The son of a Mexican diplomat he traveled the world before coming home to Mexico at age 16 and started early as one of the great chroniclers of Mexico’s history and its role in the 20th century.

Fuentes wrote over 20 novels, countless short stories and essays and had his work made into movies and theatrical productions shown throughout the world.

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After Running Up $3000 Booze Bill, U.S. Tourist Flees Brazil Without Paying $7000 Hotel Bill

After Running Up $3000 Booze Bill, U.S. Tourist Flees Brazil Without Paying $7000 Hotel Bill

Photo: After Running Up $3000 Booze Bill, U.S. Tourist Flees Brazil Without Paying $7000 Hotel Bill

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

An American tourist from California was detained in Brazil for allegedly not paying his hotel bill and attempting to leave the country.

Police in Rio de Janerio say 63-year-old Robert Scott attempted to skip out on his $7,000 hotel bill, $3,000 of which was for caipirinhas – Brazil’s national cocktail made with limes, sugar, ice, and sugarcane rum.

When stopped at Rio de Janeiro’s International Airport, Scott, who is from Murrieta, Calif., reportedly told police he could not pay his bill because his credit card had been cloned.

He was allowed to call family and friends to collect the money, and was scheduled to return to California last Thursday.

No word on whether he tossed back some caipirinhas on his way home.

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28 Arrested in Drug-Smuggling Ring that Brought Cocaine to US from Honduras

28 Arrested in Drug-Smuggling Ring that Brought Cocaine to US from Honduras

Photo: 28 Arrested in Drug-Smuggling Ring that Brought Cocaine to US from Honduras for 6 Years

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Nearly thirty people have been arrested for their parts in smuggling cocaine from Honduras to the United States.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has reportedly arrested 28 people allegedly involved in the cocaine-smuggling ring, which operated for six years. Members of the trafficking ring have allegedly wired more than $1 million from the United States back to cocaine suppliers in Honduras.

“Through creativity and coordination, this tight network of Honduran immigrants allegedly distributed vast amounts of cocaine throughout Northern Virginia and across the mid-Atlantic,” said U.S. Attorney MacBride. “Thanks to close partnerships among law enforcement, we were able to put together the case that led to today’s charges.”

Smugglers are said to have brought cocaine into the U.S. from Honduras by using common items like shoes and wooden frames. Once in the U.S., the drugs were

According to the affidavit, the trafficking ring was discovered in the autumn of 2011 by law enforcement after the investigation and arrest of Lindor Delis Martinez-Guevara, aka Lindo or Genero, 38, of Falls Church, Va., and Melcy Yalexsy Guevara-Barrera, aka Pedro or Primo, 35, of Vienna, Va., by the Fairfax County Police Department. The affidavit states that Lindor moved from Honduras to Virginia to deal cocaine and that he was the person who came up with the idea to hide cocaine in frames.

Those named in the criminal complaint were charged with conspiracy to distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine, which carries a minimum mandatory of five years in prison and a maximum penalty of 40 years in prison.

The full list of those arrested (and their aliases) is below.

-Hector Mauricio Amaya, aka Conejo or Kaubil, 36, of Falls Church, Va.
-Genis Jhesson Amaya-Pena, aka Jenis Yexon Amaya-Pena or Flaco or Juanchope, 25, of Vienna, Va.
-Marvin Eduardo Escobar Barrios, aka Catracho or Garrobo, 37, of West Falls Church, Va.
-Wilson Reniery Guevara, aka Wilsson R. Guevara, 34, of Manassas, Va.
-Joel Lopez, 41, of Springfield, Va.
-Annelo Argueta Reyes, aka Nelo, 35, of Falls Church, Va.
-Mario Noel Medina-Aguilar, aka Noel, 28, of Falls Church, Va.
-Julio Giovanni Nolasco, aka Puma, 18, of Falls Church Va.
-Concepcion Benitez-Pineda, aka Conchi or Concha, 38, of Arlington, Va.
-Mario Benitez-Pineda, aka Chaparro or Cuzuco, 42, of Falls Church, Va.
-Santos Efrain Carbajal Benites, 24, of Arlington, Va.
-Angel Zelaya Lizama, aka El Diablo, 29, of Falls Church, Va.
-Jose Delores Vanegas, aka Chivito, 40, of Arlington, Va.
-Isaias Abrego-Mancia, 28, of Herndon, Va.
-Rudy Humberto Tabaro, aka Rudy Humberto Tabara or Colocho, 30, of Lutherville, Md.
-Edwin Espana Morales, 38, of Riverdale, Md.
-Jose Lorenzo Saravia, aka Jose Saravia-Lozano, 40, of Manassas, Va.
-FNU LNU, aka Alex or Gordito, of Falls Church, Va.
-Maria Florinda Benitez-Pineda, aka Flor or Loli, 26, of Baltimore, Md.
-Jose Maria Benites-Pineda, 32, of Arlington, Va.
-Jose Enrique Funez, aka Jose Enrique Funz-Garay or Jose Enrique Funes-Garay or Rick, 40, of Norfolk, Va.
-Martin Juarez-Lopez, 19, of Falls Church, Va.
-Gloria Elena Olivia Castro, 25, of Springfield, Va.
-Joaquin Avila-Rodriguez, aka Pollo, 40, of Herndon, Va.

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Tattoo-Crazed Man Goes Bonkers When Sees Girlfriend at Econo Lodge with Someone Else

Tattoo-Crazed Man Goes Bonkers When Sees Girlfriend at Econo Lodge with Someone Else

Photo: Latin Tatoos on Roland Smith

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Roland Smith definitely stood out in the Spotsylvania County Sheriff line up – he has latin phrases tattooed all over his face and chest. 

The 32 year-old Virginia resident was arrested for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend when he discovered she was cheating on him at a local Econo Lodge motel.  Police had responded to a domestic disturbance at the motel when they found a 36-year-old female that had been stabbed in the stomach and indicated her boyfriend had done it.

As Smith fled the scene his tattoos were an easy identifier – he was apprehended shortly there after. 

The smart folks at The Smoking Gun translated some of the profound sayings that include:  ‘I think therefore I am’  and ‘Nothing is heavy to those who have wings’.  Clearly both musings failed Smith because he didn’t think before he stabbed and he didn’t have wings big enough to escape a probable attempted murder charge.

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CBS Cancels Controversial ‘¡Rob!’, Also Sends ‘CSI: Miami’ Packing After 10 Seasons

CBS Cancels Controversial ‘¡Rob!’, Also Sends ‘CSI: Miami’ Packing After 10 Seasons

Photo: CBS Cancels Controversial '¡Rob!', Also Sends 'CSI: Miami' Packing After 10 Seasons

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

After 10 seasons, CBS has canceled CSI: Miami, heading out the door with critically-scorned ¡Rob!.

Though CSi: Miami will not have an 11th season, the CBS network has chosen to renew CSI: NY.

In a statement, the network expressed:


CSI: Miami leaves an amazing television legacy—a signature look and style, global popularity and as a key player in CBS’s rise to the top over the past decade. We thank all the producers – led by Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman and Ann Donahue—and its talented cast, led by David Caruso, for 10 outstanding seasons. Viewers around the world will continue to enjoy rebroadcasts of CSI: Miami in syndication and on key digital platforms for many years to come,” the network said in a statement

For those worried the show’s cancelation will cause a loss in revenue for Miami, it should be pointed out that very little of the show was actually filmed in Miami-Dade County or even in Florida at all. The majority of Miami’s outdoor scenes were shot in Long Beach, California, while the indoor were filmed in Raleigh Manhattan Studios in Manhattan Beach, Calif.

Though David Caruso was wildly popular for his one-liners as Lieutenant Horatio Caine, the show was also home to Adam Rodriguez who plays Eric Delko. The Cuban and Puerto Rican-American actor joined the cast in 2002.

CSI:Miami isn’t leaving the network alone, however. ¡Rob!, which starred Rob Schneider, has also gotten the axe after may criticized the show’s portrayal of Latinos/Hispanics in a highly stereotypical manner. Despite criticism, the show’s premiere garnered an impressive 13.5 million viewers, CBS‘s best performing show in that slot in over a year.

The mid-season replacement, which debuted in January, could not keep the viewers around, however, and after just 8 episodes has been canceled.

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NM Governor Susana Martinez Disses Romney’s ‘Self Deportation’ Immigration Plan

NM Governor Susana Martinez Disses Romney’s ‘Self Deportation’ Immigration Plan

Photo: NM Gov. Susana Martinez on immigration

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

The Mexican-American Republican Governor from New Mexico, Susana Martinez, has publicly dissed Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

In an interview with Newsweek magazine Martinez said “Self-deport? ‘What the heck does that mean?” Martinez main criticism of Romney’s immigration plan is that he doesn’t have one.  She sees ‘self-deportation’ as a simplistic approach to a very complex problem. 

Martinez herself has been viewed as having anti-immigrant positions.  She has aggressively pushed to repeal a New Mexico law that allows the undocumented to get driver’s licenses.  Then there was her “residency verification plan” where Martinez asked 10,000 foreign nationals living in the state to verify their residency. 

Now, in the magazine interview, the first Latina governor is promoting ‘guest-worker program for people who want to go freely back and forth’ and a ‘DREAM Act-style pathway to citizenship’ and a ‘visa that allows undocumented to remain in U.S.’  She remains opposed to passing the DREAM Act as a stand alone piece of legislation but rather part of a larger immigration reform initiative.

The Washington Post put this Latina governor as fifth on the list of potential Republican Vice Presidential candidates, however, this interview might of just taken her off the list. 

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LATINO BLOTTER: La Puente Man Drives Lexus Through Wall, Into Pool

LATINO BLOTTER: La Puente Man Drives Lexus Through Wall, Into Pool

Photo: (Beatriz Diaz to SGC Tribune) Man Drives Lexus Through Wall, Into Pool

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

A California man was arrested after police suspected he was driving drunk when he drove his car through a wall and into a sleeping family’s in-ground pool.

The Diaz family was startled awake on Sunday at around 5:25 a.m. with a loud crash. When they looked outside they were startled once again when they found a hole in their wall and a Lexus in their pool.

Police suspect 40-year-old Modesto Cabral was drunk when he continued straight on a T-intersection in which he had to turn right or left.

Janelle Diaz, 16, told the SGV Tribune, ‘We woke up to an awful noise and looked outside, and a car was in the pool … We had always joked around about it - that someone was going to end up in the pool - because they’ve hit our wall before.’

A photo taken by Beatriz Diaz shows the 2006 silver Lexus GS430 at the bottom of the family’s pool with the cinder block wall clearly plowed through in the background.

Cabral was able to escape the vehicle through the right front window and only sustained minor injuries. The family found him dripping wet and say he appeared wasted on “alcohol and/or drugs.” He was booked on suspicion of driving under the influence.

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Mexican Journalists Under Siege, 7 Attacks in 4 Days

Mexican Journalists Under Siege, 7 Attacks in 4 Days

Photo: Mexican Journalists Under Siege

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Seven journalists and media outlets have been attacked in Mexico in the past few days, with officials or people linked to politicians possibly involved in three of the incidents, the Foundation for Freedom of Expression, or Fundalex, said.

The killing of Rene Orta Salgado, a former El Sol de Cuernavaca reporter whose body was found Sunday, is among the most serious incidents.

Gerardo Ponce de Leon, editor of the Marquesina Politica Web site, was threatened and beaten with a pipe by two men at his office on May 10.

Gunmen opened fire on May 7 on the offices of the Hora Cero newspaper in Reynosa, a city in the northeastern state of Tamaulipas, while the offices of Megaradio Guadalajara were attacked on May 10 and the Nuevo Laredo daily El Mañana was attacked on May 11, the Fundalex said.

“It is not healthy for anyone in Mexico to have a rise in attacks of an authoritarian nature designed to silence freedom of expression and restrict Mexicans’ right to information,” the press rights group said in a statement.

State legislatures should approve the reforms to Article 73 of the constitution requiring federal officials to prosecute crimes against journalists and media outlets, as well as Article 71, which opens the way for the Law to Protect Defenders of Human Rights and Journalists, the Fundalex said.

Public servants or people linked to politicians may have been involved in two of the recent attacks, while a mayor is presumed to have played a role in another attack, the press rights group said.

“The Fundalex considers it regrettable that subjects close to or under the orders of those who are responsible for the promotion, dissemination, protection and defense of society’s right to freedom of expression and right to information might be involved in these attacks,” the non-governmental organization said.

“Due to the situation created by the attacks on journalists,” a weekly tally of attacks on the press in Mexico will now be kept, the press rights group said.

Four United Nations and Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, or IACHR, rapporteurs urged the Mexican government Monday to quickly enact the Law to Protect Defenders of Human Rights and Journalists.

“We need to break the cycle of impunity in Mexico, which is becoming an increasingly more violent place for journalists,” U.N. rapporteur on freedom of expression and opinion Frank La Rue said.

Mexico, where nearly 80 journalists have been murdered and several others have disappeared since 2000, is considered the world’s second most dangerous country for members of the media.

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Fate of Undocumented Gabino Sanchez to be Decided Today

Fate of Undocumented Gabino Sanchez to be Decided Today

Photo: Gabino Sanchez and Family

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

The case of an undocumented Mexican in South Carolina who is fighting deportation with support from U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) will put the validity of the authorities’ new discretionary policy to the test.

The fate of Gabino Sanchez, 27, will be decided Tuesday at an immigration court in Charlotte, and for Gutierrez it will shine a light on whether the Immigration and Customs Enforcement memorandum giving priority to expelling undocumented criminals “carries any weight.”

“Gabino is an example of an immigrant who should not be deported,” the congressman told Efe.

“If the Obama administration is serious about applying the policy of executive discretion, it should close the case of this immigrant,” he said.

Sanchez came to the United States when he was 14. He settled in Ridgeland, South Carolina, worked in gardening and construction and eventually married and had two children.

His troubles began on Nov. 2 when police stopped him for speeding. Because he is undocumented and did not have a driver’s license - and also has a history of fines for driving without a license - he was turned over to ICE.

If the new guidelines contained in an ICE memorandum issued last summer are applied, Sanchez, who has no criminal record and is the father of two U.S.-born children, should not be a candidate for deportation.

Gutierrez has accompanied Sanchez to two previous hearings at immigration courts as part of his strategy to keep an eye on compliance with the memorandum issued last summer by ICE Director John Morton.

In a video message filmed in Spanish and English, the congressman asks the community for a massive turnout on Tuesday at the court in Charlotte.

“I return to Charlotte to accompany Gabino, his wife and two children to continue fighting on behalf of immigrants, so that families are not separated, and to say ‘no’ to unjust deportations,” Gutierrez said in his message.

Meanwhile more than 40 religious congregations have responded to the congressman’s call and over the past few week have urged the faithful to turn up at the court to show their support for Sanchez.

“As a church and a community, we are suffering the separation of families. We have faith and we pray that Gabino will come out of this victorious and that he will set a precedent,” Anibal Mercado, pastor of a church in Charlotte, told Efe.

Gutierrez has spurred the creation of defense committees in places like the Carolinas, New York, Maryland, Dallas, Chicago and San Francisco to identify cases like that of Sanchez and of dreamers who face deportation.

Attorney Marty Rosenbluth, executive director at NC Immigrant Rights Project who will represent Sanchez, will try to have the deportation order canceled.

The only crime Gabino has committed is driving without a license, the lawyer said, adding that on many occasion South Carolina cops used racial profiling to pull him over.

The current government has deported a record number of more than 1 million undocumented immigrants since 2009.

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Popocatepetl Volcano Continues to Rumble and Spew Ash a Mile High

Popocatepetl Volcano Continues to Rumble and Spew Ash a Mile High

Photo: Popocatepetl Volcano Very Active

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Popcatepetl Volcano is known in Mexico by its Spanish name Volcån Popocatépetl which means the Smoking Mountain and today the volcano is being true to its name. 

The volcano that is 43 miles southeast of Mexico City and stands 17,802 feet tall has been erupting now for close to two months and just released a large ash cloud that was a mile high.  Others put the ash cloud expulsion as high as 2.5 miles.  Mexican officials regardless of the spewing are keeping the alert level at phase two or the yellow alert level and have not ordered an evacuation. 

The Puebla airport did close for some time this past Saturday due to the ash spewing, it is the third such closing.  The most intense eruptions occurred Friday night and Saturday morning. 

Officials say there is no danger to the nearby residents in the State of Mexico in the municipality of Ecatzingo which sits only 11.8 miles from the rumbling cater. 

In total experts have recorded 15 volcanic exhalations over the weekend of different intensities.

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Chilean Faction of Greenpeace Protests Brazil Energy Firm For Wanting to Install Coal-Fired Plant

Chilean Faction of Greenpeace Protests Brazil Energy Firm For Wanting to Install Coal-Fired Plant

Photo: Chilean Faction of Greenpeace Protests Brazil Energy Firm For Wanting to Install Coal-Fired Plant

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Several activists from the Chilean contingent of Greenpeace unfurled a giant sign Monday on the front of the Santiago office of Brazilian energy firm CGX to protest the “illegality” of a coal-fired power plant the company plans to install in northern Chile.

With this action, the organization demanded an end to the Central Castilla project, located some 800 kilometers (500 miles) north of Santiago in a coastal area teeming with sea turtles, seals and penguins.

The activists hung a giant banner that read “Castilla is illegal” on the CGX corporate headquarters.

The environmentalists infiltrated the 20-story building and lowered themselves from the rooftop to install the sign.

“This project only exists to wrap up a multimillion-dollar deal and to provide cheap energy to mining companies without a thought for its environmental and social costs,” the executive director of Greenpeace in Chile, Matias Asun, said in a communique.

With an investment of $4.4 billion, Central Castilla plans construction on the coast at Punta Cachos in the Atacama region.

Colonies of sea turtles, penguins and seals thrive in the area, while on the sands of the interior a phenomenon called the “flowering desert” is occasionally seen, brought to life in some years by light winter rains.

Residents near the site of the proposed plant are challenging the project in court.

The Castilla coal-fired plant intends to cover between 10-15 percent of the new power generation requirements of Chile’s principal electrical grid.

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Eleven Detained in Rhode Island for Trafficking Heroin for Mexican Narcos

Eleven individuals were arrested on Thursday and Friday and ordered detained on drug and firearms charges resulting from an eight-month federal law enforcement investigation into the trafficking of heroin into Rhode Island by an alleged Dominican organization with ties to Mexican drug cartels.

The investigation is continuing.

The investigation by the United States Attorney’s Office, the FBI, and the DEA, along with the Rhode Island State Police and local law enforcement detectives assigned to the task forces, resulted in the execution of federal search warrants and arrest warrants in Providence, Cranston, North Providence, Pawtucket, and West Warwick, Rhode Island. In addition to the arrests, federal agents and state and local detectives seized more than three kilos of heroin, approximately 200 grams of cocaine, approximately $450,000 in cash, a substantial quantity of high-end jewelry, five firearms (four of them loaded), and 12 vehicles.

Four of the individuals were arrested on Thursday at a West Warwick residence where agents seized approximately $300,000 in cash, more than two kilos of heroin, nearly ¼ kilo of cocaine, four vehicles, and a substantial quantity of high-end jewelry.

The investigation, arrests, and seizures were announced by United States Attorney Peter F. Neronha; Richard DesLauriers, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Boston Field Office; and Kevin L. Lane, Acting Special Agent in Charge of the New England Field Division of the DEA.

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