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SundayFebruary 5, 2012

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Mexican “Vaccine” Against Heroin Addiction to be Ready in 5 Years

Mexican “Vaccine” Against Heroin Addiction to be Ready in 5 Years

Photo: Heroin Vaccine Being Studied in Mexico

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Mexico’s government said a “vaccine” against heroin addiction, which it patented this week, will be ready for human use in roughly five years.

During a working visit to the northern border city of Ciudad Juarez, Health Secretary Salomon Chertorivski said all the laboratory experiments have already been carried out on rats and “the next step is testing on humans.”

The vaccine must undergo a “normal development process” and therefore at least another five years of work will be required before it can be used by human beings, Chertorivski told reporters Friday.

“We can be very proud of our scientists at the National Institute of Psychiatry because they’ve achieved something that hasn’t been achieved in other areas of the world,” the minister said.

“And it’s not only heroin; that’s what’s been patented so far but we’re advancing rapidly on (programs against addictions to) cocaine (and) methamphetamines.”

During his visit, Chertorivski supervised the quality of medical care, as well as progress in anti-addiction programs, in Ciudad Juarez.

The health minister announced Wednesday during the launch of a technology transfer network for addiction treatment that “Mexico has now succeeded in patenting the first vaccine against heroin use and we’re working on more” for other addictive substances.

The network, inaugurated by U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman, is a technological platform that will improve efforts to combat drug addiction and which has received $18 million from the Merida Initiative, a U.S.-funded regional plan to battle drug cartels and organized crime.

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What does Romney mean by “Self-Deportation” for the 8.8 Million Undocumented Hispanics in the US?

What does Romney mean by “Self-Deportation” for the  8.8 Million Undocumented Hispanics in the US?

Photo: Americas Voice Online- Latinos Self-Deport from GOP

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When he was asked about his plan to deal with illegal immigration, Republican front runner Mitt Romney said:

“The answer is self-deportation, which is people decide they can do better by going home because they can’t find work here because they don’t have legal documentation to allow them to work here. And so we’re not going to round people up.

The way that we have in this society is to say, look, people who have come here illegally would, under my plan, be given a transition period and the opportunity during that transition period to work here, but when that transition period was over, they would no longer have the documentation to allow them to work in this country.”

Latino voters facts:

* 21.7m Hispanic are eligible to vote in the US 2012 presidential election

* US Census Bureau estimates Hispanics to be one-third of the US population by 2050

* In California and Texas nearly 40% of the population is Hispanic

* 16% of the US population is Hispanic, but only 10% of voters are Hispanic

* A majority of Latino voters are backing President Barack Obama

* A poll shows that Obama is getting 68% support while Romney got 23%

* The Obama administration has failed to reform the immigration system

* The US Congress unable to agree on amnesty for undocumented migrants

* Most Republicans and some Democrats oppose an amnesty for undocumented migrants

* There are 11 million undocumented immigrants in the US

* More that eight in ten undocumented immigrants are of Hispanic origin

* Most Republican candidates call for tough immigration measures

* Nearly 397,000 people were deported in 2011 by the Obama administration

* Nearly 60% of Latinos disapprove of Obama’s deportation policy

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Gisele Bundchen May be Stealing Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Spotlight

Gisele Bundchen May be Stealing Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Spotlight

Photo: Gisele Bundchen Ad

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While Tom Brady is supposed to be the one getting all of the attention at the moment, his wife Gisele Bundchen seems to be stealing her husband’s Super Bowl spotlight. The 31 year old was featured topless in Versace’s new denim campaign.

The Versace add showed Bundchen in a black and white photo leaning against a tree, with only an open denim jacket to cover her. According to US Magazine, she posed for the photos in Borrego Springs California. Photographers Mert Alas and Marchus Piggott captured her photos.

While her new add is bringing attention to her at the moment, Bundchen shared with Fox News Latino, that she is focusing hard on helping her quarterback husband do his best in Sunday’s game.

Bundchen feels that the best way to support her husband is by praying for him, and getting her family and friends to do the same.

“I feel Tommy really needs our prayer, our support and love at this time,” said Bundchen in an email to her family. “This Sunday will be a really important day in my husband’s life… and now they need us more than ever to send them positive energy so they can fulfill their dream of winning this Super Bowl.”

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Victoria’s Secret Brazilian Model Adriana Lima Stars in TWO Super Bowl Ads (Videos)

Victoria’s Secret Brazilian Model Adriana Lima Stars in TWO  Super Bowl Ads (Videos)

Photo: Victoria's Secret Adriana Lima

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The Super Bowl is tonight and you probably know a few people who are more interested in the commercials than the game. Several have already been uploaded on YouTube, but some companies, especially those in the auto industry, have decided to either upload extended clips or elaborate previews. Kia went the extra mile. The car company recruited the sexy Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima for their ad, called “Drive The Dream.”

Late last month, they first released a teaser that was just 15 seconds long, according to Ad Week. That preview has been airing on television since Christmas. The full, 60-second ad will also feature Mötley Crüe, UFC fighter Chuck Liddell and thousands of bikini-clad fans in the racetrack’s stands. The ad has already been seen by moviegoers, having been screening in theaters since Feb. 2.

Lima will also be seen in another ad for Teleflora, according to The Los Angeles Times. Laurie McCartney, chief marketing officer for the online flower service, told the LA Times that the company not only wanted to reach a male audience, but “...we also wanted to have appeal to the female audience, so we went with elegance and beauty…It’s a fine balance to achieve both of those goals.” You can watch that ad below. It is scheduled to run during the game’s second quarter and is directed by B-Reel Films’ Anders Hallberg.

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Animal Rights Activists Protest Bullfighting in Colombia

Animal Rights Activists Protest Bullfighting in Colombia

Photo: Colombian Bullfighting Protest

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Some 180 half-naked people with banderillas attached to their backs put themselves “into the bull’s hide” in the northwestern city of Medellin by positioning themselves to form the word “stop” to demand an end to bullfighting in Colombia.

“‘Stop. That’s enough of bullfights, of mistreating animals’: That is our message for the world that looks down on us,” Animanaturalis representative Edison Duque, the coordinator of the event in Medellin, told Efe.

The activists carried out their production on Saturday in the Parque de los Deseos, a venue provided to them by the Medellin Public Companies Foundation, a few hours before the start of one of the bullfights held within the framework of the city’s bull festival.

For about two hours, the anti-bullfighting group withstood intense sunshine and imitated the postures of the bulls as they die in the ring, covered with paint to resemble dried blood and with three banderillas attached to their backs.

“We want to make clear that these are teaching, educational events and are never against anyone. What we want is for the torture of animals to end and not to have death made into a celebration,” Duque said.

Numerous curious onlookers came up to the demonstrators to observe their activities and exchanged comments with them about the practice of bullfighting in Colombia, one of the parts of the world where it is most enthusiastically followed.

The event was also designed to denounce the fact that bullfighting only remains legal in eight countries as a result of laws that have been passed in other areas, including the Autonomous Community of Catalonia in Spain, the cradle of bullfighting, Duque said.

Animanaturalis and other animal rights groups will continue organizing these type of events, Duque said.

“What needs to be thought about is continuing this kind of event along with the promotion of a popular consultation, so that we can all feel our position vis-a-vis what it means to have an animal tortured and murdered, because it feels,” Duque said.

The anti-bullfighting debate reemerged in Colombia in mid-January when the bullfighting season kicked off at one of its main venues, the Santamaria ring in Bogota, although newly-elected Bogota Mayor Gustavo Petro decided that he would not occupy the presidential box offered to him there.

Also, in Medellin local authorities came out against the practice, falling in behind Antioquia Gov. Sergio Fajardo, who halted the financing of the bulls with public funds.

In February 2008, Medellin declared itself to be the first anti-bullfighting city in Colombia, when 14 of its 21 councilors signed an agreement rejecting public spectacles “where animals are mistreated.”

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Football NOT Futbol - NFL Eyes Regular Season Games in Mexico

Football  NOT  Futbol - NFL Eyes Regular Season Games in Mexico

Photo: Football in Mexico

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The National Football League is looking to play a regular season game in Mexico, a country that has become the league’s priority market in Latin America, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said.

In addition to playing regular season games in Britain, the league wants to expand into Latin America, focusing on Mexico, as part of its international expansion strategy, the commissioner said.

The NFL plans to execute a disciplined expansion strategy, using Britain and Mexico as bases to expand into Europe and Latin America, respectively, Goodell said.

Playing a regular season NFL game in Mexico is “something we’d like to get done sooner than later,” the commissioner said.

El comisionado dijo a periodistas que hay un gran interés en América Latina para jugar este deporte.

“This is something that we have discussed with our partners in Mexico and that we would like very much,” Goodell said.

The league and its partners will have to work together to make games in Mexico a possibility, the commissioner said.

“We believe it can be very successful and very good for Mexico and for our fans,” Goodell said.

The San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals played a regular season game in Mexico during the 2005 season.

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Up Close One Year Later: Startling New Photos of Brazil Uncontacted Indians Released

Up Close One Year Later: Startling New Photos of Brazil Uncontacted Indians Released

Photo: Mashco Piro Uncontacted tribe

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Survival International has released close-up pictures of uncontacted Indians, exactly a year after aerial photos from Brazil astonished the world.

The new photographs taken in south-east Peru show an uncontacted family from the Mashco-Piro tribe.

The Mashco-Piro are known to inhabit the Manú National Park, but sightings of them have increased in recent months.

Many blame illegal logging in and around the park and low flying helicopters from nearby oil and gas projects, for forcibly displacing the Indians from their forest homes.

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Cuba Gov’t Denies Exit Visa for Dissident Blogger Yoani Sanchez for 19th Time

Cuba Gov’t Denies Exit Visa for Dissident Blogger Yoani Sanchez for 19th Time

Photo: Yoani Sanchez in Cuba

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The Cuban government has again denied dissident blogger Yoani Sanchez ( regularly seen in HS News) permission to leave the country, which on this occasion she requested for a trip to Brazil where she was invited to the premiere of a documentary.

“No surprises. Again they refused me permission to leave,” Yoani Sanchez tweeted on Twitter, recalling that this is the 19th time Cuban authorities have violated her right to travel abroad.

Sanchez, known for her blog Generacion Y, received the invitation from filmmaker Claudio Galvao da Silva to attend the premiere in Brazil of the documentary “Conexion Cuba-Honduras,” which deals with the repression of freedom of expression on the Caribbean island and during the coup that brought down Honduran President Mel Zelaya in 2009.

The blogger sent a letter earlier to Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff to take the opportunity of her visit to Havana this week to intercede with Raul Castro on Sanchez’s behalf.

The Brazilian foreign minister awarded the blogger her visa to enter Brazil, but Sanchez was waiting for the Cuban government to grant her an exit visa to go abroad.

In recent years Yoani Sanchez, 35, has been honored with numerous international prizes that she has been unable to receive because the Cuban government has repeatedly refused her permission to leave the country.

The Communist-ruled island is one of a handful of countries that require their citizens to obtain permission to travel abroad.

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Kate Del Castillo:  “I am not a lesbian.” (VIDEO)

Kate Del Castillo:   “I am not a lesbian.” (VIDEO)

Photo: Kate del Castillo

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While discussing her recent controversial Twitter letters in an interview with journalist Adela Micha, Kate Del Castillo, announces she is not a lesbian. 

“I know many would like me to be one, but no, I’m not a lesbian.  I like men a lot.” said Kate in response to questions from her fans and the public about her sexuality.

This discussion stems from her numerous recent roles both on television as well as the big screen.  Del Castillo first played a lesbian on the popular soap opera, ‘Queen of the South’ while also starring in the 2011 movie, “Without Men.”  Eva Longoria played her love interest in this film, which was based off of a Colombian novel called, Tales from the Town of Widows.  In this film, Kate Del Castillo and Eva Longoria share a steamy sex scene as the film demonstrates how a town of all women would survive ‘without men.’  The actress will also soon be seen in a transgender role in the movie K11, which is set to be released this year. 

Although these numerous roles may lead some people to ponder Kate’s sexuality; she is making it clear to everyone.  She is not a lesbian.


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Contamination from 1966 H-bomb Accident in Spain to be Cleaned up by U.S.

Contamination from 1966 H-bomb Accident in Spain to be Cleaned up by U.S.

Photo: Contamination from 1966 H-bomb Accident in Spain to be Cleaned up by U.S.

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Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo said Friday that the U.S. government pledged quick action to remove radioactive soil from a town in southern Spain where three hydrogen bombs landed after a mid-air collision in 1966.

Garcia-Margallo commented after he and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy met in Madrid with a delegation of U.S. senators and Washington’s envoy to Spain, Alan Solomont.

The problem dates from Jan. 17, 1966, when a U.S. B-52 bomber collided in mid-air with a refueling tanker, causing four hydrogen bombs to fall in and around the southern Spanish town of Palomares, including one that landed in the Mediterranean Sea.

No warheads detonated, but plutonium was released into the atmosphere and the soil.

U.S. experts visited Palomares a year ago to consult with Spanish counterparts on a strategy to decontaminate the affected area.

Some 6,000 cu. meters (211,471 cu. feet) of radioactive subsoil remains in Palomares, scattered across an area of 41 hectares (101 acres), according to a study by Spain’s Center for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research.

The talks with U.S. senators in Madrid came a day before Garcia-Margallo is to meet with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the Munich Security Conference in Germany.

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Score a Goal for John Paul in MX - National Collection Drive is Launched in the U.S. for Rosaries

Score a Goal for John Paul in MX - National Collection Drive is Launched in the U.S. for Rosaries

Photo: Blessed John Paul

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Victor John Mooney, executive director of Queens, New York based – South African Arts International,  hopes that 100,000 pilgrims will kick an official 2010 World Cup Match Ball into a goal on a portable soccer field. “With each goal, our plan is to give pilgrims a rosary and a refreshing cup of coca-cola”, said Mooney.

The score a goal for The Blessed John Paul campaign will run twenty-four hours from March 21 to March 25 outside Bicentennial Park in Guanajuato, Mexico. Church officials throughout Mexico, Governor of Guanajuato, Mayor of Leon and Silao, Federation Mexicana Futbol Association, Premier Division, Secondary Division players and representatives of governing bodies for futbol in Latin America and the Caribbean have been asked to score a goal.

During the beatification process for Pope John Paul II last year, it was widely reported worldwide of Mr. Mooney’s intercession to the Holy Father. Mr. Mooney was shipwrecked for fourteen days in the Atlantic Ocean on a life raft without food. He was making his third attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean to encourage abstinence, AIDS prevention and education in an effort to curb this epidemic. The Holy Father blessed him for this mission at the Vatican.

At the 2012 AIDS Conference in Washington, DC this July, South African Arts International will mount an exhibition on this campaign in Mexico. On World AIDS Day, Mr. Mooney will begin his fourth attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean by row boat from the Canary Islands to New York City.

“We hope this mission will energize many to be stronger in their evangelization, something that Pope Benedict continues to encourage us all”, Mooney added. Mooney arrives in Guanajuato on March 19 via Aeromexico.

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SundayFebruary 5, 2012