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SaturdayDecember 31, 2011

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Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Had A lot of Latin Favor this Year (VIDEO)

Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Had A lot of Latin Favor this Year (VIDEO)

Photo: New Years Times Square

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Well New York and all the East Coast has rung in the New Year with a forty-year tradition – Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.  And this year the telecast had a decidedly Latin flavor.

This year’s celebration led off with Justin Bieber and Carlos Santana performing the Beatles classic “Let it Be”.  Then there was Pitbull telling host Ryan Seacrest to ‘dale,’ before talking over the stage and giving an incredible high energy performance.  And if that wasn’t enough Taio Cruz also entertained.

And not everyone had Lady Gaga’s ‘ball dropping’ performance in mind but rather if this is indeed the last year on earth. 

Commentator Jenny McCarthy reminded us that the Mayan calendar is predicting the end of the world this year so everyone better have their game on to party. 

Whether you appreciated the Latin flavor of the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve or not its hard to beat this forty-year tradition and top notch entertainment.

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Alleged Wife Killer and Television Producer Awaits Extradition to Mexico

Survivor” producer and alleged wife killer, Bruce Beresford-Redman will be extradited to Mexico to face charges but the actual date of the extradition is pending.

During a 2010 family vacation the Los Angeles producer allegedly murdered his wife, Monica Burgos, and left her body in the sewer of the Cancun resort the family was vacationing at.  After the murder and while authorities investigated Beresford-Redman returned to the U.S.

The judge noted as credible evidence ““the infidelity, fighting, screaming from the hotel room, the fugitive’s opportunity to dispose of the victim’s body” as some of the reasons to grant the Mexican extradition request.

Once Mexican authorities announced charges they have sought the extradition of the Hollywood producer.  He had been fighting the extradition and earlier this month lost his last court battle – now it is only a matter of time until Beresford-Redman faces justice in Quintana Roo, Mexico.

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Univision to Bring Spanish Language “Dale Con Ganas” to TV

Univision to Bring Spanish Language “Dale Con Ganas” to TV

Photo: Dale Con Ganas

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Brita announced that it is a sponsor for the Spanish-language weight-loss reality show, “Dale Con Ganas” (Give It Your All) which will track the experience of four Hispanic/Latino families as they battle obesity, working together to lose weight. The new series, from the creator and executive producer of “The Biggest Loser,” Dave Broome, was created for U.S. Hispanic audiences and is the first of its kind to be broadcast in Spanish. The competition will be hosted by Alfonso ‘Poncho’ de Anda, co-host of the top-rated morning program “Despierta América” (Wake-Up America) and will include expert trainers, María Simón, Marcelo Crudele, Oscar Luna and Luis Alberto Aracena. Contestants will go through a 12-week transformation process with trainer encouragement and hydration support from Brita® water filtration products.

The success of Brita’s eight-season partnership with the popular English-language series “The Biggest Loser” led to the brand’s sponsorship of “Dale Con Ganas.” Contestants and trainers on “Dale Con Ganas” will use Brita Bottles™, Brita® Pitchers and Brita® Faucet Filtration Systems to stay hydrated with better tasting water as part of a healthy lifestyle.

“Brita has been a fantastic partner, and I couldn’t be more excited for the Hispanic/Latino community to learn more about their products and how staying hydrated is critically important to their health and well-being,” Dave Broome said.

“Brita is proud to be a part of this program, which will motivate the Hispanic community to pursue active and healthy lifestyles,” Tina Wie, Associate Marketing Manager for Brita, said. “As a lead sponsor of “Dale Con Ganas,” Brita will play a role in educating Hispanic viewers about making healthy lifestyle choices and demonstrate how Brita® products can support these choices and change lives.”

Brita will use its @BritaLatino Twitter account to engage with fans to share health and wellness tips as well as offer promotions around products seen on the program.

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Los Angeles Ablaze:  20 Fires in Last 48 Hours, Hunt for Arsonist is On

Los Angeles Ablaze:  20 Fires in Last 48 Hours, Hunt for Arsonist is On

Photo: Car Fires in Los Angeles

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Los Angeles authorities are investigating over 20 fires that have burned vehicles and buildings around the city in the last 48 hours, with a single arsonist suspected of lighting them all.

At least seven cars were in flames before sunrise Saturday in the North Hollywood area, added to the 21 fires that police reported Thursday night at different points around the city, the daily Los Angeles Times said Saturday.

The fires were set rapidly one after another and almost all began with a vehicle, though the flames spread in some cases to nearby houses and apartment buildings, police said.

Among the damaged properties was the one-time Hollywood Hills home of the late singer of The Doors, Jim Morrison, a place that inspired his song “Love Street.”

The authorities have not yet given an estimate of damages, though they calculate that just four of the fires, those concentrated in the West Hollywood area, left losses of some $350,000.

As the fires broke out successively in neighborhoods distant from one another, police began to theorize that they were orchestrated by the same person.

Now, however, detectives are studying the possibility that some of the fires were set by an “imitator,” someone not connected with the pyromaniac that lit the first fires, though “it’s too early to say whether we have a copycat,” the captain of the Los Angeles Fire Department, Jaime Moore, told the daily.

Los Angeles police announced this morning that it will boost the number of agents in neighborhoods that have been affected up to now, for fear more fires will be started in the coming nights.

“We believe it’s a good possibility that the individual responsible for the fires this morning is responsible for the fire that occurred tonight,” Moore said Friday.

The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, or ATF, has offered a reward of $60,000 for information leading to the arsonist’s arrest, and the authorities ask any witness to report to a police station.

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US Population:312.8 Million on New Years Day-1 New Immigrant Every 46 Seconds

US Population:312.8 Million on New Years Day-1 New Immigrant Every 46 Seconds

Photo: Population 1.1.12

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

The U.S. Census Bureau projected the Jan. 1, 2012, total United States population will be 312,780,968. This would represent an increase of 2,250,129, or 0.7 percent, from New Year’s Day 2011, and an increase of 4,035,430, or 1.3 percent, since Census Day (April 1, 2010). 
In January 2012, one birth is expected to occur every eight seconds in the United States and one death every 12 seconds.
Meanwhile, net international migration is expected to add one person to the U.S. population every 46 seconds in January 2012. The combination of births, deaths and net international migration results in an increase in the total U.S. population of one person every 17 seconds. 

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Is Luis Miguel Dating Reality-Star and Karadashian Pal Brittny Gastineau?

Is Luis Miguel Dating Reality-Star and Karadashian Pal Brittny Gastineau?

Photo: Brittny Gastineau Linked to Luis Miguel

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Spanish gossip circles are abuzz with Luis Miguel’s latest alleged love interest – Brittny Gastineau.  A relative stranger to Latin American audiences many are wondering who is this latest love of the 41-year old Mexican singer.

Well we can tell you my Spanish-speaking friends she is a top notch D-Lister. 

Her resume consists of high profile friendships with Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton and professionally she had her own reality show (The Gastineau Girls) about her and mom trying to figure out how to make a living.

Before the legends of ‘El Sol’ fans diss her she was on ‘Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive’ and attended Kim’s wedding, if that helps.

Apparently the 28-year-old’s main claim to fame is that her father was the former New York Jets Mark Gastineau, though she hasn’t seen him in over 15 years. 

The pair have been spotted in Beverly Hills and dining at Morton’s. 

The five-time Grammy super star is known to love the ladies and keeps very private about it all, so the Latin media is always on the look out to see who he is spotted with.  Former loves includes Mariah Carey and Daisy Fuentes.

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Authorities, 3000 Faithful See off Our Lady of Charity Pilgrimage in Havana

Authorities, 3000 Faithful See off  Our Lady of Charity Pilgrimage in Havana

Photo: Our Lady of Charity Pilgrimage in Havana

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Government, Communist Party and Catholic Church authorities attended the farewell event of the pilgrimage of the statue of Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre, patroness of Cuba, at a Mass attended by some 3,000 people in the Havana thoroughfare of Avenida del Puerto.

Attending the religious ceremony Friday were Vice President Esteban Lazo, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez and the head of the ruling Communist Party’s office of religious affairs, Caridad Diego, together with other state officials.

Cardinal Jaime Ortega, archbishop of Havana, officiated the Mass, also attended by the president of the Cuban Catholic Bishops Conference, Dionisio Garcia, archbishop of Santiago de Cuba, and among the guests, the archbishop of Miami, Thomas Wenski.

In his sermon, Cardinal Ortega stressed that the pilgrimage of Our Lady of Charity had ended “brilliantly” in Havana, and also mentioned the “spiritual significance” that this unprecedented religious event had for the millions of Cubans who followed the statue’s journey around the island.

“Our people have thanked us, the men of the church, not because we find magic solutions to economic or social problems, but for giving them the chance to wholly find themselves once more,” the prelate said.

The cardinal said that this gratitude “arises from the people’s instinctive understanding that the church has struggled through the years to fulfill that duty, to exercise that right, and has achieved it progressively without ever ceasing in its efforts.”

“For that reason I also want to communicate to the highest authorities of the nation, our acknowledgment that they have respected that right and made it easier to fulfill that duty,” he said.

In Cuba, the pilgrimage has been seen as an expression of the current good relations between the Catholic Church and the government following the dialogue initiated in 2010 by Cardinal Ortega and President Raul Castro.

The Cuban government cooperated with the security arrangements and itinerary of the pilgrimage, and last week pardoned more than 2,900 prisoners for humanitarian reasons that took into account the upcoming visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the island and the 2012 Jubilee Year in Cuba for the 400th anniversary of the appearance of the figure of Our Lady of Charity, as Castro himself said.

The procession of Our Lady of Charity marked the 400th year since her statue was found and covered a route of some 30,000 kilometers (19,000 miles) in 17 months since Aug. 8, 2010, when it departed from the sanctuary in the town of El Cobre in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba.

It has been a pilgrimage without precedent in the years following the victory of the 1959 revolution, and echoed another with the same statue in 1951-1952 celebrating the 50 years of the nation’s independence.

During the 2010-2011 procession, the statue of Our Lady was carried to churches, schools, hospitals, prisons and public squares, including the iconic Plaza de la Revolucion in Havana, drawing people in their thousands as it passed through cities and towns.

Legend has it that the statue of Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre appeared in 1612 to three fishermen in a boat on Nipe Bay at the eastern end of the island.

She was declared patroness of Cuba on May 10, 1916 and was personally crowned by Pope John Paul II on Jan. 24, 1998, on his visit to the island.

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Latino Accused of Raping 1-Month Old Baby That Died Had Recently Been Deported to Mexico

Latino Accused of Raping 1-Month Old Baby That Died Had Recently Been Deported to Mexico

Photo: Heinous Assault of 1-Month Old in New Mexico Investigated

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A 37-year-old Latino, Juan Galindo has been charged in the brutal sexual assault and abuse of a one-month old baby girl in New Mexico that led to her death, while high on meth.

The baby mother apparently left the child with Galindo while she went to a casino Thursday morning, December 29, 2011 in Albuquerque.  A 911 call came telling the operator an infant had choked while drinking her bottle.

The reality the police found was much worse.  They found the four-week old with brain bleed, vaginal tearing and a lacerated liver and it also appeared the baby had been injured in prior instances of abuse in her short four-weeks of life.

Galindo had been deported to Mexico four months ago and apparently snuck back into the U.S., exactly when is not known.  Records show Galindo had a history of drug trafficking charges.  Other charges could be forthcoming after the investigation concludes.

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ICE Creates Telephone Hotline for Detained Immigrants To Learn Rights

ICE  Creates Telephone Hotline for Detained Immigrants To Learn Rights

Photo: ice hotline

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U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement launched a telephone hotline for detained immigrants to inform them of their rights and allow them to report cases of unfair treatment.

The new number, (855) 448-6903, may be used by detained immigrants who “believe they may be U.S. citizens or victims of a crime,” ICE said in a communique.

To make sure that those in custody “are properly notified about their potential removal from the country and are made aware of their rights,” ICE guarantees that the line will be available 24 hours a day every day with interpreters in several languages.

The president of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Thomas Saenz, believes the new line is “a positive development,” though he also called the move “overdue” and “inadequate.”

“Often people who are subject to ICE detainers have no idea why they are being held,” Saenz told the Los Angeles Times.

“This kind of step should have been in place the very first time ICE undertook an expansion of its detainers,” the MALDEF president said, adding that the agency ought to concentrate on monitoring local authorities for possible unconstitutional arrests instead of waiting until detainees report possible abuses of authority.

“They may feel intimidated or unable to adequately navigate their case,” Saenz said.

ICE also announced the creation of a new form for notifying immigrants in local jails that the federal agency has requested their custody.

The revised detainer form reminds local authorities that they cannot hold individuals for more than 48 hours from the time they are taken into custody, and notifies detainees that the federal government plans to arrest them once their local sentence has been served.

The form comes with translations in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese and Vietnamese.

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Mayor-elect in Colombia Gunned Down, 41 Politicians Killed this Year

Mayor-elect in Colombia Gunned Down, 41 Politicians Killed this Year

Photo: Violence in Colombia

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Jaime Chazatar, mayor-elect of the Colombian municipality of Santa Cruz-Guachaves in the southwestern province of Nariño, was murdered Saturday by unknown persons, officials said.

“This morning two unknown persons gunned down in front of his home the mayor-elect of Santa Cruz-Guachaves, Jaime Chazatar,” who would have taken office this Sunday, Fabio Trujillo, the Nariño provincial government secretary, told Efe.

Chazatar, a member of the Pastos ethnicity, was elected with the support of the Indigenous Authority of Colombia, or AICO, in the balloting for mayors and regional governors last Oct. 30.

Authorities are investigating the slaying, Trujillo said, while indigenous spokesman Servio Bernal assured reporters that the incident will not spark violence in the community.

He said that the politician’s death saddens the Indians of Nariño province on the Ecuadorian border.

A report by the Electoral Observation Mission (MOE) published last October said that up to that month it had documented the murders of 41 candidates for mayor and governor.

Elected in last October’s voting were 1,102 mayors, 32 governors, 12,063 councilors, 418 regional legislators and 4,627 members of local administrative boards.

Except in certain cases, those elected will take office this Sunday for a period of four years.

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2 Charged with Murder Decapitation of Mexican Actress

2 Charged with Murder Decapitation of Mexican Actress

Photo: Julia Marichal

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Authorities said Friday that two people are in custody for the murder of Mexican actress Julia Marichal, whose headless, decomposing body was found Dec. 2 in a water tank at her capital home.

Pedro Osvaldo Castellanos Gonzalez, 23, and Ana Betsaida Duarte Acosta, 27, were arrested separately earlier this week and have confessed to the crime, Mexico City chief prosecutor Miguel Angel Mancera told reporters.

He said Castellanos told police he choked the 67-year-old victim to death and that his accomplice cut off Marichal’s head postmortem.

The pair then placed the body in the water tank, the prosecutor said, adding that police found Marichal’s credit and debit cards in Castellanos’ home.

Mancera also announced the release of the victim’s nephew Mauricio Marichal, arrested Dec. 5 on suspicion he was involved in his aunt’s death.

Julia Marichal was the daughter of Cuban actress Esther Martinez Peñate, who married Mexican writer Juan de la Cabada.

The late actress appeared in a dozen “telenovelas,” or soap operas, including “Mundo de Juguete” (1974), and a number of films, such as “Las puertas del paraiso” (1971).

Marichal worked for several well-known directors, including Alejandro Jodorowsky and Ana Sokolov. She was an advocate of black culture in Mexico and spent her last years trying to preserve the De la Cabada archives.

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Naked Couple Tries Ordering at a McDonald Drive-Thru Hoping No Ones Notices at 2 a.m., Get Arrested

Naked Couple Tries Ordering at a McDonald Drive-Thru Hoping No Ones Notices at 2 a.m., Get Arrested

Photo: Nude Couple at McDonalds's Arrested

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Here’s a new eating tip for the New Year – don’t order carry out with no clothes on you will get arrested. 

Just ask 21-year old Megan Gutierrez and 19-year old Paul Kosur both of small towns somewhere in Illinois that are no where near Chicago so no one really cares. 

Specifically, El Paso (not to be confused with la frontera El Paso, Texas) and Galesburg, Illinois

The duo had no shirt, no shoes and no pants therefore no service when trying to order at the Galesburg, Illinois McDonald’s at approximately 2 a.m. yesterday.  The drive-thru cashier at McDonald’s took notice and called police. 

Police found the duo in the parking lot still disrobed but Ms. Gutierrez respectfully draped in a blanket, hopefully not a serape.

The two have been charged with public indecency and unfortunately no one is releasing what the fun couple ordered at McDonald’s that was so critical to eat that they forgot to dress.

Only a pair of pants for Kosur and a coat for Gutierrez were found in the car. 

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Brazil Overtakes Britain as World’s 6th Largest Economy (VIDEO)

Brazil Overtakes Britain as World’s 6th Largest Economy (VIDEO)

Photo: Brazil Economy

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A leading economic research group says Brazil has overtaken Britain as the world’s sixth-largest economy. The London-based Center for Economics and Business Research says Britain lost out to the South American country in 2011 and will likely slide further as faster-growing economies such as Russia and India surge ahead.

After a tough recession and a banking crash, Great Britain has fallen to 7th place, behind larger and faster-growing Brazil.

The South American country expanded at a three percent rate in 2011 and is projected to grow five percent in 2012.

Economist Armando Castelar says the new ranking is unimportant, but he adds it is a confidence builder for Brazil.

“The position is more about statistics than economics,” he says.  “The economy is what really matters.  “But,” he adds, “it has a psychological effect that helps with attracting investments,” Castelar said.

Brazil, one of the so-called BRIC countries, which includes Russia, India and China, is an economic success due largely to exports of manufactured goods, iron ore and agricultural products to the Far East.  But Brazil has big plans.

Brazil’s Finance Minister Guido Mantega says Brazil hopes to become the fifth largest economy by 2015, surpassing France.

Brazil’s rise has been relatively swift, taking seventh place from Italy in 2010.  The United States, China, Japan and Germany are the four biggest national economies.  But with Europe struggling to contain a raging debt crisis, some economists say Russia and India could overtake Germany and France in the next ten years.

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Spain’s New Gov’t Announces Tough Austerity Measures Amid Higher than Expected Deficit

Spain’s New Gov’t Announces Tough Austerity Measures Amid Higher than Expected Deficit

Photo: Spain Austerity Protests

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Spain’s new conservative government, led by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, announced Friday an austerity package that includes spending cuts of 8.9 billion euros ($11.5 billion) and an increase in the income tax.

Barely 10 days into its term, the Popular Party administration presented the measures as “the beginning of the beginning of some indispensable structural adjustments to reduce the deficit and energize the Spanish economy.”

The deputy prime minister, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, said Spain will end 2011 with a cumulative public sector deficit equal to 8 percent of gross domestic product, “much more elevated than what the previous government had communicated and promised.”

The Socialist administration that left office last week had predicted a deficit equal to 6 percent of GDP.

Suggesting former Premier Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and his team provided inaccurate data to the incoming PP government, Saenz told reporters after Friday’s Cabinet meeting that the Rajoy administration is “ready to make decisions” to address the deficit.

The steps announced Friday include a continued freeze on civil servants pay - already cut by an average of 5 percent in 2010 - and a freeze on Spain’s minimum wage, which, at 641 euros ($824) a month, is among the lowest in the European Union.

Public employees will see their working week increased to 37.5 hours and most government departments face a ban on new hiring.

The bulk of the 8.9 billion euros in initial spending cuts will fall on the ministries of Development, Industry, Economy and Foreign Affairs, Saenz said.

The “new situation” created by the higher-than-expected deficit is forcing the government to adopt “extraordinary measures” that were not anticipated, the deputy prime minister said, explaining the traditionally tax-wary PP’s decision to hike income and property taxes.

The higher levies are expected to bring in an additional 6 billion euros ($7.8 billion), Finance Minister Cristobal Montoro said at the same press conference.

The increase will range from 0.75 percent for the lowest-paid workers to 7 percent for those with the highest salaries, he said.

Fulfilling a pledge Rajoy made last week, the Cabinet agreed that pensions will rise 1 percent in 2012 to compensate for inflation.

And to “protect the weakest,” Saenz said, the new administration will continue payments of 400 euros ($518) a month to unemployed people who have exhausted their benefits, a policy adopted by the Zapatero government as the ranks of the jobless swelled to nearly 5 million, or more than 21 percent of the workforce.

Though PP spokesman Esteban Gonzalez Pons praised the package announced Friday for sparing the poorest, a leader of the leftist IU coalition, Cayo Lara, blasted the government for increasing personal income taxes while leaving corporate rates untouched.

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Border Chief Leaves Job after 21 Months and No Official Confirmation

Border Chief Leaves Job after 21 Months and No Official Confirmation

Photo: Border Patrol Chief Alan Bersin Leaves Post

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As expected Customs and Border Protection chief, Alan Bersin, has left his job effective the end of the month - a mere 21 months after starting.

Bersin first served as Obama’s border czar before being nominated to Commissioner of border protection in September 2009.  Bersin’s appointment was one of many that were delayed by the Congress and in this case the Senate Finance Committee.

Bersin therefore served as temporary head of border protection thanks to the President using a congressional recess power in March of 2010 – that appointment was only valid until year end. 

Bersin officially resigned this week and his second in command Deputy Commissioner David Aguilar will serve as Acting Commissioner.

As Acting Commissioner, Mr. Aguilar will serve as the agency’s chief executive, overseeing the operations of CBP’s 59,800-employee work force and manage an operating budget of $11.5 billion.

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Mexican Diver Omar Ojeda New Coach at University of Arizona

Mexican Diver Omar Ojeda New Coach at University of Arizona

Photo: Mexican Diver Omar Ojeda New Coach at University of Arizona

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Mexican diver Omar Ojeda starts a new chapter in his life as coach of the University of Arizona diving team, with which he starred a decade ago.

Ojeda, who represented Mexico in many international diving meets after shining at college in the United States, is remembered as the best male diver in UA history.

“As a kid I was something of a pest, very fidgety and restless, which is why my parents signed me up for sports like athletics, karate, things that would soak up a little of my energy, but nothing really worked until I took up swimming,” the 32-year-old Ojeda told Efe.

He recalls that it was watching others hurling themselves off a platform that awakened his interest in diving.

In April 2007 Ojeda took the silver medal in the 3-meter springboard competition representing Mexico in the Madrid Grand Prix.

He qualified for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, but in the end was unable to take part.

During his years at UA, Ojeda set four records that are still standing, and three years ago he was inducted into the University of Arizona Hall of Fame.

Before taking a bachelor’s degree en 2002, Ojeda was a five-time NCAA All-American and a two-time Pac-10 Athlete of the Year.

In 2008 he retired from the Mexican national team after winning 17 championships in order to become an assistant coach. He later left that post to head the diving program at UA.

“This is a different experience, but the experience you acquired as an athlete helps a lot - you know what it means to be a little jittery and insecure when the time comes for a diving meet to start,” Ojeda said about the change from athlete to coach.

“Every diving meet is different, every dive is different and until your last dive you don’t know if you’re a winner or a loser,” he said.

He said that now as a coach he wants to pass his experience along to his team - along with a dose of psychology - since in his own life Ojeda has had to overcome a number of obstacles.

“I thought it would take two months to get my work permit but it took four - it was even denied at one point, but the university always supported me,” said the Mexican, who officially assumed his new position last month.

He said that the people who always inspired and motivated him to keep on with his career and do better every day were his parents, not only in sports but also in personal and professional matters.

“They taught me to follow my dreams while remaining committed to my studies, ethics and morality,” he said.

Ojeda believes that in the history of college sports in the United States not enough Mexican athletes have taken part.

“We have a good reputation, there have always been scholarships but I think that we sometimes lose these chances because we don’t learn to speak English well, because of our limited use of the language,” he said.

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Comedian Louis CK Makes $1 Million in Online Comedy Show and Gives Half Away

Comedian Louis CK Makes $1 Million in Online Comedy Show and Gives Half Away

Photo: Louis CK Online

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Comedian Louis CK cut out the middle man and made $1 million selling his latest comedy special online - and now he’s giving half of it away.

Louis CK was tired of not getting royalties from his comedic acts,and decided to produce his own comedy show, then sold it on the internet to anyone willing to shell out $5.

MSNBC reports that his “stick-it-to-The-Man approach” has only helped the comedian’s career. Then he announced he’s giving $280,000 to charities. The list includes the Fistula Foundation which helps battered women, Green Chimneys to work with children and animals, the Pablove Foundation helping children with cancer, Charity: Water to provide clean drinking water and Kiva giving out microloans.

The comedian told MSNBC that he decided to give the money away because “I’ve never had a million dollars all at once ... I felt uncomfortable about having that much money.”

After a friend told him his video would most likely be stolen, Louis CK “wrote a note that said, you know, please don’t do it,” CNN reported. “And they didn’t. So it made a lot of money.”

He said it all came down to people wanting to see the show: “This is just a five-dollar impulse that 220,000 people had.”

After paying the $250,000 production costs Louis CK originally paid out-of-pocket, he started donating to charities and gave over $250,000 in bonuses to his staff. “If I make another million,” he said, “I’ll give more of it away.”

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SaturdayDecember 31, 2011