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ThursdayOctober 20, 2011

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To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Lobbying for Free Trade Pacts with Panama and Colombia, News Corp. Direct Benefit

According to federal records, Rupert Murdoch’s global media empire News Corp. lobbied in favor of the free trade pact with Panama.

The free trade pact with the Latin American country makes it harder to crack down on abuses of tax policies in Panama, where News Corp., which heads Fox News, operates subsidiaries.

It was in the best interest of the conglomerate to push for the now-current Panama pact, and that’s exactly what the already controversial company did.

Within countries considered to be international tax havens, News Corp. operates 136 subsidiaries according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Panama attracts companies worldwide with its zero-percent tax rate, and its banks’ secrecy policies.

Rebecca Wilkins, senior counsel at the nonprofit Citizens for Tax Justice, told the Huffington Post, “A long list of tax haven subsidiaries might indicate a lot of nefarious activity, but you really only need one. News Corp. might use a single Panama subsidiary to avoid taxes on $3 or on $3 billion. We need sales, profits, tax payments and employees reported on a country-by-country basis to get a good picture of what the multinational is really doing.”

But while a number of companies have money stashed in international tax haven countries like Panama, HuffPo owners AOL included, most do not a directly lobby on trade deals as News Corp. did.

The other recent free trade agreements with Colombia and South Korea were also beneficial to the media giant, as News Corp. operates two subsidiaries in Colombia, and three in South Korea.

Congress passed trade deals with all three countries on October 12 of this year.

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Rio de Janeiro Prepares for Dengue Epidemic

Rio de Janeiro Prepares for Dengue Epidemic

Photo: Rio De Janeiro Prepares for Dengue

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

As summer approaches south of the equator, Rio de Janeiro braces for the season’s worst enemy: Dengue Fever.

Rio de Janeiro Secretary of Health Sérgio Côrtes said Monday that the city faces a new dengue epidemic; there have been 160,000 cases of dengue fever since the beginning of 2011 and 131 deaths in the state, and the dengue season hasn’t even started.

As temperatures increase, so does the breeding ability and survival rate of the “Aedes aegypti” mosquito, the pest that spreads the four distinct but related viruses that cause Dengue.

Due the fact that Dengue has no vaccine or cure, prevention is the primary method of lowering ones risk of infection.

Moderate Dengue fever usually causes joint pain, high fever and rashes, but the more serious dengue haemorrhagic fever can cause circulatory failure, and is often deadly.

To attack the possibility of an epidemic, the city has put to use some forty specially adapted vehicles that will be used to spray streets and areas of difficult access that are prone to Dengue contamination.

4,000 health assistants are also being trained for rapid response and to offer treatment at all the city’s dengue first-aid stations.

The Government created “Rio Contra Dengue,” an initiative oriented towards raising awareness in the state of Rio de Janeiro that teaches citizens about taking precautionary measures as summer approaches and educates them on the seriousness of the infection.


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LATINO BLOTTER: Woman Who Drowned Infant Child in 1986 Now Stabs Mother in Face

LATINO BLOTTER: Woman Who Drowned Infant Child in 1986 Now Stabs Mother in Face

Photo: Lorenza Delgadillo Penguelly kiled her 5-month-old daughter in 1986. Monday she tried to kill her mother.

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

In 1986, Lorenza Delgadillo Penguelly was charged with killing her 5-month-old daughter. Monday, she was arrested for attacking her mother with a knife.

Though convicted for killing her , Penguelly’s lawyers successfully argued that she was suffering from postpartum psychosis and she was sentenced to six years in prison. She was sent to San Bernardino County for psychiatric treatment.

But after being released from the facility and years of mental illness, Penguelly, 51, attacked her mother in what other members of the family are saying was an unprovoked attack.

While Elvira Delgadillo, 86, slept, her daughter came into her room with a knife and began stabbing her in the face, arms, and hands.

The daughter is being held without bail and it being charged with attempted murder for stabbing her mother in the face eight times, assault with a deadly weapon, and elder abuse.

As of Wednesday, Delgadillo was in the hospital, but is expected to recover.

Delgadillo’s niece said Penguelly is mentally ill and did not believe she should have been released from the mental hospitals she visited over the years.

After the birth of her first child in 1984, Penguelly suffered severe postpartum psychosis, a rare psychiatric disorder suffered by mothers that can prompt them to kill.

In 1986, after attempting to give her second child away at Grape Street Pier, she threw the child into San Diego Bay.

The infant drowned and was found the next day by a 14-year-old who had said he initially thought the baby was a doll.

According to court records, when Penguelly took the stand she said the baby “didn’t make any cry when I threw her in the water. She floated and moved her little arms.”

At sentencing, the judge said society had failed the mother and the baby girl by failing to make adequate mental health resources available to her.

Delgadillo reportedly put her daughter in a mental facility, but she was released.

In the months leading up to the attack on her mother, family members said Penguelly’s mental illness had become more pronounced, and though she had medication for schizophrenia, she did not always take it.

Peguelly was 26 when she killed the infant named Sharai.

Her first child, a boy, is now 27 or 28.

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WATCH Stephen Colbert Take on Herman Cain’s Picturesque Quips (VIDEO)

WATCH Stephen Colbert Take on Herman Cain’s Picturesque Quips (VIDEO)

Photo: Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert poked some fun at Republican Candidate Herman Cain’s “joke” about putting an electrified fence on the border.

Check out the video below, and join our forums for the conversation.


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Missing CA Teen Contacts Mother via Facebook, Says She’s In Mexico, Married and Pregnant

Missing CA Teen Contacts Mother via Facebook, Says She’s In Mexico, Married and Pregnant

Photo: Alisa Wheeler tells her mother she's in Mexico, married and pregnant

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

A California mother is both relieved and worried after receiving a Facebook message from a teenage daughter who vanished months ago.

Sheri Simonek was terrified when her 15-year-old daughter, Alisa Wheeler, disappeared four months ago. The teen was believed to have run off to Mexico with her much older boyfriend known as “Afillo” or “Roi”, though it was never an absolute certainty.

Simonek said she was living “every parent’s worst nightmare” when she realized her daughter was gone, but Friday, she said she was contacted via Facebook by her missing daughter.

ImageAlisa reportedly told her mother she was using crystal meth just weeks before she turned 15, then disappeared shortly after that. She was last seen June 21.

In a Facebook message to her mother, Alisa said she was sorry for letting her mother down.

But what may have been the biggest shock to the Taft, TX mother was when her daughter told her was now married.

However, Simonek is not married to the man to left with, as she discovered once in Mexico that the man already had a wife. Instead, she married another man, and to add to the shock, she is now three months pregnant.

The teen has told her mother that she and her new husband are in Baja California and hesitant to return to the U.S. for fear he will be arrested.

Simonek said police have not gone to look for Alisa because “she is 15 and she is legal in Mexico, and they assume that she went there willing and that’s why they won’t go down there and get her.”

As for the girl’s husband, Simonek she knows only that he is 23 and named Chino.

The worried mother however, has stated that she just wants her daughter back and is willing to pay for the newlyweds to return to Taft. According to the “missing person” Facebook page made after Alisa disappeared, she has agreed to go home.

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Meet Director Rodrigo Garcia and his new Project “Albert Nobbs” (VIDEO)

Meet Director Rodrigo Garcia and his new Project “Albert Nobbs” (VIDEO)

Photo: Glenn Close and Rodrigo García

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Rodrigo García is the film director son of Colombian Nobel Prize writer Gabriel García Márquez. In Garcia’s latest film “Albert Nobbs”,  Glenn Close poses as a man so she can work as a butler in 19th Century Dublin.

Rodrigo García was born in Bogotá, Colombia, the son of Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez and Mercedes Barcha Pardo. He lives in the US since 1987.

García’s television credits include directing several episodes of HBO’s, Six Feet Under, Carnivàle, and Big Love.

He has also worked as a camera operator and a cinematographer for several films such as Gia, The Birdcage and Great Expectations, as well as directed a variety of independent films.

His film Nine Lives was nominated for the William Shatner Golden Groundhog Award for Best Underground Movie, while his most recent film “Albert Nobbs” has been garnering tons of positive criticism.

“Albert Nobbs,” played by Glenn Close, is the story of an independent woman that struggles to survive in the Ireland of the late 19th century, where women weren’t encouraged to be independent. Posing as a man so she can work as a butler in Dublin’s most posh hotel, “Albert” meets a handsome painter and looks forward to exposing the truths she has been hiding.

The film is set to open January 27 of 2012, though some sources speculate it could open as early as this fall, to amp up Oscar buzz.


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Owner of Juarez Women’s Shelter Being Investigated for Abuse, Human Trafficking

Owner of Juarez Women’s Shelter Being Investigated for Abuse, Human Trafficking

Photo: Soledad Griensen Porras Being Investigated for Abuse, Human Trafficking

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

A battered women’s shelter in Mexico is at the center of a human trafficking, abuse, and forced prostitution investigation, where a woman thought to be “a charitable soul” has been accused of abusing the women of the shelter.

Soledad Griensen Porras, 55, is being accused of forcing a number of women into prostitution and holding them against their will at the Mujeres Unidas contra la Violencia (Women United Against Violence). Some even claim Griensen punished them by putting chile on their private parts.

Many in the community are shocked to hear these allegations, as Griensen is known to donate food and blankets to those in need, and is said to regularly fight for women’s rights.

However, according to police, while everything looked copacetic, the women say men routinely came to the shelter soliciting sex, for which Griensen requested payment. Others claim they were forced to pay her in order to leave the shelter.

When officers searched the shelter, they say they found pornographic material, though it is unclear what exactly was found.

ImageA neighbor who asked to remain anonymous told the El Paso Times she knew the community saw Griensen as the woman who gave the less fortunate groceries, blankets and toys, but she saw how Griensen was when in or around the shelter, which not only helps battered women, but is said to help those with substance abuse issues.

“I’m not going to tell you she was a nice person,” she told the Times. “Outside, she helped a lot, but she didn’t treat well the people inside.”

The unnamed neighbor said she once heard from one of the girls in the shelter that the place was “hell” and once had her hair shaved off for misbehaving.

But while this neighbor is not entirely surprised by the accusations against Griensen, others are having trouble believing them.

Irma Casas, director of the women’s rights organization Casa Amiga, said she was in the shelter about four months ago and did not see anything out that would lead her to believe anything sinister was going on.

Casas said the shelter was well kept and clean. Adding that a woman she had recently conversed with from the shelter did not report anything like what is being claimed.

However, Casas did suggest police look at all the shelters in the area to ensure nothing like this was happening elsewhere.

“This is a symptom of the little or null political and social intervention in this topic,” she said. “We should evaluate if in the case of Mrs. Griensen there had been an inspection of the spaces and who was in charge of them.”

So far, four of the five women who spoke to police have filed complaints against Griensen with state authorities.

Authorities say Griensen is currently being held and is facing human trafficking charges, and may face additional charges for threats, injuries, and deprivation of liberty.

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WATCH Chef José Andrés Make Conan A Power Tool Cocktail (VIDEO)

WATCH Chef José Andrés Make Conan A Power Tool Cocktail (VIDEO)

Photo: Conan and chef José Andrés

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Spanish Chef José Andrés recently won the coveted James Beard Foundation’s Outstanding Chef Award, the highest honor a chef can achieve in America.

Chef José Andrés, owns several concept restaurants in the Washington, D.C., area, and also operates “The Bazaar” at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills and California and China Poblano in Las Vegas.

Since last fall, Andrés is also culinary physics professor at Harvard University with along with chef Ferran Adrià.

This year was awarded the coveted James Beard Foundation’s Outstanding Chef Award, the highest honor a chef can achieve in America; Conan O’Brien had Andrés on his show, on a sidesplitting cooking segment.

Check it out below, and visit our forums section to comment.

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Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony Talent Show “¡Q’Viva! The Chosen” Signs Deals with 3 Major Networks

Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony Talent Show “¡Q’Viva! The Chosen” Signs Deals with 3 Major Networks

Photo: ¡Q’Viva! The Chosen Signs Deals with Three Major Networks

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Paving the way for its worldwide television debut in the first quarter of 2012, Simon Fuller’s XIX Entertainment, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, and Jamie King, announced Wednesday the first three of 21 broadcast network deals with Univision in the U.S., Televisa in Mexico, and Caracol TV in Colombia for ¡Q’Viva! The Chosen. Other broadcast partners will be announced soon.

¡Q’Viva! The Chosen, which is currently being filmed in English, Spanish and Portuguese, will air simultaneously in 21 countries on the most important networks throughout the Americas.

As part of the landmark agreements, Univision, one of the top five networks in the U.S. regardless of language and the only broadcaster to grow in the 2010-2011 season, has signed on to air ¡Q’Viva! The Chosen in one-hour weekly episodes in Spanish.

“Univision is known as the home for Hispanic America, which is why we are thrilled to bring ¡Q’Viva! The Chosen to our audiences in the U.S.,” said Ronald Day, Senior Vice President of Programming for Univision Networks. “This acquisition builds on our legacy of engaging our audiences with the best entertainment available in the industry and further demonstrates the strength of our partnership with Televisa.”

In Mexico, XIX production and distribution partner Endemol has locked in Televisa, the largest media company in the Spanish-speaking world, to air ¡Q’Viva! The Chosen. Televisa will air weekly 1-hour episodes of the show via its flagship network Canal de las Estrellas, which has 258 affiliates across the country.

For the Colombia market, XIX and Endemol have secured Caracol TV, one of the leading networks in Colombia, which has been the leader in tune-in market share and daily ratings since it began operations as a private network in 1998.

ImageJennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, and Jamie King are proud to announce that they are shooting ¡Q’Viva! The Chosen from October 2011 to January 2012, and traveling throughout Latin America to meet the most outstanding Latin singers, dancers, musicians, and performers that they have discovered via their personal networks, grassroots efforts, and an unprecedented social media campaign on YouTube and Facebook. The groundbreaking series will document their extraordinary transcontinental road trip to bring viewers the drama and intense emotions of the incredible stories and personal journeys that they will uncover.

“Very soon the world’s heart will beat to the tune of Latin rhythms and we’re looking forward to experiencing history in the making,” said Jennifer Lopez. “It is with great pride that we embark on this amazing and very personal mission to discover and celebrate the most captivating talent the world has ever seen.”

Marc Anthony added: “I am thrilled to have these partners on board as I head to the region and excitement for ¡Q’Viva! The Chosen continues to grow. These alliances will ensure that the beauty of Latin music, artistry, and dance is seen by millions and will open doors for the next generation of Latin superstars.”

The international talent search for ¡Q’Viva! The Chosen is well underway. Since June 1st the public has been nominating their country’s best singers, dancers, musicians, and performers on Facebook (facebook.com/qvivathechosen), and talented people across the Americas have been uploading their video auditions on YouTube (youtube.com/qviva). Nominations and submissions are being meticulously reviewed each week leading up to Marc and Jennifer’s visits to the various countries.

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Arnold’s First Post-Governator Lead Role: Border Patrol Beefcake

Arnold’s First Post-Governator Lead Role: Border Patrol Beefcake

Photo: Arnold as Sheriff Arpaio

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

The former California Governor is making a Hollywood comeback, with a film that is equal parts Joe Arpaio, High Noon and Terminator.

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has risen from the ashes of his indiscretions and subsequent scandals and is making his Hollywood comeback as Sheriff Ray Owens, in the Jee-woon Kim film “Last Stand.”

Arnold revealed this week that the film has started shooting via his Twitter account:  “Fantastic first day on the set of “The Last Stand, Big thanks to the crew—keep up the great work.”

“The Last Stand” also features Jaimie Alexander and Luis Guzmán, as well as Forest Whitaker and Johnny Knoxville.

Arnold plays a former LAPD officer struggling after a botched operation that left his partner crippled, packs up and moves to a border town to embrace the “Hardened Sheriff With the Inexperienced Staff” archetype of every other western film.

When a drug cartel kingpin pulls off a spectacular escape from a courthouse and heads to the Mexico border… Sheriff Arnold will be there, waiting in the sleepy border town of Sommerton Junction, all weak and insecure at first, thinking he’ll botch it all like back in LA earlier in the movie.  but then Sheriff Ray will make the “Last Stand” and save the day- Usual Arnie!

IMBD lists “Last Stand”  as to be released in 2013.

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2,000+ Sharks Massacred by Costa Rican Boats in Colombian Sanctuary

2,000+ Sharks Massacred by Costa Rican Boats in Colombian Sanctuary

Photo: Hammerhead Shark

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

The illegal shark massacre was reported to authorities by Russian divers visiting Malpelo, a Colombian ocean sanctuary.

Russian divers on a visit to the Colombian marine sanctuary of Malpelo, a UNESCO World Heritage site, about 300 miles off Colombia found a gruesome scene on the ocean floor.

The immense concentration of 2000 + sharks laying on the ground of the warm Colombian waters was appalling. The sharks had been slaughtered and their fin-less bodies tossed back into the ocean.

Reports indicate that ten Costa Rican vessels laid miles of nets on the ocean floor, and chopped the fins off of everything they caught. The Colombian army had two vessels in charge of watching the area, but they were being repaired , a situation the Costa Ricans took advantage of.

Costa Rica’s Foreign Ministry said that it “energetically condemns” the reported finning and that Costa Rican-flagged ships would be prosecuted if they were involved.

Shark fins are a delicacy in China, where they are used to make soup and many say they have medical properties. A pound of shark fins sells for approximately 40-90 dollars.

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Mexican Marijuana Backpacker Caught at Border with Carpet Cleaning Shoes to Conceal Footprints

Mexican Marijuana Backpacker Caught at Border with Carpet Cleaning Shoes to Conceal Footprints

Photo: Marijuana Backpacker with Carpet Cleaning Shoes

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Communications Division Border Patrol agents assigned to the Tucson Sector, a component of the Joint Field Command-Arizona, apprehended a Mexican national yesterday in connection with the seizure of 187 pounds of marijuana. The man, who was wearing booties on his shoes to conceal his footprints, illegally entered the United States and was transporting the marijuana in a handmade backpack. 

Smugglers such as this one that was caught often wear ‘carpet’ shoes in an attempt to conceal their footprints and avoid detection.

Agents patrolling Highway 286 observed an individual cross the highway carrying a marijuana-filled backpack and immediately interdicted the man. After searching the area, agents recovered three more backpacks filled with contraband but the other drug smugglers had fled the area.

Increased deployments of manpower, infrastructure and technology, combined with a robust consequence delivery system, continue to pressure transnational criminal organizations. Smugglers commonly abandon their drug loads rather than risk apprehension and prosecution. Agents remain dedicated to detecting smuggling attempts and preventing illegal drugs from entering our communities.


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Walmart Donates $1 Million for Latino Youth Leadership Development

Walmart Donates $1 Million for Latino Youth Leadership Development

Photo: Walmart Donates to CHCI

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI), the nation’s premier Latino youth leadership development and educational organization, announced a new $1 million grant from Walmart to continue the fall and spring semesters of its award-winning Congressional Internship Program (CIP) through 2015. 

Walmart’s $1 million donation in 2009 allowed CHCI to expand its traditional summer program to conduct three internship sessions each year, effectively doubling the reach of the internship program.  Since the program’s expansion, 55 CHCI Walmart Congressional interns have benefited from this life-changing experience.

“CHCI is thrilled to continue its strong relationship with Walmart to benefit the ever-expanding Latino youth population and ensure more opportunities are provided for Latino undergraduates to access careers in public service and public policy,” said Charles A. Gonzalez, CHCI Chair.  “Over the past three years, this partnership has allowed CHCI to dramatically increase the talent pipeline and address Hispanic under-representation on Capitol Hill by doubling our capacity to offer these once-in-a-lifetime paid internships.  With its renewal of this generous gift, Walmart continues to demonstrate its strong commitment to diversity and equality in the workforce.”

CHCI’s CIP places college undergraduates in Congressional offices where they are responsible for conducting extensive legislative research, monitoring day-to-day hearings, managing constituent communications, and assisting with general office matters.  Additionally, interns participate in weekly CHCI leadership and professional development sessions and meet with corporate representatives, national elected officials, and foreign dignitaries.  Interns are provided with housing, roundtrip transportation to and from Washington, D.C., and a stipend.

“My participation in the first-ever CHCI Walmart Internship class in Spring 2010 transformed my life. I am honored to have the opportunity to work in Congress and contribute to the legislative process on behalf of my community,” said Victor Baten, staff assistant, Office of Rep. Judy Chu (CA-32).  “The CHCI internship gave me direct access to a powerful network and guided me on a career path that will allow me to grow into a future leader and impact public policy for many years to come.”

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Mexico Tackling Breast Cancer, a Leading Cause of Death for Women

Mexico Tackling Breast Cancer, a Leading Cause of Death for Women

Photo: Mexico's Breast Cancer Awareness Day

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

On the International Day of Breast Cancer Awareness, President Felipe Calderon joined the celebration in Mexico. The meeting was aimed to reflect and crate awareness about the disease that every year takes away the lives of hundreds of thousands of women around the globe.

At the start of his speech, the President recognized the importance of Mexican civil society organizations in the fight against the disease and the growing social awareness about prevention and early diagnosis.

Breast cancer is currently the leading cause of death among Mexican women.  Each year, 13 000 Mexicans are diagnosed with the disease, or 35 per day.  Approximately 5 000 women are dying from this disease annually in the country.

The President said he will focus on further efforts for prevention and early detection.  Secondly he will focus on removing the prejudices that exist about the cancer and finally ensures access to appropriate treatment for all Mexicans.

On the subject of treatment, the President said his administration has worked to assist women affected regardless of their social or economic position.

Lastly, President Calderón said that, although the country has made progress in the fight against breast cancer, these achievements have only greater impact if a new culture is rooted in the prevention and early detection.

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ThursdayOctober 20, 2011