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SaturdayAugust 6, 2011

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Director of Mexico’s War on Drugs to Address Border Security

Director of Mexico’s War on Drugs to Address Border Security

Photo: Border Security Conference

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Mexico’s secretary of public security, Genaro García Luna, is scheduled to address the eighth annual Border Security Conference on the campus of the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), August 15-16.

Luna is in charge of implementing Mexican President Felipe Calderón’s war against drug trafficking and organized crime, which has greatly affected the border region. He is scheduled to give the keynote address on the second day of the conference, which will focus on enhancing security along the U.S.-Mexico border while fostering economic development in both countries.

UTEP president Diana Natalicio told Borderzine,“With its location, student demographics, academic programs, research infrastructure and ties to many Mexican institutions, UTEP offers a splendid setting for sharing perspectives and promoting cross-border conversations on border security issues.”

U.S. Representative Silvestre Reyes (D., El Paso) will also host this year’s conference, entitled “Fostering a new era of U.S.–Mexico collaboration to meet 21st century challenges.”

Panelists will discuss a range of topics during the two-day conference including strengthening economic ties between the two countries and the use of technology to enhance border security.

Among panelists from the university and the border community are also Janice Ayala, the assistant director of operations for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The Honorable Francisco Rojas-Gutierrez, majority leader of the Mexican House of Representatives, is also expected to take part in the conference.

UTEP is expected to announce the first day’s keynote speaker later this week, according to organizers. Several hundred persons from the public and private sectors of both countries are expected to attend the conference.

There is no charge for the general public to attend.

Registration is online at https://urevent.utep.edu/ei/getdemo.ei?id=64&s=_1UO0TVCI8&bulk=y.

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The New Operation Wetback: Immigration and Mass Incarceration in the Obama Era

The New Operation Wetback: Immigration and Mass Incarceration in the Obama Era

Photo: No More Deportations

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Last week Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) joined a demonstration in Washington D.C. to protest the refusal of President Obama to use his executive powers to halt the deportations of the undocumented. Gutierrez’ arrest came only two days after Obama had addressed a conference of the National Council of La Raza. Conveniently forgetting the history of the civil right struggles that made his Presidency a possibility, Obama reminded those attending that he was bound to “uphold the laws on the books.”

With over 392,000 deportations in 2010, more than in any of the Bush years, many activists fear we are in the midst of a repeat of notorious episodes of the past such as the “Repatriation” campaign of the 1930s and the infamous Operation Wetback of 1954, both of which resulted in the deportation of hundreds of thousands of Latinos.

But several things are different this time around. A crucial distinction is that we are in the era of mass incarceration. Not only are the undocumented being deported, many are going to prison for years before being delivered across the border.  While the writings of Michelle Alexander and others have highlighted the widespread targeting of young African-American males by the criminal justice system, few have noted that in the last decade the complexion of new faces behind bars has been dramatically changing. Since the turn of the century, the number of blacks in prisons has declined slightly, while the ranks of Latinos incarcerated has increased by nearly 50%,  reaching just over 300,000 in 2009.

A second distinguishing feature of the current state of affairs is the presence of the private prison corporations. For the likes of the industry’s leading powers,  Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and the GEO Group, detaining immigrants has been the life blood for reviving their financial fortunes.

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Bill Maher Knows What You Are!  (VIDEO)

A socialist! Yes, you. Watch:

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TV Series About Amazonian Tribe Called ’ Staged, False and Fabricated’

TV Series About Amazonian Tribe Called ’ Staged, False and Fabricated’

Photo: A Matsigenka hunter returns with wild pig.

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A TV series about an Amazonian tribe has been slammed as ‘staged, false, fabricated and distorted’ by experts on the tribe.

‘Mark & Olly: Living with the Machigenga’ was shown on the Travel Channel in the US, and on the BBC last year. In the show Mark Anstice and Olly Steeds lived in a Matsigenka Indian village for several months to show the ‘reality’ of life among the tribe.

But now two experts on the tribe have gone public with a string of highly damaging accusations. Dr. Glenn Shepard is an anthropologist who has worked with the Matsigenka Indians for 25 years and speaks their language fluently. Ron Snell, the son of US missionaries, grew up with the tribe and and is also fluent in the Matsigenkas’ tongue.
Just some of Shepard’s accusations, published in the highly-respected journal Anthropology News, are:

• In order to present a ‘false and insulting’ portrayal of the tribe as sex-obsessed, mean and savage, many of the translations of what the Indians are saying are fabricated.
• Many events presented as real in the show must have been ‘staged’.
• A key scene in the show in which Olly is subjected to painful ant stings, since “according to Matsigenka tradition he must be cleansed” and “endure the ancient punishments” for buying deer meat is denounced by Shepard as ‘fabricated and [with] no basis in ethnography.’

Ron Snell, in an article on his blog, accused the film-makers of ‘paying the Machiguengas to perform for them, saying things the Machiguengas wouldn’t ordinarily say and doing things the Machiguengas wouldn’t normally do.’

After interviewing two of the Indians in the series, Snell reported, ‘Our suspicions were correct. They [Mark and Olly] entered the village on a well traveled path and only veered a few feet off the path to film themselves ‘hacking their way through the jungle.’ They contracted someone to make new cushmas [cotton tunics] so everyone would be wearing one. They staged the whole drama about one of the guys being accepted and the other treated as a lazy outsider…

‘The translator quickly became disillusioned with the whole thing, but kept going because of the money. He is ashamed and embarrassed that he had anything to do with it.’

The series was previously at the centre of a media storm when a scouting expedition for the show was accused in Peru of provoking a flu epidemic among isolated Indians which caused the deaths of four of them. The show was eventually filmed a short distance from this incident.Image

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How to Choose a Prepaid Telephone Card Some Have Hidden Fees that Cost Consumers Minutes

How to Choose a Prepaid Telephone Card Some Have Hidden Fees that Cost Consumers Minutes

Photo: Pre Paid Phone Cards

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

When it comes to prepaid telephone cards, every minute counts.

That’s why the federal government is always taking steps to ensure that the companies that sell them provide the minutes promised and clearly disclose any hidden fees that might decrease the number of minutes available for calls.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently took legal action against Millennium Telecard Inc., a New Jersey-based company that sold prepaid telephone cards with such names as “Africa Magic,” “Viva Ecuador,” and “Hola Amigo.”

The FTC analyzed the cards and found that, on average, they delivered less than half of the minutes promised. At the request of the FTC, a court order was issued that temporarily halted the company’s deceptive advertising claims.

If you frequently purchase or use prepaid telephone cards, be aware of common fees that may decrease the value of a card. If you believe you’ve been mislead by a card provider you can also file a claim against that company.

Fees That Decrease the Value of the Card

Prepaid telephone cards are a practical way to make calls if you don’t have a long-distance calling plan with your mobile or home telephone provider. They also work well if you prefer to pay for these services in advance. Prices for the cards can vary from $2 to $20, and the number of minutes available depends on the rate for the place you’re calling.

The best way to use of these cards is by knowing exactly what you’re buying. That’s why you should always read the fine print and be aware of some of the most common types of fees, including:

• Charges for ending a telephone call
• Maintenance charges that kick in after activating the card
• Charges for making calls from a public telephone
• Charges for making calls to a mobile telephone

Not all cards have these fees. If you don’t want to pay these types of charges, the best thing to do is look for a card that does not have them.

Tips on How to Choose a Telephone Card

There are many different types of prepaid phone cards. Although some of them are well-established, others might be new to the market. The following tips will help you pick wisely:

• Ask family members or friends about their experiences using prepaid telephone cards to find out which ones are the most reliable
• If you are going to buy a new card, start with one with little value, say $2. Then try it out and see if it delivered on the minutes promised and whether it charged excessive fees
• Make sure the card has a free customer service line that works
• Look for cards with no expiration date

How to File a Complaint

Retailers are not liable for the services offered by the cards. Stores are responsible, however, for not promoting cards they know don’t deliver as advertised.

If you have been a victim of calling card fraud, you can always file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. The easiest and fastest way to do it is by filling out an electronic form online. However, you can also file a complaint by calling (877) 382-4357.

USA.gov and GobiernoUSA.gov are the U.S. Government’s official web portals in English and Spanish, and part of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).

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The War on Drugs Enters Mexico’s Prisons

The War on Drugs Enters Mexico’s Prisons

Photo: Mexico prisons

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The clash of gang members in a Juárez prison last week shocked Mexico and the world. Seventeen prisoners died and four were wounded in a confrontation last Tuesday night when various members of the group Los Aztecas, an armed branch of the Juárez Cartel, were fired upon when they entered the prison by members of Los Mexicles, which is part of the Pacific Cartel. As is usually the case with this kind of incident, the given explanation for the fight was that gang members were fighting for control of the prison. The truth is more complex, and reveals a new chapter in the war on drugs.

What happened in Juárez is part of a consistent pattern of the last five years all over Mexico, where the Mexican penitentiary system has become an extension of the drug cartels’ battlefield. From behind bars, cartel members plot confrontations and even carry out killings. Another pattern has been the escape of prisoners, which has revealed how porous Mexican prisons are, a result of institutional corruption.

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Head Lice Return to School: Five Tips To Avoid Panic and Worry (Video)

Head Lice Return to School: Five Tips To Avoid Panic and Worry (Video)

Photo: Head Lice

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It’s back-to-school season and for many families, that means new morning routines, homework and head lice.

Each year, approximately 6 to 12 million children in the U.S. are infested with this common, six-legged critter that feeds on human blood. After weeks at summer camps, sleepovers and sharing of personal items, back-to-school season usually is the time when head lice infestation is noticed.

“Unfortunately, panic and worry are common reactions when parents discover head lice,” according to Adelaide Hebert, M.D., Houston, Texas.

“Out of concern and need to get rid of the infestation quickly, many parents may turn to unproven home remedies or homeopathic products,” added Dr. Hebert. “Unfortunately, these home remedies have never been studied, tested, or proven to be safe on children. There also has been resistance reported with some head lice treatment products, which may lead to ineffective treatment.”

Dr. Hebert offers parents five tips during head lice season:

  • 1.) Parents shouldn’t panic. In many cases, what parents see on the child’s head may not be head lice.
    2.) If parents or school nurse suspect head lice, a visit or call to the child’s doctor can confirm the diagnosis.
    3.) Parents should use only products that are recommended by a doctor to treat head lice.
    4.) It’s important for parents to carefully follow the doctor’s instructions to make sure the treatment was properly applied.
    5.) Because every school policy on head lice differs, it’s important for parents to talk with the school nurse. Healthcare professionals recommend that children remain in school since head lice do not transmit disease and are treatable.

  • For more information about head lice, parents can visit the following websites:


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    ¡Felicidades! Bolivia on Your 185th Year of Independence

    Today, all of Bolivia is celebrating and rejoicing its 185-year old independence from Spain. The Spanish arrived in the 1500’s and stayed for nearly 300 years as it colonized the region, enslaved native populations and plundered silver deposits.  The fight for independence started in 1809 and was 16-years in the making; led by Simon Bolivar and General Antonio Jose de Sucre.  August 6th is the date on which Bolivia officially became an independent republic

    This land locked, Spanish speaking country located in South America, once home to the Inca Empire, is now home to 10 million people that will be celebrating today. The country will celebrate with military parades and the traditional session of honor held by Congress. 

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    Sandra Echeverria is Busy-Telenovela’s, Movies and a New Album

    Sandra Echeverria is Busy-Telenovela’s, Movies and a New Album

    Photo: Sandra Echeverria

    Click Here to Enlarge Photo

    Sandra Echeverria, star of the Univision primetime telenovela “La Fuerza del Destino” (The Force of Destiny), is releasing an album that exposes more of her personal side through song. The 29- year old Mexican celebrity began her career at 14 singing with the group Perflies that later changed their name to Crush.

    “Music is what I always dreamed of doing. But at a certain point in my career they convinced me to act and that started me acting,” she said.

    “I don’t like to be in the public eye or talk about my private life. Where I do show my true self is in my songs – I wrote eight of the numbers on this disc that show me just the way I am,” Echeverria told Efe in a telephone interview from Mexico.

    “After giving it a try, I discovered that I liked acting and now I want to do both things at the same time,” she said.

    Sandra has just finished filming “Savages,” a movie based on the novel of the same name by Don Winslow, together with Uma Thurman and John Travolta.

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    5 Easy to Understand Effects of a Credit Downgrade

    5 Easy to Understand Effects of a Credit Downgrade

    Photo: Standard and Poors

    Click Here to Enlarge Photo

    Standard and Poors have downgraded the US Credit Rating to AA+.  What does this mean? Here are five effects of the action:

    1.) The interest rate the government pays to finance the growing national debt will increase.
    2.) The interest you and your employer pay will go up. (Some examples are mortgages, student loans and credit cards)
    3.) This increasing of costs for consumers and businesses will slow the economic recovery.
    4.) As the economy slows, the stock market will react. Investors buy stocks to share in growing company’s profits. Some experts expect the Dow may fall another 1100 points.
    5.) Slow economic growth means less jobs.

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    Running from Violence, Young Student Finds Cultural Barriers in Her New Country (VIDEO)

    Running from Violence, Young Student Finds Cultural Barriers in Her New Country (VIDEO)

    Photo: Kidnapped Student

    Click Here to Enlarge Photo

    Mariana had always dreamt of her quinceañera party. For several months, she and her family planned the celebration, looked for the nicest dress and the best place, sent the invitations and ordered a big cake. But exactly 15 days before the big day, she was kidnaped from her home by a gang of thugs.

    On April 1st, 2009, 20 men dressed as Mexican police agents broke into her house in a small town in the state of Chihuahua, beat up her father and threatened him and the rest of the family. They took her away for two days and one night. Mariana’s family was required to pay $8,000 to get their daughter back.

    The traumatic event changed the life of Mariana’s family in a dramatic way. With the fear of losing their daughter again, the parents decided to escape to the United States leaving behind their properties, relatives, friends and everything that defined their life in the state of Chihuahua.

    “I know that we came here illegally, but at least we can sleep in peace now,” Mariana said. “If you have to choose between being killed there and being imprisoned here, the jail would be better.”

    Mariana, who is currently enrolled here at El Dorado High School, became one of the many students forced by the current violence in Mexico to abandon their school and classmates and adjust into a new system of education in the Texas public schools system. Because of her questionable immigration status, she asked Borderzine not to publish her last name.

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    Mexican Diocese’s Gay Ministry Comes Under Vatican Scrutiny

    Mexican Diocese’s Gay Ministry Comes Under Vatican Scrutiny

    Photo: Catholic Gay Rights

    Click Here to Enlarge Photo

    A ministry for gay men and women operated by a northern Mexican diocese has come under scrutiny from the Vatican and might revert to its original status as an unaffiliated nonprofit organization.

    Bishop Raul Vera Lopez of Saltillo told Catholic News Service July 31 that he is responding to questions from the Vatican about Comunidad San Aelredo, which began as a youth group for gay Catholics and recently became a diocesan ministry.

    “I’m looking to resolve all of these kinds of questions and will do so gladly because I’m a Catholic bishop,” Bishop Vera said.

    “I have to respond to all of the questions that they put toward me and the doubts that there are,” he added.

    Specific concerns of the Vatican were not outlined.

    Bishop Vera said the most recent controversy came after the Catholic news organization ACI Prensa reported information “that has nothing to do with kind of ministry we’re carrying out.”

    The bishop defended the diocesan ministry, saying it was based in the Gospel and meant to promote expanded human rights protection while helping gay people develop a sense of belonging especially because they are not always made to feel welcome by the church as a whole.

    The ministry, he explained, “is based in personal attention, in spiritual attention ... to see that they have a place in the church, that they’re treated as dignified people.”

    Comunidad San Aelredo began in 2002 after young gays sought out a local priest, Father Robert Coogan, for spiritual advice, believing an American clergyman might be more understanding.

    The group sponsors a monthly Mass and has promoted a film festival, sexual diversity forum and lobbied for a same-sex civil partnership law, which was approved in the state of Coahuila, where Saltillo is located, in 2007.

    Bishop Vera supported the civil partnership law as an extension of human rights and a focus of his pastoral work. His stance has been a source of controversy that has even brought death threats.

    Anonymous banners were hung July 14 in a plaza facing the St. James Cathedral in Saltillo saying, “We want a Catholic bishop,” and, “We want the bishop to only speak about religion.”

    The practice of hanging anonymous banners draws heavily on the tactic of violent drug cartels—who have threatened Bishop Vera—for intimidating rivals, politicians and the public at large.

    Bishop Vera said attitudes have softened somewhat toward his outreach for gays and that Comunidad San Aelredo was made a diocesan ministry after broad consultations on forming a wide-ranging work plan for the Diocese of Saltillo.

    “There hasn’t been total acceptance, but as people know the work that we’ve done, it’s diminished,” he said.

    Noe Ruiz Malacara, president of Comunidad San Aelredo, said the group was founded as a nonprofit and has maintained that legal status, meaning it will continue convening events—and being Catholic—even if it is not affiliated with the Diocese of Saltillo.

    “Whether or not the Comunidad San Aelredo belongs (to the diocese) or doesn’t belong, the spiritual aspect has to continue and it has to be there,” he said.

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    Bolivia’s National Day August 6th!

    On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I congratulate the people of Bolivia as you celebrate the 186th anniversary of your independence this August 6.

    Our two countries share a rich diversity among our peoples and we are united in our pursuit for lasting equality. Bolivia and the United States are committed to independence and liberty, and we are working to promote democracy, human rights, and prosperity throughout the hemisphere and the world.

    As you celebrate this special day and honor your history, know that the United States stands with you. I look forward to strengthening and deepening this partnership for the benefit of both our people.

    Press Statement
    Hillary Rodham Clinton
    Secretary of State
    Washington, DC


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    CELEBRATE this weekend with a Latin American Natural Wonder

    CELEBRATE this weekend with a Latin American natural wonder.  Guess What and Where this is?


    Juan Laverde, Latin American Natural Wonder


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    SaturdayAugust 6, 2011