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ThursdayJuly 28, 2011

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To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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16 Mexican State Governments Launch Initiative to Capitalize on Remittances

For the first time in its history Mexico with 16 state governments is launching an initiative that has the potential to be a game changer for Mexicans on both sides of the border. 

Looking to capitalize remittances, Mexico’s second highest source of income, the initiative aims to ignite the entrepreneurial spark in Mexicans living abroad and in their country of origin.  Expo Mexico Emprende, a three-day event to be held in Los Angeles on August 19-21, 2011, will bring together in one place and at one time a plethora of government programs designed to help Mexicans start and grow businesses.  The objective is to create jobs, combat poverty and improve the quality of life for families in the U.S. and Mexico.

Envisioned as an interactive conference open to everyone, the Mexican government is bringing to the people all that today’s Mexico has to offer.  Potential entrepreneurs will discover that present day Mexico has in place countless programs ready to assist and partner with them to create and grow businesses. 

Organized by Mexico’s Secretary of Economy through the Sub-Secretary for the Development of the Small and Medium Enterprises, the Expo will also be the platform for launching a new Migrant Fund “Fondo del Migrante” starting with a budget of $ 500 million pesos ($42,650,000 U.S. approximately), to help in the creation of micro, small and medium sized businesses.

According to the U.S. Census Office, of the 50.5 million Latinos living in the U.S., 59 percent are of Mexican origin. This group not only contributes with their work to the development of the American economy but also contributes through their remittances to the Mexican economy. These remittances are the second highest source of income for Mexico. From January through April of this year $US 6.97 billion were received, according to the Bank of Mexico. The challenge is that 60 percent goes to consumption, 15 percent goes to savings and only 3 percent goes to creating small business that are the main creators of jobs.

The Secretary of Economy reports there are more than four million micro, small and medium businesses in Mexico that represent 99.8 percent of all businesses that generate 78.5 percent of the jobs and bring in 52 percent of the gross national product.

The event is open to anyone interested in investing in Mexico. Hours are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90015.

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Hispanic Standout:  Marty Castro First Latino Chairperson of the US Commission on Civil Rights

Hispanic Standout:  Marty Castro First Latino Chairperson of the US Commission on Civil Rights

Photo: Hispanic Standout Marty Castro

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

As political pundits try to figure out what if any influence the Latino community is having on the President’s agenda there is an eloquent and persistent Latino voice making sure President Obama doesn’t forget issues of discrimination and voter rights in the community.

That voice belongs to Chicagoan Marty Castro, chairperson of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and HS News had the opportunity to talk to him this week. 

Castro received this prestigious appointment by the President in March 2011 in great part because Castro is a Hispanic Standout by any measure. 

Castro is the eighth chairperson of the Commission since its inception in 1957, and the first Latino chairperson in the Commission’s history.  Castro received a unanimous/bipartisan vote to get the chairmanship. 

HS News is wondering if we should send him to Capital Hill to add his voice of reason to the debt ceiling debate. 

The Commission, which was created in the 1950’s, remains very relevant today as it investigates complaints of discrimination and voting right abuses.  In addition, Chairperson Castro wants to expand the scope by “addressing issues of education access and environmental justice.” 

Upon being appointed Castro said, “I am humbled by the confidence that President Obama and my fellow Commissioners have shown in me by elevating me to Chairperson of the Commission. As the son and grandson of immigrants from Mexico who came to this county for the hope it offered, and as a proud American, I am honored to serve my country in this important capacity.”

Chairing this important commission has put Castro face to face with what he has always known “discrimination is alive and well in the U.S.”  Of special concern to Castro is the increase in hate crimes against Latinos and local elections laws that negatively impact Latino’s right to vote. 

Castro is very aware of the negative effect and fear anti-immigrant laws are causing in the community, he noted the “chilling” effect is palpable.

You can find this Hispanic standout on any given day getting ready for commission meetings, holding commission press conferences in Spanish (a first) and collecting accolades for his work.  Castro recently received the Marshall Thurgood Award of Excellence.

Most importantly as Castro noted he is busy “righting a lot of wrongs.” 


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Cerveza Fría? iPhone App Helps you Find it!

Cerveza Fría? iPhone App Helps you Find it!

Photo: NearBeer, Available in the App Store!

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

NearBeer is the name of the iPhone app which shows you the nearest, cheapest beer available this summer and who doesn’t like cheap cerveza fria!

A Florida app developer designed this creation to help users find the best prices, and the closest locations that serve their favorite beer.

NearBeer, developed by AboveGround Applications in Fort Lauderdale, allows the iPhone holder to search for brews by proximity, brand, prize or quantity.

The free app feeds from data submitted by registered users.

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LATINO BLOTTER: Woman Mistakes Gun for Lighter, Shoots 12-yr-old Daughter

LATINO BLOTTER: Woman Mistakes Gun for Lighter, Shoots 12-yr-old Daughter

Photo: The gun Rachel Avila confused with a lighter, shooting her daughter

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

A mother injured her daughter when she mistook a small gun for a lighter late Sunday afternoon.

Rachel Avila, 30, told police that she and her daughter were talking with friends in front of their home in Banning, California when she found what she thought was a novelty cigarette lighter.

She reportedly thought the .22-caliber “derringer style” revolver was just a silly-looking lighter when she picked it up.

Avila said she pulled the trigger once to light her cigarette, but nothing happened so she pulled it again. The second time, “the bullet struck the ground, and then ricocheted upward and entered her daughter’s upper right arm,” the police statement said.

Police said the girl was taken to San Gorgonio Memorial, where she was treated and released.

Tuesday, the case was still under investigation, but Banning police described the incident as an accidental shooting.

As for the gun, police Sgt. Alex Diaz said, “We’re tying to find out who the gun belongs to, so we’re looking into that. At this point it is considered an accident.”

Police are urging anyone with information about the gun to contact the Banning Police Department.

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Ke$ha Performing in Mexico for First Time Via “MTV World Stage”

Ke$ha Performing in Mexico for First Time Via “MTV World Stage”

Photo: Ke$ha Coming to Mexico

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

MTV Latin America announced today that the international concert event, World Stage Mexico, will take place in Mexico City for the second consecutive year. The massive musical event will feature international pop star Ke$ha in her first-ever performance in Mexico. The show, taped will take place at Mexico City’s Auditorio Nacional on Thursday, August 25th and will air on MTV Latin America on Friday, September 23rd.

Ke$ha is currently on her worldwide “Get $leazy” tour, that has thus far played to sold out crowds in over 12 countries this year and will culminate with a final performance at Rock in Rio in Brazil on September 29th. She has been touring in support of her recent release of her remix album I Am The Dance Commander + I Command You To Dance as well as Cannibal, the companion to her platinum selling debut album Animal. 

Declared Billboard’s Hot 100 Artist of 2010 and with her song “TiK ToK” being the most played song of 2010 as well as the biggest-selling digital track in the world.

In 2010, MTV Latin America delivered a rock overdose to more than 10 thousand fans with its first-ever MTV World Stage concert event held in Mexico City, which featured live performances by The Smashing Pumpkins, Thirty Seconds to Mars and Zoe.

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Brother of Cesar Chavez, Richard Chavez, Dies – Helped Organized Grape Boycotts of ‘60s

Brother of Cesar Chavez, Richard Chavez, Dies – Helped Organized Grape Boycotts of ‘60s

Photo: Richard Chavez Dies in Bakersfield

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

The brother of Cesar Chavez, Richard Chavez has died in California at the age of 81.  Richard helped his brother build the United Farm Workers to the political and civil rights force it became.

Richard was born, like his brother, a migrant farm worker who grew up during the Great Depression.

According to the Mexican-American Legal Defense & Educational Fund (MALDEF):

“Richard joined the United Farm Workers of America as a young man and dedicated the rest of his life to chasing the dream envisioned by him, his brother Cesar Chavez and others of a day in which farmworkers and all Latinos would achieve full access to justice.”

While Eva Longoria noted:

“ The impact and spirit of Richard Chavez’ dedication and commitment to the underserved will live forever.”


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LATINO BLOTTER: Man Registered as Sex Offender for Sleeping with his Future Wife

LATINO BLOTTER: Man Registered as Sex Offender for Sleeping with his Future Wife

Photo: Frank Rodriguez is a registered sex offender for sleeping with his future

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Frank Rodriquez is a registered sex offender in the state of Texas, but both he and his wife say he’s been unfairly labeled a criminal.

In 1996, when Rodriguez was a senior in high school he met the girl who would become his wife. Nikki was a 15-year-old freshman at the time. Their relationship grew quickly and they became sexually active. Nikki confided in her mother, Melissa Ostman, that she was now sexually involved with Rodriguez.

There were a number of arguments between the mother and daughter, before the Ostman would take a drastic step that would alter the couple’s life forever.

Upset that Nikki was having sex, Ostman went to the police station and reported that the then 19-year-old Rodriguez was sleeping with her 15-year-old daughter. She intended to simply scare the young man, and the next day, went back to the station with her daughter intending to rescind her complaint. However, it was too late.

Nikki told police that the sex was consensual, but she was taken to the hospital to be examined for signs of rape.

Rodriguez was charged with statutory rape, and in order to avoid jail time, he pleaded guilty and received 7 years probation. He was also required to register as a sex offender.

Neither side of the couple realized that that label – “sex offender” – would follow Rodriguez for the rest of his life.

He has now been on the sex offender list for nearly half of his life. The couple is now married, and they have four daughters, ranging in age from 4 to 11.

They admit that they broke the law, and understand the reason for such laws, but Nikki told NBC News that the law “shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all.”

“I understand punishment, breaking the law,” Nikkie told Matt Lauer. “You have to be punished for it. But for the rest of your life? I think we’ve suffered long enough.”

Today, Rodriguez says he is unable to get a job at a major corporation due to his record, and because he is a registered sex offender he is not allowed to coach any of his daughters’ soccer teams.

When the couple appeared on NBC’sToday, they were joined by Robin Sax, a criminal defense attorney and former sex crimes prosecutor.

Image“I would say this is a mom who’s trying to use the legal system to parent instead of having a conversation,’’ Sax said. “Once you open that Pandora’s box of the legal system, there are consequences, and the consequence here has been a scarlet letter that’s following him and a case where no one would expect someone in this situation to be registered.’’

During Rodriguez’s probation, he was not allowed to go to swimming pools, football games, or any other places children might be present. He was not allowed to vote, and he was forced to attend counseling sessions for convicted sex offenders. He was also not permitted to see Nikki.

However, he says the worst part was not being allowed to live in the same house as his 12-year-old sister and Rodriguez was forced to leave his home.

During an interview with Marie Claire, Ostman said, “If I had known the implications, I wouldn’t have done it.”

Even after the couple reunited, married, and started a family, they still had to face the fear of his conviction. Rodriguez was still on probation when their first daughter was born, which meant he legally wasn’t allowed to live in the same home as her. Not wanting be split the family, he remained in the home to raise his daughter, but technically did so illegally.

Today, Frank and Nikki Rodriguez live in fear that people will keep their children away from them and their daughters because they’ve seen Rodriguez’s name on the sex offender registry.

“The idea behind the list is it’s supposed to show who the worst of the worst people are out there,’’ Sax said. “It’s a tool that we as parents use to protect our kids. It’s supposed to signify ‘This person is a danger to our society, watch out.’ When someone is looking at that list, they are not expecting Mr. Rodriguez to be there.’’

Currently, the Rodriguez family is waiting to see the outcome of modifications proposed to the Texas sex offender law. If the changes are approved, Rodriguez will have the opportunity to have his name removed the sex offender registry.

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Chicharito Hernández Better After Hospital Stint With Concussion

Chicharito Hernández Better After  Hospital Stint With Concussion

Photo: Javier Chicharito Hernández

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

The Mexican soccer player missed Wednesday’s Manchester United match against the MLS All-Stars after being hospitalized.

Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández suffered a mild concussion after he took a ball on the top of the head during practice.

Spokespeople for Manchester United said the player became aware of the concussion after the practices were over; he didn’t feel good, and coach Sir Alex Ferguson sent him to the hospital to be checked overnight.

The Manchester boys were able to defeat the all stars without Chicharito, and by a wide margin: the game ended 4-0.

Ferguson said that concussion or not, Chicharito would have not played; the coach said the player is fresh out of a break from playing the Gold Cup and wasn’t scheduled to play for another 2 or 3 weeks.

The player is out of the hospital and well.

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Uruguayan Soccer Fans in NY Bullied By Police During Celebrations of Copa Win (VIDEO)

According to many New York Uruguayans, dozens of officers from NYC’s 115th Precinct used excessive force, on them while they were celebrating the Copa America win.

“I couldn’t call 911. They were the same people abusing us,” said Silvana Sislian, 46, (Pictured) manager of La Gran Uruguaya Bakery on 37th Ave.Image

What was supposed to be a celebration for the biggest accomplishment in Uruguayan soccer in the last 20 years, turned into a melee battle with elements of the New York City police department.

The Uruguayan community of Jackson Heights went outside in mass to celebrate the triumph of their national team over Paraguay, hooting, waving flags and chanting.

ImageAntonio Carvallo, 78, (Pictured, third from left) said he was pushing his walker and celebrating in the street when he was pushed back with the crowd by police.

Within minutes, dozens of officers from the city’s 115th Precinct arrived at the scene and started shoving Uruguayan fans, making random arrests, and throwing flags to the ground, an act that led to several scuffles.

“More than 20 officers lined up in front of the bakery and started to push people around, especially the younger ones,” said Sislian. “People tried to hide inside the bakery.”

Ronel Mendoza, 19, was arrested. He said he was playing drums on 37th Ave. when officers ruined the party.

“I went inside the bakery to find my sister, and they arrested me for nothing,” said Mendoza, who was released Monday afternoon.

Sislian said she’s terrified about Sunday’s happenings as she has always had excellent relations with cops from the 115 precinct; along with five other community members, she has created a committee to demand an investigation on the episode.

“We want to get together with [Police Commissioner] Ray Kelly to make sure he opens an investigation on the inappropriate language and the excessive force of officers from the 115th precinct. We want their actions examined and investigated because in the NYPG there’s only room for the best of the best,” said Sislian. 


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Mariachis Fight for Work Against Those They Call “Pirates”

Mariachis Fight for Work Against Those They Call “Pirates”

Photo: Mariachis Fight for Work Against Those They Call "Pirates"

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

In Los Angeles, California, there is an area commonly referred to as “Mariachi Plaza.”

The spot has gone by that name and been a place for Mariachi bands to congregate since the 1940s, but today, there is sort of “Mariachi battle” going on between what mariachi musicians call the “pirates” and “the businessmen.”

Alejandro Cisneros told the New York Times that the pirates are those that put on a mariachi costume to fool customers into thinking they are legitimate mariachi musicians, when in fact they know nothing about the music’s history.

Another musician told the NYTimes that “the businessmen” are “too focused on charging more money and pushing out those who they believe are taking gigs they do not deserve, playing at weddings and quinceañeras and the occasional backyard cookout.”

Though the groups agree on very little, they have attempted to come together on one very important point, how much a mariachi should charge.

Image“This is our profession, our job, our passion,” Mr. Cisneros told the NYTimes. “We don’t want to have it ruined by these people who do not know what they are doing.”

Ariso says he charges whatever customers are willing to pay, but for years the going rate was $50 an hour for each musician. For mariachi bands, that is usually six musicians. However, the rate changed just a few years ago when new musicians arrived and the jobs became few and far between. As a means of getting more jobs, some of the bands dropped the long-established rate to $30.

In an attempt to standardize the rate, about 200 mariachis have joined the United Mariachi Organization of Los Angeles. To join, musicians are required to pay $10 a month and pledge not to charge less than $50/hr per musician. To identify themselves as part of the organization, the musicians are given a gold-colored photo ID card that will hopefully show customers that there is an authority at work with the “good” mariachis, and will prevent poor results, and complaints.

“We want to have a standard,” Mr. Ramirez said to the NYTimes. “There are good and there are bad, and it is difficult to tell who is who when you just hear them play one song. If you buy a pair of pants for $20 and another for $80, it’s not the same quality. The same is true for music. For this to work, we need people to understand the difference.”

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Scary and Weird: Movie Trailer for Pedro Almodovar’s ‘La Piel Que Habito’

Scary and Weird: Movie Trailer for Pedro Almodovar’s ‘La Piel Que Habito’

Photo: Skin that I Live In Movie Trailer

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Get ready for some really scary and weird stuff from Pedro Almodovar’s new movie ‘La Piel Que Habito’ (The Skin I Live In).  Almodovar’s latest film competed at this year’s Cannes Film Festival for the Palme d’Or and now the movie trailer is available.  The movie will open on September 2nd of this year.

The Spanish director’s film marks the director’s reunion with Antonio Banderas. Based on Thierry Jonquet’s novel “Mygale”, it is, as described by Almodóvar “a story of terrible vengeance, with a very diabolical character (Banderas),” a plastic surgeon on the hunt for the men who raped his daughter.

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Undocumented Leaving California, Drawn South by Mexico’s Improving Economy

Undocumented Leaving California, Drawn South by Mexico’s Improving Economy

Photo: Crossing at California-Mexico border

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

As Mexico’s economy improves, the undocumented immigrants in California are heading south, realizing that sometimes, the American dream is only achievable when her economy allows it.

Wednesday, Sacramento’s Mexican consul general, Carlos González Gutiérrez, said, “It’s now easier to buy homes on credit, find a job and access higher education in Mexico.” He added that the U.S. has “become a middle-class country.”

Compared to the U.S.’s 9.4 percent unemployment rate, Mexico’s 4.9 percent shows a growing and improving economy.

The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) estimates that around 300,000 undocumented immigrants have left California since 2008. The Institute goes on to say that around 2.6 million undocumented make up 7 percent of the population and 9 percent of the workforce.

Sacramento County and the immediate area is dealing with a 12.3 unemployment rate and lack of construction work, resulting in a large number of undocumented immigrants leaving.

González Gutiérrez pointed out that the highest paying jobs available to undocumented workers are those in the building industry, “and because of the severe crisis in the construction business here, their first response has been to move into the service industry.” Adding, “But that has its limits. Then, they move to other areas in the U.S. to find better jobs – or back to Mexico.”

Laura Hill, a demographer with the PPIC, said it’s hard to read if the benefit of having fewer undocumented people outweighs the cost to employers and taxpayers. She stated that though California may have to provide less free education and medical care to undocumented children or the children of undocumented immigrants, it will also decrease the amount of tax revenue the state receives.

According to Hill, 836,100 undocumented immigrants in California filed U.S. tax returns in 2008.

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Former CNN Anchor Rick Sanchez to Be Florida Football Radio Commentator

Former CNN Anchor Rick Sanchez to Be Florida Football Radio Commentator

Photo: Rick Sanchez FIU's New Football Commentator

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

The former CNN anchor, Rick Sanchez, has landed a gig as a Florida International University (FIU) football radio commentator for this upcoming season.

Ricardo León “Rick” Sánchez de Reinaldo (born July 3, 1958) was a Cuban-American TV news anchor and one of the few Latinos on prime time cable television.  Back in October of last year CNN fired Sanchez after he called John Stewart of “The Daily Show “a “bigot” and suggested that Jews run CNN and “all the other networks.”

Sanchez was being interviewed on a satellite radio show when he made the inappropriate comments. On CNN, where he was employed for 6 years, he hosted Rick’s List plus served as a contributor for CNN en Español.

Sanchez has commented how proud he is of FIU’s diversity and that includes its Cuban-American head coach, Mario Cristobal. 

¡Felicidades Rick!

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“I’m Like The Phoenix” Says the Reborn Hugo Chávez Today on his 57th Birthday

“I’m Like The Phoenix” Says the Reborn Hugo Chávez Today on his 57th Birthday

Photo: Hugo Phoenix

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

By medical advice, the Venezuelan leader is celebrating his birthday sheltered and surrounded by few inside the Miraflores presidential palace.

Chávez, who is under treatment for cancer is convinced his birthday marks a rebirth, one where he marches ahead, cancer free, toward his political plans.

“I’ve had birthday and birthday. This surprises me, and I surprise it in the midst of a rebirth. I am like the phoenix. This is a revival, a new life has been born in me,” said Chávez in a phone interview live on national TV.

“Ahead of time, you’re all invited to my 67th birthday in 2021,” Chávez asserted, hinting at his intention of staying in power for another ten years.

“I wish I could go down to the patio to hug each and every one of you but I can’t, I shouldn’t,” lamented the president who by medical advice rests in his room, surrounded by only family. “Because of chemotherapy my defenses are low, and I have a lot of interpersonal contact restrictions,” Chávez explained.

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EU Issues Cholera Travel Alert for Dominican Republic, 6 Tourists Affected in Punta Cana

EU Issues Cholera Travel Alert for Dominican Republic, 6 Tourists Affected in Punta Cana

Photo: Cholera at Punta Cana

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

The Dominican Republic hotel sector has announced a series of measures to prevent the spread of cholera, after six tourists - two Europeans and four Chileans - contracted the disease after a stay in Punta Cana.

Speaking this week, the president of the National Hotel and Restaurant Association (Asonahores), Juan Llibre, said that “unfortunately we have to learn to live with cholera” which along with dengue, malaria and leptospirosis are endemic in the tropics.

Earlier this year dozens fell ill at the five-star Casa de Campo resort due to eating cholera contaminated lobster.  Meanwhile EU health officials issued a travelers health warning about the cholera risk in DR and Haiti.  More than a million EU tourists travel to DR annually. 

According to figures from the Ministry of Public Health, 87 deaths have been associated with cholera and some 2000 confirmed cases out of 13,200 suspected patients since late last year.

Llibre said that the hotels and restaurants were taking tough measures to ensure the disease does not spread.

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NCLR Poll:  Immigration Tops Jobs & Economy as Most Important Issue for Latinos

NCLR Poll:  Immigration Tops Jobs & Economy as Most Important Issue for Latinos

Photo: Immigration Remains Top Issue for Latinos

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

A poll conducted at the National Council of La Raza’s (NCLR) Annual Conference held in Washington, D.C. showed that immigration overwhelmingly trumps both the economy and education as the most important issue for Latinos.  This is according to the recent poll of 547 supporters and attendees at the 2011 NCLR Annual Conference. Almost half (45 percent) of all respondents chose immigration as the top issue, as opposed to jobs and the economy (25 percent), education (21 percent), and health care (6 percent).

“Since the enactment of SB 1070 and other Arizona-style anti-Latino legislation, immigration has vaulted to the top of the Latino community’s key concerns for the first time in polling history,” said Janet Murguía, NCLR President and CEO. “This should serve as a wake-up call to politicians on both sides of the aisle that inaction on this issue will be a huge factor in the upcoming elections.”

The straw poll, conducted in partnership with Lake Research Partners and Revolution Messaging via text message, also revealed attendees’ attitudes about President Barack Obama and provided insight into the 2012 elections. While nearly 80 percent of respondents said that they plan on voting for Obama in the upcoming election, only 29 percent “strongly approved” of the president’s job performance, whereas 44 percent “somewhat approved” and 27 percent “disapproved.”

Survey respondents indicated that they are more likely to vote in 2012 to support and represent Latinos (63 percent), rather than in support of either the Democratic (34 percent) or Republican party (3 percent). This should come as no surprise given the bipartisan lack of action on issues of importance to the Hispanic community.

NCLR—the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States—works to improve opportunities for Latinos.

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New Homes for Over 300 Street Children of Ecuador

New Homes for Over 300 Street Children of Ecuador

Photo: Street Children of Ecuardor

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Guayaquil is one of the most important cities in Ecuador, developed mainly on the right bank of the Guayas River, its population reaches 3 million and half. The Nigeria area, which is located on the island of Trinitaria, on the delta of the river, is one of the poorest and deprived areas of the city.

Here, the Salesians have developed a project for street children which aims to improve the quality of life for children, to redeem them from a situation of risk, return them to their families and help them in an educational and vocational formation. There are about 300 children involved in the project that has enabled to give 101 houses to the inhabitants of the “Independence II” Cooperative, who live on the Isle of Trinitaria in Guayaquil. The families of the children were given a house, so as to promote social advancement and relational stabilization of the child.

The construction of the houses was made possible thanks to the “Jugend Eine Welt” (JEW) and the inter-institutional cooperation between the Municipality and the “Consultora Don Bosco Foundation”.

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ThursdayJuly 28, 2011