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TuesdayJune 7, 2011

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To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Hispanic Women Considered High-Risk Group for Pregnancy Related Diabetes

Hispanic Women Considered High-Risk Group for Pregnancy Related Diabetes

Photo: Latinas High Risk Group for Gestational Diabetes

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

New research finds that gestational diabetes, or pregnancy-related diabetes, may not raise the risk of heart disease independent of other cardiovascular risk factors except in certain high-risk populations, such as Hispanics.

The results are being presented at The Endocrine Society’s 93rd Annual Meeting in Boston.

“The prevalence of gestational diabetes is increasing, and its impact for the mother can extend well beyond pregnancy by raising her risk of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease,” said study co-author Rhonda Bentley-Lewis, MD, of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, where the study was performed.

“However, we found that gestational diabetes does not confer the same cardiovascular risk to every woman,” she said.

Bentley-Lewis called this large population study the first to examine the racial impact on the risk of heart disease after gestational diabetes. She and her colleagues studied more than 800 women who delivered infants and had a diagnosis of gestational diabetes between 1998 and 2007. The researchers compared these participants with a control group of more than 3,200 women who had no history of diabetes during pregnancy. They matched cases and controls by their total number of pregnancies.

After delivery, women were followed for a median of 11.9 years for the development of cardiovascular disease, specifically heart attack, stroke and high blood pressure, as indicated by medical records. Women who developed Type 2 diabetes during that time were excluded from further analysis.

The investigators found that gestational diabetes alone did not predict which women would get heart disease apart from other risk factors, such as older age and high blood pressure. However, when they analyzed the study participants by racial-ethnic group, black race and Hispanic ethnicity predicted heart disease even after adjusting for other risk factors. In particular, Hispanic women with past gestational diabetes were 70 percent more likely to develop heart disease than their Hispanic counterparts without pregnancy-related diabetes.

“Hispanic women with gestational diabetes developed heart disease to a greater degree than would be predicted,” Bentley-Lewis said, adding that more research is needed to learn why.

“Physicians should closely monitor women with a history of gestational diabetes, to control their heart disease risk factors,” she said. “Their risk for cardiovascular outcomes might differ by race or by factors that we didn’t evaluate.”

Funding for this research came from the National Institutes of Health, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

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Ricky Martin Foundation to Open Additional Child Development Centers in Latin America

Ricky Martin Foundation to Open Additional Child Development Centers in Latin America

Photo: Ricky Martin Foundation to open additional child aid centers in Latin America

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Puerto Rican pop star Ricky Martin has announced that construction will soon begin on more institutions like his foundation’s Child Development and Prevention Center of Puerto Rico in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and throughout Latin America.

The Ricky Martin Foundation Child Development and Prevention Center will begin construction this year and its inauguration is expected for 2012 or early 2013. The $4 million budget will provide 10 classrooms, a library, and a recreation area for children from infancy to high school and will work with Puerto Rico’s Our School and Community Initiative. The center will promote the arts, meditation, yoga, sports, health, personalized education, cluture, and ethical values.

Martin took up the cause after he saw the enormity of the problem of trafficking a exploitation of minors on a 2002 trip to India.

Recently, the Puerto Rican singer’s foundation held the third annual Ricky Martin Foundation Golf Tournament at the Trump International Golf Resort in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico to raise money for the foundation.

“We need and want to make a difference in the lives of Loiza families so their children and youth have the opportunities to which they have a right. We will be there to support them and give them tools to ensure a better future. ” Ricky Martin said in a brief message at the Award Ceremony in front of hundreds of participants.

The tournament had an impressive list of gifts for the raffle with a value of $ 75,000.00, plus another $155.000.00 for 4 “hole in one” cars, all of them Fiat and a trip to Europe, among others.

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HS-News Brings You: FIFA President Joseph Blatter’s ‘Wisdom Council’

HS-News Brings You: FIFA President Joseph Blatter’s ‘Wisdom Council’

Photo: FIFA'S Council of Wisdom

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Blatter’s Council will investigate and offer solutions to the corruption problems in FIFA.  Members are soccer star Johan Cryuff, tenor…Plácido Domingo and ….Henry Kissinger?

As FIFA recovers from a bribery scandal, its worst and most shameful in its 107 story, Joseph Blatter has assembled a committee to bring a “little bit more credibility” back to the international soccer federation, after his reelection last week to serve a fourth term as president.

“These gentlemen are more or less advisers, they are not the experts but advisers,” Blatter said during a visit to Azerbaijan. “What they should be also is the kind of council of wisdom, which my executive committee would not like because they think they are the council of wisdom!”

The so–called Council of Wisdom is integrated by Dutch Soccer Legend Johan Cryuff, tenor Plácido domingo (whose most commendable involvement in soccer has been singing before three World Cups with the other two tenors) and Gerald Ford’s Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (who doesn’t know much about soccer, but sure does about corruption).

“Since 1970 — with the exception of 1978 — I have been at every World Cup final in every host country,” said Plácido Domingo to the Associated Press. “In my amateur way, I am an expert in football. I am happy to have been asked to be involved with this great sport and have requested more details to see if I can be of help.”

88-year old Kissinger, is still to provide a comment.

Here at HS-News, we think what FIFA needs to make this council of wisdom truly wise, is a torpedo of truth. What better way to solve corruption problems than, winning?


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U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Review Ruling on In-state Tuition Rates for Undocumented Students

U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Review Ruling on In-state Tuition Rates for Undocumented Students

Photo: U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Review Ruling on In-state Tuition Rates for Undocumented Students

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to review the ruling on a California law that would have allowed undocumented immigrant students to attend state universities and pay in-state tuition rates. In-state tuition is about one-third less than out-of-state tuition.

Eight other states – Illinois, Kansas, New Mexico, Nebraska, New York, Texas, Utah, and Washington – have passed similar provisions allowing undocumented students to pay the lower rate at all public colleges and universities, some even considered the top schools in the country. Required for in-state tuition is a high school diploma from a California school, and attendance at said school for at least three years.

A group of out-of-state students filed a lawsuit challenging the California law, saying that the provision conflicts with the 1996 federal immigration law which states that states are not allowed to offer in-state tuition rates to undocumented students unless the state offers all students the same rates regardless of their residency status.

In November, the California Supreme Court unanimously ruled that in-state tuition for undocumented students does not contradict federal immigration laws that restrict public education benefits to undocumented immigrants.

Monday’s decision to not review the case simply upholds the November ruling, and allows eligible undocumented students to continue paying in-state tuition rates.

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ACLU in Illinois Wants Justice Dept. to Investigate Racial Profiling of Hispanics by State Police

ACLU in Illinois Wants Justice Dept. to Investigate Racial Profiling of Hispanics by State Police

Photo: IL State Police Challenged by ACLU for Hispanic Profiling

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Following years of inaction by state governmental officials, the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois today filed an administrative complaint and asked the U.S. Department of Justice to launch an investigation into the substantial racial disparate impact cause by consent searches conducted by Illinois State Police troopers of Hispanic and African American motorists. Data collected and reported over the past several years demonstrate that ISP troopers are more likely to ask Hispanic and African American motorists for consent to search their vehicles, but are more likely to find contraband when consent searching a car driven by a Caucasian motorist. A consent search occurs when a police officer does not have legally sufficient cause to require a search, yet nevertheless asks for permission to conduct a search.

Data demonstrates that almost all motorists – between 94% and 99% — consent to a search when asked by an ISP trooper, suggesting that the coercive nature of the encounter renders the “consent” not truly voluntary.

In a complaint to the Assistant Attorney General of the Civil Rights Division and the Chief of the Special Litigation Section, the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois requests the U.S. Department of Justice require the ISP to bar all consent searches – a step that the ACLU of Illinois and other civil rights groups have urged the past two Governors to take without a response.

The ACLU’s request notes that data collected under the Illinois Traffic Stop Statistical Act of 2003 (originally championed by State Senator Barack Obama) shows persistent and dramatic racial disparate impact against Hispanic and African American motorists. That data shows that Hispanic and African American motorists are far more likely than white motorists to be subjected to consent searches by ISP troopers. Hispanic motorists were 2.7 to 4.0 times more likely to be consent searches (in the years between 2004 and 2009), and African Americans motorists were 1.8 to 3.2 times more likely. Remarkably, white motorists who consent to searches by ISP troopers are far more likely to have contraband than compared to Hispanic and African American motorists.

Illinois’ officials have been aware of this problem for some time. In July 2005, after the first year of Traffic Stop Act data was reported, the former Illinois Governor called the disparity in consent searches of minority drivers to be the “study’s most troubling finding.

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Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow Boots Made in El Paso’s CABoots

Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow Boots Made in El Paso’s CABoots

Photo: El Paso bootlery has made boots for the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise for 6 years

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

CABoots in El Paso, Texas has had some odd occurrences in the store. The makers of Johnny Depp’s “Jack Sparrow” boots, have had a number of people come in to have a look at them, and on occasion smell them.

Co-owner Priscilla ViescasSanchez told the El Paso times, “We’ve made seven pairs for Johnny Depp’s character, for the Jack Sparrow character.”

Priscilla and her husband Joey Sanchez’s CABoots has outfitted the Depp and other characters in the second and third “Pirate of the Caribbean” films, and while having made seven of Depp’s boots, the company has made about 700 pairs total in that last six years.

Joey said, “Disney ordered another 40 pairs in Decemeber, so that that means they are using the same boots that they purchased from the previous productions,” as the style did not change.

The boots were modeled after a pair of French-made boots that the actor had in his own wardrobe. The boots range from $295 and $800 and come in black and brown.

“He could no longer wear them, but he wanted to make sure he got them back,” said Viescas Sanchez, CABoots’ designer.

The boots can be seen in the latest “Pirates” movie, which has already grossed over $170 million in the U.S. since its opening on May 20.

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Bishop Asks Border Patrol Not to Check Immigration Status of Evacuees Escaping Hurricanes

Bishop Asks Border Patrol Not to Check Immigration Status of Evacuees Escaping Hurricanes

Photo: Hurricane Alex that struck the RG Valley area earlier this year

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Now that hurricane season has begun, emergency evacuation plans to help people in the Rio Grande Valley escape any destruction that might be caused by the inclement weather are in place, and a local bishop is asking that Border Patrol tell residents that immigration status will not be checked if an evacuation becomes necessary.

Brownsville Bishop Daniel Flores has expressed concern that in the event of an evacuation, tens of thousands of undocumented Rio Grande Valley will either not leave for fear of being detained or will attempt to leave and have their immigration status questioned.

During a meeting with reporters at the San Juan Basilica, Bishop Flores said, “If a disaster is imminent, there is a great deal of uncertainty and one of the great dangers that happens in those times is you get all kinds of different information. People end up confused and sometimes not knowing what to do.

The church would earnestly and sincerely insist… (That it be made) very clear that the priority is the safety of the whole community and the whole community does not mean simply those who are documented. The whole community is the community of men and women and children who live in the Rio Grande Valley.”

On Wednesday, the Equal Voice for America’s Families network held a protest outside Border Patrol headquarters, in Edinburg, Texas. The protest, which coincided with the first day of hurricane season, was held to demand that Border Patrol save lives and allow everyone in the Rio Grande Valley to evacuate safely through the checkpoints, and they are asking that local law enforcement do the same.

In response, Rosendo Hinojosa, spokesman for the Border Patrol Rio Grande Valley Sector said released a statement saying, “U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Sector has over 2,400 Border Patrol agents and several hundred support staff assigned to the local area. We not only work in the Rio Grande Valley but are members of the community.

“We have worked with state and local governments to enhance our Nation’s ability to prepare for and respond to natural disasters. The Border Patrol has conducted an extensive review of preparedness and response efforts, and actions are being taken at every level to improve communications and coordination and strengthen emergency response capabilities.
“The Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Sector is fully supportive of our state and local law enforcement partners and their efforts during emergency response situations.

“The Border Patrol will not hinder a safe and expedited evacuation from the Valley nor will there be pre-screening of individuals during an emergency evacuation.

“The Border Patrol is a law enforcement agency and we will not abandon our law enforcement duties. If there is a time when we have to unite with our emergency preparedness partners to evacuate community members, I can assure you that we will act quickly ensuring that the safety of those requiring evacuation remains paramount.”

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WATCH: Pictures From the Eruption of the Puyehue Volcano in Chile

WATCH: Pictures From the Eruption of the Puyehue Volcano in Chile

Photo: Chile's Puyehue Volcano Erupts

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Chilean geologists have said lava won’t be spewed from the mountain, but the smoke and ashes from the weekend’s eruption, are causing air traffic chaos in Argentina and creating incredible images.  Look Here!

ImageImageImageImageImage(Aerial Photo courtesy of NASA)ImageImage

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STUDY:  Race Still Matters Says Young Americans and Racism Abounds

STUDY:  Race Still Matters Says Young Americans and Racism Abounds

Photo: Racism in America Still Alive

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Applied Research Center, the nation’s leading think tank on racial justice, today releases a 40-page study and video on the racial attitudes of young people, whom many pollsters and commentators have prematurely labeled as “post-racial.”

Although the “Millennial Generation” (born post-1980, ages 18-30) is the largest, most racially and ethnically diverse generation the US has ever known, it is clear that race continues to play a role in their lives.

Study results are derived from a series of 16 focus groups in the Los Angeles area, in which ARC conducted in-depth discussions on race and racism in society with millennials of diverse racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, educational, and ideological backgrounds.

Key findings include:

**Race matters – a large majority of young people assert that race is still a significant factor within various systems, such as criminal justice, education, employment, and immigration.

**There are differences in how young people of different races and ethnicities view the extent and continued significance of racism in various systems of society.

**Racism is often defined in interpersonal terms – though most young people of color have little problem labeling an entire system as racist.

“Young people are going to lead the country out of today’s mess. We need to truly understand how racism shows up in their lives, rather than fantasize about them being post-racial,” said Colorlines.com Editorial Director Kai Wright.


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Is One of NY Rep. Weiner’s Sexting Buddies a Lovely Latina?

Is One of NY Rep. Weiner’s Sexting Buddies a Lovely Latina?

Photo: Seattle Co-ed, Gennette Cordova, 21

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

The lewd photo that sparked the controversy surrounding New York Rep. Anthony Weiner was reportedly sent to Gennette Cordova, who in the last week and a half, has had her life turned upside down, as she and her friends and family have been harassed since “Weinergate” broke.

In a letter posted on the NY Daily News website, the 21-year-old Seattle student described her relationship (really, lack of one) with Congressman Weiner.

The following are excerpts from Cordova’s letter:

Friday evening (May 27) I logged onto Twitter to find that I had about a dozen new mentions in less than an hour, which is a rare occurrence. When I checked one of the posts that I had been tagged in I saw that it was a picture that had supposedly been tweeted to me by Congressman Anthony Weiner…

Annoyed, I responded with something along the lines of “are you f***ing kidding me?” and “I’ve never seen this. You people are sick.” I blocked their accounts, made my page private and let the matter drop, expecting them to eventually do the same.
Within about an hour, however, I realized that I had grossly underestimated the severity of the situation that I had somehow become a part of…

My friends have received phone calls from people claiming to be old friends of mine, attempting to obtain my contact information. My siblings have received tweets that are similar in nature. I began taking steps, though not quickly enough, to remove as much personal information from the Internet as possible.

Not because I “was exposed as Weiner’s mistress” or because I “was responsible for the hack,” as Gawker has suggested. I removed my information because I, believe it or not, do not enjoy being harassed or being the reason that my loved ones are targets of harassment.
I have seen myself labeled as the “Femme Fatale of Weinergate,” “Anthony Weiner’s 21-year-old coed mistress” and “the self-proclaimed girlfriend of Anthony Weiner.”…

There have never been any inappropriate exchanges between Anthony Weiner and myself, including the tweet/picture in question, which had apparently been deleted before it reached me. I cannot answer the questions that I do not have the answers to. I am not sure whether or not this letter will alleviate any future harassment. I also do not have a clear understanding as to how or why exactly I am involved in this fiasco. I do know that my life has been seriously impacted by speculation and faulty allegations. My reputation has been called into question by those who lack the character to report the facts.

To read the complete letter, click here.

ImageCongressman Weiner had initially claimed that his Twitter account was hacked, but under pressure from right-wing radio personality and blogger, Andrew Breitbart, who never backed off the congressman and uncovered additional women who were sent lewd photos from Weiner’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, Rep. Weiner held a press conference and confessed that he had in fact sent the photos, but had intended the one to Cordova to be sent privately, and certainly not be made public on his Twitter account. He apologized to the public, and to the media for lying, and repeatedly said he was most sorry for hurting his wife. Weiner also stated that he has no intention of resigning.

Shortly after the public apology, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi called for an ethics investigation into the ordeal, while many are saying Rep. Weiner needs to step down.

The above photo was posted on Read more at New York Daily News →

JUST IN:  WATCH Shakira go “Rabiosa” all Over That Pole (VIDEO)

JUST IN:  WATCH Shakira go “Rabiosa” all Over That Pole (VIDEO)

Photo: Shakira Pole Dancing

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Colombian singer Shakira has released her latest video, where rapper Pitbull supports a brunette, pole dancing Shakira.

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Panama First to Join International Treaties Protecting Stateless Migrants

Panama First to Join International Treaties Protecting Stateless Migrants

Photo: Panama Addresses Statelessness

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

The United Nations refugee agency today hailed Panama’s recent decision to accede to two major international treaties on statelessness, a problem which affects up to 12 million people worldwide.

Panama is the first State to accede since the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) launched a drive for this year’s 50th anniversary of the 1961 Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness to have more States become parties.

“It is our hope that this accession will encourage more States to follow suit over the coming months,” UNHCR spokesperson Adrian Edwards told reporters in Geneva.

The 1961 convention, which now has 38 State parties, is designed to prevent statelessness from occurring and thereby reduce it over time. It requires that States put in place safeguards in nationality laws by requiring that people cannot renounce their nationality without first having acquired another.

Panama also decided on June 3 to accede to the 1954 Convention relating to the Status of Stateless Persons, which now has 66 parties. The treaty establishes minimum standards of treatment for stateless persons and is designed to ensure that they are not left in legal limbo.

The problem of statelessness occurs for different reasons, according to UNHCR, including discrimination against minority groups in nationality legislation, failure to include all residents in the body of citizens when a State becomes independent and conflicts of laws between States.

The agency stresses that possession of nationality is essential for full participation in society and a prerequisite for the enjoyment of the full range of human rights.

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Larger in Death Than in Life - Cemetery for Drug Lords in México (VIDEO)

“Welcome to Jardines De Humaya” in Culiacán, Sinaloa, a cemetery that illustrates the grim contrast between dying a drug lord, and dying anybody else, in Mexico.

This Mexican cemetery has mausoleums that are several stories high; there’s a mausoleum with a telephone line, and another one with stereo system.  Ivory statues, Persian rugs, furniture. The tomb of a drug pilot, is actually adorned with crystal planes!

When alive, Ignacio Coronel “El Nacho” and Arturo Beltrán Leyva, were mortal enemies, but now they are neighbors, both resting in enormous stained glass covered mausoleums that receive special maintenance weekly.

Paradoxically, the cemetery is located not far from some of the poorest areas of Culiacán, where cemetery workers live. Most of these workers have built larger tombs than the houses they live in.

Documentary Film Maker Natalia Almada’s El Velador (trailer here)…  captured a sense of the everyday mayhem surrounding Mexico through the eyes of Martin, the cemetery night watchman. Watch pictures from the cemetery and clips from Almada’s film, “(An) hypnotically detailed feature documentary depiction of life and death,” according to the Wall Street Journal.



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Massachusetts Will Not Join Secure Communities Program

Massachusetts Will Not Join Secure Communities Program

Photo: no more deportations

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Mass. Governor Deval Patrick has notified the Department of Homeland Security that there will be no agreement between Massachusetts and the Government’s Secure Community Program.

Citing statistics from the Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement office, Massachusetts Public Safety Secretary Mary Beth Heffernan said the numbers show that only about one in four of those deported since the start of Boston’s pilot participation in the program were convicted of a serious crime.

Massachusetts joins New York and Illinois as states that have said they will not participate in the program. California has legislation being considered that will let the individual communities decide if they wish to participate in Secure Communities or not.

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TuesdayJune 7, 2011