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SaturdayJune 4, 2011

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Rep. Gutierrez Confirmed for Netroots Nation Panel on Power Of the Latino Vote

Rep. Gutierrez Confirmed for Netroots Nation Panel on Power Of the Latino Vote

Photo: Luis Guiterrez

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

This year’s Netroots Nation Conference is scheduled in Minneapolis this month.

Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) will join Markos Moulitsas, founder of Daily Kos; Eliseo Medina, Secretary-Treasurer of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU); Maribel Hastings, Spanish Language Reporter/Blogger; and Adam Luna, Political Director at America’s Voice, to discuss immigration and the power of the Latino vote, in a panel called “Immigration and the Power of the Latino Vote: Why Harry Reid Came Back and Alex Sink Sunk.” Here’s a description:

Latino voters were critical to 2010 Senate victories and will play an even more central role in the race for the White House in 2012. But with the immigration reform promise still unfulfilled, President Obama under heavy criticism for deporting more immigrants than Bush and a Republican party searching for a Latino marketing strategy to mask their extremist agenda, where will these voters go? This panel will share polling and demographic data to uncover the enormous promise and challenge facing both parties as they develop strategies to court these voters in 2012. We will discuss the role of immigration reform as the key motivator for this growing segment of the American electorate and will discuss how candidates, like Majority Leader Harry Reid, modeled a winning strategy by delivering on their immigration promise.

Rep. Gutierrez is now traveling the nation on his “Campaign for American Children and Families” tour to rally communities to use their voice and be empowered to demand better from their leaders in Washington.  He’s not afraid to insist that Democrats—even the President—live up to the values they were elected to govern by, and change policies that are causing unspeakable and unnecessary pain for millions.  In Congress, Rep. Gutierrez has been a leader in crafting bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform legislation. However, as Republicans erected their irrational blockade on reform, he pressed on and in 2009, authored the Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America’s Security and Prosperity Act. He also organized his Democratic colleagues to get on board, and played an instrumental role in getting the DREAM Act passed in the House.  On the panel, Rep. Gutierrez will share his views about how Democrats win when they stand up for our progressive values on a wide range of issues.

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Reported Argentinean ‘Death Flight’ Plane Found in Florida (VIDEO)

Reported Argentinean ‘Death Flight’ Plane Found in Florida (VIDEO)

Photo: Death Flight Plane

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

As part of an investigation into crimes committed at the infamous ESMA Naval Mechanics School during the 1976-1983 “Dirty War,” during which as many as 30,000 people were kidnapped and killed, this airplane is believed to have been one of them used in the “death flights”

“In the ESMA, they gave prisoners’ a weak tranquilizer and then when they got into the plane, they took off their clothes, took off the handcuffs, and then gave them the final injection. They threw them out sleeping and alive,” prosecution lawyer Horacio Mendez Carreras told Reuters Television.

About 5,000 suspected leftist dissidents were held at the clandestine detention center. Many died during the secret death flights and few bodies were recovered.

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mun2 Premiers Hot New Reality Series “Beauties & The Boss,” Sunday June 19

mun2  Premiers  Hot New Reality Series “Beauties & The Boss,” Sunday June 19

Photo: Beauty and the Boss

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Telemundo’s mun2, the Hispanic lifestyle cable network for today’s young Latino Americans (YLAs) aged 18-34, is turning up the heat Sunday nights with a brand new reality series “Beauties & the Boss.”  The one-hour, highly entertaining reality series is sure to satisfy your guilty pleasures as they go inside the life of Monica Weitzel, the young, Latina CEO of Assorted Flavors Agency, a Los Angeles based promotional modeling agency.  With Monica comes a roster of sexy, bold, and unpredictable promo-girl beauties who take on the city of Los Angeles by day and spice up the nights during their exciting and glamorous work assignments.  “Beauties & the Boss” premieres Sunday, June 19 at 9 PM ET on mun2.  Visit mun2.tv/boss for a sneak peek.

Running a successful promotions modeling agency is no easy feat, especially when you’re Monica.  From juggling her models’ schedules and wild personalities, to their love triangles and arguments, Monica knows she has to keep it real and “handle” these fiery beauties whom she relies on to build her growing business.

“We’re very proud of ‘Beauties & the Boss’,” says Diana Mogollon, General Manager of mun2.  “We want our viewers to feel like they are part of Monica’s world.  We want them to live the excitement and the drama and be inspired by her drive and success.”

“mun2 continues to bring Latinos into the reality world, and Monica is the perfect example of a Latina creating a business that many people have seen but few people know about,” says Flavio Morales, SVP Programming and Production for mun2.  “Like the models, the show is sexy, fun and uniquely American, and will make for some great summer television viewing.”

In the hour-long reality show, we meet some of Monica’s top models and immediately get caught up in the excitement and drama surrounding this group of beautiful women, who don’t always get along but must work together as Assorted Flavors’ promo girls.  Meanwhile, back home, Monica’s traditional Latin family keeps her grounded as she reaches for her dreams.

Assorted Flavors provides models for a wide range of promotions and Monica is in charge of selecting the right models for each event.  Assorted Flavors roster of beautiful women and men reflects the wide range of ethnicities and flavors of Latinos in LA.  Whether a nightclub promo and a boxing event or a car and trade show, it isn’t a party unless the promo-girl beauties have checked in.

mun2.tv will offer viewers interactive videos that allow users to learn how to be a promo model and also how to bring up their game according to the Assorted Flavors’ beauties, offering viewers different scenarios throughout the videos.  Also, as part of the fifth year celebration of hit webcam interviews featuring celebrities and their biggest fans, mun2.tv will connect two of the promo models with their biggest fans mid-season.  The website will also allow viewers to interact with the beauties on mun2.tv/ppl where each beauty will interact directly with their fans, answer viewer-submitted questions and share behind the scenes scoop and photos from the series. 

As Census figures show, Latinos are the nation’s fastest growing and youngest demo group, quickly becoming the new mainstream, general market consumers.  As the #1 Hispanic cable lifestyle channel among YLAs, mun2 is leading the way with an impressive 42% year-to-year growth in persons 18-34 in total primetime and delivering a 72% share of YLAs. 

mun2’s premiere Sundays kick off on June 19th at 9pm ET/PT with “Beauties & the Boss,” followed by the hit series “RPM MIAMI” at 10pm ET/PT.

“Beauties & the Boss” is an ensemble of real life Latinas with whom anyone can relate.  The series features Monica, her family, and a roster of aspiring singers, dancers, actresses and models whose real life stories would make anyone laugh, cry and be inspired.  Meet Monica and her promo girls (and guys):

MONICA, 31 - Ventura, CA.

Monica Weitzel is the owner and founder of Assorted Flavors Agency, a promotional modeling service located in Los Angeles.  She’s a beautiful, driven and confident small business owner who can be a quick-tempered perfectionist, but after hours she knows how to let her hair down.
DIANE, 25 - Houston, TX.

Diane Gonzales is a Mexican beauty and aspiring sports journalist who uses her sexy looks to get ahead.  She’s a proud Latina who’ll stop at nothing to get what she wants.
JENN M., 22 - San Fernando Valley, CA.

An aspiring singer/actress/model who has appeared in several music videos, Jenn can be a misbehaving brat.  Her constant desire to create conflict sometimes gets out of hand.
JEN C., 23 - Whittier, CA.

Jen is a gorgeous and statuesque model who prides herself on being professional at work.  But this quiet beauty has no problem telling her fellow colleagues or customers to buzz off.
KARINA, 27 - Laredo, TX.
Karina is a model and nutritionist.  She is a feisty young lady with tons of personality but she’s prone to gossip, which sometimes gets her in trouble.
LARA, 21 - Calgary Alberta, Canada

Lara is a blonde bombshell from Canada who wants to become a professional makeup artist.  She is sweet but can be a little naïve when it comes to men.  Good thing her fellow Canadian roomie and best friend Liz is there to keep her in line.
LIZ, 23 - Vancouver, Canada

Liz is a pretty blonde with an edge.  Originally from Canada, Liz moved to LA to work as a professional dancer and “pays the rent” as a promo model.  She lives with her best friend and compatriot, Lara.
NATALIE, 22 - Diamond Bar, CA.

Natalie is Monica’s best friend and her go-to girl when Monica’s personal or professional life is falling apart.  Natalie is a former promo girl who has gone on to record an album and doesn’t hold back from letting the new girls know she’s an original member of the crew.
VANESSA, 25 - Queens Village, NY.

Vanessa is Monica’s office assistant.  She is a beautiful, drama-free Dominican/Ecuadorian East Coast girl.
NICK, 23 - Moorhead, MN.

Nick wants to be an actor but is currently pursuing a business degree, just in case.  He is a successful male promo model often referred to as an Abercrombie & Fitch type.
MARKOS - 24, Los Angeles, CA.

Markos works as a promo model while pursuing his true love of music.  This good looking, outgoing guy plays guitar for an 80’s cover band and always manages to attract the beauties.
KEENAN, 26 - Culver City, CA.

Keenan is the company’s security guard.  He accompanies the promo girls to every event, making sure that none of the customers get out of line with the girls.  Although it’s against company policy, Keenan wouldn’t hesitate at all at the chance of dating one of the girls.

“Beauties & the Boss” is produced by 8th Wonder (BET Black Poker Stars Invitational) and Genius Kitchen for mun2.  The series carries a TV-PG parental guideline.

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Narco Blog: The Mexican Army Delivers Major Blow to Zetas

Narco Blog: The Mexican Army Delivers Major Blow to Zetas

Photo: Zeta Cash Confiscated

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

The Mexican Army delivered a major blow to the Zeta’s yesterday. The Police carried out an operation in which they seized more than a million dollars cash, this in the town of Sabinas, Nuevo León.

In the safe house bust they found several bags with wads of bills. All the money is due to drug trafficking.

They also confiscated rifles, 74 magazines, a thousand 130 cartridges, radio equipment, jewelry, and four vehicles.

Six people were arrested, among which is a woman and two children.

Not a single shot was fired during the operation.

Read in Spanish Here

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Redistricting and the Latino Boom in Nebraska

Redistricting and the Latino Boom in Nebraska

Photo: Nebraska Redistricting Data 2010

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At the beginning of the year there was much speculation as to how the rapid growth of the U.S. Latino population in the last decade would influence the redistricting process across the country.  Growth rates in new destination states such as Nebraska (77%), Nevada (82%), and North Carolina (111%) have emerged as battlegrounds over the extent to which Latinos will impact this decennial process.

Looking at the effort to redraw both the state legislative and congressional districts around the center of Nebraska’s Latino population, the southeastern portion of the Omaha metropolitan area. More specifically, the controversial attempt by Republican members of the Nebraska Legislature’s Redistricting Committee to create a Latino “super-majority” district in South Omaha, while simultaneously decreasing Latino influence in the east Sarpy County communities of Bellevue and Papillion-La Vista by removing them from Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District.

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Fifa Investigating Match between Nigeria and Argentina Due to Suspicious Betting Patterns

Officials saw irregular betting patterns as well as a highly controversial call just before the final whistle blew in Wednesday’s game.

Concerns have been raised by betting patterns, which took place during the game, particularly before Argentina clinched a consolation goal in added time. Just before Argentina’s late goal there was a surge in gambling, which seemed to predict the fifth goal.

Despite only five minutes awarded as stoppage time, referee Ibrahim Chaibou allowed play to continue till the 98th minute when a controversial handball decision led to Argentina pulling a goal back from the penalty spot through Wigan flop Mauro Boselli.

A Fifa spokesman said: “Fifa can confirm that this match between Nigeria and Argentina was one that we had an active interest in, and forms part of a wider ongoing Fifa investigation.”


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Palin Buys “Place to Thaw Out” in Scottsdale Arizona

Palin Buys “Place to Thaw Out” in Scottsdale Arizona

Photo: Sarah Palin New Home in AZ

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has purchased a new 1.7 million dollar home in Scottsdale, Az. Her recent purchase of the 8,000-sq.-ft., six-bedroom house has prompted much speculation. One theory is that Palin might establish residency in Arizona to run for the Senate seat being vacated by retiring Republican Jon Kyl.

“That is not what my plan is here, no. I have not really considered that at all, but thanks for asking,” said Palin. “You have great senators here, though.”

The home is both walled and gated and boasts a pool, billiard room, home theatre and wine cellar as described in the sales literature.

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High School Crowns Hispanic Transgender Student Prom Queen (VIDEO)

High School Crowns Hispanic Transgender Student Prom Queen (VIDEO)

Photo: Andiii Viveros

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Andii Viveros was announced as queen of the McFatter Technical High School prom on Friday.

“I don’t even remember what happened at that moment,” the 17-year old high school senior said. “I knew people were voting for me, people care enough to vote for me.”

Andii is not like any other prom queen though- she was born Andrew Viveros in Davie, Fla., where some of the people weren’t so understanding when she started living as a young woman two years ago.

She wears a full face of makeup to school, and dresses, and is not afraid to stand up for herself.

“Last year, she said I couldn’t wear a dress to school because it could create a disturbance,” said Viveros of a former principal. Viveros’ reaction? Wear a dress the very next day.

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Fox Ignores The Fact That A Majority Detained By ICE Program Are Nonviolent Immigrants (VIDEO)

Fox Ignores The Fact That A Majority Detained By ICE Program Are Nonviolent Immigrants (VIDEO)

Photo: Fox News

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During Fox News’ coverage of Secure Communities, a deportation program begun under the Bush administration, Fox pushed the idea that opting out of the program would create “sanctuary states” for dangerous undocumented immigrants. In fact, a large proportion of individuals who are detained and deported by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement carry only misdemeanors and minor infractions or have no criminal conviction or background.



Fox Suggests If States Opt Out Of Program, Serial Killers May Be On The Loose

Fox: States That Opt Out Of Secure Communities Are Setting Up “Sanctuary Cities And Counties.” On the May 31 edition of Fox News’ America Live, Fox News correspondent Trace Gallagher suggested that if localities were allowed to opt out of the federal Secure Communities program for dealing with undocumented immigrants, they would be creating “sanctuary cities and counties.” Guest anchor Martha MacCallum claimed that states considering opting out were “essentially creating sanctuary states.” From America Live:

MacCALLUM: California is now one step closer to approving a bill that would allow counties to opt out of an agreement to check the immigration status of anybody who is arrested. Democrats in the state say that undermines local law enforcement and will lead to the deportation of innocent illegals. Republicans against the opt-out say that it undermines federal law.

That debate is now raising a lot of questions about the administration’s commitment to protecting our border. We’re going to sort of break down all of this for you. There’s a lot in there, and Trace is going to sort of, you know, tell us how all of this comes out. Hey, Trace.

GALLAGHER: Hey, Martha. The program is called Secure Communities, and it was initiated by the Obama administration as a way to combat illegal immigration, especially for illegals who break the law other than by just coming into the country. The way it works is, is if you go to the county jail, they take your fingerprints and they automatically will cross-check those fingerprints against a federal immigration database. Now, if the inmate is illegal, they’re turned over to the feds for possible deportation. I say possible, because the vast majority of those who are turned over are not deported.


GALLAGHER: For the Obama administration, it’s kind of a pickle, right? Because sanctuary cities and counties is a violation of federal law. They’re already suing the state of Arizona for trying to enforce federal law. The question now becomes what do they do to counties who are violating federal law.

MacCALLUM: Yeah, it’s a very interesting debate, Trace. So thank you for that. California is now joining a growing number of states that are taking steps to opt out of that federal program, essentially creating sanctuary states where illegals will find it easier to avoid federal scrutiny. Illinois, Maryland, and Massachusetts are studying this as well. They may allow counties to opt out of this program that is an Obama-approved—President Obama-approved program. [Fox News, America Live, 5/31/11]

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Peru Election 2011: Democracy’s Faustian Choices

Peru Election 2011: Democracy’s Faustian Choices

Photo: Ollanta Humala and Keiko Fujimori

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Next Sunday, June 5, I will join thousands of expat Peruvians at St. Agustin College in Chicago to vote in the second and final electoral round in choosing the next president of Peru.

The collective mood of Peruvians is highly apprehensive about what’s next, despite—or perhaps because of—the country’s substantial eight percent growth in gross national product in five of the last six years. That is among the highest in the world.

Sunday’s election is where the red-hot issues of race, gender, age, imprisonment, insurrection, poverty and economic boom will be shaken in a volatile political cocktail.

The choice between Keiko Fujimori and Ollanta Humala has come down to two candidates with a lot of potentially problematic baggage. Keiko is the daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori who is serving multiple multiyear sentences in a maximum-security prison in Lima, convicted of corruption and human rights abuses.

Ollanta led two failed insurrections in the Andes against democratically elected governments, and his father espouses an indigenous nationalistic ideology that borders on reverse racism.

These are not the kind of pedigrees that inspire change Peruvians can believe in.

Below the Surface

Yet…Yet, as is often the case in surrealistic Peru, what is on and below the surface, confounds logic. And unexpected turns of events can be equally damming or redemptive. Both candidates are exercising considerable effort to cut the binds of their political past.

In the final debate last Sunday between the two, Fujimori did her best to paint Humala as a destabilizing force, but he held his ground as someone who has recast his persona—aided by Brazilian political consultants—as a man of reason, rather than as a firebrand revolutionary.

And try as Humala did to link Fujimori to the corruption that had led to her father’s imprisonment, she stopped him in his tracks by asserting that Humala had spent most of his time debating the wrong person. “I am the candidate, not the man who is sitting in prison.” The sins of the fathers, she insisted, should not be visited upon their offspring.

While many Peruvians are willing to give Fujimori this pass – as she leads in the polls by about four percentage points but with a very large percentage of undecided voters – many are not.

Bitterness still surfaces at what many consider betrayal on the part of Alberto Fujimori, who arguably could have gone down in history as one of Peru’s greatest presidents after he tamed hyperinflation, defeated two terrorist movements and laid the foundation for Peru’s sustained economic boom.

His downfall?

Whether it was willingly or coerced, Fujimori entered a Faustian pact with Vladimiro Montesinos, his head of DINCOTE, the Peruvian secret service. Montesinos bribed politicians, generals, TV station owners and journalists with bundles of cash, while he lead a brutal, no-holds-barred war against terrorism.

After separate fugitive escapes to other countries both men were dramatically captured and ended up in the same prison convicted by Peruvian courts on multiple counts. As befitting of a Latin American novel, they were initially incarcerated in the same jail holding Abimael Guzman, the Peruvian Osama bin Laden. Through his Shining Path movement, Guzman had unleashed real and psychological destruction on Peruvian society. He had heroically been captured under the leadership of his current prison mates.

Terrorism, Torture and Human Rights

So it is that Peruvian society is highly polarized about Keiko Fujimori’s father in a way echoing the U.S. debate around whether torture – along with its the suspension of human rights – is justifiable when facing nihilistic terrorists willing to kill anyone and everyone.

But it wasn’t the human rights debate that sunk Peru’s first president of Japanese descent. Most Peruvians, who lived the sheer terror of Guzman’s Shining Path, with its car bombs and massacres, were willing to make their own Faustian deal by looking the other way as Fujimori’s regime put an end to the Shining Path’s madness – but only by responding in kind.

No, what did Fujimori in for many Peruvians, was the blatant bribery conducted in the name of a leader, who had established a new pragmatic, nonideological paradigm for bringing about change.

It was under Fujimori that the longstanding practices of massive disregard for paying taxes came to an end, as he prosecuted many of the nonbelievers in paying state tribute.

Even as people were pissed off at having to pay taxes, grudging respect became growing respect for a president, who made it clear that there were rules all—with no exceptions even among the elite—had to follow.

As Peruvians got in line with the country’s new path, state revenues grew and were put into transformational use, building thousands of schools, kilometers of highways, electrical grids and water systems.

That the exemplar of rectitude had under his nose one of the most blatant bribery campaigns the country had ever seen was unforgivable.

It’s forgiveness, however, that’s on Keiko’s mind—or more accurately, a pardon. It‘s no secret that she does not believe innocent people should be in jail and since she insists her father is not guilty, she would likely pardon him.

While Peruvians debate the limits of forgiveness, Ollanta offers another test.

His first presidential campaign five years ago when he lost to Alan Garcia was partially bankrolled by Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. His policies are antithetical to the free market economic programs that have reduced extreme poverty in Peru from 50 percent to 30 percent. Massive foreign investment in Peru has fueled the economic transformation.

Still, that leaves one-third of the country in abject poverty, a damning metric. It is this proportion of the population that has declared trickle down a fiction and see in Humala someone who will plead their cause regardless of his history of insurrection or suspect influences. They are willing to make this Faustian tradeoff.

For Ollanta, though, Chavez’s well documented ambition to extend the Cuban Revolution into modern day Venezuela—and his eagerness to influence other parts of South America via Bolivia’s Evo Morales and Ecuador’s Rafael Correa—are the very things that may make enough Peruvians turn away from him and look the other way, yet again.

If so, they in turn will cast their own Faustian vote that may indeed free Alberto Fujimori, as the price for hopefully preserving the economic boom.

NAM correspondent, Andrés Tapia grew up in Lima, Peru. Twitter: @AndresTTapia

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NEW POLL: Belief in Economic Opportunity Unites Americans Across Ethnic/Racial Lines

NEW POLL: Belief in Economic Opportunity Unites Americans Across Ethnic/Racial Lines

Photo: American Diversity

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

In a rapidly diversifying America, whites and minorities share many common views about what it takes to succeed in today’s economy and a cultural optimism about the progress America has made in expanding opportunity for people of all ethnic and racial backgrounds. However, they diverge in revealing ways about the role of government, the opportunities they see for the next generation, and the consequences of demographic change, according to poll results announced today by The Allstate Corporation (NYSE: ALL) and National Journal.

With the U.S. population projected to become “majority-minority” by 2042, the ninth quarterly Allstate-National Journal Heartland Monitor Poll examined questions of economic opportunity and beliefs about the future of America across a spectrum of racial and ethnic groups.

The poll results show significant agreement about economic opportunity and the path to success in America. Most Americans believe the U.S. has made real progress on economic opportunity, with 55% saying the country is doing a better job now at creating equal opportunity across ethnic and racial lines than when they were younger. By a 2-1 margin, Americans believe that our free market economy is successful at creating more opportunity than problems. Across all backgrounds, education was considered the most important factor for success in America, followed by the state of the economy and an individual’s own skills, while only 2% of respondents believed it was a person’s racial or ethnic background.

The results also show that Americans of all backgrounds believe that economic divides between rich and poor are the most significant contributor to disagreements on important issues – a greater wedge than ethnic, racial, or cultural divides.

“Our survey uncovers that a more diverse America is a more hopeful America – one that sees opportunities available to all, regardless of race or ethnic background,” said Thomas J. Wilson, Allstate chairman, president and chief executive officer. “This optimism in the American dream is further illustrated by the belief that education, individual initiative and hard work are the keys to success. The poll reveals there is common ground as we work to harness the power of our diverse nation to make us all stronger and more successful. Americans of all backgrounds believe disagreements in this country on important issues are driven more by income differences than any other difference, including ethnic or cultural divides.”

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UNIVISION Has Exclusive Live Coverage Of 2011 Copa Oro Matches

UNIVISION Has Exclusive Live Coverage Of  2011 Copa Oro Matches

Photo: Copa Oro Matches

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

The Legendary Hugo Sanchez, Fernando Fiore, Pablo Ramirez, Jorge Perez Navarro, Jesus Bracamontes, Diego Balado and Marcelo Balboa are Joined by Jackie Guerrido and Ernesto Laguardia Bringing Unique Perspectives and Minute-to-Minute Excitement.

First Matches Costa Rica vs. Cuba and México vs. El Salvador on Univision Kickoff the Exhilarating Tournament on Sunday, June 5.

Univision Communications Inc., the leading media company serving Hispanic America, today announced the schedule for its exclusive Spanish-language coverage of all matches to be played during the 2011 Copa Oro, the biennial tournament and premiere event for FIFA’s North American, Central American and Caribbean confederation. Soccer fans will have access to their favorite sport, live across platforms on the Univision, TeleFutura and Galavision Networks and online at www.UnivisionDeportes.com.

The excitement of the Copa Oro will kickoff Sunday, June 5, with Costa Rica vs. Cuba, followed by Mexico vs. El Salvador, telecast on the Univision Network with the renowned Mexican fútbol coach and former striker Hugo Sanchez and FIFA World Cup sportscaster Fernando Fiore hosting live from Dallas.

Joining Sanchez and Fiore as the play-by-play announcers are celebrated sportscasters Pablo Ramirez and Jorge Perez Navarro, with Jesus “El Profe” Bracamontes and Diego Balado as color commentators. Marcelo Balboa, former captain of the U.S. national soccer team will join as a guest analyst. Univision personality Jackie Guerrido and actor/host Ernesto Laguardia will also join this first broadcast of the tournament and “Republica Deportiva’s” (Sports Nation) special telecast on June 5.

Each day of the tournament will feature the pre-game special “Antesala a la Copa Oro” (Prelude to the Gold Cup) with unique guests offering their analysis of the games. The action continues throughout the month with the final match of Copa Oro airing on Univision Network on Saturday, June 25 live from Pasadena, Calif.

Live online streaming of all 2011 Copa Oro matches will also be available in the U.S. and Puerto Rico at http://deportes.univision.com, and will feature a Facebook plug-in with real-time commentary from fans. Live mobile streaming of Copa Oro matches will be provided exclusively for Sprint customers. The online and mobile site will also provide in-depth coverage as the tournament unfolds, including online video game highlights, daily stats and standings, the latest news, calendars and more. Soccer fans can also access real-time updates, scores, and stats on these popular tournaments by downloading the Univision Deportes-Fútbol (Sports-Soccer) App and the Univision Marcador (Scoreboard) App on their Smartphones.

For a schedule of Copa Oro live streams online, visit:http://futbol.univision.com/copa-oro/calendar

Established in 1991, Copa Oro has become the region’s most popular soccer event, routinely drawing capacity crowds and millions of viewers across the nation. Throughout the years the Copa Oro finals have grown into a 12-nation championship with countries qualifying from the three regions of CONCACAF - North America, Central America (UNCAF) and the Caribbean (Caribbean Football Union). The tournament features the best players from the region, with México and the United States holding the most Copa Oro titles. Held throughout the country, the 12 teams that will face off in the 2011 tournament are: Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, México, Panama and USA.

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MEET Lea T: Brazil’s Transsexual Rising Model Superstar (VIDEO)

MEET Lea T: Brazil’s Transsexual Rising Model Superstar (VIDEO)

Photo: Lea T. By Karel Losenicky

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

ImageIn less than 2 years, she has been on Oprah, landed editorials in Vogue Paris, walked for Givenchy, and was in the cover of LOVE magazine smooching Kate Moss!

Lea T. is the daughter of well-known former Brazilian football player Toninho Cerezo. She is currently ranked #42 on the Top 50 Models Women List by models.com

Miss T. was first discovered by Givenchy senior designer Riccardo Tisci . Her first runway show was for Alexandre Herchcovitch during São Paulo Fashion Week this past January, only a few months after she became the face of Givenchy. .

She was interviewed by Oprah in February, and gave a compelling interview, opening to her about her issues with gender identity “I was hoping I was gay, because, for my family, it would be less painful. And then I could ... have a normal life,” She told Oprah. “But it’s something in your brain - born in the wrong body.”


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First Latina Ever Elected to Chicago City Clerk- Susana Mendoza Talks City Stickers

First Latina Ever Elected to Chicago City Clerk- Susana Mendoza Talks City Stickers

Photo: Susana Mendoza

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Susana Mendoza was elected Chicago City Clerk in 2011 and is the first woman ever elected to that office. City Clerk Mendoza’s office is responsible for maintaining official city government records, distributing approximately 1.3 million vehicle stickers and residential parking permits, issuing city business licenses and licensing all dogs in the City of Chicago. City Clerk Mendoza is committed to improving the City Clerk’s office by making it the most technologically savvy, user-friendly and efficient City Clerk office in the country. For more information about the City Clerk’s office, visit www.ChiCityClerk.com.


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LOOSEN UP this weekend with a Latin American Wonder

Loosen up this weekend with a Latin American natural wonder.  Guess What and Where this is?


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SaturdayJune 4, 2011