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WednesdayApril 13, 2011

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Very Large Number of Peruvians Living Abroad Voted in Presidential Election

Very Large Number of Peruvians Living Abroad Voted in Presidential Election

Photo: Peruvian Presidential Run-Off Candidates: Fujimori and Humala

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

The Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is reporting a large number of Peruvians living outside of the country voted in this most recent Presidential election.

The Ministry is reporting close to 360,000 or 48% of those living abroad voted at their local Peruvian consulate.  In the 2006 Presidential election 290,000 Peruvians living abroad voted. 

The Peru consulate in Madrid registered the biggest number of voters, followed by Buenos Aires and Santiago, Chile.  In the U.S. the Peru consulate in Miami had the most voters with 18,000, New York city had 14,000. 

Peru’s presidential race is set to continue after no candidate was able to garner the vote majority required. Now, a runoff election is set for June between Ollanta Humala and Keiko Fujimori.

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One Day, One Border Station - One Million Dollars in Marijuana Seizures

One Day, One Border Station - One Million Dollars in Marijuana Seizures

Photo: Confiscated Marijuana

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Rio Grande City station confiscated nearly $1.1 million worth of marijuana in a pair of seizures Monday evening.

The largest seizure occurred near La Rosita, Texas, when agents patrolling spotted several people loading bundles of narcotics into a parked van near the Rio Grande. When the group saw the agents approaching they stopped what they were doing and fled into the nearby brush ─ leaving behind more than 900 pounds of marijuana.

Earlier that evening near Escobares, Texas, agents noticed a Pontiac Grand Prix picking up bundles of narcotics near the river. When the agents identified themselves, the drug smugglers immediately ran from the area. Inside the vehicle agents found more than 460 pounds of marijuana.

The marijuana in both cases was turned over to various agencies for further investigation.

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Honduras Worse Than Mexico, Police Ignore Rise in Violence Against Journalists ,LGBT Community

Honduras Worse Than Mexico, Police Ignore Rise in Violence Against Journalists ,LGBT Community

Photo: Police ignore the increased violence against members of the LGBT community and journalists

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

While you’d be hard-pressed to a go a day without hearing about the violence in Mexico, many Americans would likely be surprised to learn that Honduras actually has the highest murder rate in the Western Hemisphere. However, what should surprise everyone is the fact that when journalists or members of the LGBT community are shot, the police often ignore it.

When radio journalist Franklin Melendez was shot in the leg, and a co-worker threatened with, “You’re next, bitch. We’re going to kill you,” witnesses told police. Police said they would not act without a formal complaint, however, when a complaint was filed, the police still refused to do anything, and said an arrest warrant was needed. Now, the assailant has fled the area.

“They didn’t lift a finger to help us,” said the co-worker, Ethels Posada, 30.

Since 2008, gunmen in Honduras have gotten away with killing 10 journalists, 59 gay or other LGBT people, 60 lawyers, and 155 women. Each case remains unprosecuted.

International human rights advocates have taken notice of this frightening trend, and the Obama administration, noting the upswing in the number of hate crimes against the LGBT community, has sent FBI agents and prosecutors to the nation to help with murder investigation.

Unfortunately, many expect that nothing will change, and point to the fact that in two years, the violence in Honduras has risen 39 percent. Today, a person is five times more likely to be murdered in Honduras than they are in Mexico. Honduras has a population of only eight million, while Mexico has 112 million people.

Experts like Osman Lopez, of news media group, the Committee for Free Expression, says the government in Honduras is partially to blame for the murders.

This isn’t to say that the state commits the crimes, but by not investigating…it is complicit. It sends a message to the criminals, the paramilitaries and the hit men that they can do as they please.”

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UN to Focus on Sustainable Management of Rainforests

UN to Focus on Sustainable Management of Rainforests

Photo: Amazon Rainforest

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Top officials from more than 35 nations covering the world’s three major rainforest regions will gather at a United Nations-backed conference next month to discuss the common challenges faced by these vital ecosystems that support more than a billion people.

The aim of the Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Amazon, Congo, and Borneo-Mekong Forest Basins is to achieve a plan for the sustainable management of forest ecosystems in the three basins.

The four-day meeting, which will be held in Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of Congo, beginning on May 31st, is also part of celebrations of the International Year of Forests (2011).

The Amazon Basin of South America, the Congo Basis in Central Africa, and the Borneo-Mekong Basin in South-East Asia make up 80 per cent of the world’s rainforests and contain two thirds of its biodiversity.

Forest loss is accelerating at a rapid pace across much of the three basins, and forest degradation and destruction now account for 20 per cent of the greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.

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Juanes Visits Sesame Street (VIDEO)

Juanes Visits Sesame Street  (VIDEO)

Photo: Rosita, Juanes and Elmo.

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

The Colombian musician visited the set of Sesame Street, where he gave Elmo a quick lesson in Spanish.

Below, highlights from Juanes’ appearance, and as an added bonus, a video compilation of some of the most remarkable Hispanic guests in the history of the muppets show.










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STUDY:  Discrimination Can Hurt One’s Health and Expand Your Waistline

If you are portly, fat or have an ‘expanding waistline’ there is something you can blame besides fast food – discrimination.  A recent study, from Purdue University using data from 1995-2004’s National Survey of Midlife Development,  shows that discrimination can hurt your health.

Discrimination is appears is likely to expand your waistline and an expanded waistline and the co-related abdominal fat is an indicator of poor cardiovascular health. 

The study will be featured in the American Journal of Epidemiology and shows that men who report being discriminated had on average a 2.39 cm waistline increase.  Women on the other hand reported a waistline increase of 1.88 cm.  It is now known why men are more negatively affected by feelings of discrimination.

Read more at UPI →

Self-Taught Mexican Immigrant Now an Expert on Drones

Self-Taught Mexican Immigrant Now an Expert on Drones

Photo: Jordi Muñoz, drone expert

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

At just 24, Jordi Muñoz is already revered as one of the top experts regarding drones and other such technology.

Born in Ensenada, but raised in Tijuana, Muñoz came from a middle class family. At a young age he was fascinated by computers, electronics and planes. By the time he was a teenager, he was the guy everyone in the UAV online community went to for advice.

Though he had support online, he failed to get any from Mexico City’s MIT-like school, the Instituto Politécnico Nacional. He was denied admission, and spent a year at Ensenada’s Centro de Enseñanza Técnica y Superior, before he married his American-born girlfriend in 2007.

The couple moved to Riverside, California, and while waiting for his green card, Muñoz was unable to work, attend school, or get a driver’s license. To help him pass the time, his mother sent him a poor-flying radio-controlled helicopter. He took the machine apart, designed a new autopilot and in the end had created a sleeker, more stable flying machine.

Continuing his self-lessons, Muñoz looked at online tutorials, spoke with other hobbyists, took a closer look at autopilots, and GPS systems. With all this knowledge, he was able to build and launch his own drone, and all for only a few hundred dollars.

While Muñoz was researching and building, the editor of Wired magazine, Chris Anderson, was starting drone research of his own. He came across a video online of the young wiz controlling a small helicopter using a modified Wii controller to fly it. An impressed Anderson then began corresponding with Muñoz via e-mail.

“Ten years ago, I would have ended up with a recent graduate from Stanford,” Anderson said. “That would have been fine, but we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Shortly after, in May of 2009, Muñoz started 3d Robotics in his apartment when Anderson asked him to make some circuit boards. Using Anderson’s contacts, Muñoz said, “I made 40, and I sold them all in one day.

In the first month, Muñoz made almost $5,000 in revenues. By July, $56,000, and by March $164,000. Now, the company makes enough that Muñoz can afford to employ 11 people, and pay himself $5,000 a month.

And today, Muñoz is considered one of the foremost experts on drones, despite multi-million dollar company making more and charging more for their drones, which have gone to a number of military agencies.

For the future, Muñoz predicts we’ll see drones available in every household, just as personal the computer went from being an exotic idea to a common, everyday technology, and he’s willing to wagering his future on it.

Muñoz has at least one solid supporter.

“He has this almost animal instinct for hot, rising technologies,” said Anderson. “He was onto this way before me.”

Adding, “Autonomy is the future of aviation in the same way that autonomy is the future of cars. We know that computers drive cars better than people do — we use cruise control, and there are systems to keep you in your lane.”

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Rio 2016 Olympics “On Target”

Rio 2016 Olympics “On Target”

Photo: 2016 Rio Olympic Village

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

The Rio 2016 Olympic organizing committee has just emerged from meetings where it reported its progress to-date to international monitoring organizations.

Carlos Nuzman, the president of Rio 2016, said: “We are absolutely on target according to the schedule set by the International Olympic Committee, working in close collaboration with the federal, state and city governments, and building a highly qualified team to deliver the Games.”

The committee noted the construction of the Olympic and Paralympic Village is under way and renovation of the cities ports have also began.  The progress report confirmed that 17 new hotels are slated to be built.

The largest international soccer organization FIFA is involved in the monitoring since Brazil is hosting another major international affair – the 2014 World Cup.  Many of the Rio city upgrades will be used first for the World Cup then for the Olympics. 

While praise has been coming in for the 2016 Olympics preparedness there has been criticism from FIFA and concern that Brazil can not pull it all off. 

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Faux Referendum Shows Barcelona Would Vote to be Independent From Spain

Faux Referendum Shows Barcelona Would Vote to be Independent  From Spain

Photo: Barcelona wants independence

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Last Sunday, a quarter of a million Citizens of Barcelona voted in a mock referendum described as “a citizen’s initiative to organize a referendum in the city of Barcelona on Catalonia’s independence from Spain”.

The unofficial referendum showed 90% of those participating voted in favor of the independence of Catalonia, from the central Spanish government in Madrid.

Catalonia accounts for around 25% of Spain’s GDP, about one seventh of the Spanish population (47 million) and has long complained it contributes more than a fair share. Many Catalans, proud of their cultural identity and language, feel they get a raw deal from Madrid.

Despite the public’s opinion being pro-independence, the Catalonian Regional Parliament has rebuked a legislative proposal to take steps toward independence, starting by negotiations with the international community, followed by an official declaration of independence by an absolute majority.

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Miami Immigration Official Focus of Child Pornography Investigation

Miami Immigration Official Focus of Child Pornography Investigation

Photo: Anthony V. Mangione, being investigated for child pornography

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

According to federal sources, the head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in South Florida became the focus of a child pornography investigation over the weekend.

The home and office of Anthony V. Mangione were searched on Saturday by FBI agents. The 50-year-old has been the head of ICE’s regional office since 2007, and has served his entire federal career with ICE and its predecessor, the U.S. Customs Service.

ICE investigates migrant smuggling, illegal weapons exports, drug trafficking, and counterterrorism, and child pornography cases.

Mangione was often in the media, as he frequently spoke out against child pornography and those possessing it. In 2009, after a 12-year sentence was given to a 20-year-old Palm Beach County man convicted of child porn charge, Mangione said, “Too many children are victimized by predators that target the most vulnerable among us—our children.”

Federal officials, keeping their names private, as they are not allowed to speak on the manner, say they are shocked at the allegations against Mangione.

Details on the case have not been released, though it has reported that the ICE official’s home computer has been searched, and child pornography was found.

Mangione was planning to retire this summer.

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Shakira’s Ring Stolen in Monterrey, While She’s WEARING IT!! (VIDEO)

Shakira’s Ring Stolen in Monterrey, While She’s WEARING IT!! (VIDEO)

Photo: Colombian singer Shakira

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Watch the exact moment when someone rips the ring off her finger, as she greeted fans in Monterrey.  ¡Sinverguenzas!

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Ancient Shipwreck Found in Dominican Republic, Possibly the Oldest (VIDEO)

A Utah based company has found gold coins, jade statues, and ancient Mayan jewelry, which suggests the ancient shipwreck by the Dominican Republic, might be the oldest know. Image

“This is the history and the birthplace of America and here we are lucky enough to finding the shipwrecks from that time era,” said Wilf Blum, president of Deep Blue Marine.

ImageThe shipwreck off the coast of the Dominican Republic, is believed to have sunk only a few years after Christopher Colombus first set foot in the Americas.

“We found some old fella in town that was selling a coin,” said Captain William Rawson. “I bought the coin from him and we looked in a book and found it was one of the oldest coins ever minted in the new world!”

Rawson and his crew visited the site where the old man liked to dive, and little by little unearthed the 450 year old shipwreck.

“We found these two mirrors made out of iron pyrite. And they’ve been lying on the ocean floor for 450 years, but you can still take and turn them and see your face in them,” said Rawson.

50% of whatever the team finds, will stay with the Dominican Republic government.  With their cut, Deep Blue Marine has built a museum in the Dominican Republic and plans to put their findings on display.

Other items will be auctioned.


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Los Angeles ‘Metro’ Launches Spanish-language Blog

Los Angeles ‘Metro’ Launches Spanish-language Blog

Photo: Los Angeles Transit agency launches blog in Spanish

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Acknowledging that more than half of its passengers are Latino, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) launched “el pasajero”, a Spanish-language blog last week.

Known as “Metro” by locals, the agency’s blog became the first of its kind from a major transit institution. With at least 61 percent of MTA riders being Latino, Metro’s Marc Littman, said, “We have to recognize that the majority of our customers are Latino. We want to put a Latino face on Metro, so people can identify that it’s not just white bureaucrats running this agency.”

About 37 percent of the agency’s employees are Latino.

Head editor if the blog, Jazmín Ortega, a former La Opiníon journalist, said the blog is necessary because “Metro can be an agency that’s misunderstood.”

“What does Metro do? How do they spend their money?” These are the types of questions Ortega said the blog will answer.

The site’s first blog read, “Todos somos pasajeros en busca de nuestro destino,” which translates to, “We are all passengers in search of our desitination.”

At the launch for the blog, actor Edward James Olmos said it was necessary and that an increase in public transportation like that of the now decommissioned Red Car trolleys that used to run through other parts of the city is needed.

“[Public transportation] is the most important thing we can be doing in this city,” said Olmos.

The blog’s launch was part of the second annual Hispánicize 2011 public relations and social media conference.

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Daughter Turns Immigrant-Kidnapping Dad into California Authorities

Daughter Turns Immigrant-Kidnapping Dad into California Authorities

Photo: Kidnapping

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

The daughter of an alleged immigrant kidnapper got her father arrested and possibly saved the lives of several kidnapped Honduran illegal immigrants on Monday.

La Joya, California police authorities are reporting that 66-year-old Julian Toscano was arrested after beating his daughter for coming to the defense of several immigrants he was holding at his home.

Allegedly Toscano was threatening the immigrants with a bat, insisting they call their relatives and demand money for their release.  It was at this point that his daughter came to the defense of the immigrants and an altercation happened enabling the immigrants to escape.

Police then responded to the incident as a domestic violence call and have initially charged Toscano with assault and drug possession.  Immigration officials are now investigating the kidnapping and other charges maybe forthcoming.

The illegal aliens from Honduras were captured close to the site of the incident and were handed over to U.S. Border Patrol.

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Georgetown DREAM Act-er Faces Wall Street Career or Deportation

Georgetown DREAM Act-er Faces Wall Street Career or Deportation

Photo: Juan Gomez, Georgetown student faces deportation

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Imagine being on the verge of graduating from Georgetown University, being offered a dream job with J.P. Morgan Chase in New York, and making your hard working immigrant parents proud. Now imagine being deported and having all of that mean nothing. That is what one college student is now facing.

Juan Gomez, 22, has held the key to the American Dream in his hands – an envelope containing an job offer from one of the most impressive institutions on Wall Street, but he may have to give it up, if he is deported to Colombia.

Gomez, who hasn’t even seen Colombia since he was two, said the job offer “is such an opportunity for me and my family.” As the son of a security guard and a hotel maid, Juan has risen above and worked hard and will graduated magna cum laude on May 21, and while his Wall Street offers are not the average undocumented’s experience, he is facing deportation just like many of them.

Things quickly spiraled when, in 2007, immigration agents stormed into his family’s Miami home and took Juan, his brother and his parents to a detention center. The family had lost their years-long struggle to apply for political asylum and had not left when told to do so. His parents were sent back to Colombia, but after his friends and teachers lobbied for him, he was allowed to stay, at least until he finished college.

Now, with graduation just around the corner, Gomez is hoping the work permit he has as a student (I-765 visa) will be renewed, because if not, he only has permission to stay in the U.S. through next spring. His chance at the American Dream slipping through his fingers.

Passage of the DREAM Act would ideally help those just like Gomez – undocumented students willing to go on to higher education or serve in the military as part of a path to permanent residency.

A high school friend of Gomez, Scott Elfenbein, who led the fight to keep him in the U.S., said, “He is a perfect example of the kind of person we don’t want to lose. I sure wouldn’t want to get rid of someone who is going to pay that much in taxes and contribute as much to society as Juan is.”

Elfenbein is now a senior at Harvard, and started a group to lobby for the DREAM Act. He and Gomez are now facing opposition from those like Roy Beck, the executive director of NumbersUSA.

“The reason that people like him can make the claim they are in this tough situation is because his parents were allowed to break the law by holding a job for year after year,” Beck said. “He’s a very compelling case, but because he’s getting this job, there will be an American somewhere down the line who won’t get one.”

Staying in the U.S., while allowing for a six-figure income that would greatly help his family, would also mean that Gomez will not see his family for an even longer period of time. He has already not seen them (aside from Skype video chats) since they were deported. His parents are not allowed to return to the U.S. for ten years, and Juan cannot travel outside the country until he is a legal resident.

Right now however, Gomez is not alone in the country. His brother, Alex, 23, is in Miami, but unable to afford tuition with waiter’s wages, he dropped out of college. Currently, he has not worked in six weeks, after fracturing his ankle. He has no health insurance, and actually cut the cast off himself. Like their parents, Alex knows Juan’s potential salary at J.P. Morgan’s Latin American division could save his family from poverty.

“This would be more money than mu parents would have made in four or five years in Miami or ever in Colombia,” Alex told The Washington Post without revealing the exact salary or bonuses his brother was offered. “It would be life-changing for all of us.”

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It’s Official:  People’s Most Beautiful Woman is Jennifer Lopez

It’s Official:  People’s Most Beautiful Woman is Jennifer Lopez

Photo: Jennifer Lopez: Most Beautiful Woman

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

UPDATE:  Well it’s official Jennifer Lopez is People’s “Most Beautiful” for this year.  In her interview she admits in jest to her ‘diva’ reputation and how the real her just likes to be casual and without make-up.  HUH?? 

The Puerto-Rican beauty keeps adding titles to her resume, so besides ‘American Idol Judge’, she will be know for the rest of the year as the world’s most beautiful woman.

The 41-year old from the Bronx joins former winners like Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry and sees being beautiful as ‘part of my job’. 

ORIGINAL STORY: Though it’s not official – many sources are loudly whispering that People magazine’s 2011 ‘Most Beautiful’ cover star is Jennifer Lopez.  With her stint on American Idol being covered by the press daily to reviving her singing career with a hot new single “Love?” J Lo is everywhere.

The formal announcement as to who will don the very coveted cover shot will be made official by the magazine on Wednesday, April 13th.

This weekend Lopez might of given the secret away when she tweeted that she was going to some kind of shoot for People Magazine. “Early Call Today for @peoplemag shoot!”

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California Minor League Baseball Team to Host ‘Sheen-co de Mayo’ Festoon

California Minor League Baseball Team to Host ‘Sheen-co de Mayo’ Festoon

Photo: Sheen-co De Mayo

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

A California Minor League baseball team is planning on hosting ‘Sheen-co de Mayo’ Festoon.  It will be complete with Sheen-co de Mayo bobble-heads, “Wild Thing” nerd glasses and Tiger Blood cocktails, they have even invited the infamous actor to “A different kind of Rehab”.

Not everyone is happy nor pleased with the picturesque celebration. Joe Olague, president of the Inland Empire Council of the League of United Latin American Citizens, says the initiative downplays a significant day in Hispanic history.

“This makes the day less significant for the Latino community,” Said Olague before drawing similarities between sheen-co de mayo and throwing a Charlie Sheen-themed party on July 4th.

Several parents and Minor League Baseball game goers, are displeased with the team’s deception to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a tribute to Sheen and his toxic antics.

Lake Elsinore Storm’s president David Oster said the intent is not to hurt anyone, but to provide people with a good laugh.

The Storm, a Class-A, California League Padres affiliate, has been planning Sheen-co de Mayo since January, and has even invited Charlie Sheen himself to throw out the first pitch (no response so far).

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Consumer Reports Launches Its Most Popular Issue - the Auto Issue - in Spanish

Consumer Reports is offering the annual auto issue—the most popular issue of the magazine—in Spanish for the first time as a new way to reach the Hispanic community.

The issue contains information on the 2011 Top Picks, Automaker Report Cards, Best New Car Values, Used Car Reliability, and more unbiased and objective buying advice and information.

The Annual Auto issue will be offered as a digital publication and can be purchased at Zinio.com for use on PC and Mac computers or iPads, and at Barnes & Noble.com for the Nook Color. The digital publication will provide instant access to the magazine and give consumers the ability to highlight, bookmark, and save articles and pages of interest.

The 2010 Census counted 50.5 million Hispanics in the United States, making up 16.3% of the total population. The nation’s Latino population, which was 35.3 million in 2000, grew 43% over the decade. The Hispanic population also accounted for most of the nation’s growth—56%—from 2000 to 2010.

“More and more Hispanics are online, and as the digital platform grows, we think this is another way of getting Consumer Reports’ information into the hands of a growing audience,” said John Sateja, Executive Vice President of Consumers Union, the publisher of Consumer Reports.

The Annual Auto Issue En Espanol is Consumer Reports’ latest effort to extend its reach into the Spanish-speaking market in the U.S. Almost three years ago Consumer Reports launched its own Spanish-language site, Espanol.Consumer Reports.

And, last year, Consumer Reports launched the first-ever Spanish-language edition of its best-selling annual buying guide entitled Guía de Compras 2010 de Consumer Reports, with a forward by Julie Stav, best selling author and the host of “Tu Dinero con Julie Stav”. That was the first time that Consumer Reports’ trusted ratings and reliability data was published in a language other than English.

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Multicultural Crayons. What’s Your Shade?

Multicultural Crayons. What’s Your Shade?

Photo: Multicultural Crayons

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

These have been crayons have around for 20 years, much to the surprise of Fox, who only found about their existence last week. Controversy or just plain Multiculturalism?

It is 2011, and kids shouldn’t have to purchase and carry to school a 64 crayon set just to avoid coloring the family pet, the front door, the tan uncle, and the president of the nation with the same crayon.

This is the rationale behind the 1992 (limited then, now global) release of the “Multicultural Pack,” a box carrying within it the 8 most popular skin tones: black, sepia, peach, apricot, white, tan, mahogany and burnt sienna.

The release managed to stay off the Fox controversy radar for just short of 20 years, but it seems that as the school supply makers decided to take the Multicultural idea beyond the realm of crayons, and create culturally sensitive color pencils, markers, watercolors and whatnot, the controversy-o-meter at Fox went crazy.

We are also not happy with the Multicultural pack, but for different reasons. While Fox ties their panties in a knot, and comes out saying that the only crayon a kid needs is blue, we want to encourage Crayola to re-christen their hues, as Mahogany is the color of a wood, and not that of Tiger Woods. Sepia is the color of old photographs, not the tone of Señor Hugo Chávez. Right? What color is then, an old photograph of the Venezuelan leader, hmm?

So in that order of ideas, Crayola, we think your colorful crayons, should be named after some equally colorful latinos:



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AZ Governor Brewer Vows to Fight On

AZ Governor Brewer Vows to Fight On

Photo: Jan Brewer

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Republican Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer says she will continue to fight regardless of a second court declaring portions of SB70 are unconstitutional.

Brewer told Fox News: “Of course we are disappointed. The bottom line is it is another hurdle. We believe we are right, Greta, and we are going to continue our battle.”

“I’m going to sit with my staff again tonight and tomorrow make some decisions as to where we going to take it, if we are going to go back to the 9th circuit or if we are going to appeal to the Supreme Court,” Brewer added.

Both the trial court and the appeals court have agreed with the Justice Department that Arizona can not take immigration enforcement matters over as a state, preempting the federal government.

Governor Brewer argues, “Just do your job Mr. President. Enforce the federal law and we wouldn’t have these issues. And they are trying to run us out of time, money, and patience. I’m patient. I think Arizona is patient. And I think America is going to be patient.”


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Kin of Deceased Chilean President Salvador Allende Want to Exhume His Body for Autopsy

Kin of Deceased Chilean President Salvador Allende Want to Exhume His Body for Autopsy

Photo: Deceased Chilean President Salvador Allende

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

The kin of the deceased former President of Chile, Salvador Allende, want his body exhumed some 38 years later in order to conduct an autopsy into cause of death.

The relatives have taken their request to a Chilean judge and are seeking to renew the inquiry to how Allende died.  It is believed Allende committed suicide rather than surrender himself to the military coup that had taken over power in the country back in 1973. 

At the time the military, then under the rule of dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet, performed the autopsy themselves without independent confirmation and declared the death a suicide.  They gave Allende’s widow his body in a sealed casket.

His relatives including his daughter Senator Isabell Allende believe he was murdered by members of the coup.  An independent judge is working with the family on the exhumation and death investigation. 

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WednesdayApril 13, 2011