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ThursdayFebruary 10, 2011

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To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Letter of Agreement Signed Between U.S. and Honduras for Regional Security Funds

Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs William R. Brownfield, President Porfirio Lobo, and U.S. Ambassador Hugo Llorens signed a Letter of Agreement pledging an additional $1.75 million for Central America Regional Security Initiative (CARSI) programs.

The funding supports efforts by Honduran law enforcement to improve border and port security, prison management, and community policing programs focused on reducing gang-related violence.

These efforts include training programs in which the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Border Tactical Unit (BORTAC) shares security strategies with the Honduran Frontier Police. Touring a training site in Nido de Aguilas, Assistant Secretary Brownfield, Ambassador Llorens, and Honduran Secretary of State for Security Oscar Alvarez discussed prison reforms — including those aiming to separate the worst offenders from the rest of the prison population — as a major focus of U.S.-Honduran cooperation.

Assistant Secretary Brownfield praised the Government of Honduras for its commitment to improving cooperation between agencies, including the Armed Forces, the Public Ministry, and the Secretariat of Security, in their fight against criminal networks that threaten the security of citizens in Honduras and throughout Central America. By partnering with Honduran law enforcement agencies, the United States aims to boost anti-drug trafficking efforts, promote citizen safety, and help young people find alternatives to joining gangs.

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Mexican Government Formally Charges 14-Yr Hitman “Ponchis” with Killing 4 Men

The San-Diego born, 14-year hit man, Edgar Jimenez Lugo, of the South Pacific cartel, has been formally charged with the brutal slaying of four men in Mexico.

The minor will be tried as a juvenile on charges of being part of organized crime, drug and gun possession and four counts of murder, whereby his victims were found decapitated hanging on an overpass last August.  Lugo, whose nick name is ‘El Ponchis’ had been on the country’s most wanted list when he was captured trying to reenter the U.S. in December.

His mother, Yolando Lugo, and other relatives live in San Diego and he and his 19-year old sister were fleeing Cuernavaca enroute to the U.S. His mother has been picked up by U.S. authorities for being in the country illegally and faces deportation.

The maximum sentence the minor faces is three years in juvenile detention where he would be required to get psychological counseling and resume his primary school education.  El Ponchis dropped out of school at the 2nd grade.  His crimes came to light to Mexican authorities when YouTube videos were posted of the youngster torturing and beheading his victims.

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Chicago Area Firefighters Send Equipment and Themselves to Help Latin America

Chicago Area Firefighters Send Equipment and Themselves to Help Latin America

Photo: Aftermath of Chile's 2010 8.8 earthquake

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Last February, when an 8.8-magnitude earthquake hit Chile, an Illinois’ pastor was startled out of his sleep. He awoke to find that in Rancagua, the city he was visiting, the buildings looked like they been “shook like shoeboxes.”

That night changed Elgin, Illinois’ Rev. Henoch Fuentes’ life. The town he had visited frequently, was devastated. Around 800 people died in that earthquake, and countless homes along Chile’s oceanfront were destroyed by tsunamis caused by the quake.

Two of Rancagua’s five fire stations were destroyed, and wanting to help these people rebuild, Fuentes began organizing a group of firefighters to help ensure that in the event of a similar catastrophe, the people would be better prepared.

Next week, Fuentes’ rounded-up group of 10 Elgin firefighters will travel to Chile to train around 100 firefighters in Rancagua.

Each year, Chicago area firefighters travel to Latin American countries to bring not only equipment, but their expertise and experience to aid the local firefighters.

Some Latin America’s ‘fighters travel North for training as well, like firefighter-paramedic Alan Emody of the Bloomingdale Fire Department. He says that while he’s traveled to Guatemala twice a year for the last seven years to help with the training,Guatemalan firefighters also travel to the Chicago area twice a year to take part in a sort of exchange program to train.

For the Elgin firefighters headed to Chile next week, Fuentes has said the hardest part was raising awareness about the cause, and of course, raising the money.

The trip will cost about $17,000, and the firefighters raise $7,000. The remaining travel expenses were covered by the ‘fighters themselves, said Fuentes who moved to Chicago from Rancagua, and is now of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Elgin.

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Reports Surface that Mark Sanchez’ 17-Yr old Fling has a Party Mom, Accompanies Daughter to Bars

Reports are surfacing that Mark Sanchez’ 17-Yr old Fling, Eliza Kruger,  has a party mom, that accompanies her daughter to New York City bars. 

In a statement that brings to mind Lindsey Lohan’s tender beginnings as a “socialite,” an unnamed source told the New York Post “Eliza has been going to clubs since she was 15, sometimes with her mom,” the blond Greenwich divorcée Marie McCormick Kruger, “a lot of the club guys in the city know her mom well.”

Marie Kruger mumbled a muffled “No comment,” when a reporter tried to ask her about her club hopping habits with her under-age daughter.

Sources also told The New York Post that Eliza “recently has been hanging out with a promoter who works with a lot of the clubs, and who introduced her to Mark.”

“But even he thought she was 18,” the source quipped. “She looks a lot older when she’s all dressed up for a night out.”

A different night-club scene source said that when “Eliza met Mark on New Year’s Eve, he was actually out with a girlfriend at the time. But he managed to get her number anyway.”

Several sources said that weeks ago, Eliza was turned away from the door of the Juliet Club in Chelsea, the same strip joint where Sanchez and several Jets were drowning their sorrows on Jan. 24, hours after losing the AFC Championship in Pittsburgh. 


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Hispanic Fortune 500 Board Members Unite to Form Merchant Bank to Service Global Hispanic Market

Members of several Fortune 500 boards and other Latino leaders have formed Garcia Trujillo Holdings LLC, a management consulting, merchant bank, and venture capital firm to focus on the global Hispanic market.

With Hispanic purchasing power at $1 trillion and growing at $100 billion per year and the Latino population expected to grow by 83 million people by 2050.

After being CEO of three $45 billion market cap companies on three different continents, Sol Trujillo who serves on the board of directors of Target (TGT) and WPP Group (WPP) says that companies have a “domestic emerging market” with just as great a potential as other international markets. Trujillo joined forces with Charles P. Garcia, a member of the Board of Directors of Winn-Dixie Stores (WINN) as well as Nina Vaca, chairman of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Gary Trujillo who sits on Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona and Wells Fargo Bank Desert Region, Alejandro Silva, who sits on the Board of Directors of Walgreens (WAG), and other Hispanic business leaders in this new venture. 

The firm’s business model is based on leveraging the founders’ business expertise, the management team’s Hispanic market insights, and access to resources and capital to help clients in the U.S. and around the world develop effective entry and growth market strategies in the Hispanic market.

The U.S. Census estimates that the U.S. Hispanic population will grow to 133 million by 2050. “This is equivalent to adding a city one third larger than Phoenix, our nation’s fifth largest city, populated only with Hispanics every year all over the country for the next forty years,” said co-founder and the firm’s senior managing director Gary Trujillo, who led as CEO a $55 million IPO for the first bilingual internet portal, Quepas.com, focused on the U.S. Hispanic market.

Since only 3% of board seats on Fortune 500 companies have Hispanic directors, Garcia Trujillo recommends establishing an independent Hispanic brain-trust which reports directly to a company’s CEO. 

Based in Miami, with representative offices across the Americas, Garcia Trujillo’s merchant bank and venture capital operations assist Hispanic-owned companies by connecting them with sources of capital in Latin America.  The firm also may invest in these businesses. “Latin American companies want to expand into the U.S. Hispanic market too and also want to invest in Hispanic-owned businesses here,” said Silva, one of the firm’s founders and CEO of Chicago based Evans Food Group, one of the world’s largest specialty food companies. 

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Latin Billboard Nominees Announced: Shakira and Enrique Iglesias Lead

The Billboard Latin Music association has announced its roster of nominees for the 22nd annual awards show with Enrique Iglesias and Shakira leading with the most nominations.

Iglesias is nominated for 14 awards including artist of the year and Hot Latin Song of the Year for “Cuando me enamoro” or “When I fall in Love”.  Shakira followed with 13 nods.  Interestingly Lady Gaga is nominated as a cross over artist, since her material is heard on Spanish language radio stations in English.

The Latin Music awards will be telecast on April 28 on Telemundo from Miami. 

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Rubix the Cat Survives Despite Being Shot 19 Times

Rubix the Cat Survives Despite Being Shot 19 Times

Photo: Rubix's X-ray

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

To look at five-year-old tabby Rubix, one would probably not think this cat looked out the ordinary, but Kayla Haskett’s beloved pet was horrifyingly shot multiple times with a BB gun.

In total, Rubix was shot 19 times, and all but one of the BBs remain in the cat’s body as Haskett says she is still saving for the surgery to remove them.

Police say Caesar Mendez, 19, was arrested in Nobelsville, Indiana when it was discovered he was responsible for shooting the cat. He faces charges of animal cruelty. Mendez is the nephew of Haskett’s former roommate.

Haskett told reporters that when she asked Mendez why he would do something like this he told her he “got upset with my cat because he tried to grab him off a pillow and he scratched him.”

She said Rubix’s veterinarian told her that Rubix is in little to no discomfort, but she still wants the BBs removed, “but it’s a little expensive so I’m trying to save up the money for that.”

In the end, Haskett is just happy her cat is okay, saying, “He’s my miracle kitty, I always knew he was special.”

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Peruvian Singer “La Tigresa Del Oriente” Presents Her Sassy New Fashion Line (VIDEO)

“Animal Print” is the name of the fashion line introduced this week by Peruvian singer “La Tigresa Del Oriente”

The collection, currently only available in Perú features the latest roar of Peruvian fashion: thongs for men and women, mini-skirts, bathing suits and more, mirroring her peculiar style.  Take a look and let us know what you think? 

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Florida Lawmen Attempt to Stop Cuba’s Upcoming Offshore Drilling

As Cuba prepares to begin drilling for oil off its shores, Florida lawmakers are rushing to block it, stating that an oil spill would severely damage the state’s beaches.

Legislation has been introduced by Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-Sarasota), that if approved, would allow the U.S. Interior Department to deny companies associated with Cuba’s oil drilling any U.S. oil or gas leases. And Senator Bill Nelson plans to re-introduce a measure that would revoke the U.S. visas for the executives of those companies.

Buchanan has been against drilling along Florida’s coast for some time and claims that Cuba just does not have the expertise to contain and clean an oil spill.

“We have no drilling 230 miles off our coast,’’ Buchanan said, referring to current U.S. law that keeps rigs at least 230 miles from the coast of Tampa Bay. “So why in the world would we want Cuba drilling within 50 miles?’‘

Senior fellow at The Ocean Foundation in Washington, David Guggenheim, has been working with Cuba on research and conservation for more than a decade, and believes that instead of trying to shut down Cuba’s offshore operations the U.S. should work on developing an emergency response agreement with Cuba.

Jorge Piñon, an energy expert and visiting research fellow at the Florida International University’s Cuban Research Institute said shutting down Cuba’s operation could hurt the U.S.’s relationships with Brazil and Norway and anyone else interested in Cuba, forcing an “us or them” type of scenario.

Working with Cuba is Spanish energy plant Repsol. Sen. Nelson is hoping to meet with them to discuss their position on Cuba’s offshore drilling. Previously, Repsol “scrapped” its plans to build a plant in Iran amid to U.S. pressure.

Some believe Cuba is only flaunting their oil reserves in an attempt to have the decades-long embargo lifted.

Mauricio Claver-Carone, director of the U.S. Cuba Democracy political action committee – a leading pro-embargo lobby – expressed, “This is part of a decade-long propaganda campaign by the regime in order to secure the oil industry’s support for joining the lobby against the embargo. We’ve been through this before. It’s the little boy who cried wolf.”

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Take a Peek Into Salma Hayek’s Super Busy 2011

With the exception of playing Adam Sandler’s wife in Grown up, things had been relatively slow for the Mexican actress/producer, Salem Hayek, since Ugly Betty was taken off the air.

But her schedule for 2011, boy we sure don’t envy it. Or do we?

In March Hayek is due to begin shooting a high-octane comedy for Sony called Here Comes the Boom. The plot revolves around a physics teacher named Scott (Played by “King of Queens” Kevin James) who competes in UFC mixed martial arts brawls to save his school’s music program.

Hayek will also soon star in the next venture of director Alex de la Iglesia, a flick called La Chispa de la Vida (The Spark of Life). Hayek will star along side Willy Toledo, Javier Gutierrez, Jose Mota, Juan Luis Galiardo and Santiago Segura in the film that will be shot in Madrid.

“La Chispa…” tells the story of Roberto, the currently out-of-work ad creative, who in his golden years coined of the slogan ‘la chispa de la vida’ for the soda-pop giant Coca-Cola. Broke and snubbed by every agency where he applies for a job, everything changes when he suffers a terible accident that has him hanging between life and death. The project is said to be still in the writing and preparation stages.

Wild Roses, Tender Roses  is another production set to start filming this year. In it, Hayek will star alongside Johnny Depp who will play the role of Pancho Villa.

Beyond acting, Hayek’s production company Ventanazul is producing the film Diego Asending written by Ligiah Villalobos and to be directed by Rodrigo Garcia. Ventanazul is also developing the comedy Bones Family and an adaptation of the novel The Prophet written by Kahlil Gibran.

All that on top of her television venture, the 8 hour mini-series Wicked for ABC.

….and Top Gear calls Mexicans lazy. Yeah? Is Kate Winslet’s agenda this busy?

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Chicago Cubs to Expand Training Facilities in Dominican Republic

Chicago Cubs owner, Tom Ricketts, has announced the organizations plan to expand their training facilities in the Dominican Republic.  Yesterday Dominican President Leonel Fernandez met with Ricketts and others from the organization, where the announcement was made. 

Ricketts confirmed they are planning on purchasing a large parcel of land to expand their training academy.  The club’s farm team Boca Chica, located 20 miles east of the capital, trains at the current facility.  In addition, the training academy’s is where the team’s prospects work out in hopes of coming to the majors. 

The Cubs have eight Dominican players on their active roster and is an established donor to Dominican organizations.  The Cubs organization, under the Ricketts family ownership, is working on different plans from developing a Cubs Hall of Fame to creating interactive kids programs near Wrigley Field.

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San Antonio Beauty Queen Fights to Keep Her Crown

San Antonio Beauty Queen Fights to Keep Her Crown

Photo: Miss San Antonio Domonique Ramirez

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

A young beauty queen is fighting to keep her crown after being told to “get off the tacos” by pageant organizers.

Domonique Ramirez, 17, currently holds the Miss San Antonio title, but has sued the pageant organizers for trying to take away that title. The pageant officials claim she gained excessive weight, was in subordinate, and failed to show up on time to a number of official events.

The pageant board had already begun the process of installing first runner-up Ashley Dixon, when Ramirez won a temporary court order postponing the case until later this month.

Bexar County pageant board spokesperson Linda Woods told ABCNews, “As a Miss San Antonio reigning queen, she has to live up to our rules and regulations and the standards of our contract.” Adding, “She was doing a photo shoot and asked to wear her wardrobe from the competition, but it did not fit her. I told her we need to get you on an exercise program. We need to get ready to compete for Miss Texas, just like any elite athlete.”

Ramirez argues that she is 5’8, weighs 129 pounds, and wears a size two, and that she has completed all of her duties since being crowned this past April.

“I have shown up to every single event they have scheduled for me during my reign. I have been five ten minutes late to some, but only because I didn’t have a chaperone, which they did promise me.”

Woods has tried to downplay Ramirez’s weight as the reason for the possible stripping of her title, but during a local radio interview she told the station weight loss would be in her best interest.

“I said, you know, ‘Get off the tacos, get off the chips and the soda.’ Because she’s 17, and that’s what these kids eat.”

The case will resume on February 16th, and Ramirez said she hopes to be able to compete in the Miss Texas competition in July.

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‘Taboo’ Black Eyed Peas Singer Talks About His Latino Roots in New Book (VIDEO)

‘Taboo’ Black Eyed Peas Singer Talks About His Latino Roots in New Book (VIDEO)

Photo: Black Eyed Peas Taboo Releases Autobiography

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

“Fallin’ Up” is the title of the new autobiography penned by “Taboo,” (and writer Steve Dennis) the Mexican-American rapper, actor and martial artist best known for his role as a founding member of The Black Eyed Peas. 

His real name is Jaime (HA-EE-MEH, not Jaymie, like his wife) Luis Gómez.

He was born in the Boyle Heights, neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, and just a few days ago, his band played perhaps the largest and (as proved by Cristina Aguilera) toughest venues for any artist: the Super Bowl.

Taboo was raised by his single mother in East Los Angeles. He developed a love for performing at a very early age, encouraged by his grandmother, who introduced him to his first musical inspiration—The mariachis at el mercadito.  It was his training in the martial arts, from where he drew heavily to create his signature capoeira-inspired dancing style. He is a regular practitioner of Jeet Kune Do as well as a black belt in Ninjutsu.

But his life hasn’t always been gigs full of loving fans, and healthy exercise routines for Taboo. He fathered a baby boy while still a senior in High School, and like many other stars, he fell pray to the drug-fueled lifestyle of “the road.”

“I come to my senses in that place they call ‘rock bottom.’” he has said.  “I stare through the prison bars and assess the s—- I’m in. It takes only a few seconds to realize that s—- doesn’t get much deeper than this, and I feel framed by my own stupidity: the architect of the dream turned kamikaze pilot,” writes Taboo in the preface of his new autobiography.

Taboo also writes about how he found himself both ostracized by others for being a Latino, and by Latinos who didn’t understand why he held in close esteem people from other ethnicities, cultures and races. 

But it was that melting pot of friends, what helped him launch one of the most popular bands of all time and, incidentally, grow closer to his own roots.

“Now that I’m older, I appreciate my culture and I appreciate Spanish,” he said. “I feel bad I didn’t pick up on it earlier.”

“Fallin’ Up” is available in stores since February 8. Full of intimate glances into the highest reaches of the music industry—including a visit to Sting’s castle, hanging out with Bono and U2, and, at forty-one thousand feet, the high-flyingest karaoke ever—Fallin’ Up takes readers on a revealing, personal journey through stardom—and one man’s triumph over adversity.


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Mexican Activists Call For Continued Jail Time For French Woman

Mexican Activists Call For Continued Jail Time For French Woman

Photo: Florence Cassez find out the results of her last appeal today

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Isabel Wallace and Alejandro Marti, anti-crime activists, are demanding the continuing of Florence Cassez’s jail sentence.  A federal court in Mexico will rule on Cassaz’s last appeal today.  Cassez was charged with aiding four kidnappings in 2004 and is currently serving a 60-year sentence. 

The jailing of the French woman has been a source of contention between the French and Mexican Governments.  When French President Nicolas Sarkozy paid a visit to Mexico in 2009, he asked the country to allow the French citizen to serve the rest of her sentence in France, but after much thought Mexican President Felipe Calderon rejected the request because Sarkozy could not guarantee that Cassez would serve the full sentence. 

Cassez claims that she was not a part of the kidnappings for which she has been charged, that she was simply dating a Mexican man who was part of the kidnappers, and that she did not know that the people he brought back to her ranch had been kidnapped. 

However, one of the victims positively identified Cassez as one of the individuals responsible for her kidnapping and another suspect in the case said that the French woman assisted the group in executing the kidnappings. 

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‘Call of Juarez: The Cartel’ new Video Game Highlighting Border Violence

Video gamers on the lookout for the newest, bloodiest and most violence-promoting game around might be finding it when “Call to Juarez: The Cartel’ arrives this summer.

Ubisoft Entertainment and Techland developed the game for iPad and iPhone as well as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC users that highlights the low lights of violence in Mexico’s most violent city Ciudad Juarez.  The developers describe the game as “a first-person shooter game bringing the Old West into the present day.”

The gamer will take a blood-soaked trip from Los Angeles to Juarez, Mexico meeting a lot of unsavory types and engage in different types of shootouts.  You have everything from clashing cowboys, FBI and female bandits.  The real Juarez, is considered the most violent city in Mexico, where 3,000 were killed last year amongst a population of 1.3 million residents. 

Not everyone is please especially those individuals that live with the violence in the real world and others who feel this is reinforcing negative stereotypes and makes light of an enormous problem in Mexico. 

This game is the third in a series and its suggested retail is $59.99. 

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Mexican Americans at Increasing Risk for Deadly Strokes

In 2010, 26,000 Mexican-Americans in the U.S. suffered a stroke but experts predict that count could increase by 350 percent by 2050. 

The American Stroke Association at its international conference this week, noted that Mexican-Americans may be at increasing risk for bleeding and blood clot induced strokes in the coming years.

Research already shows that Latinos are victim to hemorrhagic strokes at the highest rate of any minority group.  One of the reasons for the high rate is the correlated high rate of obesity amongst Latinos. 

While strokes continue to decline as the leading cause of death in the U.S., it is on the rise amongst Latinos due to lifestyle choices and little change in those choices.  The Stroke Association is hoping to reach out to Mexcian-Americans through social organizations and churches to get the message out about diet, exercise and getting rid of diet sodas and alcohol. 

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BREAKING NEWS: Day 17- Hosni Mubarak Refuses to Step Down- Unrest Escalates

BREAKING NEWS: Day 17- Hosni Mubarak Refuses to Step Down- Unrest Escalates

Photo: Hosni Mubarak

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

UPDATE: Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak said in a national address Tuesday evening that he will not step down until a new president is selected in elections scheduled for September. He added that some powers are being transferred to Egypt’s vice-president.

Saying a peaceful transfer of power is underway, Mr. Mubarak refused to give in to demands of tens of thousands of anti-government protesters who took to the streets for a 17th straight day to demand his immediate resignation. 

In Saudi Arabia, officials there have offered Mubarak a place to live, but have advised him not to leave, according to an Arab diplomatic source.

Original: NBC Reports: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak will step down today.  This announcement comes on the 17th day of protests calling for Mubarak’s resignation.

Earlier today, Leon Panetta, Director of the CIA told the US Congress that one of his contacts within the Egyptian government told hime anonymously that change in power was imminent. 

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Former Chilean President Michelle Bachelet Sued Over Tsunami Handling Incompetence

Former Chilean President Michelle Bachelet Sued Over Tsunami Handling Incompetence

Photo: Former Chilean President Sued over Tsunami

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

A Chilean court made formal a lawsuit filed by a Chilean lawyer on Monday, against former President Bachelet for “Denial of Assistance” and “Abandonment of Destiny.”

According to Raúl Meza, the lawyer who filed the lawsuit, it seeks to clarify and establish the roles and responsibilities of all members of the team formed in the National Emergency Office following the 8.8 magnitude earthquake in late February of last year.

Meza alleges that the team—lead by Bachelet, was responsible for taking technical decisions without having the qualifications for doing so,  which makes them responsible for the 156 casualties of the Tsunami that struck between the regions of Valparaíso and Biobío.

The Chilean Navy - which runs the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service - admitted after the disaster to have committed mistakes in their analyses and given unclear information to the emergency team, which issued an alert, then deactivated it, and then issued it again, but after the tsunami had already taken its toll.

“The former president made technical decisions that she was not qualified to take,” Meza said. “The country must learn the truth. We hope she is cited, and declares as defendant, because we wish to understand the reason for her conduct”

The lawsuit also names former Interior Minister Edmundo Perez, former Defence Minister Francisco Vidal, the former deputy interior minister, Patricio Rosende, and Carmen Fernandez, the ex-head of Onemi - the National Emergency Office.

Following the court’s decision to go ahead with the lawsuit, the former Defense Minister Francisco Vidal denied the accusations, while saying he would collaborate with justice.

“All of our efforts from square one and through the ten following days until the end of our term in office, was dedicated 150% to solving the problems, and helping our people.” Vidal said.

If the former authorities are found guilty, they could face being banned from future public office.

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DNA Test Points to Anthony Garcia as Semen-Tainting Yogurt Culprit

31-year old Anthony Garcia has been fingered as the culprit who put his semen in a free frozen yogurt sample at the local Sunflower Market in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

It is now feared that Garcia, an employee of Sunflower, has done this nasty deed before at another Sunflower location.  New Mexico authorities have also discovered Garcia, while arresting him, had an outstanding warrant for inappropriate sexual contact with a minor.

Thanks to a female customer, that didn’t quit believe she was sampling a Greek yogurt, who contacted police was Garcia able to be apprehended.  Once DNA tests were run and the presence of semen was confirmed the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) became involved to see if any others foods have been tampered with, that investigation is ongoing. 

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112 Gang Members, Predominantly Latino, Charged Across Multiple States with Serious Crimes

Forty-one members of various street gangs have been charged in indictments or criminal complaints unsealed today in five judicial districts, the Department of Justice announced today.  Most of the gangs have Latino members involved.  The indictment also alleges that MS-13 gang members were send money to gang leaders in El Salvador.

The federal indictments and complaints unsealed today charge members and associates of a variety of street gangs, including:
• Seven members of the Click Clack gang in Kansas City, Missouri;
• 12 Colonias Chiques gang members in Los Angeles;
• Two members and associates of the Sureno 13 and San Chucos gangs in Las Vegas;
• Seven MS-13 members in Washington;
• 13 Tri-City Bomber members and associates in the McAllen, Texas, area.

The charges in these separate cases relate to a wide range of alleged illegal activity, including racketeering conspiracy, murder, murder conspiracy, narcotics trafficking, robbery, and gun trafficking. The defendants will make initial court appearances in the respective districts in which they are charged. Teams of federal, state, and local law enforcement officers have today arrested 29 of these defendants, with additional arrests expected.

In addition to today’s enforcement actions, during the past eight days federal prosecutors have charged 53 members of the 38th Street gang in Los Angeles, and three members of the Crips, Bloods, and Gangster Disciples in Memphis with federal crimes, as well as added charges in a superseding indictment against 12 Blood gang members in New Haven, Conn. In Boston, a Fayston/Brunswick gang member and an MS-13 member each were charged with firearms offenses, and a Mozart Street gang member was arrested on a firearms charge. In addition, an MS-13 member was arrested in Alexandria, Va., on federal charges.

In total, 112 defendants have been arrested, charged, pleaded guilty, or been sentenced in February 2011 as part of the department’s ongoing efforts to combat gangs and gang-related violence in the United States.

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Deeper into the Shadows: The Unintended Consequences of Immigration Worksite Enforcement

Deeper into the Shadows: The Unintended Consequences of Immigration Worksite Enforcement

Photo: Illegal Immigration

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Today, the Immigration Policy Center releases Deeper into the Shadows: The Unintended Consequences of Immigration Worksite Enforcement by Jeffrey Kaye. This paper examines what happens to workers and their employers after an I-9 audit, and argues for worksite enforcement that is more targeted.

Before the onset of the Great Recession, immigrant labor was cited as a boon to the U.S. economy.  In towns and cities across the country, immigrant labor - documented or otherwise - filled positions in growing businesses and industries where demand outpaced the supply of native-born workers. Since the onset of the economic downturn in 2008 and the rise in U.S. unemployment, some analysts and politicians - looking for a convenient scapegoat - have turned on that immigrant workforce and their employers, arguing that deporting eight million undocumented immigrant workers will create eight million new jobs for the native-born. This over-simplified equation ignores the complicated and interdependent roles that immigrants play in our economy. Only by overhauling our current immigration system and replacing it with one that meets the needs of the 21st century will we get past the hardships and quandaries Mr. Kaye so ably details in his report.

To view the special report in its entirety see:
Deeper into the Shadows: The Unintended Consequences of Immigration Worksite Enforcement by Jeffrey Kaye. (IPC Special Report, February 9, 2011)

For more information contact Wendy Sefsaf at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 202-507-7524

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Immigration Bill Similar to Arizona’s Fails in Colorado

Immigration Bill Similar to Arizona’s Fails in Colorado

Photo: Rep. Randy Baumgardner

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

In a strange turn of events, a bill in Colorado that is quite similar to Arizona’s immigration bill was killed by the very Representative who was sponsoring it.

According to Rep. Randy Baumgardner, he chose to kill the bill because Bill 1107 had too many problems to continue. 

“After many drafts and hours of deliberation and meetings with entities, we had come to some agreement with agencies out there,” said Baumgardner.  “(But) we couldn’t seem to get away from some parts of it that could be possibly unconstitutional.”

Baumgardner formatted his bill to be very similar to Arizona’s immigration law, with some pieces being straight from the original piece of legislation.

Another contributing to Baumgardner’s decision to kill his bill was the ongoing legal troubles that the Arizona bill in encountering.  A federal judge blocked major components of the Arizona bill and several groups sued the state. 

The rep is unsure if he will draft a new bill later this year

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Lady Gaga ‘Vogue Beauty Queen’ Thanks to Peruvian Photographer Mario Testino

Fresh on the heals of finishing the engagement photos for Prince William and his finance Kate Middleton Peruvian photographer Mario Testino has glammed up Lady Gaga for her Vogue cover shoot.

Testino, who grew up in Lima, Peru and once wanted to be a priest, was summoned by Vogue and Lady Gaga herself to shoot Vogue’s cover for the March issue.  The actual photo session was back in November of last year at the Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium.

Lady Gaga clearly is pleased with Testino’s work loading a’twitpic’ of the cover on her Twitter account: “They used to call me rabbit teeth in school, and now I’m a real live VOGUE BEAUTY QUEEN!”  This is the second time Testino photographed Lady Gaga for a magazine cover, back in September 2009 he shot her cover for V Magazine

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Colorado Ski Industry Worried About Effects of Arizona-Style Immigrant Law

Colorado Ski Industry Worried About Effects of Arizona-Style Immigrant Law

Photo: Aspen, Colorado

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As Colorado’s legislature considers passing laws similar to Arizona’s SB 1070, the state’s ski industry worries that such measures would result in a loss of business, particularly from potential Mexican and Brazilian guests.

A recent report revealed that tourists from Mexico and Brazil are the leading visitors of Colorado Ski Country, U.S.A., Inc.’s (CSCUSA) 22 resorts, and they’ve expressed immense concern for he impact the Arizona-style laws may effect their business.

According to information from a CSCUSA spokesperson, Colorado welcomes almost 12 million skiers annually, bringing the state around $2.6 billion a year.

CSCUSA president Melanie Milles stated, “If you’re in the business of putting out the welcome mat for foreign visitors, it doesn’t help if you create an environment of suspicion.”

Mills was referring to SB11-054, a bill sponsored by Sen. Kent Lambert (R-Colorado Springs) that, like Arizona’s, would allow local authorities to arrest anyone they have “reasonable cause” to believe is in the United States without proper documentation. “We have to question how officers will make the determination that someone is illegal. Is it speaking a foreign language? Or wearing a different style of jacket?” Mills asked openly.

One Mexican resident said his family and friends have been coming in increasingly large groups to vacation in Colorado, but that may stop if Arizona-like legislation is passed.

“Tourists come to enjoy themselves, not to be afraid they’ll be stopped on the highway. And if the bills now being debated are approved, I’m sure that both Mexican tourists and who many who live in Colorado will think twice before going to the mountains.”

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Sarasota Votes Against Immigration Bill

Sarasota Votes Against Immigration Bill

Photo: Sarasota City Hall

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On Monday night, City Commission voted 3-2 in favor of “The Florida Compact,” a declaration that stated an opposition to any Arizona-esque immigration law. 

Mayor Kelly Kirschner introduced the compact, which is the first opposition offered by a municipal government to a bill brought forth by state Sen. Mike Bennett. 

“I think part of our job is to not only speak up for issues that affect our taxpayers,” said Kirshner, adding, “but we also have a moral responsibility to fight hatred and racism.”

Commissioners Dick Clapp and Terry Turner were the two dissenting votes, citing the fact that they did not agree with the mayor’s argument that the compact attacked the state bill as a mandate without funding, which could possibly later cause for more financial responsibility on the part of local governments to police or jails to house undocumented immigrants. 

“I’m not comfortable with this commission taking a position on this issue,” said Turner.  “Bottom-line, this is not a city issue, and I think we should not engage.”

Although Bennett shares Kirshner’s fears that the bill may lead to racial profiling, he does not agree with the mayor’s choice to oppose it.

“It would be nice if the City Commission would wait to see a final bill,” Bennett said, adding, “If Kelly wants to oppose something, and he doesn’t know what it is, he can do that.”

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ThursdayFebruary 10, 2011