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SundayFebruary 6, 2011

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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NARCO BLOG: Three Found Executed in Acapulco Victims of Cartel Violence

NARCO BLOG: Three Found Executed in Acapulco Victims of Cartel Violence

Photo: Execution in Acapulco

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Another bloody Saturday morning for the port of Acapulco, due to the discovery of three executed men.

In the early hours of Saturday, authorities received a report of three black plastic bags, abandoned under a pedestrian bridge, and that inside they would find human remains.

Immediately there was a strong mobilization, and coming down the bridge to enter the Maxitunel, agents were able to see that a man was quartered in the bags along with them a narco message that was not released.

Minutes later it was reported that two men had been executed, a few meters from the German Costera in Acapulco.

Staff of the Joint Urban Operations Bases, arrived and found two men shot dead, they had shot in the head and their feet and hands were tied. Their faces were covered with tape, along with a narcomessage, which was not disclosed.

So far none of the three men executed has been identified, and authorities are investigating the facts.

Read in Spanish Here

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Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi Faces ‘Panty Protest’ Over his Sexacapdes

Hundreds of Italian women signed up to participate in a ‘panty protest’ over their Italian Prime Minister’s ongoing sexcapades, this weekend.  The protesters threw panties at the Prime Minister’s Milan villa, the site of his ‘bunga bunga’ sex parties and where several of his paid lady friends occasionally reside.

The protests were country wide and were held in an effort to promote his resignation.  Berlusconi is under investigation for having paid for sex with a minor and having his office cover it up.

Other protest rallies are being planned via Facebook.  One of the more larger protests is scheduled for February 13th , featuring well known writers Umberto Eco and Roberto Saviano.  The protest organizers state “Italy is not a republic founded on prostitution,” and they want to make enough noise and nuisance to motivate Berlusconi to step down. 

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Peru Exports to U.S. Grows by 19 percent in 2010

The Peruvian government’s foreign ministry is announcing that its exports to the U.S. grew by 19 percent in 2010 for a total of $5.7 billion, the growth driven in great part by exports of textile products.

The U.S. imported $688 million worth of textile products from Peru which represents a 14 percent increase.  After textile exports, agricultural exports were the most in demand from the U.S. 

The U.S. showed a large taste for Peruvian asparagus, purchasing $182 million worth in 2010 and $121 million dollars worth of cotton t-shirts.  The government report noted that commercial trading activity between the countries has recovered after the global financial crisis.

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Survey-Recession Brings Greater Commitment to Stay Married-38% Considering Divorce Put Off Plans

Survey-Recession Brings Greater Commitment to Stay Married-38% Considering Divorce Put Off Plans

Photo: Marriage and Recession

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A new survey reports that 38 percent of couples considering divorce or separation have now put off those plans due to the recession. (www.nationalmarriageweekUSA.org) “The Great Recession and Marriage,” new research from the National Marriage Project at University of Virginia. 

“Furthermore, 29 percent of all couples studied say that the Recession has deepened their commitment to their marriage, 58 percent say it had no effect, and 13 percent say it has not deepened their commitment,” reports Brad Wilcox, director of the National Marriage Project’s new survey about marriage and the economy.

“We want to get the message out that marriage is beneficial for both personal and national economic stability and for raising more well-adjusted children,” says Chuck Stetson, CEO of National Marriage Week USA.

“Marriage breakdown costs taxpayers at least $112 billion a year.  Forty percent of all American babies are now born outside of marriage. We have an alarming drop in the marriage rate from 79 percent of all adults married in 1970 to 57 percent today. Combined with our 50 percent divorce rate, family breakdown is costly to the nation,” continued Stetson, citing earlier research from the Institute for American Values.  “In these days of economic hardship, policy leaders and individual Americans need to get serious about our efforts to strengthen marriage.”

“Marriage pays,” says National Marriage Week USA executive director Sheila Weber.  “Research shows that marriage makes people happier, live longer, and build more economic security.  Children with married parents perform better in school; have less trouble with the law, less teen pregnancy and fewer issues with addiction.”

“Most folks don’t know where to go to get the help they need,” said Weber.” We’ve created a new clearinghouse of hundreds of marriage classes and conferences all around the country to help couples strengthen their own marriage, or to help others. 

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Claim Jets Quarterback, Mark Sanchez, had Relationship with 17-Yr Old High Schooler has Surfaced

Mark Sanchez, the New York Jets quarterback, is once again the attention of a lot of internet buzz but not for the right reasons or for anything having to do with tonight’s Super Bowl.

A sports blog website Deadspin.com is reporting that they were contacted by a 17-year old high school senior that alleges she met Sanchez at a night club several weeks ago and had a relationship with him.  Her proof, provided to the website, were photos of Sanchez’ bedroom inside his New Jersey home. 

Since then she has hired lawyers who are stating there was no relationship and if Deadspin has those photos they want them back.  The Jets management issued a statement late yesterday stating they would not discuss Sanchez’ personal life.  Sanchez, as well is mum on the swirling controversy.

This is not the first time that a sex scandal has come to Sanchez’ door, though this is the first since he became a professional football player.  In 2006, as a student at University of Southern California, Sanchez was arrested for sexually assaulting a student but prosecutors declined to press charges. 

Deadspin, who broke the Brett Favre sexting scandal is promising to release more information on the matter this upcoming week. 

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PROGRESS 2050- New Ideas for a Diverse America (VIDEO)

PROGRESS 2050- New Ideas for a Diverse America (VIDEO)

Photo: Progress 2050

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Progress 2050 is a project of the Center for American Progress that develops new ideas for an increasingly diverse America. The United States will become a nation with no clear racial or ethnic majority by the year 2050. This expected transition provides the progressive movement with an exciting opportunity to help America live up to its ideals of equality and justice for all.

Progress 2050 recognizes that diversity can be our nation’s greatest competitive advantage and seeks to build a progressive agenda that is more inclusive and reflects our country’s rich racial and ethnic makeup. We do this by promoting innovative policy ideas, facilitating honest dialogue about the intersection of race and policy, analyzing demographics, and developing new leaders.


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Super Bowl Commercials Preview (VIDEO)

Early Show Erica Hill speaks with New Media Strategies Pete Snyder about the commercials to appear in todays Super Bowl.

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New York City Officials Confirm 3 Cases of Cholera All Contracted in Dominican Republic

The city of New York’s health department is reporting three confirmed cases of cholera from New Yorkers that recently traveled to the Dominican Republic for a wedding.  New York City typically reports one case a year of cholera.

The Dominican Republic itself has reported hundreds of cases of cholera and three deaths.  The country shares a border with Haiti, a country that has been ravaged by the bacteria, air-born disease since October.

All three New York victims were in the Dominican Republic on January 22 and 23 for a wedding and soon after returning became ill with the classic symptoms of diarrhea and dehydration.  All have been successfully treated and are on the mend. 

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‘Angry Bird’ Secret Code to be Revealed During Super Bowl Ad for Angry Birds Rio Game

For all you Angry Bird fans keep a look out for the secret, level-enhancing embedded code that will be broadcast today during a commercial break for the Super Bowl game.

Game developer Rovio, is premiering an ad during Super Bowl that’s promoting its upcoming movie on April 15th Angry Birds Rio.  In addition the commercial will highlight the Angry Birds Rio game app for smart phones and tablets that will be released to gamers in March. 

What you really want to watch out for is the embedded code that will unlock a secret level (typically inaccessible to players) in the game taking you to new pig-crushing fun and a chance to win a trip to Rio de Janiero, Brazil for the movie’s premiere. 

You must watch frame-by-frame to capture the embedded code, so put your nachos and cerveza down for this ad.

Sssssh, a little Angry Bird told us the 30-second ad will be running in the fourth quarter only.  If you miss out the secret embedded code will be posted on YouTube after the game. 

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Mexican Cold Wave Leaves 7 People Dead and 34 Zoo Animals

Mexican Cold Wave Leaves 7 People Dead and 34 Zoo Animals

Photo: Capuchin Monkey

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

With temperatures reaching -4F , the arctic freeze in Northern Mexico has lead to seven deaths in the state of Chihuahua, and many animals .

The zoo at Ciudad Aldama lost five iguanas, two crocodiles, a capuchin monkey, 15 parakeets and 12 serpents to hypothermia the owner of the Serenguetti Zoo, Alberto Hernandez, said.
The owner said that the icy temperatures in most of the state over the past few days caused power outages that forced personnel to try and warm some parts of the zoo with wood fires in an attempt to save the animals’ lives.

It was reported that dozens of birds died in the sports club in the capital on Saturday morning. The region has not seen temperatures like this since 1956.

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New Research Examines Link Between Poverty and Latin Americans’ Unauthorized Immigration to the US

New Research Examines Link Between Poverty and Latin Americans’ Unauthorized Immigration to the US

Photo: immigration

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Despite unprecedented levels of U.S. government spending on guarding the border with Mexico, unauthorized or illegal immigration into the United States continues. Here, there are millions of jobs that legal workers do not fill—even in times of recession. Poverty and hardship are the main drivers pushing Latin Americans to search for better lives in the United States. New research from Bread for the World Institute, “Development and Migration in Rural Mexico,” examines the links between poverty and inequality in rural Mexico and unauthorized immigration.

“Hunger and poverty, the driving forces of unauthorized migration to the United States, are often overlooked in the immigration debate,” said Andrew Wainer, immigration policy analyst for Bread for the World Institute. “In order to comprehensively address immigration reform policies, the United States needs to implement foreign assistance projects that promote development.”

“Development and Migration in Rural Mexico” highlights the For a Just Market project in Mexico’s Chihuahua region. Its goal was to increase rural incomes and create jobs for small apple farmers. The project effectively decreased poverty and migration to the United States by promoting agricultural development and supplying technical assistance to small farmers.

“More than half of rural Mexicans live in poverty and 25 percent live in extreme poverty,” added Wainer. “Research shows that agriculture is one of the best returns on investment in terms of reducing poverty. Investing in Mexico’s small farmers will generate rural employment and reduce poverty and migration.”

Most estimates suggest there are between 10.8 million and 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States. The bulk—80 percent—come from Latin America; Mexico alone is the source of at least 60 percent of the United States’ unauthorized immigrants.

To learn more about the links between hunger, poverty, and unauthorized immigration, visit Bread for the World

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Frigid Temperatures in Mexico Results in 35 Zoo Animals Freezing to Death

A combination of power outages and frigid temperatures in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua have resulted in 35 zoo animals perishing from hypothermia.

As a result of the frigid cold temperature, the coldest in six decades, the Serengeti Zoo in Aldama lost 14 parrots, 13 serpents, 5 iguanas, 2 crocodiles and a monkey.  When temperatures started dropping the zoo put the electrical heat on, however that failed when power outages affected most of the region.

Chihuahua saw its coldest days, averaging 9 degrees Fahreneheit, that resulted in school and business closing and many people in shelters.  Normal and mild temperatures are expected to return to the region on Tuesday. 

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Bible.Is Says “Bienvenido” To Millions Of Spanish Speakers

Bible.Is Says “Bienvenido” To Millions Of Spanish Speakers

Photo: Bible.IS

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Faith Comes By Hearing has announced the release of their popular audio-based Bible app in Spanish. The app is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, as well as Android devices.

The localization of the Bible.is app into Spanish means the entire process - from download to daily use - is available entirely in Spanish, with cultural relevance considered in the design of the app’s content and features.

Like the English app, the Spanish version allows users to read, listen and share the Bible right from their cell phones or other mobile devices.

“Listeners will still have access to the many other languages offered on the app, but this version opens the door and welcomes millions of Spanish speakers who may have never found us because they don’t speak or read English,” says Faith Comes By Hearing’s National Director Troy Carl.

For a free audio download click here

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Laugh Out Loud This and Every Sunday With HS-NEWS SUNDAY COMICS

Laugh Out Loud This and Every Sunday With HS-NEWS SUNDAY COMICS

Photo: Hispanically Speaking Sunday Comics Juan Laverde for HS-News

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NARCO BLOG: Cartel Gives Corrupt Police Till February 10th to Resign

NARCO BLOG: Cartel Gives Corrupt Police Till February 10th to Resign

Photo: Cartel Jalisco Next Generation

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This week the Cartel Jalisco Next Generation (CJNG) released a video statement.

In the video statement aimed primarily at Felipe Calderón, President of Mexico, and Secretary of the Navy Armada de Mexico, they begin their speech by pointing out that the statements are made with respect.

Details of the January 31st event in the state of Jalisco on the border with Colima, where members of this organization began an assault on a drug dealer nicknamed “The Pilo”. “The Pilo “ serves as principal financial partner of The Resistance and direct link with La Familia Michoacana Cartel. He also has arrest warrants in Mexico and as well as the United States for various crimes.

CJNG noting that it has no intention of fighting the authorities. They do not wish to fight the Mexican Army, Navy Armada de Mexico, Federal Police, State Police, Municipal Police, and so on.

However, there are known police commanders who are involved with members of LaResistance and La Familia Michoacana, among which Aurelio del Toro, Israel Villa Zamora, Fabián Rodríguez, José Luis Rodríguez, Antonio Gómez Mercado and Adriano.

The CJNG, mentioned that the above mentioned Police commanders have until Feb. 10 to submit their resignation, because they will begin to hunt them out.

“We offer our respect for all citizens of this state. We are people who are dedicated to doing our business, “they say in the statement.

For almost the entire video over 15 minutes long, the cartel presented compelling recordings involving several officials in criminal acts.

Read in Spanish and See Video Here

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Latina Moms and Moms-To-Be Insights Revealed on childbirth, pacifiers and more

Todobebe, Inc., the global family media company, revealed key findings about Latina women and mothers, after analyzing data from polls conducted during 2010 among visitors to its site www.todobebe.com.

They found that 77% of Latinas prefer vaginal birth, and only 18% c-sections. Also, 62%, prefer having children before they’re 30 years old. Regarding their partner’s participation in childbirth, 67% of respondents said their baby’s father was in the delivery room or was planning to be there.

Folic acid usage, proven to reduce neural tube defects, is on the rise. 64% said to have taken it before getting pregnant, 30% did not and only 4% said they did not know what Folic acid is.

“Where Hispanic women seem to be split is regarding pacifier use,” said Todobebe co-founder and Chief Content Editor, Jeannette Kaplun. “45% said they planned on offering their baby a pacifier, but 44% said they were against using it.”

Another hot topic was weaning baby from the bottle. 50% stated babies should stop using the bottle once they’re a year old, while 40% said they had no issues with their babies continuing to use it after their first birthday.

When asked when is the best age to wean baby from the bottle, 51% said 1 year of age, 34% after 2 years and 14%, after 3 years. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends weaning baby from the bottle after the first birthday.

Todobebe also asked women whether they let their children share their bed. 48% said they let their kids sleep with them; 26% only allows them if they’re sick or have nightmares. Only 24% of respondents said they don’t allow their children in their beds.

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SundayFebruary 6, 2011