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MondayJanuary 10, 2011

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To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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NARCO BLOG:  Confessions of a Zeta Assassin

Nicolas Ortiz Javier Miranda, alias El Flaco or Javi, who is currently imprisoned at the central prison of Cancun, belonged to a cell of Los Zetas during one of their bloodiest periods of violence in 2010 and slowly his testimony is coming to light.  He operated with a group of assassins in which over 23 executions, including the killings of two police officials, were carried out in less than a six months period.

Javi was born on November 20, 1986, in the city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas; finished his high school education and then went on to be a hitman for the group of Los Zetas.  He earned $8,000 pesos monthly for his work with this drug cartel organization.

This is how Javi began his sworn testimonial before the Public Security Ministry of Mexico investigating homicides.

In his presentation to the Public Ministry, he states he supports three family members, and he is addicted to marijuana and cocaine.  His distinguishing marks are a clown tattoo with a hat, another is a crown of thorns on his right arm and another one of the Santa Muerte brandishing a pistol.  In his back he has another Santa Muerte tattoo with his name and that of Monica and Irma.

In his confession he accepts the charges against him for kidnapping and murder. He says that for the last five months he came back to settle in Cancun where he is originally from.  He was invited by Commander Pelon whom he met in Reynosa, so that he could perform vigilante and security work for Los Zetas.

Unknowingly he accepted to come back to his home town where he was in danger of being killed by members of the Gulf Cartel because of the struggles between them and Los Zetas.

For this new assignment he was paid $4,000 additional pesos every two weeks. When he arrived in Cancun he was assigned to guard the entrance of the subdivision Pok Ta Pok, in the tourist hotel zone.

Amongst his work obligations were to inform his bosses, of all suspicious police activities in the area, so that his co-workers and bosses could safely leave their residence located at Pok Ta Pok.

In his interrogation Javi, stated that three months into his job he was singled out by his boss El Comandante Pelon to get a promotion and work as an operative and get even more money.

As an new operative he was incharge of watching over a safe house where all the hostages were kept. In those days between April – May, 2010, they were holding about five people hostage, among them was a 17 year old girl and her father who was selling drugs to another drug cartel.

The girl was held in the house for two days and “I was just in charge of feeding her, while I also observed El Jairo repeatedly rape her in the bathroom.” 

“We also were holding El Gramero, a drug dealer who was picked up for refusing to work with us, the Zetas. And we were also holding the owner of a restaurant in Las Palapas, which we were asking a million pesos for.  Much in the same way, there was another person who was called the “Architect”, we contacted one of his relatives to pay a ransom of one million pesos, but they did not so we had to kill him.”

Javi also tells of a man that was executed because he arrived from Ciudad Juarez with the intention of selling drugs to the taxis by the hotel zone without the consent of Los Zetas.  There he was picked up and taken somewhere, there he was beheaded while still alive, hoping to get information from him as they slowly cut into his throat and peeled his skins off.

Nicolas Miranda Ortiz currently has several criminal prosecutions for the murders of 12 people who were found last June 18, 2010 in garbage dumps and is under investigation for six bodies found iburied in a drain along the highway.  He was arrested on June 17, 2010.

To read more in Spanish click here

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Vatican Denies Collaboration on Reality TV Show on Exorcism

Days after Discovery Channel announced it was working closing with the Vatican on the upcoming reality TV show ‘The Exorcist Files’, the Vatican is denying this.

Coming right from the Pope’s Holy See Press office it was stated: “I deny that supposed collaboration,” said Father Federico Lombardi. “Neither the Vatican nor the Catholic Church is involved in this project.”

The network, according to network President W. Clark Bunting,  was teaming up with the Vatican to recreate actual exorcism that the Catholic church had performed.  He claimed they had access to the church files and were working with top Vatican exorcist experts.

The Pope’s spokesman is now saying the publicity for the show has distorted the reality but what that reality is unknown. 

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Florida Legislators to Meet for Immigration Law Discussion

Florida Legislators to Meet for Immigration Law Discussion

Photo: Senate President Mike Haridopolos

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Monday, in what will be the first of three meetings, the Senate will be discussing an issue that Florida Gov. Rick Scott campaigned on heavily; immigration.

During the Senate meetings, the Florida legislature will being debating an Arizona-style immigration measure.

Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos said the meetings would be purely informational. The meeting is set to be chaired by Sen. Anitere Flores, and will include several experts and advocates to share their opinions, as the controversy surrounding immigration law is sure to have many conflicting viewpoints.

Haridopolos stated, “What we’re going to do is listen to people for six hours, remove all the political hyperbole, then we’ll make an immigration change if necessary.”

If Florida was to adopt Arizona-style immigration law it would make it a federal offense to enter the state undocumented, and would force police to ask for proof of citizenship if, during routine stops, they had reason to believe a person was in the country illegally.

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Hispanic Evangelicals Announce Campaign to Provide Health Care Coverage to Clergy and Ministers

The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) announced today Minister’s Med as its newest senior partner.  Ministers Med and the NHCLC teamed up today to bring access to healthcare to millions of uninsured church workers.

The relationship brings two valuable assets to NHCLC members, the ability to join into the NHCLC / Minister’s Med health plan as a member and for those that are leaders of a church or organization; access to Minister’s Med benefits for their workers.

“We are excited to bring access to this cost effective solution to our 30,454 members,” states Samuel Rodriguez, President of the NHCLC.  “With over 60% of our pastors uninsured this relationship gives them access to healthcare they previously went without.”

The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference is the Hispanic National Association of Evangelicals unifying, serving and representing the Hispanic Born Again Community via 30,454 member churches and 16 million constituents.

Minister’s Med –“the only healthcare solution for ministries” uses products from Transamerica Life Insurance, an industry leader in providing innovative benefits to workplaces and associations like the NHCLC. 

“Minister’s Med provides NHCLC member churches the ability to offer healthcare without the barriers of traditional group health insurance,” states Peter Lopez, Jr. of Minister’s Med.  “Our plan gives all church workers access to healthcare – including part time, seasonal workers. It is truly a kingdom benefit.”

Minister’s Med is a unique blend of benefits that are offered on a Guaranteed Acceptance basis to all members. The policy helps pay basic medical expenses related to hospitalization, with added benefits that cover surgeries, x-rays, prescriptions, accidents and more.

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Dead Fish now Plague Colombian Coasts

Beaches in the Northwestern regions of Colombia, are the latest to be hit with the grim spectacle of thousands of dead fish, a bizarre occurrence plaguing Brazil, New Zealand, and at least three U.S. states, among others.

Marine biologists speculate that cold water temperatures could be behind these massive deaths. However, others allege that due to the heavy rainfalls in the area, the volume of fresh water hitting the ocean is larger, and the currents stronger, complicating the lives of thousands of fish already very susceptible to brash changes in their ecosystem.


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13 Hispanic Actresses To Reopen Iconic Theater in Miami with a Latino Show of ‘The Vagina Monogues’

Directed by Manuel Mendoza, and produced by Colombian actress Marisol Correa, a new version of “The Vagina Monologues’ featuring only Hispanic actresses is in the works.

After several months of being closed to the public, the iconic Trail Theater, located in the Calle 8 and 37th Avenue neighborhood in Miami, will open its doors once again through the month of January. It will be under the management of Catarsis productions and owned by Colombian actress Marisol Correa, and her partner, entrepreneur Jorge Angulo.

“Dreams have no price, but when a dream comes true, it becomes a responsibility that prevents one from failing,” said Correa, who, since becoming the theater’s manager last November, has not stopped in his attempts to make it absolutely gorgeous.

The Trail Theater will open to the public January 29 with “Amanecí con Ganas De Morirme,” (I woke up with a death wish) written by Indira Pérez and directed by Mario Sudano.

Sunday, January 30th, the theater will feature ‘Lorca, Alma Presente”, dramatic readings of texts from García Lorca, as directed by Rebeca Alemán.

Beginning February 3rd, the theater will present Eve Ensler’s ‘The Vagina Monologues’, directed by Manuel Mendoza and featuring some of the top Hispanic talents in Miami: Roselyn Sanchez, Charytin, Adriana Barraza, Lili Estefan, Sonya Smith, Roxana Garcia, Zully Montero, Dra. Nancy Alvarez, Marisol Calero, Marisol Correa, Margarita Coego, Alba Roversi, and Soraya Alcalá.

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US Citizen Daughter Deported, but Mother Can’t Sue Federal Gov. says Supreme Court

An appeal from a Texas mother attempting to sue the federal government was rejected by the Supreme Court. The woman’s daughter, a U.S. citizen, was sent to Mexico with her father when he was deported.

The day before Rosa Gallardo turned one, her mother, Monica Castro and her father, Omar Gallardo got into a heated argument in the home they lived in near Lubbock, Texas. The argument grew violent and Castro fled.

Castro, a fourth-generation American citizen, would later seek help from the local Border Patrol to get her daughter back from Gallardo. She told them that in exchange for their help, she would give them information about Gallardo, an unauthorized immigrant. Though she kept her side of the deal, the Border Patrol agents did not, and when Gallardo was deported he took baby Rosa with him. It would be another three years before Castro was reunited with her daughter.

Following the ordeal, Castro filed a lawsuit attempting to sue the federal government over the actions of the Border Patrol agents who refused to take the girl from Gallardo and knowingly sent the U.S. citizen (Rosa) to Mexico, but her lawsuit was rejected. The court ruled that the federal government cannot be sued for the discretionary actions of the Border Patrol.

Monday, the Supreme Court did not comment on the rejection of Ms. Castro’s case.

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Jeb Bush:  Republican Conservatives Need to Reach Out to Hispanics

Jeb Bush:  Republican Conservatives Need to Reach Out to Hispanics

Photo: Jeb Bush

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is urging his fellow Republicans, especially the conservative arm of the party to reach out to Hispanics, other wise risk not being politically relevant.

His comments came forth in a recent Miami Herald op-ed piece and in his opening remarks at the Hispanic Leadership Network conference.  Bush is co-chairing this week’s conference that was created with the sole intent of reaching out to Hispanic voters.

Bush feels the ‘center-right movement’ of the Republic party is a natural for Hispanic voters who are interested in lower taxes, responsible spending, education reform and individual freedom.  However, with only 38 percent of Hispanics voting Republican in this last mid-term election clearly they need more outreach and a clear message of inclusion.

All potential Republican presidential candidates were invited to the conference, only one accepted Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.

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Lionel Messi Wins The Ballon D’or

Argentina’s phenom Lionel ‘La Pulga’ Messi has been awarded Player of the Year from FIFA.  This is Messi’s second consecutive Player of the Year Award.  Brazil’s Marta continued her winning streak, as the top female futboller, by claiming her fifth FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year award at the FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala held at the Zurich Kongresshaus on Monday evening.

José Mourinho, and Silvia Neid were the winners of the FIFA World Coach of the Year for Men’s Football and FIFA World Coach of the Year for Women, respectively.  Mourinho was recognized for his role coaching the Real Madrid team and Neid for her role as German Women’s national team coach. 

The awards were decided based upon the results of a poll in which captains and head coaches of the national teams as well as several international media representatives selected by France Football Magazine, voted for candidates in each of the four categories.

Messi had a baffling 2010, scoring an impressive total of 60 goals, and taking the Spanish league title with his club Barcelona. Messi obtained 22.65% of the votes, ahead of his club team-mates Andrés Iniesta (17.36%) and Xavi (16.48%).

Marta thrilled fans in the Women’s Professional Soccer League in the USA, where she won the Golden Cleat and was voted best player of the season with her team, the FC Gold Pride.

José Mourinho, who led the Inter of Milán to the UEFA Champions League, the Italian Serie A and the Italian cup before transferring to Spain’s Real Madrid in the summer of 2010, won with 35.92% of the votes, ahead of Spanish national coach Vicente del Bosque, who received 33.08%, and Barcelona’s Pep Guardiola (8.45%).

As chosen by over 50,000 professional players from all over the world, the current “dream team” would consist of Goalkeeper Iker Casillas (Spain); Defenses Maicon (Brazil), Lúcio (Brazil), Gerard Piqué (Spain) and Carles Puyol (Spain); Wesley Sneijder (Netherlands), Xavi (Spain) and Andrés Iniesta (Spain) in midfield; and Lionel Messi (Argentina), Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) and David Villa (Spain) as strikers.

The FIFA Puskás Award for the “most beautiful goal” of the year as voted by internet users all over the world through FIFA.com went to Turkey’s Hamit Altintop for his fantastic goal in the UEFA EURO 2012 qualifying match between Kazakhstan and Turkey played in Astana on 3 September 2010.

The FIFA Fair Play Award was given to the Haiti Sub-17 women’s team, who had to endure many hardships following the earthquake which struck their country in January 2010, during which their head coach sadly passed away. The team showed great courage and made it to the final round of the CONCACAF.

Below, a compilation of reasons why, Messi is once again the best soccer player in the world.

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BREAKING NEWS:  Former US House Majority Leader Tom DeLay Sentenced:3 yrs in Prison, 10 yr Probation

In November a Travis County, Texas jury convicted Republican Tom DeLay of illegally laundering money through the Republican National Committee to seven Texas political candidates during the 2002 election season. 

Today Texas Judge Pat Priest sentenced DeLay to three years in prison for conspiracy to launder corporate money into political donations and ten years probation for the actual money laundering charges. 

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Trash Along Arizona-Mexico Border Target of New Website

Trash Along Arizona-Mexico Border Target of New Website

Photo: Arizona-Mexico Border Trash

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Attempting to draw attention to the amount of trash left by those crossing the U.S.-Mexico border of Arizona, state officials have launched a new website called azbordertrash.gov.

Currently, the site has posted that they are looking for volunteers to clean up the 370 mile borderland along Arizona’s border with Mexico.

“An estimated more than 2,000 tons of trash is discarded annually in Arizona’s borderlands, “ says the website. “A variety of federal and sate government entities, Native American tribes and private landowners are affected by the problem, and addressing it requires extensive coordination.”

Those immigrating to the U.S. illegally often leave behind vehicles, backpacks, plastic bottles, clothing, paper, and other items. Medical supplies are occasionally found as well. On average, during each trek, the average border crosser leaves six to eight pounds of trash in the desert.

The site, funded by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, says the trash can negatively effect the vegetation and wildlife in the area, and can cause erosion and watershed degradation, and damaged infrastructure and property.

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Netflix Sets Its Sights on Latin America

Netflix, the DVD rental and video streaming business, is looking to expand outside the U.S. and Canada and has its sights on Latin America and Asia.

The California-based company that was founded in 1997 just expanded to Canada and plots its growth very carefully.  The company is currently having “exploratory conversations” with different marketing and public relation firms to handle the expansion to Latin America.

Netflix faces growing competitive pressure from Amazon, Apple and other big-name U.S. retailers that offer online video distribution.  Latin America would offer a wider playing field for the Netflix product.

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3 Former PA Cops to Stand Trial in Immigrant Death Case

3 Former PA Cops to Stand Trial in Immigrant Death Case

Photo: Former Shenandoah Police Chief Matthew Nestor

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Three Pennsylvania police officers are set to stand trial Monday after being charged with obstructing the investigation of the 2008 beating death of an undocumented immigrant.

Prosecutors say that former Shenandoah Police Chief Matthew Nestor, along with officers William Moyer and Jason Hayes organized a cover-up to protect high school football players who beat 25-year-old Mexican immigrant Luis Ramirez to death in July of 2008.

Two of the athletes were convicted this past October of committing a federal hate crime for beating and kicking Ramirez. When sentenced later this month, they each face life in prison.

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‘Undaunted’ Santiago, Chile Tops NY Times 41 Places to Go in 2011

The Latin American city of Santiago, Chile tops New York Times list of ’41 Places to Go in 2011’ and describes a city as ‘undaunted by an earthquake, a city embraces modern culture.’

The beautiful city was praised for its recovery from the February 2010 earthquake and the government’s investment in the arts from new museums to upgrading classics like the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes.

The article sites the upcoming Lollapalooza music festival coming in April as another sign the city has made it on the international scene.  This is the first time the 20-year-old music festival leaves the U.S. 

There was three other Latin American destinations selected for this elite list:  (#8) Loreto Mexico, (#10) Cali, Colombia and (#31) Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay.

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Salma Hayek and ABC Partner up To Bring a “Wicked” Adaptation to TV

Mexican movie star Salma Hayek is partnering with ABC to develop what will be the network’s return to the miniseries format.  This time it will be the re-telling of the popular book-turned-musical ‘Wicked.’

Erik Jendersen (Band Of Brothers) is currently adapting the book into an eight-hour miniseries, produced by ABC Studios, and Ventanarosa Productions, Hayek’s production company with partner José Támez.  They will both serve as executive producers.

The miniseries will be based on the 1995 book “Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West” by Gregory Maguire, which essentially retells the story of ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ but from the perspective of the green tinged Wicked Witch.

ABC and Hayek have reported that the show will aim to stay close to the book, and will differ from the broadway show, since they do not have the rights to that material.

The rights to the musical ‘Wicked’ were purchased by Universal, who is looking to develop the material into a feature film .

Hayek so far has only signed on as Executive Producer, therefore it is unclear whether or not she will take on an acting role.

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Male Model Renato Seabra Confesses to Castration, Murder, and Not Being Gay

Male Model Renato Seabra Confesses to Castration, Murder, and Not Being Gay

Photo: castro and seabra

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

20-year-old Portuguese model, Renato Seabra, confessed to the Friday night slaying of 65-year-old Carlos Castro but denied he is gay or that they were a couple.

His mother, Odilla Pereirinha, also states that her son is not gay just quiet and religious.  This portrayal does not mesh with the brutal slaying that occurred in New York City at the Intercontinental Hotel.  The killing left Castro, an openly gay man and popular Portuguese columnist, dead of strangulation, blunt-force trauma, and his scrotum severed with a corkscrew.  In the finally indignity Seabra allegedly hit Castro with a computer monitor before leaving him to die in his own pool of blood. 

While confessing to the killing Seabra justified the mutilation by saying he was trying to cure Castro of his homosexuality, specifically, “to get rid of demons, to get rid of the virus.” 

The police believe the motive was not religious but rather greed, and that Castro expected to be taken on an expensive shopping spree and when denied he got violent.  Other police sources are saying that Seabra confessed to Castro that he was not gay but rather an opportunist using the older, wealthy man for his own career advancement and money and then a violent fight broke out. 

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LISTEN to the New Song by Gloria Trevi (VIDEO)

Pop Singer Gloria Trevi has gone from brunette to blonde for the release of her new single “Me Río De Tí”

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Why Aren’t Many Latino Parents Involved in Their Child’s School?

The first point to make here is that there is a difference between not being involved in your child’s school and not being involved in your child’s education.

Latino parents are very supportive of their children receiving the best education they can afford but not necessarily comfortable with being involved in the school where they are getting that education.

As Latinos, especially immigrants from Mexico, become the majority in some school districts, people are trying to understand the apparent lack of parental involvement.

Most students whose parents come from Mexico come from a cultural background that respects and trusts educators and the public school system.  What the teacher says goes, no need for my input.

In addition, the Mexican school system does not require parental involvement as the U.S. school system does.

The good news is that as parents acculturate this cultural propensity to not participate, diminishes with parents recognizing they are required to attend conferences, communicate with teachers and be part of the PTA.

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‘Dictionary of Americanisms’ Identifies All Words Used in Latin America, Even Spanglish

If you are trying to figure out the different versions of Spanish spoken in the Americas as well as the U.S. here’s a book for you:  ‘Diccionario de Americanismos’.

The 2,600-page mega-dictionary includes the different uses of a word amongst different countries; it includes profane words and colloquiums of all Latin American countries.  Interestingly it also includes words created in the U.S. known as Spanglish. 

While 80 percent of Spanish is commonly shared in Latin America and Spain the rest is unique to that country.  For example there’s the Caribbean word chin (little bit), where Ecuador’s version is chine (annoying) and Mexico’s chinaco (poorly dressed).

So for $89.99 you can find out all the Peruvianisms, Mexicanisms, etc… you need to make it through the day. 

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Acapulco Closes the Weekend with 27 People Killed in Less Than a Day, 14 Decapitated

Acapulco Closes the Weekend with 27 People Killed in Less Than a Day, 14 Decapitated

Photo: Violence in Acapulco

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

The fabled resort of Acapulco has just closed its bloodiest weekend and another stain placed on its reputation that may be hard to erase.  In less than a day the city saw 27 killed, 14 of those were decapitated and gruesomely displayed at a nearby shopping center.

Though little of the violence and the fierce drug war battles take place in tourist-centric areas, many vacationers are getting scared off and who could blame them.

In less than a day 14 headless bodies and a 15th intact victim were found on a street in front a shopping mall frequented by locals.  Also on Saturday six people were shot dead and all their bodies stuffed in a taxi, two police officers were also killed and four others in another part of the city. 

At least 30,196 people have died in drug-related violence since President Felipe Calderon launched an offensive against cartels in late 2006.

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Coming in 2012-  Raw Meat to have “Nutritional Facts” Label

Coming in 2012-  Raw Meat to have “Nutritional Facts” Label

Photo: Raw Meats

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Beginning in 2012 many popular cuts of raw meat will have a new “ nutrition facts” label. The label will list calories, calories from fat, total grams of fat and grams of saturated fat. Cholesterol, sodium, protein and vitamin content will also be given.

“It’s kind of a mystery now what’s in raw meats,” says Jaimie Davis, a dietician and professor of preventive medicine at USC’s Keck School of Medicine. Nutrition experts say the requirement may not do much to alter most Americans’ eating habits, but “the labels will be most useful for people who are already label-conscious or trying to change their diet,” Davis says.

The labeling requirements are meant to help Americans follow federal dietary recommendations, according to the USDA. Guidelines published by the USDA and Department of Health and Human Services last year recommend that adults get no more than 20% to 35% of their calories from fats of any kind, and no more than 7% of calories from saturated fats, the kind that raise cholesterol levels and increase the risk of heart disease.

Despite the regulations’ shortcomings, the labels will be a huge help to people who are trying to make healthier food choices, says Davis, the dietician at USC. The new labeling may not be perfect, she says, but “it’s a step in the right direction.”

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Faces of the DREAM Act: California College Student Faces Deportation

Faces of the DREAM Act: California College Student Faces Deportation

Photo: Mother Melissa Lee (left) and her daughter Elizabeth

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Elizabeth Lee, born in Peru, faces deportation to a country she barely knows.

After Melissa Lee, Elizabeth’s mother, was arrested for the third time last May, Elizabeth went from looking forward to attending UC Berkeley to worrying about being deported back to Peru.

The family was going to be deported on January 19th, but last Thursday, they learned they were granted an extension, and are set to meet with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials in July.

It wasn’t until the day before her 14th birthday that Elizabeth learned she was not in the U.S. legally. Her mother, Melissa was arrested by immigration authorities while Elizabeth and her brother Felix were at school. Elizabeth spent the week of her birthday with a foster family before she was reunited with her mother and brother. Upon the reunion, they filed a plea for asylum due to immense discrimination in Peru, but were denied in 2008. Two years later, Melissa Lee was arrested a second time. Then last May, for a third time.

Elizabeth Lee is exactly the type of person that would have benefited if the DREAM Act had been passed last year. The DREAM Act would have granted children of undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship if they entered the U.S. before the age of 15 and were attending college or serving in the military.

In response to hearing her family having been granted an extension, Li said, “I hope this will be a step forward toward better times for us.”

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U.S. Agents Seize $6.5 Million in Drugs in 24 Hours all Coming in from Mexico

Nearly $6.5 million worth of marijuana was confiscated by U.S. Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley Sector in multiple seizures throughout the area all in one day’s worth of work.

The largest seizure occurred in Peñitas, when agents assigned to the McAllen Station saw three suspicious vehicles traveling north from the Rio Grande. The agents intercepted the vehicles near the river, at which time the drivers jumped out and fled into the brush.

More than 2,200 pounds of marijuana, with a value of more than $1.8 million, was found inside the vehicles.

Nearly 2,000 additional pounds of marijuana was seized by agents assigned to the Weslaco Station when they saw about 20 people loading bundles into a Ford pickup near the river. Agents attempted to stop the vehicle as it traveled north at a high rate of speed, but the driver turned the vehicle around and sped back south. The driver and passenger jumped out near the river and swam to Mexico.

Inside the truck agents found 131 bundles of marijuana, with a value of more than $1.5 million.

Several additional seizures occurred throughout the area, bringing the total amount of marijuana seized to more than 6,400 pounds. The Drug Enforcement Administration assumed custody of the narcotics.

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MondayJanuary 10, 2011