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SundayDecember 26, 2010

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To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Gay Weddings a Boom to Argentina’s Economy

Argentina is seeing businesses catering to same-sex weddings booming and more being created everyday.  Since the country, the first in Latin America, legalized same-sex marriages five months ago it is seeing hundreds of gay couples taking their vows and sparing no expense to do so.

Five hundreds same-sex marriages have been registered in the country and many more are planned for the upcoming New Year.  Businesses like Gay Planners, Delicias Gourmet and others cater to couples every need.  More than 300 businesses supplying everything from flowers to wedding attire for same-sex marriages have sprung up since July 22, 2009, when the legislation was passed.

What’s the draw?  Gay couples are outspending their heterosexual counterparts by more than 30 percent. While an average cost of a heterosexual wedding is $12,500, homosexual couples are spending $25,000. There are also many foreign same-sex couples coming to have their wedding in the country, especially in Buenos Aires, because their native country doesn’t recognize their union as legal. 

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Supreme Voodoo Leader Urges Lynching of Haitian Voodoo Priests to Stop

UPDATE:  The supreme leader of Haitian voodoo, Max Beauvoir, in an interview with Reuters urged those lynching voodoo priests to stop and reassured the island nation’s residents that the priests were not to blame for the cholera outbreak. 

Many locals have accused local voodoo priests of spreading cholera by casting spells or sprinkling a special type of powder on them.  At least 45 priests have been lynched to death by being hacked and macheted to death, especially as the death toll from the disease continues to rise.  Thus far over 2,500 people in Haiti have died from cholera, which originates from contaminated food or water.

Voodoo is a recognized and popular religion in Haiti with more than half of Haitian’s practicing it.  The lynchings appear to be started by angry and fearful mobs of people and are occurring throughout the entire island.  In one recent incident of mob action, people destroyed a cholera center fearing foreign aid workers were bringing more cholera to the country. 

Haitian officials are announcing the at least 45 people have been lynched in the country, because they were believed to be spreading cholera in the country.  Over 2,500 people have died since the outbreak started with over 120,000 people being treated for the water-borne bacterial infection.

The majority of lynching victims appear to be ‘voodoo priests’ that locals suspect are spreading the disease through magic.  The victims died a gruesome death many times stoned or cut to pieces with a machete and then their bodies burned in the street for all to see.

The country Communication Ministry believes the first lynching case occurred last month.  Half of the island nation’s residents practice the voodoo religion in some form or another. 

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El Paso Welcomes Notre Dame and Miami with Mariachis and Nachos for Upcoming Sun Bowl

Today both teams, Notre Dame and Miami, arrived in El Paso, Texas for the Hyundai Sun Bowl.  Notre Dame arrived at 11:00 this morning with the Miami Hurricanes arriving later this afternoon. 

The teams will be greeted by local mariachis and a large local fan base.  Players will participate in visits to the University Medical Center pediatric ward, the fabled Lucchese Boot store and have dinner with troops stationed at Fort Bliss and Biggs Field.  Other pre-game activities include the Annual Bowling competition where 40 bowling teams consisting of four football players competing for prizes benefitting local charities.  What is not included in this year’s pre game activities is a visit to Mexican border city Ciudad Juarez.  Both teams have been apprised of the situation in Mexico and especially the violence occurring in Juarez, which is situated right across the border from El Paso. 

At high noon Friday they kick off to a very evenly matched competition, both teams have a 7-5 record.

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Sin Vergüenza: 84-Year Old Hefner to Marry 24-Year Old Playmate

While most 84-year old men are grateful to wake up, let alone wake up next to a beautiful young woman – Hugh Hefner is taking it a step further and marrying the beautiful young woman in his life.

The founder of Playboy and serial dater has decided to settle down for the third time.  His fiancee is December 2009 Playboy Playmate of the Month Crystal Harris.  Harris is 24 years old and clearly the 60 year age difference isn’t a cause for pause but rather ‘the happiest Christmas weekend in memory’ tweetered Hefner.

We aren’t sure if we should be impressed with his sexual stamina or the fact that Hef tweeters.  Congratulations.  At this point we don’t even know if Viagra is a suitable present.

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Iconic Trail Theater in Little Havana Set to Reopen

An icon of Hispanic theater, the Trail Theater, is set to reopen in the Little Havana district of Miami, under the watchful eye of Colombian actress Marisol Correa.

The Trail, located on Eighth Street and Southwest 37th Avenue, has a capacity of 430 seats and its stage has been home to many great Cuban talents like comedian Armando Roblan, Jacqueline Andere, Cesar Evora and many more. 

The last couple of years the theatre has changed ownership, closed for periods of time and faced an uphill battle to survive. 

Now thanks to the heroic efforts of Marisol Correa and entrepreneur Jorge Angulo it is set again to take center stage again in Little Havana, as a cultural mecca for Hispanic theatrical productions.  It will reopen its doors on January 29th with a play by Indira Páez – Amaneci con Ganas de Moremie (I Woke Up Wanting to Die). 

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NARCO BLOG:  Powerful Drug Cartels Send Holiday Wishes to Locals in Mexico

This week throughout key avenues of the city of Morelia, Mexico men distributed fliers authored by the Familia Michoacana, where they wanted to wish the general public a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The fliers were not just full of holiday wishes but also urged the public to be aware of the latest incidents of violence attributable to the Federal Police, and members of the rival Los Zetas drug cartel.

“La Familia Michoacana disavows it self of all criminal acts that occurred in the state of Michoacán, they are acts done and fabricated by the Federal Police. They seem to be only dedicated to making false claims and then killing those they implicate in crimes.” This message was visible in the message boards and fliers being distributed. 

The leaflets were seen at the exit to the highway connecting Morelia to Guadalajara.  Unknown individuals threw them from moving vehicles. In addition, a banner with the same content appeared on Friday on a footbridge. According to reports from the Federal Police, these same messages were being removed almost immediately by police as they were being discovered.

In an unprecedented event, the Familia Michoacana cartel also released a “narcobanner” Christmas message to all Mexicans.

“La Familia Michoacana wishes everyone to have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Taking into account these difficult times we are experiencing, are our best wishes to the entire Mexican family and especially the Michoacan people,” they wrote.

The Familia Michoacan cartel has faced, since December 8, one of the most intensive assaults on its operations by the Mexican government.  Thus far there have been at least 16 clashes with cartel members and the Army.

In one of the clashes Nazario Moreno González, “El Chayo”,  who was considered the leader of La Familia was killed.

To read more in Spanish, click here

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Mexican Soldiers Implicated in Another Killing of Innocent Bystanders, This Time an American

In at least the third case this year, Mexican soldiers have been implicated in killing an innocent bystander; this time it was a 32-year old New York native.  Joseph Proctor was living a quiet living in a beach town outside of Acapulco, when he was gunned down by a Mexican army patrol.

The family was initially told that Proctor brought the death on himself when he engaged in a gun battle, on August 22nd, with troops patrolling highway’s trying to quell drug cartel violence.  After the family investigated and with the help of U.S. embassy officials it was discovered Proctor was accidentally shot and evidence planted to make him look guilty of his own death.

The Mexican military is overwhelmed and in many cases outgunned as they fight a vicious battle with the country’s drug cartels.  There have been two other documented incidents when innocent bystanders were killed.  In the first incident, two Mexican college students were killed when a gun battle spilled onto a Monterrey college campus.  Mexican soldiers in that case also tried to change evidence to disavow themselves of the shooting. 

Most recently two Mexican brothers, age 5 and 9 were killed in the family car as it entered a heavily militarized zone, the shooting is still under investigation.  There have been over 4,000 abuse complaints against the Mexican military since 2006 when President Felipe Calderon started his war on the drug cartels. 

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Upcoming Legislative Session in Washington Expected to Bring More Anti-Immigrant Legislation

The new legislative session in Washington will convene on Wednesday, January 5, 2011, and with it the Republican Congressional majority is expected to debate several issues related to immigration.

There are several legislation initiatives that will test what exactly the 14th amendment means and whether automatic citizenship for children of illegal immigrants should be included.  While the ‘anchor baby’ issue is discussed Republican’s are expected to enhance the E-verify program, whereby employers by mandate check whether their employees are in the U.S. legally. 

There is also consideration on reducing federal funding to cities that are ‘sanctuary’ cities, i.e. those that welcome immigrants without questioning their legal status.

Democrats and the President have vowed to make comprehensive immigration reform a legislative priority but may have to settle for playing defense as these strict anti-immigrant initiatives play out in the Republican majority congress. 

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Ex Venezuelan President Perez Dies at 88

Ex Venezuelan President Perez Dies at 88

Photo: Carlos Andres Perez

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Former Venezuelan President Carlos Andres Perez, 88, died of a heart attack Saturday at a Miami hospital, his daughter said.
Noticias24 in Caracas reported his daughter Mary France Perez said he died at 2:41 p.m., leaving the family in “a deep pain.“The Caracas newspaper El Universal reported the funeral and burial of the former president would take place in Miami.

Perez, a leader of the Democratic Action Party, served as president of Venezuela from 1974 to 1979 and again from 1989 to 1993. Perez’s second term encompassed the 1992 coup involving current president Hugo Chavez.
Venezuela’s highest court forced Perez to step down in 1993, one year before the end of his term, on charges of corruption and illicit enrichment, El Universal reported.

Perez, born in the Andean state of Tachira, suffered a cardiovascular attack in 2003 that paralyzed a hand, an arm and his right side, El Universal reported.

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Laugh Out Loud This and Every Sunday With HS-NEWS SUNDAY COMICS

Laugh Out Loud This and Every Sunday With HS-NEWS SUNDAY COMICS

Photo: Juan Laverde for HS-News

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SundayDecember 26, 2010