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FridayDecember 24, 2010

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To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Bristol Palin Moving to Maricopa, Arizona-Close to Other Local Celeb Anti-Immigrant Sheriff Arpaio

The 20 year-old daughter of the former governor of Alaska and current reality star Sarah Palin, has purchased a five bedroom house in Maricopa, Arizona.  The former Dancing with the Stars finalist paid $172,000 in cash to purchase the house that was in foreclosure.  Maricopa has been identified by some as the “poster child of the housing crisis.”

Her house is located in Pinal County which is part of the Phoenix metro area.  Pinal country was formerly part of Maricopa county where another ‘celebrity’ rules – Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  Sheriff Arpaio, who is currently fighting numerous lawsuits for racial profiling and violation of civil rights, is known for his tough anti-immigrant stance and his intense dislike of them ‘darn illegals”.  HS News isn’t sure if the two local celebs know each other or if the Sheriff plans to drop off a welcome neighbor gift. 

Bristol became a teen-age, out-of-wedlock mom at the age of 18 through a relationship with her high school sweet heart Levi Johnston.  She is a paid speaker on the issue of sexual abstinence. 


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Many Hispanics Using Smartphones to Get Their Christmas Shopping Done

A survey by Briabe Media, a mobile marketing agency, found that a lot of shoppers are using their phones to get their Christmas shopping done, with 78 percent of smartphone users downloading a shopping apps of some sort. 

Whereas Hispanic’s were more likely than then general populace to place importance on their phone to get the holiday shopping done.  Shopping apps that had some sort of price comparison tend to be the most popular, while use of smart phones for product information is the most common use. 

Overall mobile shopping habits tend to split evenly amongst all racial and ethnic lines.  Asian, Hispanics and Blacks all viewed their mobile phone as important and necessary to get their holiday shopping done.  So dial up, only few hours left before all regalos are due under the tree.

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Body of Las Vegas Dancer, Flores-Narvaez, May have been Found (VIDEO)

Body of Las Vegas Dancer, Flores-Narvaez, May have been Found (VIDEO)

Photo: Deborah Flores Narvaez Killing

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

The family of Puerto Rican Las Vegas dancer, Deborah Flores-Narvaez, is wishing for a Christmas miracle as they hope to find her alive.  Those hopes are on hold, as they await to hear if the body found yesterday in Arizona matching her description is indeed her.

The story has attracted a lot of attention in Las Vegas where 31-year old Flores-Narvaez is a burlesque dancer at the Luxor Casino and thought to be pregnant.  The beauty, whose personal life is receiving a lot of scrutiny, has a law degree and MBA but opted to headline in a risqué dance revenue in Las Vegas. 

Her fans and former boyfriends are the focus of the investigation.  One of her former boyfriends had been arrested for abusing her and is also being questioned. 

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Bah Hum Bug: Republicans Say Passing DREAM Act Next Year Highly Unlikely

In reaction to President Obama’s recent vow to fight for immigration reform in the next legislative session, Republican’s have pronounced immigration reform dead on arrival.

Wednesday, the President identified the failure of the DREAM Act to pass as his “biggest regret” and vowed to continue advocating for comprehensive immigration reform as early as January, when he will discuss it in his State of the Union.

Yesterday, Congressional Republicans responded by saying they would fight any effort to legalize any of the estimated 11 million undocumented in the country, including DREAM Act beneficiaries.  Many Republicans want to deal with the “massive illegality at the border” and completely ignore the DREAM Act. 

“It is pointless to talk about any new immigration bills that grant amnesty until we secure the border, since such bills will only encourage more illegal immigration,” incoming House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Tex.) said in a statement.

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), head of the House immigration subcommittee said: “It is extraordinarily unlikely that any version of comprehensive immigration reform that includes amnesty will go through the House of Representatives.” 

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Families of Kidnapped Migrants Receiving Ransom Calls–MX Gov Begrudgingly Investigates (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Another confirmation of the alleged kidnapping of 50 Central American migrants from Mexico has occurred, when family members of the missing received a ransom request.

The supposed kidnappers have apparently called the family of one of the migrants requesting a ransom.  That particular Central American migrant had actually escaped the freight train when the kidnappers ambushed it last week.  This report is coming from Rev. Alejandro Solalinde, who runs a shelter near where the alleged kidnapping took place – he provided shelter to those able to escape.

The government of El Salvador is investigating since most of the missing are from that country.  Whereas the Mexican government initially denied the kidnappings ever took place, they are now opening up an investigation.

Mexico is the travel corridor for hundreds of thousand Central American illegally trying to enter the U.S.  Unfortunately they have become the crime victims of drug cartels that rob, kidnap or murder them for money.

ORIGINAL STORY:  The government of El Salvador is alleging that 50 Central American migrants, most originating from their country, were kidnapped last Thursday while riding a freight train through southern Mexico. 

The Salvadoran Foreign Ministry further alleges that the women migrants in the group were kidnapped and is unsure what happened to the men that were traveling with the women.  In a statement the ministry said “Witnesses said that the subjects climbed up on the wagons, struck the migrants with machetes and took their belongings.”

For their part the Mexican government is stating it can not substantiate the allegations because it has no evidence of these disappearances.  A local priest, Father Heyman Vasquez, who runs a migrant shelter appears to be the only witness and believes the Zeta drug cartel is behind the kidnapping.  The priest reports that several Zeta’s asked him if he was sheltering the migrants because some had fled off the train toward his shelter, they demanded he hand them over.  He did not and they left. 

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Cuba Launches Wikileak Site to Highlight how “Imperialist” U.S. Is

Cuba has just launched a new website, Cubadebate.cu, in which it will publish 2,000 U.S. diplomatic cables about Cuba, that have been leaked by Wikileaks.

With most Cuban’s having little to no computer internet access or general news access this could be viewed as a positive but in reality it is just another means by which the Cuban government is trying to embarrass the U.S. 

The site will post the leaked cable’s that show the U.S. criticizing Cuban opposition groups as ‘out of touch’.  Other cables on the site are meant to show the U.S. continuing their “terrorist actions” against the country.  While another set of cable’s reflect conversation’s between U.S. diplomats undermining the power of dissidents and their inability to run the country after the Castro brothers. 

The new website is meant to show the Cuban people that the U.S. continues to meddle where it shouldn’t and that they have little respect for Latin American country’s and the people living there. 

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Illegal Reindeers Seized at Border – Thank God they Aren’t Santa’s!

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialists assigned to Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport seized a pair of decorative Christmas reindeer figures. A passenger arriving from El Salvador was carrying the reindeer figurines in luggage.

Upon inspection, CBP agriculture specialists found that the reindeer were made of grass material which contained seeds that could be propagated. The blades of the grass also showed possible disease symptoms. Seeds for propagation that are not accompanied by an appropriate plant health certificate, which this passenger did not provide, are prohibited entry into the United States.

Samples of the seeds and diseased grass were forwarded to the local USDA Plant Inspection Station for identification. The prohibited agriculture items were seized, safeguarded and relinquished to USDA for destruction.

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STUDY:  17% of American’s Haven’t Started Christmas Shopping – WHAT????

As of yesterday and with 48 hours to go before Christmas, one-in-three adults still has holiday gift shopping left to do.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 63% of Americans say they have finished their holiday shopping. But 33% are not finished shopping yet.

The number who are finished jumped 20 points from 43% this past weekend and 22%early last week.  Still, 17% of adults say they haven’t even started shopping yet. Eighty percent (80%) say they have started buying gifts. A few days ago, 28% had not begun their shopping yet, and 35% said that last week.

On Christmas Eve last year, 23% said they hadn’t finished their holiday shopping yet, and 17% hadn’t started.
The survey of 1,000 Adults nationwide was conducted on December 22, 2010 by Rasmussen Reports.

There is virtually no difference between the shopping habits of men and women at this point. Adults under 30 years of age are less likely to have finished their shopping than their elders.

Most Americans (57%) continue to say they plan on spending less money on gifts this holiday season compared to previous years, identical to the result found last weekend. Twenty percent (20%) say they plan to spend more money on gifts this year, while 21% expect to spend about the same amount.  Despite the stress and the expense of shopping at this time of year, Americans overwhelmingly like the idea of giving gifts.

The vast majority of Americans plan to celebrate Christmas with their families this year, but many indicate that they are having difficulty getting into the holiday spirit.

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Santa Aquí:  Track Santa Here- Where in the World is He?

Santa Aquí:  Track Santa Here- Where in the World is He?

Photo: Santa Claus

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Track Santa as He Makes his Way Across the World Delivering Toys to all the Good Little Girls and Boys

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Feliz Navidad to President Obama from Hispanics in Hawaii

Don Francisco de Paula Marin, a Spanish sailor, was the first Hispanic on record to arrive in 1794 on the beautiful island of Hawaii but not the last. 

Vaqueros or Mexican cowboys soon followed from California in the mid-1800’s to teach the locals roping and herding skills in order to manage the growing longhorn cattle population.  Then Hawaiian’s decided to import a large Puerto Rican work force to work on the plantations. 

All of these Hispanic pioneers have created the basis of the Hispanic population on the island that now greets and sends an Aloha to President Obama as he arrives for his Christmas holiday.

Approximately 16 percent of the Hawaiian island’s population is Hispanic, the largest ethnic minority in Hawaii, and their influence can be seen everywhere from taco trucks to Mexican restaurants.

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Wounded Soldiers Teach Chicago Priest About Courage

Wounded Soldiers Teach Chicago Priest About Courage

Photo: Rev. Robert Barry

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Reverend Robert Barry has been called up every summer since 1986 to serve as a chaplain in the Illinois National Guard. He has served active duty in Argentina, Columbia, Cuba, Poland, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The past five summers however, he has been visiting wounded soldiers from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars in a hospital at Germany.

“This is the most challenging and most difficult ministry I’ve ever done,” Barry said. “You really discover new levels and new kinds of prayer. The experience of ministering to wounded soldiers puts a lot of things in perspective. Things that were important in my personal life are not so important anymore.”

“These (wounded) soldiers showed me what real courage is,” he said. “There’s battlefield courage, and there’s the courage you see in a hospital when these soldiers try to restore their lives.”

Growing up in St. Paul Minnesota, Barry never showed much interest in Catholic Ministry. It was during his freshman year in College that he felt a calling to the priesthood surprising his parents with his ordination as a Dominican priest.

Rev Barry is at St. Xavier’s in Chicago as a full-time campus minister at the school’s McDonough Chapel where he conducts liturgies, special services and leads worship.

“The best part of the job is the response of the students to ministry. All of our programs are growing, and the students are responding energetically to the service programs, worship and education programs. Our problem is managing the growth,” he said.

Reverend Robert Barry lives at the St. Pius parish in Chicago’s Pilsen community.

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Fired Chipotle Workers Protest in Minneapolis

Dozens of former Chipotle employees, their families and friends protested in downtown Minneapolis this week. They are protesting the firing of nearly 100 employees.

The workers call the firing unjustified and are asking the company to let them know why they were fired. The dismissals began in early December and all the fired workers are Latino. Many of the dismissed workers say they are owed pay, holiday time and bonus money.

In a released statement a fired worker named Maria says, “Latino workers have given Chipotle our labor and they’ve become a very well recognized restaurant thanks to us. Now they’re stabbing us in the back and telling us they don’t need us anymore.”

Chipotle Communications Director Chris Arnold responded with his own written statement Wednesday afternoon. It reads:

“Chipotle is proud to have such a dedicated and diverse workforce and we are saddened to be losing some excellent employees, many of whom have been with us for several years, but all of this comes in response to a request for documents made by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials in Minnesota. While the laws in this area put employers in an untenable position - having to strike the difficult balance between enforcing immigration laws while not discriminating against any applicant - all of our policies and practices are and must be fully compliant with federal and state law.”

“We are paying all employees any and all wages they are owed, including bonuses earned and any unused vacation time,” Arnold continued, “and all employees whose status has been questioned by ICE are being provided with the opportunity to provide documentation to correct any administrative errors that may have been made.”

ICE spokesman Shawn Neudauer said earlier that the agency doesn’t comment on specific audits and he could neither confirm nor deny whether Chipotle documents were being reviewed.

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Furious Passengers Riot in Buenos Aires, Leaving Several Injured (VIDEO)

Furious Passengers Riot in Buenos Aires, Leaving Several Injured (VIDEO)

Photo: Buenos Aires Riots

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Rioting in Buenos Aires yesterday by outsourced workers stranded thousands of rail commuters. President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has vowed to take criminal actions against those who disrupted rail service on the eve of the Christmas holiday.

Passengers were furious after seven hours of interrupted services when the private owners of the Constitutional Terminal announced the terminal would be closing. The violence that erupted surprised law enforcement and even the protestors.  The extremely hot humid day broke out into a frenzy of stone throwing, tear gas, water cannons, smashing and looting of stores while the police tried to control the situation.

Eventually special riot police were call in and order was restored.

The outsourced protestors leader: Gustavo Medina said,“The government maintains a steady position with respect to certain issues, such as that of salaries or the integration of outsourced employees to the permanent base, along with the integration of those employees that have been fired,”  He added that sources from the national (Argentine) government had told him that there “isn’t much that can be done” because the Transport Secretariat “is being managed by the La Fraternidad union,” linked to the incidents that led to the murder of workers’ party member Mariano Ferreyra.

Transport Secretary Juan Pablo Schiavi said he will be going to court to file claims against “all those involved in blocking services and preventing hard working citizens from returning to their homes.”

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FridayDecember 24, 2010