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TuesdayDecember 7, 2010

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‘Hispanic Hate’ Statement of the Week and It’s Only Tuesday

“I don’t care about racial profiling. You know, sometimes it is good we are racially profiled, because the God’s honest truth is that 99 percent of the people that are robbing, stealing, killing these drivers are blacks and Hispanics” 

Try to guess who lobbed this dozy and why?  No it wasn’t Glen Beck, Pat O’Reilly or Lou Dobbs.  It was none other than Fernando Mateo head of a New York City taxi-drivers union in response to a shooting of a cabby by allegedly a Hispanic gunman. 

Mateo was speaking at a press conference this morning while visiting the ailing driver that is in critical condition.

Mateo was born in the Dominican Republic and has a black father, so we assume, felt very comfortable insulting his own people. The statement it self has not been backed up by any official crime statistics.  He also implored his drivers to ‘profile your passengers’ as a means to keep safe on the streets of New York. 

According to his Wikipedia page he is “co-founder of the first Republican club in New York City composed of Dominican immigrants.”  Mateo also spoke at the 2004 Republican National Convention hosted in New York. 

No comment yet from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

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24 Hours Before DREAM Act Vote - How are the Votes Stacking Up?

24 Hours Before DREAM Act Vote - How are the Votes Stacking Up?

Photo: Utah Republican Orrin Hatch

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Who is standing, switching, and teetering on the DREAM Act fence.

Over the last decade, the DREAM Act has been in the hands of many politicians, but these days it’s tough to determine who stands where on the bill as it comes to a probable vote tomorrow.

Case in point, Orrin Hatch. Back in 2001, and again in 2003, the Utah Republican was the chief sponsor of the DREAM Act when first introduced, but has since backed off due to the fear of potential Tea Party challengers in 2012.

Due in large part to flip-flopping like Hatch’s, DREAM Act supporters are likely to see the bill fail once more on Wednesday as hopes for passage in the current lame-duck session are dwindling, and the votes appear to be against them.

Hatch says Democrats are only going ahead with the lame-duck push to gain favor from their constituency, but Hatch’s current stance is a far cry from what it was just four years ago when he and a number of fellow Republicans were in favor of a more liberal approach to immigration. The entire GOP was shaken when a grass-roots movement began and pushed the party towards a harsher advance on undocumented immigration. 

In 2006 when the larger issue of immigration reform came to a vote 73 senators were in favor and that included 30 Republicans.  On the eve of voting for the DREAM Act here are where some key players stand:

—In 2007, when a bill similar to the DREAM Act was proposed, Kaye Bailey Hutchison was one of seven Senate Republicans to vote in its favor, but has since promised to vote against the DREAM Act with her office saying, “She will not support legislation now being put forward as the DREAM Act because it goes far beyond dealing with [students educated in the United States.].”

Sen. Bob Bennett of Utah is a surprise as he is one of the few 2007 DREAM Act supporters in the Republican party having said he would support the law if it came up as a stand-alone bill.

Sen Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) voted in favor of the bill in 2007, but has already stated he will not do the same again. A spokesman claimed Nelson wishes the Senate would focus on jobs, and economy ahead of all other efforts. He also believes the borders should be secured and the DREAM Act attached to a broader look at comprehensive immigration reform, before he will vote in its favor.

—Indiana Senator Dick Lugar’s vote is now up in the air. Though having voted for the DREAM Act in 2007, the current incarnation of the measure was brought to fruition without the input of the senator, making his stance unclear.

Other Republicans last believed to be in support of the act were Sens. Sam Brownback (Kansas), Olympia Snowe (Maine) and Susan Collins (Maine).

Democrats who opposed the 2007 DREAM Act were Senators Max Baucus (Montana), Kent Conrad (North Dakota), Byron Dorgan (North Dakota), Mary Landrieu (Louisiana), Claire McCaskill (Missouri),  Mark Pryor (Arkansas), and Jon Tester (Montana).

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Terrible Year for Latinos at Prime Time Television Stations

Today the National Latino Media Council (NLMC) released their annual Television Network Report Cards.  NLMC is disappointed that this annual diversity report card reflects a decline in Latino diversity at the four major television networks - ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox.

CBS earned the best overall grade of all the networks for Latino diversity with a “B+”.

ABC which had been seen as a model network in its commitment to diversity slipped to an overall grade of “B-” because it slipped in several key areas, in terms of hiring recurring and reality actors, directors and entertainment executives.

NBC Universal also declined in several categories and earned an overall “B-” grade.  NBC is struggling to include a very low number of Latino actors on its scripted programming, and has “disappointing numbers” of Latino writers, producers and directors.

Fox received the lowest grade of “C+” and has a number of areas in which it needs improvement.  It should be noted that Fox’s numbers are very difficult to verify because it does not produce the names of the employees for which it takes diversity credit.  Lack of transparency has been an ongoing problem with Fox, and NLMC urges Fox to improve upon this next year.

“This was a terrible year for Latinos at the networks,” said Alex Nogales, President and CEO of the NLMC, “African Americans and Asian Pacific Americans posted impressive gains in most categories, but when it came to Latinos, the networks failed us.”

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42,000 lbs of Mexican Tamales Recalled for not Disclosing Their ‘Whey’ - FOR REAL

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service announced Friday that Diana’s Mexican Food Products out of California had deceived the public by selling 42,000 pounds of chicken tamales without a ‘whey’ label.  There’s the ‘whey’ the Government wants you to know about because it’s a dairy by product and then there’s the ‘wey’ you call someone when you hate them, i.e. Jackass. 

Say it aloud. Diana’s Mexican Tamales are full of whey and the U.S. public needed to know about. 

Sure, we understand that whey is a known allergen, and that ingredients should be on the label. It is the obvious lack of cultural sensitivity, and of course the haphazard phrasing of the USDA sanction what we can’t help but snicker at.  Hey wey you should know we were going to notice you bitching about the whey. 

Maybe we’re splitting hairs here. We don’t mean to, we just find it hilarious when tamales make it to the news, as well as the thought of…………


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Just in Time for the Holidays:  Opium Laced Woodchips for Your Fireplace

Cincinnati Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers at a DHL Express Facility recently seized almost 80 pounds of opium-saturated woodchips inside two international shipments destined for Minnesota.

CBP alerted to x-rays of two parcels containing plastic wrapped bundles woodchips that tested positive for opium. The parcels were labeled as “dried homemade herbal” and were valued at $114 each. Both packages were shipped from Laos to an address in Minneapolis, MN.

The investigation continues regarding these seizures as no arrests have been made at this time.

“Our express consignment CBP officers are experts in finding illegal drugs including opium that has been found saturated in pieces of cloth, soaked into small twigs and now in this case, saturated in woodchips,” said David Murphy, Chicago CBP director of Field Operations.

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Jaime Bayly Latest Novel an Homage to Stieg Larsson’s Influence

A scathing critic, a failed writer, a vain journalist, a thieving editor, and a betraying woman are the victims of Jaime Bayly protagonist in his new work “Moriras Manana: El Escritor Sale a Matar,” the first installment in a trilogy to be published by Alfaguara.

Jaime Bayly was born in Lima, Peru, in 1965. After 10 years as a journalist, in 1994 he began his writing career with the novel No Se lo Digas a Nadie. He is a renown Latin American political pundit and former Peruvian Presidential candidate whose popular TV show was allegedly cancelled in retaliation for his political views.

“I have an indeterminate, and certainly a large number of enemies. But true enemies are those that you refuse to leave alive when you know you are going to die soon,” said Jaime Bayly.

The author stated that the enemies exterminated in his new book are inspired by real people, making this a must read especially in Peru and Latin America.

“I wouldn’t have written this novel if I hadn’t read Stieg Larsson trilogy. As a writer, Larsson humiliated me, as a reader, he drugged me,” stated Bayly to El Comercio newspaper.


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NARCO BLOG:  Mexican Preschool Torched While Standing up to Extortion

The Constitucion preschool located in the border city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico learned the hard way not to mess with criminal extortionists.

Yesterday the kindergarten was burned down when armed men came and set fire to the school after they refused to meet the criminal’s pay-protection demands. 

The arsonists had the gall to then leave a sprayed painted message: “Son of a Bitch, Pay Us”  - classes are suspended until further notice.

Blog del Narco and other sources had been reporting that the school and its teachers were being extorted for their weekly paychecks and bonuses.  The school’s in turn tried to outmaneuver the extortionists by doing direct deposits and changing pay periods.  All this just in the end to have their school burned down.  Several reports tie the criminal extortionists to drug cartels expanding their revenue sources. 

To read in Spanish, click here

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Dream Act Vote TOMORROW – TODAY White House Dialing for Votes

The third phone conference sponsored by the White House just concluded just ahead of tomorrow’s highly anticipated DREAM Act vote in the House. 

Proponents of the DREAM Act legislation have decided to present the bill as early as tomorrow morning in the House where it has a better chance of passing.  The Senate vote requires 60 yes votes that don’t appear to be there.

Under Secretary of Defense Dr. Clifford Stanley and the Director of Intergovernmental Affairs Cecilia Munoz hosted today’s phone conference.

Critics are wondering where President Obama’s face time on this bill is – he has not spent much time publicly praising or promoting the legislation.  Nonetheless this is the third phone conference sponsored by his Administration in less than a week.  The legislation would provide a path to citizenship for young immigrants students if they meet certain criteria

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Pending Deportation of Canadian Adult Highlights Immigration Law Flaws

“I was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, My dad worked for a division of Capitol Records. He received a transfer to Los Angeles, got permanent resident visas for the whole family and when I was two years eleven months old, we moved to the States. “ said Mike Burrows. “I grew up in Glendale, California, where I said the pledge of allegiance, played baseball, and lived like an American. Except for a first grade teacher who told me I could never be President, I thought I was just everybody else. In high school, I played guitar in a band, played first base for the jv then varsity baseball team. All in all, I was living an American life.”

Burrows, a Lawful Permanent Resident, has lived in the U.S. for over 50 years, and has no memory, family, or connection of any kind to Canada, but due a 1978 conviction of receipt of a stolen 8-track tape deck (a conviction that was EXPUNGED in 1983), Burrows is facing deportation.

In 2001, due to the now annulled conviction, Burrows was found “removable” by the U.S. government. Burrows even spent a month in the federal immigration detention center in Lancaster County, California.  He has been fighting his deportation for the last nine years.

Burrows’ story is a perfect example of how menacing and misguided immigration laws are today. Having exhausted all legal channels, Burrows says he now sits at home waiting for ICE agents to break down his door again and take him back to a country he doesn’t even know.  If he attempts to re-enter the U.S. to see his daughter or parents he faces up to 20 years in Federal prison as “criminal” aliens are banned for life.

Despite his grandfather being a former South Dakota senator, paying his taxes, and running a successful car business, Burrows’ only hope to stay in the United States now is a governor’s pardon.

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Hispanics Driving Force behind U.S. Population Growth

Yesterday’s Census estimates show the entire U.S. population to be between 306 million to 313 million depending on the number of immigrants in the country.  This estimate is important because it’s a precursor to what the actual 2010 Census figures will show in three weeks.

The big news, yet not surprising news, is that Hispanic youth accounted for all the growth in that age sector.  They now make up 22 percent to 25 percent of the U.S. teen population. 

The U.S. population was pegged at 281.4 million when the last census was taken in 2000.  The increase in population between 24.6 million to 32.6 million is less then was originally expected.

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Duel for Balón de Oro: World Cup Winners “La Madre” Spain VS Unstoppable Leo “La Pulga” Messi

Spain is at the top of the soccer world, thanks to winning the World Cup and now every nominee for this year’s “Balón de oro” as well as every coach nominated for Coach of the Year hails from, or works for soccer in Spain.  French magazine “France Football,” who in 1956 created the award wrote in this morning’s editorial that in soccer, currently “There’s Spain, and then everyone else.”

To take it one step further:  In soccer, currently there’s Barcelona (Barca), and then everyone else.  The same Barça that recently pummeled Real Madrid 5-0, owns all three players nominated for this year’s “Balón de Oro,” spaniards Andrés Iniesta and Xavi Hernández and Argentine phenom Leo Messi; Pep Guardiola, the head coach is also nominated for the award, next to Vicente del Bosque, manager of the World Cup winning team, and José Mourinho the Portuguese coach of Real Madrid.

Is not hard to imagine that having three players in the same club be nominated for such a prestigious award could ignite rivalries and ego battles, but this doesn’t seem to be the case with the Barça. All three players are so humble, that there’s no doubt that either one will celebrate its mate’s victory as if it was their own.

Who is your favorite? Who do you think will take the award? Comment below, and link us to your favorite goal of 2010!

Más vídeos en Antena3

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Approximately 100,000 Contraband Cuban Cigars to Go up in Smoke

Custom officials at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport are reporting a record seizure of Cuban cigars.  Thus far they have confiscated 30,000 cigars shipped from Europe and are inspecting 70,000 other suspicious cigars, also thought to be of Cuban origin.

Much to the angst of cigar aficionados and ‘lift-the-embargo’ advocates the cigars will all be fired up and destroyed.  Imagine the aroma.  It is illegal to import or bring in any Cuban product to the U.S. due to the 40 year-old trade embargo.

On average Chicago’s biggest airport sees 10 to 12 contraband Cuban cigars smuggled in on a weekly basis, mostly from travelers returning from international travels, they are legal in most other countries.

It is believed the contraband shipments were discovered because more international packages are being inspected as a result of the Yemen-to-Chicago bomb package intercepted in late October. 

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Rep. Charles A. Gonzalez to Chair Nation’s Leading Latino Youth Leadership Development Organization

Today the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) announced its new board of directors for the 2011-2012 term. Rep. Charles A. Gonzalez of San Antonio, TX will chair its board of directors. Gonzalez’s unanimous election to the post signals the Board’s confidence in his vision and dedication to CHCI’s mission.  CHCI also announced its newly created advisory council.

“CHCI has a 32-year legacy of developing Latino leaders and I look forward to expanding the great work and achievements of Rep. Velázquez and past chairs during the next two years,” said Gonzalez. “The Latino population is positioned to determine the future success of America and CHCI is at the forefront of the struggle to ensure Latino youth have opportunities to succeed through education.”

Gonzalez was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1996 representing Texas’ 20th Congressional District. He currently serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, the Judiciary Committee, and the House Administration Committee.  His father, former Representative Henry B. Gonzalez, represented the same district for 37 years, and is one of the founding members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus in 1976.

“We could not be more pleased that Rep. Gonzalez will be leading the organization for the next two years,” said Esther Aguilera, CHCI President & CEO. “His experience, knowledge, and passion for the Hispanic community are unparalleled. We look forward to expanding our reach into the community to serve even more young Latinos in the coming years.”

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U.S. and Brazil Establish ‘Open Skies’ Agreement

Negotiators for the United States and Brazil initialed a text for a new air transport agreement in Rio de Janeiro on December 3, 2010, which once formally approved will establish an Open Skies air transportation relationship between the two countries. The delegations also initialed a Memorandum of Understanding, which upon signature will significantly expand services between the two countries and provides for most elements of Open Skies.

Open Skies agreements vastly expand international passenger and cargo flights to and from the United States, promoting increased travel and trade, enhancing productivity, and spurring high-quality job opportunities and economic growth.  Open Skies agreements do this by eliminating government interference in the commercial decisions of air carriers about routes, capacity, and pricing.

The Agreement will strengthen and expand already strong trade and tourism links with Brazil, benefiting U.S. and Brazilian businesses and travelers by expanding air service and encouraging vigorous price competition by airlines, while safeguarding aviation safety and security.

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U.S. Ambassador to Travel to Guatemala to Discuss Resuming International Adoptions

Special Advisor for Children’s Issues Ambassador Susan Jacobs will visit Guatemala today, December 7 through the 11th,  for meetings on intercountry adoption. She will meet with government officials and nongovernmental adoption stakeholders to discuss the status of U.S. citizen adoption cases that have been pending since the suspension of new adoptions by Guatemala in 2007.

She will also discuss Guatemala’s efforts to implement new intercountry adoption safeguards that would provide a path toward future adoption processing.

The Guatemalan National Council on Adoption (CNA) announced in September 2008 that the country would not accept any new adoption cases at this time. The halt was in response to allegation of corrupt and fraudulent adoption practices.  Adoptions ceased in order to enable CNA to work on establishing guidelines to use in accrediting adoption agencies and to focus on completing transition cases.  In 2008 4,122 Guatemalan babies were adopted in the U.S. and in 2009 only 756 were adopted out. 

The United States remains open to resumption of intercountry adoption placements from Guatemala, but will consider such a resumption only when it is confident that strong safeguards against abuses and resolution of the issues that led to corrupt and fraudulent practices prior to the halt in new adoptions.

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TuesdayDecember 7, 2010