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MondayDecember 6, 2010

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To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Tuesday December 7th DREAM Act- Day of Action, Help Spur Congress to Vote Yes

Tuesday December 7th DREAM Act- Day of Action, Help Spur Congress to Vote Yes

Photo: DREAM Act Now

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Immigrant Youth and Faith Communities Mobilize for DREAM Act across the Country for a Day of Action

Events in 26 States Highlight Moral and Economic Imperative for Congress to Pass the DREAM Act

On Tuesday, December 7th, immigrant youth and communities of faith around the country are hosting a variety of events to urge Congress to pass the DREAM Act. In some states, leaders will hold vigils to highlight the moral urgency behind the issue. In Washington D.C., and in district offices in various states, events will feature DREAM Act students delivering over-sized 6ft checks for $2.3 billion to their members of Congress, highlighting the economic benefit of the DREAM Act to America. The Congressional Budget Office estimated that the DREAM Act would generate $2.3 billion of new revenues for the nation’s coffers, including $1.4 billion to reduce the deficit. Below is a compilation of the enormous number of events happening all over the country to spur Congress to a yes vote on DREAM.

In Washington, D.C.:
WHAT:        Check Delivery to Members of Congress
WHEN:        10:30 A.M. Tuesday, December 7th, 2010
WHO:          Undocumented immigrant youth from across the country
VISUALS:      DREAM Act students will deliver giant 6ft checks to Members of Congress

Around the country:
AZ:    Phoenix, vigil at State Capitol: Raquel Teran, raquel@promiseaz.org (602) 326-5854
AZ:    Glendale, Fast and press event with Dolores Huerta at Sen McCain’s office, Daniel Rodriguez, xdanielrodriguezx@gmail.com, (623) 206-4243
CA:    Los Angeles, candle-light procession & vigil: Jorge-Mario Cabrera, jmcabrera@chirla.org, (213) 255-5043, Olivia Park (213) 605-1255
CA:    Bay Area, Candle light vigil, Food drive: Eric Quezada, equezada@dscs.org
CA:    San Diego, Vigil at Mesa College, Norma Chavez-Peterson, norma@justicesandiego.org, (619) 696-9474
CA:    Los Angeles, Check Delivery to Congressional Offices, Cyndi Bendezu (323) 385-7460, Sofia Campos (323) 854-9265
CO:    Denver, Longmont, Alan Kaplan, alan@coloradoimmigrant.org, (917) 776-2388
DE:    Check Delivery to Rep. Castle, Alicia Dominguez (302) 983-9302
FL:      Check Delivery to Congressional offices in Miami and Orlando, Jose Luis Marantes, joseluis@unitedwedream.org, (407) 520-8714
IA:      Marshalltown, vigil, Ruth Schutlz, ruth@iowacci.org
IL:      Chicago, Check Delivery to Congressional offices, Ireri Unzueta (773) 653-3665
IL:      Chicago, Federal Plaza vigil, Stephen Noble Smith, stephennoblesmith@gmail.com, (773) 444-9557
MA:    Boston, Check delivery to Sen. Brown, Renata Teodoro (774) 240-5647
ME:    Portland, Check delivery to Congressional office, Martin Lopez
MI:    Detroit, Vigil, Ryan Bates, ryan@michiganimmigrationreform.org, (248) 787-6767
MO:    Kasnsas City, Check delivery to Sen. McCaskill, Jackie Saavedra (913) 850-1019
NC:    Charlotte, Greensboro, vigils at Congressional offices, Ruben Campillo, ruben.campillo@gmail.com, (704) 309-9388
NC:    Chapel Hill, Funeral for Broken DREAMs, Irene Godinez, igodinez@latinamericancoalition.org, (919) 491-5627
NY:    New York City, Check Delivery, Vigil – Thanu Yakupitiyage, tyak@thenyic.org, (212) 627-2227 x235, Christina Baal, cabal@thenyic.org, Kevin Kang (718) 791-1447
NY:    Corona, Prayer vigil, Jaime Weisberg, 718-637-3054, jweisberg@gmail.com
OK:    Check delivery to Congressional office, Kasey Hughart, (918) 403-9532
OR:    Portland, vigil
TN:    Nashville, Check Delivery to Rep. Cooper, David Morales, david@tnimmigrant.org, (615) 775-1069
TX:    Houston, Check delivery to Sen. Hutchison, Cesar Espinosa (713) 459-8923
TX:    Austin, Check delivery to Sen. Hutchison, Loren Campos, (832) 618-0602
TX:    San Antonio, vigil, Alejandro Siller-Gonzalez, asiller@maccsa.org (210) 732-2156 ext. 7139
UT:    Salt Lake City, Check delivery to Senate office, Alonso Reyna (801) 703-7346
VA:    Harrisonburg, Check delivery to Congressional office, Rick Castaneda (540) 810-6453
WA:    Kennewick, Mount Vernon, Seattle, Vancouver, Yakima: Prayer vigils, Charlie McAteer, Charlie@weareoneamerica.org, (206) 452-8402
WI:    Milwaukee, Check delivery to Rep. Ryan, Maricela Aguilar (414) 469-6671

(List developing)

The DREAM Act is bipartisan legislation that recognizes immigrant youth who have been raised in the United States, have worked hard in school, and who will pursue higher education or serve the United States Armed Forces, should they be given an opportunity to pursue the American Dream.

For more information, contact Shu Ohno at sohno@immigrationforum.org or call 202-309-5645.

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WIKILEAKS: February’s Boxing Match Between Alvaro Uribe and Hugo Chávez Thwarted by Raúl Castro

Hugo Chávez and Álvaro Uribe almost came to fists at the Cancún Unity Summit, according to communications leaked by WikiLeaks

A US confidential cable leaked by WikiLeaks provided yet another look at the colorful way US diplomats share information about world events; this particular time, The US memo referred to a summit organized by the Mexican Government labeled “The Unity Summit” as “poorly conceived,” “inadequately managed” and “badly executed.”

Last February, México had hoped to bring together Latin American leaders to participate in a forum in Cancún advocating regional collaboration, but the event went sour when Hugo Chávez and Álvaro Uribe came very close to a fist fight.

According to the wire, a verbal fight broke out when Colombia’s Álvaro Uribe complained about Venezuela blocking border trade.  Verbal and physical provocations continued to escalate until Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez said ‘You can go to hell. I am leaving.’ Uribe responded: ‘Don’t be a coward and leave just to insult me from a distance.’

The insulting and screaming continued, and as Venezuelan security officials pushed and shoved to reach their president, Raúl Castro stepped in to beg for a civilized discussion.

Colombia’s ambassador in Mexico at the time, Luis Camilo Osorio, said Mexico’s president, Felipe Calderón, had presided over a banana republic fiasco.  “Calderón simply put a bunch of the worst types together in a room, expecting to outsmart them.”  The cable adds “There was no practical planning, there was no management of the agenda, and there was none of the legwork that would have been needed to yield a practical and useful outcome.”

The wire, was sent to Hillary to update her on the progress or in this case lack of progress coming from the Summit.  It was submitted by the US ambassador in México Carlos Pascual, who summarizes the event with the following remark:

“Unfortunately, the Cancun Latin American Unity Summit was not an example of a new and bold step into the future but rather a reminder of Mexico’s at times conflicting message on how it sees the future of the region and Mexico’s role as one of its leaders.”





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Monterrey Nabs 2010 Mexican Apertura Title

Monterrey Nabs 2010 Mexican Apertura Title

Photo: Monterrey striker Humberto Suazo

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

In his team’s home in Monterrey, after their championship win, striker Humberto Suazo of Chile was all smiles as he ran the field draped in his home country’s flag. In the 29th and 86th minutes, Suazo scored two of the teams three goals against Santo with Argentinean Jose Maria Basante scoring the third in the 72nd.

Sunday’s win marks the seventh Mexican league title for the Monterrey Rayados’ coach Victor Manuel Vucetich known as the “’Rey Midas’ del futbol mexicano” or the “King Midas of Mexican soccer”. Vucetich has won one title with Tecos and Pachuca each, three with Leon, and now two with Monterrey and was poised to be Mexico’s national team coach, but named personal reasons for his declination.

Mexico’s Torneo Apertura is one the country’s Primera División tournaments. Every year, the league holds two tournaments, one in winter, the Torneo Apertura (opening tournament) and one in summer, the Torneo Clausura (closing tournament). Monterrey also won last year’s Apertura, and the next Clausura is scheduled to begin on January 8, 2011 and end May 22, 2011.

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Republicans Afraid to Lose Latino Vote Trying to Please GOP Voters

Republican politicians in California are rethinking their positions on the Support Federal Immigration Law (FIL) Act , the state’s Arizona-style immigration proposal, as they fear separating themselves further from the fastest growing voter group in California—Latinos.

During campaigning for Mid-term elections, several Republicans organized outreach efforts in attempts to gain Latino voter support . One in five voters during California’s elections in November were Latino, and 80 percent of those voters casted ballots for Democratic Gov.-elect Jerry Brown because he was far more “Latino-friendly” than Meg Whitman, who only received 15 percent of the Latino vote.

Critics of the hesitant Republicans say that not taking a definitive stand against current immigration policies only hurts their position among Republican voters that maintain hard-line opinions on immigration reform.

California’s Republican candidates have faced the issue of Latino voters’ growing numbers for awhile now and have often wound up “two-faced” as they try to appeal to Republicans by claiming support for crackdowns on undocumented immigration, but then turn around to soften their political appearance for the sake of Latino voters in favor of bills like the DREAM Act (see: John McCain).

Right now, California Republicans’ immigration proposal has a few “tweaks” that may make it easier to pass than Arizona’s SB 1070, and Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado said he has little hope that leaders will be able to or even WANT to stop the passing of the proposal.

“You can pull the life-support machine off the party, just pull the plug,” he said. “Because there’s no secret, if you look at obituaries and you look at the birth notices in any newspaper, I can tell you what California is going to look like in the next 10, 15, 20 years. If you continue to alienate the fastest-growing population, then you can continue to be a party that is successful in certain areas, but you won’t be able to run the state.”

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14-year Mexican Assassin is Actually American; To be Tried as Juvenile

‘El Ponchis’ the 14-year old alleged drug cartel hit man will be tried as a juvenile according to Mexican officials.  Yesterday a judge in Morelos, where ‘El Ponchis’ is being held ruled that the boy will be tried under the state’s juvenile laws – this means he faces a maximum of only three years in prison.

The minor, whose has been tentatively identified as Edgar Jimenez, has been tied to several beheading murders under orders from the South Pacific cartel.  It is expected that the YouTube videos, showing the young man torturing and killing his victims, will be presented into evidence at his trial.

Mexican officials have also disclosed that the boy is an American citizen born in San Diego, California.  The U.S. has not confirmed this latest finding.  Other reports have the boy growing up homeless in the streets of Cuernavaca from the age of 4. 

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Brazil Street Food Vendors to Get Financing and Business Training

The Inter-American Development Bank approved a $10 million loan to help enhance credit program for low income microentrepreneurs in the food services sector in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The loan will boost the access of street vendors, small food shops and other small grocery suppliers known as Transformadores—because they transform raw foodstuff into ready-to-eat goods—to credit and business training.

The proceeds of the loan will finance amongst other things, acquisition of assets such as appliances, equipment, and carts. A training program will be implemented to help improve the business skills and raise the income of a sector that employs more than five million people.

Many microentrepreneurs must return to the store several times a day simply because their cash income is only sufficient to buy a few supplies at a time. Credit for working capital to buy supplies will help them save time and money. 

Access to financing for their working capital needs and minor capital expenses would allow the Transformadores to better manage their operations and cash flow, improve their productivity, and be able to increase their sales, which in turn will help them to better meet the daily needs of their households. 

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Is the IRS Targeting Hispanics?

A recently concluded study by TaxLifeBoat shows that a disproportionate number of IRS actions target minorities, especially Hispanics.

The study “IRS Enforcement’s Impact on Minority Communities” analyzed the 1,000 zip codes where the IRS files most of its liens and compared those to Census racial information on those areas.  The study concluded that 22% of African-Americans and 24% of Hispanics comprised those heavily IRS enforced areas, almost double what the rate was for the non-minority population.

The reason: low wage earner which most of these individuals tend to be, commit obvious mistakes and are easily caught.  More sophisticated tax filers get professional tax advice and are more familiar with how to work the tax system. 

TaxLife Boat, tax service advisers, feels that the IRS is wasting their time going after those individuals that already have very little.  The solution -educating Hispanics and Blacks on the tax code and appropriate filing rules.

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Tom Hanks to Star in Kathryn Bigelow’s Controversial Latin America Film

Hollywood star Tom Hanks will appear in a new film directed by Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker), a film that has sparked some controversy in Latin America.

Producer Charles Roven confirmed “Tom Hanks is starring in the film” and added that “We’re still looking to cast other roles. We’re hoping to start shooting the movie sometime in mid-March.”

Bigelow, the auteur behind this year’s Best Picture Oscar wants to examine the area where Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil meet; “Triple Frontier” will focus on the shared border between the nations, a region thought to be a center for terror financing, and a hub for illegal contraband trade.  The theme of the movie has angered the tourism ministries of Argentina and Paraguay. 

Both countries have refused to collaborate with the production, citing concerns that the scope of the film could mare the perception of the countries by foreign visitors, affecting tourism.

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Our Fave Brand-Whore is Back: J. Lo is New L’Oreal Paris Spokesperson

We can’t keep straight what products Jennifer Lopez is promoting because there’s just too many of them.  Just two weeks ago she and husband Marc Anthony announced they were creating a clothing line and home accessories for Kohl’s.  They did this while J Lo appeared in ads with her kids promoting Gucci clothes. 

Two days ago she became national spokesperson for Boys and Girls Clubs of America – at least this time it’s for her “favorite charity” which we always thought was her. 

Now L’Oreal Paris just announced Lopez as their latest spokesperson starting in 2011.  She will whore her name again, oophs we mean promote her image with the company’s makeup and hair care product line.  Her first promo is for “EverSleek Sulfate-Free Smoothing System.”

For their part L’Oreal Paris isn’t bothered by recent claims of “ deviant behavior by consensually exposing her genital openly in public,” – well maybe she’s going to promote a L’Oreal vag product??

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Hispanically Targeted Publications See Increase in Readership and More Being Launched Everyday

As a sign of the growing prominence of the Latino population in the U.S., sixteen new Hispanically targeted publications were launched between 2009-2010.  In a time when many newspapers are closing their doors and readership is down for other type of print publications, the number of Hispanic targeted publications are on the rise.

There is a growing demand for either Spanish language newspapers, latino-centric community news or magazines with Hispanic cultural content.  Even established major Hispanic newspapers are reporting increases in their circulation since 2008. 

Many publishers are meeting the demand for Hispanically targeted content and here is a list of the most recently launched publications: 


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Mexico’s Population Boom Thanks to Migrants Staying Home

Mexico’s National Institute for Statistics and Geography, the equvalient of our U.S. Census Department, showed an unexpected increase in Mexico’s population. 

Recent figures show Mexico’s population at 112.3 million as of July, which reflects 3.6 million more inhabitants then were expected.  The increase was mostly likely due to births amongst migrants that chose not to leave Mexico, according to statistical experts in the country.

On average 500,000 people leave Mexico annually to the U.S. and now that number has fallen to 250,000.  The global recession, less U.S. jobs and immigration enforcement are seen as the leading causes for Mexico-to-U.S. migration to be down. 

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UPDATE:  Chavez Blames Country’s Flooding and Deaths on Capitalism

UPDATE:  The death toll from torrential rains and mudslides in Venezuela has risen to 32 people dead and 70,000 homeless.  In an angry rhetorical, President Hugo Chavez blamed the devastation on “criminal” capitalism and the “arrogance” of rich nations.

The President has taken over rescue and emergency operations and continues to invite homeless families to live in the Presidential palace which would only benefit 25 families.  He has also ordered other ministries in the country to offer shelter. 

ORIGINAL STORY:  The non-stop torrential rains in Venezuela has forced the country to declare a state of emergency in four states including the capital city of Caracas.  The government of President Hugo Chavez is reporting at least 5,600 have been left homeless and at least 20 have died.

Schools in the hardest hit regions are closed with thousands of people living in temporary shelters.  President Chavez has offered to put up the homeless in the Presidential palace an offer that has not been taken up yet.

Many of the deaths were the result of landslides that occurred in the poorest regions where housing is built out of hillsides.  The rain is expected to continue for several more days. 

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Overnight in Mexico:  Two Mexican Drug Rehab Centers Target of Attacks

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico was once again the target of a bloody weekend when two drug rehabilitation centers were attacked leaving four dead.

According to official reports, the attacks occurred Sunday afternoon.  Armed attacks in rehab centers is becoming a common occurrence as some drug cartel members seek to hide out from enemies there and then are eventually located and targeted for death.

Last summer there were nine such attacks on drug rehab centers in the country. 

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MondayDecember 6, 2010