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SundayDecember 5, 2010

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Playboy Opens Mexican Casino (VIDEO)

Playboy Opens Mexican Casino (VIDEO)

Photo: Playboy Casino Mexico

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Playboy has opened its first Casino in Mexico at the Beach Resort town of Cancun. Although 1500 Applicants applied- only 25 were selected to be Playboy bunnies and work as card dealers, waitresses and hostesses.


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Rush Limbaugh on DREAM Act – “No no no- It Isn’t Gonna Happen”

Talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, has been fielding a lot of questions lately on the DREAM Act mostly from callers who are staunchly opposed.  The conservative talk show host has assured his listeners “Are you seriously concerned the DREAM Act is gonna pass?”  Rest assured he states it won’t.

Disturbingly Limbaugh has always had a good pulse on what conservative Republicans and his right white audience is going to do – so is he on to something?  Rush was heard telling his audience “The DREAM Act is gonna die with the Democrat majority dying once the new Congress is sworn in.”

That has not stopped others from joining the plea of others to support the DREAM Act passage.  A Latino/a Youth Collective of 30 youths in Indiana has started a hunger strike to bring attention to the matter in their state.  Indiana’s two Senator’s (D) Evan Bayh and (R) Richard Lugar have supported earlier versions of the bill. 

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NARCO BLOG: MX Judge Acquits the Queen of the Pacific- But US Awaits Extradition (VIDEO)

NARCO BLOG: MX Judge Acquits the Queen of the Pacific- But US Awaits Extradition (VIDEO)

Photo: Sandra Avila Beltran

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Sandra Avila Beltran, alias “the Queen of the Pacific,” allegedly Mexico’s most famous woman drug trafficker, was acquitted of drug trafficking charges Friday by a federal judge in Mexico City due to a lack of evidence.

In September 2007, Sandra Avila Beltran was arrested for her activity in the Sinaloa Cartel. Avila Beltran was accused of having worked to move Cocaine from Columbia to Mexico.

Alvira Beltrans lover and partner, Colombian capo, Juan Diego Espinoza, alias “The Tiger, was also absolved of any drug smuggling charges. They were both charged with trafficking up to 10 tons of cocaine, seized by Mexican authorities aboard a ship off the coast of Manzanillo in 2001.

But Avila Beltran won’t be leaving prison in Mexico City. The United States government has an order for her extradition on drug trafficking and money laundering charges. Meanwhile, “The Tiger,” Sandra Avila’s old flame is in Florida serving six years as a protected witness, on charges linked to the cocaine shipment.

Avila Beltran grew up among drug traffickers in the state of Sinaloa and “the godfather” of Mexican drug trafficking, Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, is her uncle. The Queen of the Pacific is reputed to have attended lavish parties at the hideouts of famous Mexican drug lords. She has inspired narco ballads, like “Reina de Reinas” by the Tigres del Norte, which says, “the more beautiful the rose, more dangerous the thorn.” Avila Beltran lived a glamorous life surrounded by only the best that money could buy.

At the time of her arrest, she told authorities she was a housewife who made money from selling clothes and real estate.

Watch the 60 minutes Anderson Cooper Interview with Sandra Alvila

Read in Espanol at Blog Del Narco



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Latino Tech Geeks Get Their Due with New Magazine

Tek Lado, a new tech magazine, is calling all geeks in English, Spanish and Spanglish.  The newly launched initiative coming out of Philadelphia is a 32 page technology and pop culture magazine geared to the tech-savvy Latinos.

The monthly magazine is currently only available in Philadelphia according to publisher Mel Gomez and its editor-in-chief Liz Spikol, but expects to go nationwide eventually.  Readers can expect to read the lastest news on gadgets, gaming and emerging technologies in both English and Spanish.

The magazine was launched to address the information gap on information for tech loving Latinos.  With study’s showing that Latinos are using social networking and mobile technology more than their white counterparts, this appears to be a timely launch.

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Dominican Republic Cholera Cases Reaches 16

Health Authorities in the Dominican Republic yesterday confirmed another case of cholera raising the number of infected citizens to 16.

The latest case was reported in the southwestern providence of San Juan de la Maguana. The patient is a 39-year-old man who is a driver and has had frequent contact with Haitians who have crossed the Haiti border.

In Haiti, cholera has claimed 1,882 lives since its outbreak in October.

Dominican Republic Officials have launched a national campaign against cholera this week. Health authorities will be visiting a million families nationwide to share information on how to prevent the spread of the disease.

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San Miguel del Allende and Chicago Selected as Top Cities for Art Lovers

After playing second fiddle to New York’s vibrant art scene for year’s Chicago is getting its due as a place to come and enjoys the arts.  Sherman’s Travel who provides expert travel advice and MSNBC travel have put Chicago on its list of ‘Top 10 Cities for Art Lovers’ and ranked it #2 ahead of New York. 

Chicago got its due thanks in great part to its impressionist collection at the Art Institute and the newly designed Renzo Piano modern wing.  The city’s diverse art museum also got a nod, like the National Museum of Mexican Art. 

Also on the list as the best place to ‘create art itself’ was Mexico’s San Miguel de Allende.  The colonial city out side of the capital city was noted by New York magazine as “the closest thing Mexico has to Florence.”  The towns stellar Instituto Allende was just one of the notable art schools mentioned.

The Top Cities for Art Lovers are as follows:  1)  Berlin 2) Chicago 3) Florence 4) London 5) New York City 6) Paris 7) Rome   8) San Miguel de Allende 9) Vienna and 10) Washington, D.C.

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Those with Higher than Average Hispanic Populations Top Least ‘Brainy’ Cities List

Portfolio.com devised a formula to rate the brainpower of U.S. metropolitan areas focusing on America’s 200 largest metro areas and has announced its findings of the brainiest and least brainy cities in the country.

They established scores for five levels of educational attainment, based on the relative earning power of adult workers (25 or older).  They also measured high-school dropout rates for the studied metro areas.

Five least brainy cities are concentrated west of Mississippi and tended to have higher than average Hispanic populations.  The report did not correlate demographics to their brainy ranking or give any weight to population statistics just to educational levels attained in the area. 

The least brainy cities are: 

1) Merced, California with a 41.4 % Hispanic population versus the national average of 12.5%

2) McAllen-Edinburg, Texas has the 15th largest Hispanic population in U.S. representing 88.3% of the city’s population

3) Brownsville, Texas where Hispanic’s represent 91.28% of the population;

4) Visalia, California part of California’s agricultural valley with 40% of its population being Hispanic; and

5) Bakersfield, California also part of the state’s agricultural valley has 32.45% of its population being Hispanic.

Portfolio.com listed San Francisco as the city with most college degrees and the brainiest cities are Boulder, Colorado (8.9% Hispanic population) and Ann Arbor, Michigan (3% Hispanic population) taking the top stops.

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Emergency Injunction Sought in Federal Court to Stop Harassment of Hispanic Church in Burbank, Il

New Court Filing Charges that Burbank Leadership is Violating Religious Rights of Rios de Agua Viva Congregation.

Friday, the Chicago church Rios de Agua Viva filed a Federal law suit charging violations of their First and Fourteenth Amendment rights, along with Federal and Illinois state religious land use rights. The suit was filed in the United States District Court in Chicago.

In the suit, Rios de Agua Viva charges that the city of Burbank is maliciously attempting to change its zoning code to make it impossible for the church to occupy property it has under contract, the site of the former Old Barn Restaurant at 8100 South Parkside in Burbank. The suit also claims that the city is violating the Federal Religious Land Use and Institutional Persons Act (RLUIPA) by illegally requiring the church to apply for a special use permit while freely allowing non-religious assembly uses without a permit. Rios de Agua Viva, a Hispanic congregation of approximately 250 people, alleges that it has been exposed to unnecessary financial burdens caused by the litigation against the city’s zoning code, which fails to follow Federal and state laws.

The Old Barn is located in a commercial zone, which under Burbank’s current zoning code allows “Dance Studios, Schools and Halls,” “Physical Fitness Facilities,” “Business Associations,” “Labor Associations,” “Civic, Social and Fraternal Associations” and “Political Organizations” without a special use permit. In a recent federal appellate case, River of Life Kingdom Ministries v. Vill. of Hazel Crest, the 12-member court of appeals stated that a church may not be kept out of a commercial zone if the municipality allows non-religious, non-commercial assembly uses in the commercial zone.

“Burbank’s actions are religious persecution. Rios de Agua Viva, in a gesture of good faith, applied for a special use permit, even though they need not have done so under Federal and state law,” said John Mauck of Mauck & Baker, the church’s law firm. “After the church started the special use permit process, Burbank leaders delayed reviewing the permit application while they surreptitiously began working to change the code to shut out this church from locating in the city. Federal law and past court decisions are on our side, and we will persevere in the fight to establish Rios de Agua Viva in Burbank.”

“The way Burbank is treating our church is strange. The Old Barn Restaurant has been in bankruptcy and is deteriorating, and we plan to preserve this historic landmark and use the location to minister to the needs of the community,” said the church’s pastor, Luis Ruiz. “Families have celebrated momentous, life-changing occasions at the Old Barn for more than a century, so why won’t Burbank’s leadership allow us to continue to bless lives with the good news of Jesus and enhance the diversity of the community?”

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Mexico’s War on Cartels has Seized $10.9 Billion Worth of Drugs – Since 2006

Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office is putting a dollar value on all the drugs seized in the country since President Felipe Calderon began his war on the drug cartels in 2006 and its staggering - $10.9 billion.

Even though 30,000 people, most being associated with drug criminal activity, have died the Attorney General views the campaign as a successful one.  There have been 82,540 convictions obtained, 385 criminals extradited to U.S. and 50.24 billion doses of illegal drugs removed from the market.

Nonetheless recently leaked cables from WikiLeaks show the U.S. doubtful if Mexico can win the war against the cartels.  This year alone 10,000 people were killed in drug cartel violence and the Mexican people losing their appetite for the battle to continue. 

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Why Russia and Qatar were World Cup Winners

On Thursday, 22 secret ballots in Zurich chose Russia (2018) and Qatar (2022) to host the World Cup Games. With a sense of being heir apparent, America and England were extremely disappointed as they showed all the reasons they were the best venues.

England has been the home of the worlds most popular and financially successful soccer league for years. America boasts the largest pool of soccer players, tons of stadiums and the world’s most diverse pool of fans. Yet England only received two votes form the delegates - and one from their own representative.

Russia and Qatar cannot boast of free press or fair elections, but they do have reputations of recent strong economic development and of a no nonsense response to dissents. Officials need not worry of strikers or the like interrupting preparations for the games.

Russia’s 2018 World Cup will take place all over the enormous country covering an expanse of 1500 miles, while Qatar’s entire country does not occupy that much space.  Qatar will be the smallest country to ever host the games.

Both countries have strong energy sectors that will pour strong support into the sport. Huge commitments of sponsorship from the Energy companies in these two countries will go a long way in covering expenses. Qatar’s treasuries is very strong and do not reflect the debt loads of either the US or England.

Ultimately the decision shows a trend toward emerging countries as FIFA decides where to host its flagship tournament.

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1.5 Million Homeless in Colombia from Devastating Weeks of Rain

Colombia’s Red Cross Deputy Director, Cesar Uruena summarized the damages weeks of rain has had on Colombia:  “We’ve never had this many people affected by the rainy season.”  With 174 dead and counting and over 1.5 million without homes the country has been devastated from the non-stop rains.

The resulting mudslides and rivers overflowing have added to the country’s woes by devastating crops and blocking rescue efforts.  President Juan Manuel Santos cut short his trip to the Ibero-American summit to help with emergency efforts.

The storms are being blamed on La Nina, which circulates cooler-than-normal water in the Pacific Ocean. 

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Huskers vs. Sooners Classic Rivalry Features Mexican-American (?) Freshman Quarterback

The most anticipated college football game of the year the Big 12 Championship has just concluded between the Oklahoma Sooners versus Nebraska Huskers.  The winner, Oklahoma in a 23-20 win, is going to the Fiesta Bowl. 

There is a long-term rivalry between teams, combined they have 8 Heisman Trophy winners, 259 All-Americans and now the debut of a Mexican-American quarterback named Taylor Martinez.  He is the first-ever Husker freshman to start a season opener as a quarterback. 

Several local papers have reported on the fact that Martinez is Mexican-American and that the state has a decidedly anti-immigrant posture.  Fremont, Nebraska overwhelming voted to keep undocumented workers from working or owning property in town – a measure that has the support of a lot of people in the state.

Apparently this hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm the state has for anything Husker.  Athletic Director Tom Osborne was quoted as saying “We want people to know that true Nebraskans will not judge you by the color of your skin, so long as you can seriously (play) ball.”

Martinez father Casey has stated Taylor is not Hispanic but rather got the Hispanic surname through adoption from his grandmother’s 2nd husband.  Mexican-American or not, Hispanic fans wear sombreros when he plays much like when New York Jet’s quarter Mark Sanchez does.  Hispanic Nebraskan’s want to claim him as their own and will be cheering him even if it’s not at the Fiesta Bowl

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SundayDecember 5, 2010