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ThursdayDecember 2, 2010

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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4th and Current Version of DREAM Act Narrows Eligibility

The fourth and current version of the DREAM Act (S. 3992) was submitted on Monday, and has many wondering how this latest version (created in an attempt to persuade Republican legislators to vote in its favor) differs from its predecessors.

One main difference is the eligibility age. The previous bill had the age of those that could benefit set at 35, but S. 3992 lowers the age to 30, meaning that if a person brought to this country as a child meets all other requirements, they have until they are (now) 30 to begin the legal process to citizenship.

S. 3992 also requires a 10-year waiting period (originally six) during which the youth would be classified as “conditional non-immigrants” before being granted permanent residency. Once that waiting period has passed without incident and a green card is obtained, more waiting begins as the person would have to wait another three years before they are eligible for citizenship.

Another change is the ineligibility of ANY undocumented youth who’s ever been convicted of any crime that carried a maximum one-year prison sentence. Previous versions of the DREAM Act stated the “good moral character” requirement to take effect ONLY back to the date of the DREAM Act’s enactment, but S. 3992 says “good moral character” (code for clean criminal record) is now required for the entirety of the person’s time spent in the U.S..

The submission of biometric data is also now required, and health care benefits with not be granted to these DREAM Act youth for 10 years.

So while Republicans have forced a compromise, and the DREAM Act is, to many, appearing less like a win, it still remains just that…a win. If it passes that is.

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STUDY: Higher Education Needs More Focus on Latinos in Science, Technology, Math

A recently released report co-written by a University of California, Riverside (UCR) professor argues that more attention needs to be placed on finances to increase the number of Latino students graduating in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.

The authors of the report found STEM majors with more financial support from their parents were more likely to graduate from highly selective institutions than students with less support.

“Our findings reveal yet another way that Latina and Latino students are disadvantaged in the current context of rising college costs and falling non-loan financial aid,” said report author Lindsey Malcom, assistant professor of education at UCR.

Earlier this year, President Barack Obama signed the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act, which infuses $100 million annually through 2019 to increase degree attainment in STEM fields at Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs). HSI is a federal designation for colleges and universities where at least 25 percent of the full-time equivalent undergraduate enrollment is Hispanic. (UC Riverside is one of only four research universities with the HSI designation.)

The report offers a list of recommendations for HSI schools seeking the federal grants:

• Incorporate research opportunities into the core curriculum (rather than into special programs that may not be accessible to working adults).

• Increase support for intensive junior and senior year STEM research experiences.

• Develop prestigious, well-funded opportunities, such as symposia and teaching institutes, for community college and four-year university professors to collaborate to develop innovative coursework to ensure that the curriculum aligns and transfer students can select majors in any STEM field of study offered at the university.

• Involve research collaboration between community college and four-year college faculty, developing the professional networks that create opportunities for STEM transfer students to access research laboratories and scientific studies at universities.

• Support programs, such as having industry guest speakers on campus, to involve faculty in networking with scientists and engineers in the private sector.

The report divided Latino students into three categories – self-support, parental support and balanced support – based on sources of financial support they used to pay for college.

Only 26 percent of self-supporters graduated from a research university, compared to 46 percent of those parentally supported and 42 percent with balanced support.

Similarly, self-supporters attended institutions of lesser prestige. Only 21 percent of self-supporters attended highly selective institutions, compared to 32 with parental support and 34 percent with balanced support.

To view the report and previous reports in the series visit: http://cue.usc.edu/news/nsf.html.

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Picassos: Spain Loses Them, France Finds Them and the Works Sell at Record Prices in NYC and the UK

It has been a record-breaking year for Picasso sales. In May, the highest price ever paid at auction for an artwork – £70m ($109.03 million dollars)– was handed over for Nude, Green Leaves and Bust in New York. The following month, a Picasso’s Blue Period piece, the portrait of Angel Fernandez de Soto sold at Sotheby’s in London for more than £34m ($52.96 million dollars).

But this week, the late artist is news in France, where a former electrician turned in close to 300 never before seen paintings, and in Spain, where 6.6 million dollars worth of art was stolen from a truck, at least one Picasso among the loot.

France finds them

Picasso’s son Claude Picasso received a letter from former electrician Pierre Le Guennec, who said he owned original Picasso pieces and wanted to have them verified for authenticity.  The electrician drove to Paris with the paintings in a suitcase and laid them out on a table.

“I felt a great surprise, naturally, lots of emotion at the discovery of pieces with which we were not familiar. But also a deep disturbance,” Picasso’s heir told French daily Liberation. “Many of these pieces were not dated, which means they never should have left the studio.”

Le Guennec told reporters that Picasso’s wife gave him the artworks.

“It’s Madame (Picasso) who gave them. But if Madame gave them, Monsieur was aware of it. She wasn’t going to do it just like that, was she?” he said. “What should have I done with them? ... They stayed in a box with other boxes that I have, from my job.”

Claude Picasso believes this story to be false. “It doesn’t hold up, frankly,”  the artist’s son said.

The new batch of works includes nine extremely rare Cubist collages, a watercolor from Picasso’s Blue period, several painted hand studies, some 30 lithographs and over 200 drawings, as well as portraits of the artist’s first wife, Olga Khokhlova.  Picasso’s heirs have appealed to a judge to have the works held by the courts until the mystery is solved.

Spain Looses them

Alleged thieves in Spain stole a truck containing about 20 works of art worth at least $6.6 million, including at least one by Pablo Picasso. The works were to be delivered to galleries in Madrid and Barcelona after being on display at an exhibition in Germany, according to reports.

Three masked men were videotaped robbing the parked truck last Saturday, in an industrial zone in Madrid’s southern suburbs. A police spokesman refused to provide or confirm any details of the theft, saying only that an investigation has been launched.  Police would not say exactly which art works were stolen.

The online edition of the daily newspaper El Pais and other media sources however, have said the stolen goods included at least one work by Picasso as well as some by Colombian artist Fernando Botero, Spanish sculptor Eduardo Chillida and Catalan artist Antoni Tapies.

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Mexicans Sent $17.88 billion Home thus Far This Year, Down by 1.34%

The cash remittances that were sent my Mexican nationals or expats totaled $17.88 billion through the end of October, banking officials are reporting.  This amount reflects a decrease of 1.34% compared to the first ten months of 2009.  Last year remittances dropped by 15.7% due to the economic recession.

The trend appears to be turning since last month’s remittances showed an increase – in October $1.72 billion was sent to Mexico.

The average remittance is $317.16 and there were 56.3 million such transactions thus far this year.  Cash remittances are the number 2 source of revenue for the Mexican nation. 

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Mexico City – Not so Polluted After All

This week the UN Climate Conference kicked off in Mexico with the goal of enforcing tougher world environmental standards.  So of course everyone is wondering how the capital of the host country, Mexico City, is faring with its ‘most polluted city in the world’ reputation.

Back in the ‘90s world scientists were sounding the alarm bells on the level of lead, ozone and other pollutants in Mexico City with respiratory illness rampant amongst the residents.  Its 24/7 pollution fog was legendary. 

Mexico heard the alarms bell and launched the 15 –year “Plan Verde” initiative that created more green zones, invested in alternative energy and calls for dramatic reduction in greenhouse gases.

Now it is common to see electrically powered buses and thousands of bicycles allowing the city to bill itself as a ‘Green City’.  The city is not the only one singing its praises environmental experts have commented:  “It used to be one of the worst. Not it’s a model” and “ Air quality has improved dramatically over the last decade.” 

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Colombian Government Promises to Eradicate Drug Money From Soccer Clubs

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has promised to put an end to the leaking of drug money into the country’s professional soccer clubs.

Mr Santos said “a few rotten apples” were jeopardizing the future of Colombian soccer. The Colombian congress is debating legislation intended to make the financing of soccer clubs more transparent.  “We are going to stop any relation between criminals and football,” said Santos during a speech.

The president was speaking at an awards ceremony, where the ex-San Francisco Giants shortstop Edgar Rentería was awarded the sportsman of the year award.

One of the most popular clubs - Independiente Santa Fé of Bogotá - is currently under investigation for allegedly laundering money for drug cartels.  Independiente Santa Fe is alleged to have laundered millions of dollars of drug money for Daniel “El Loco” Barrera. The club’s directors have promised full co-operation with the investigation.

Mr. Santos -a fan of Independiente Santa Fe- said soccer had to return to the times “when there was a healthy environment and the support was wonderful.”

The president was referring simultaneously to the need of cleaning up criminal presence from the books of some clubs, and the need to control violence among fans; there are violent incidents between supporters of opposite teams before and after every game, often resulting in fatalities. Minors are the most affected.

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DREAM Act = Amnesty? Republicans Seem to Think So (VIDEO)

DREAM Act = Amnesty? Republicans Seem to Think So (VIDEO)

Photo: : Senator Jeff Sessions

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Senator Jeff Sessions of Mobile, Alabama, sounding eerily similar to Yosemite Sam, said he would not allow passage of the DREAM Act if he could help it.

ImageSenator Sessions forcefully reiterated that “[The Dream Act] will not pass next year, and is not going to pass this year if i have anything to do about it, I just tell ya’.”

“I was disappointed that, apparently as a result of the Majority Leader’s promises, we now may have a fourth version of the DREAM Act, produced last night at 8:45, that he seeks to bring on the floor. We haven’t had a hearing on that in seven years. The American people did not vote for amnesty in this past election.”


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BREAKING NEWS: Russia to Host 2018 FIFA World Cup and Qatar to Host 2022 World Cup

FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter has just announced the hosts for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup matches.

The FIFA Executive Committee has chosen Russia to host the 2018 World Cup, and Qatar is to host the 2022 Cup.

All eyes were on Zurich, Switzerland, home of FIFA, and reporters were aflutter as they awaited Blatter’s announcement Thursday morning.

Russia competed against England and joint bids from Belgium/Netherlands and Spain/Portugal for the chance at FIFA’s 2018 championship. “

Australia, Japan, the Korea Republic (South Korea), and the USA, were in the running for the 2022 World Cup, but Qatar prevailed in the end.

Former President Bill Clinton, along with President Obama, and actor Morgan Freeman took part the U.S.‘s bid for 2022, and Clinton is now famously quoted as saying, “Maybe America’s best claim to this World Cup is that we have the only nation you can put the World Cup that can guarantee no matter who makes the final, we can fill a stadium with home-nation rooters.

Now all that’s left to decide are the cities in which Russia and Qatar will host.

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Grammy Nomination Are In and Latin Darling Bruno Mars Gets Seven (VIDEO)

The Music Recording Academy, known as the Grammy’s, has just announced this year’s nominees and it will be a year of “Recovery” for Eminem who garnered the most nominations with 10.

This was followed by seven nominations for Bruno Mars whose real name is Peter Hernandez. Favorites like Jay-Z and Lady GaGa each received 6 nominations.

The song “F*** You” which Bruno Mars co-wrote with Cee Lo Green is nominated for both record and song of the year.  Bruno will go up against himself in the Record of the Year category for his other song “Nothin on You” where he is featured with B.o.B. 

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Manny Pacquiao Set to Fight on April 16 – Mexican Marquez Appears to be 2nd Choice

Boxing great Manny Pacquiao is going to fight that appears to be a fact just who remains a mystery.  The boxer’s promoter announced late Wednesday that Pacquiao is fighting on April 16th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

His opponent and one presumes Pacquiao first choice is Floyd Mayweather Jr. – however Pacquiao is keeping all his options open.  If Mayweather don’t’ step up to the plate and agree to the fight – the 2nd choice is Juan Manuel Marquez.

Mayweather may be busy he is due in a Nevada court room on January 24 on charges of domestic abuse. 

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Republican Latinos: Governor Rick Perry is #1 Hispanic-friendly U.S. Politician of 2010 Elections

Somos Republicans, whose goal is to increase the Latino Republican voting block by 100% in two years, has announced the designation of the Texas Governor as the #1 Hispanic-friendly U.S. politician of the year. 

Governor Rick Perry has proven his executive leadership as he had to confront the slow economic growth during the great recession much like the rest of the nation; however, Texas’ decline has been milder than the rest of the country.  More importantly, when asked about the harsh Arizona anti-immigration law, Governor Rick Perry said such a law “would not be the right direction for Texas” and would distract law enforcement from fighting other crimes.

The organization believes Governor Perry should be recognized for making a courageous statement with regard to the controversial immigration law during a time in which extreme anti-immigrant messaging has been on the rise.  They are encouraging the rest of the GOP to embrace and emulate such a “courageous” position.  Somos Republicans strongly believe Governor Perry should receive recognition for being the #1 Hispanic-friendly 2010 politician in the nation, because he did not cave in to perceived popular sentiment.  Latinos who have remained as registered Republicans have been worried as they have watched Hispanic support for the Republican Party decline by almost 15 points. 

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ThursdayDecember 2, 2010