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SundayNovember 21, 2010

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To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Narco Blogger Reports:Mexico Auctions Off Narco-Bling and Raises 6.5 Million

Jewelry, trucks,private aircraft and wines seized from Drug Lords were auctioned by the Government of Mexico and raised 6.4 million in two days.

Friday, the Department of Administration and Disposal of Assets (SAE) confirmed that 580 lots of goods, including many seized from drug traffickers or other organized crime gangs had been auctioned.There was a total of 424 bidders and most expensive items were two Bell helicopters. One Was sold at $ 256,000 and The Other was sold for $200,000 dollars.

In lots of jewels and watches which began selling on Thursday, the most expensive item was a set with Swarosky Austrian crystals for $ 72,800 and a Audemars Piguet clock for $ 70,400.

Some of the luxury cars auctioned off a truck Were Range Rover 2009 , Cherry color, which sold for $ 46,720) and a Porsche Cayenne SUV 2004 for $24,000 dollars.

HS News Contributor- El Blog Del Narco covered the pre-auction Here

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And You Thought America’s “Get Out The Vote Ads” were Interesting…Wait till you See Spain

And You Thought America’s “Get Out The Vote Ads” were Interesting…Wait till you See Spain

Photo: Catalonia Voters

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This campaign is called “Voting is a pleasure.” As the Video is quickly going viral, some Spanish politicians have criticized the video. The Young Socialists in Catalonia produced the video in which a woman simulates an orgasm while casting her vote.

Both Socialist and opposition politicians have attacked the campaign video, with the equality minister calling it “misleading” advertising.
In the video the young woman gets increasingly excited as she votes for the Socialist Party in this month’s regional elections in Catalonia.

It concludes with the phrase, “Voting is a pleasure”, after she puts her voting slip in the ballot box.

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One-out-of-Four Americans See U.S. as Unfair and Discriminatory

More than one-out-of-four likely U.S. Voters (27%) now believe American society is generally unfair and discriminatory, the highest negative finding in over a year.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 60% of voters believe U.S. society is generally fair and decent, but that’s down 10 points from October and is also the lowest level found since October 2009. Another 13% are undecided. 

Last month, 70% of voters viewed American society as fair and decent, while 22% took the opposite view.  But since then confidence in the fairness of society has fallen among Democrats and voters not affiliated with either party, while it’s up slightly among Republicans.  Prior to the latest survey, the number of voters who shared the view that society is fair and decent has ranged from 64% to 74% since January. The number of those who see society as being unfair and discriminatory has ranged from 17% to 24% over the same period.

The survey of 1,000 likely U.S. Voters was conducted on November 19-20, 2010 by Rasmussen Reports.  When Barack Obama won the presidential election in November 2008, 65% said U.S. society was fair and decent. That number rose to 69% a month after he was inaugurated into the White House.

A plurality of voters nationwide believes America’s best days have come and gone, but that number has remained fairly consistent since the beginning of the year.

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Hispanics with Kidney Disease Face Faster Rate of Decline

Among patients with kidney disease in the United States, certain racial/ethnic groups, including blacks and some Hispanics, get sicker faster than whites do, researchers have found.

“Racial/ethnic differences are present early, before chronic kidney disease has been established,” study co-author Dr. Carmen A. Peralta, of the University of California, San Francisco, said in a news release from the American Society of Nephrology. “The observed differences were not fully explained by traditional risk factors,” which include cholesterol, weight, tobacco use, diabetes and high blood pressure, Peralta noted.

The researchers reached their conclusions after examining the medical records of almost 5,200 adults in the United States whose kidneys initially worked normally. Based on five years of follow-up data, the researchers used mathematical equations to estimate age-related changes in kidney function.

The kidneys of blacks declined faster on an annual basis than those of whites, about 60 percent faster judging by one method, the study authors noted.

Among Hispanic groups, kidneys declined faster among Dominicans, followed by Puerto Ricans. But other Hispanics, as well as Chinese Americans, didn’t suffer from a faster rate of decline than whites.

The research “reflects a new opportunity to study how to best identify persons at high risk and to investigate prevention strategies,” Peralta said.

The study was scheduled to be presented at the American Society of Nephrology’s annual meeting, held this week in Denver.

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US Authorities Pressing to have Texas Born “La Barbie” Extradited

A federal judge in Mexico has lifted an apprehension order and is allowing the extradition process to move forward against Edgar Valdez Villarreal, one of the principal leaders in the Beltran Leyva cartel who was captured on 8/30/10.

Valdez Villarreal is accused of several crimes he committed during his criminal career; the charges include murder, kidnapping, several weapons violations, and the purchase, transporting and sale of large quantities of cocaine and other illicit substances.  La Barbie is recognized as an important figure in the world of narcotraffickers.

Born in Laredo, Texas, the 37-year-old was dubbed “The Barbie” because of his blond hair and blue eyes; he allegedly used brutal tactics to wipe out rivals as he fought to control the drug cartel in central Mexico.

The state of Louisiana, has several indictments against him for distributing cocaine, it is likely he will be sent to stand trial there.

The U.S. government has been pressing hard for the extradition of Valdez Villarreal. A federal court in Louisiana had issued an arrest warrant against la Barbie for involvement in the distribution of 5 kilos of cocaine, a charge he was already facing Mexico City.

Although Mexican law states that the accused should first be tried and sentenced in Mexico, La Barbie could be handed over to U.S. authorities at any time. This has happened before with high profile capos, but at the moment he is still in the hands of Mexican authorities.

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State of Emergency Declared in Rain-Soaked Colombia

Torrential rains that are expected to continue have caused Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos to declare a state of emergency in most of the country.  The rains and ensuing mudslides and floods have affected 80 percent of the country. 

The flooding and mudslides that have resulted from the rains have killed at least 136 people and affected some 1.2 million Colombian citizens.  In addition, the non-stop rains have severely damaged crops and livestock throughout the country.  It is believed to be the worse rainfall in 60 years. 

The President has called out for help from the international community because the country’s infrastructure and aid capacity is overwhelmed.  The Bishops’ Conference of Colombia has already stepped in to provide food, clothing and housing to the hundreds of thousands Colombians that have been displaced. 


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First Lawsuit Ever Brought Against Mexico’s Immigration Service

In a first, Australian national, Stephen Compton has sued Mexico’s immigration service known as the National Immigration Institute for unlawfully detaining him for four months due to an expired visa.

Compton, who is being aided by the migrant rights group Sin Fronteras, is suing the Mexican government for $2.1 million pesos ($168,000) for lost wages and damages.  Compton was picked up in Acapulco where he had been living since 2004 on an expired tourist visa. 

The Australian alleges he was held without a hearing and detained in poor facilities even after a judge revoked an expulsion order.  Many migrant rights group allege Mexico detains undocumented individuals for extended periods without prompt immigration hearings.  Most of the individuals that are held typically are Central American migrants. 

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Honduras Strengthens Its Financial Systems and Access to Finance

Honduras is working on strengthening and stabilizing its financial system while expanding access to finance with a $40 million international loan.

The project will contribute to maintaining the stability of financial intermediaries, improving the transparency of pricing information, contracts and services, and promoting financial inclusion of small and medium enterprises and vulnerable segments of the Honduran population.

The country seeks to have a regulatory framework in accordance with international best practices to ensure the financial system’s stability and sustainability. In addition, it will help improve risk monitoring of financial institutions. The National Banking and Insurance Commission’s professional career plan will also be strengthened and improved.

Regarding access to credit, the key goals are improving customer service processes for financial institutions and the lender-of-last-resource window of the National Banking and Insurance Commission; financial literacy campaigns and the enactment of a law on secured transactions.

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SundayNovember 21, 2010