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FridayNovember 19, 2010

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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U.S. State Department Issues Travel Warning to Mexican Border State Tamaulipas

The last several days has seen a lot of activity on the U.S.-Texas border with the U.S. State Department issuing a travel warning to the border state of Tamaulipas.  As a result of numerous instances of carjackings and robberies in Tamaulipas the U.S. State Department issued a new travel warning for American citizens.

The warning states several U.S. citizens have reported their vehicles stolen along the federal highways that link Reynosa and Matamoros with San Fernando, about 90 miles to the south.  In all the attacks motorists seem to be the target.

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SLOW DOWN Like These Friends This Weekend With a Latin American Wonder

SLOW DOWN Like these friends this weekend with a Latin American natural wonder.  Guess What and Where this is?


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Freaky Friday: Half-Headed Hispanic Charged with Soliciting a Prostitute

You know its a Freaky Friday when a half-headed Hispanic male is charged with prostitution in Miami.  Carlos Rodriguez was arrested earlier this month for soliciting a prostitute.  Rodriquez is not unknown to local Miami authorities and not for the obvious reasons.  He was arrested in October for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. 

Image Image

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“There was no way I was going to quit. I’m a Mexican; we fight until the end.” The Aftermath

If the media is still raving about it five days after the fact, the fight must really have been something. The November 13 boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito drew thousands of comments from reporters, sports commentators, fans and bloggers, but it is the aftermath what has gotten the most press.

The fight itself, was brutal. Lasting the full twelve rounds, Manny battered with no inhibitions whatsoever the face and body of the much larger Margarito, landing a total of 474 punches throughout the night more than double than his opponent.

When it was all said and done, Manny addressed the crowd, “I can’t believe that I beat someone this big and this strong. It’s hard. I really do my best to win the fight.”

Margarito was carted to the hospital for facial surgery following the main event. Three days later, Antonio underwent a complicated procedure to repair a broken eye socket, in addition to the six stitches adorning his right cheek.

Throughout it all, Antonio kept his Latino pride:

“There was no way I was going to quit. I’m a Mexican; we fight until the end.” Said Margarito.

Freddie Roach, probably the best trainer alive thinks Margarito might have paid too much a prize to keep that pride: “I think he will never fight again, I feel Margarito will never be a threat again because the punishment he took was too much for him to ever make a comeback.” Roach said the 32-year-old Mexican, the biggest opponent Pacquiao ever faced, at 5-foot-11 and weighing 165 pounds on the night of the fight, could have avoided further harm had the bout been stopped. “I would have saved him,” Roach said. “I would have stopped the fight after the eighth or ninth round if I were in his corner, but I was not. He has a young, inexperienced corner out there.” Inexperienced or not, their patron made over 3 million dollars, which should fund their handsome salaries.

Doctors said no complications and lingering effects are expected regarding Margarito’s right eye, although it would probably take several months before the “Tijuana Tornado” can fight again.

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April 2-3 2011. Lollapalooza goes to Chile!

Lollapalooza founder Perry Farrell has confirmed that the music festival will be traveling South of the border next year.

Since 1991, the festival Lollapalooza has reunited and taken to the stage the cream of the crop of the Alternative music world.

In 2005, the once travelling gig took Chicago’s grant park as its home, and has since become a staple fest for music lovers looking to spice their August with rock, pop and the oh so many outfits that musically challenge known genres and fall into the alternative category.

2011 will see the summer festival explore summer in the other hemisphere, after all, while Grant Park is still covered in snow, is bikini and crowd surf weather in other places; on April 2 and 3 of next year, the festival will rock the summer of South Americans, from a venue that is in fact quite similar to Grant Park: O’Higgins Park in the Chilean Capital, Santiago.

“Santiago was chosen because it boasts a similar urban setting to the Chicago festival, with easy access to hotels, restaurants and clubs. The festival will be held April 2-3, 2011, at O’Higgins Park, with capacity of 100,000 people a day” promoters say.

Sebastian De La Barra of Lotus Producciones, was chosen by producers to create a “musical foreign exchange” between the two festivals, said Lollapalooza founder Perry Farrell in a statement.

    “Local talent is essential to rounding out the experience of a Lollapalooza,” Farrell said. Some of the Chilean artists booked for the Santiago festival will also be invited to next year’s Chicago Lollapalooza.

This is the first time Lollapalooza leaves the US, where it draws a quarter of a million spectators every year.

The headliners for Lollapalooza Chile will be announced at a later date.

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Hispanic Civil Rights Activist Sylvia Mendez to Receive Medal of Freedom from White House

President Obama named fifteen recipients of the 2010 Medal of Freedom—the Nation’s highest civilian honor—presented to individuals who have made especially meritorious contributions to the security or national interests of the United States, to world peace, or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.  The awards will be given out next year at the White House.

This year’s list includes President George H.W. Bush, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, poet Maya Angelou, billionaire Warren Buffett and many others.  Also on the list is Sylvia Mendez, the only Latino on the list.  Last year Latina actress and dancer Chita Rivera received the Medal of Freedom. 

Sylvia Mendez is a civil rights activist of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent.  As an eight-year-old, her parents attempted to enroll Mendez in an all-white school in their community, but were denied entry at and were told to go to the school for Mexican children.  Her father and other parents sued and prevailed.  The Mendez v. Westminster case was a landmark decision in the civil rights movement against segregation.  Mendez currently travels around the country giving speeches on the value of a good education. 

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Border Patrol Arrests Illegal Aliens Hidden in Dump Truck Full of Sand

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the port of Tecate foiled an attempt to smuggle a man and a woman on top of a load of sand inside a dump trailer.

Wednesday at 11:25 a.m. a CBP officer from the Tecate Port of Entry inspected a white 1998 Volvo tractor truck pulling two 1978 dual-bottom dump trailers and referred the conveyance and driver for further inspection.

During the in-depth inspection, officers instructed the driver to off-load the sand from the trailers. When the sand was off-loaded, officers noticed movement and rescued a 21-year-old man and 38-year-old woman from the pile of sand.

The two illegal aliens were both Mexican citizens with no lawful documents to enter the country. CBP officers arrested both aliens and transported them to the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

“People expose themselves and others to grave danger when attempting to enter the U.S. illegally. If the CBP officers had not reacted so quickly this might have ended tragically,” said Pete Flores, acting director of Field Operations in San Diego.

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See John Run. McCain Flees from Hispanic DREAMers

Outside Arizona Senator John McCain’s Washington D.C. office, six undocumented students staged an all-day sit-in with a plan to get the senator to give a statement in support of the DREAM Act.

Previously, McCain had co-sponsored the act, but when given the opportunity to show his support again on this week, he did no such thing. In fact, he ran away.

In an attempt to avoid the students, McCain tried to slip out a side-door exit, but founding member of United We DREAM, Matias Ramos, said the group only managed a brief exchange with the senator. Even that much interaction was only achieved because the group literally chased McCain down a hallway as he attempted to escape his office through one of its five doors.

According to Ramos, Gaby Pacheco, another activist asked, “We’d like to serve the country. Will you support the DREAM Act and allow us to serve?” To which, the senator allegedly replied, “Good, good, go serve the country then,” before escaping into an elevator.

Despite previous support of the DREAM Act, McCain was instrumental in derailing the DREAM Act in September, when an attempt was made to attach it, and the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”, to the defense authorization bill as he was the one leading the Republican obstruction of the proposed amendments, which eventually led to the derailment of the entire DOD bill. In the Senate, McCain called Reid’s move “a blatant message of disrespect to our men and women in uniform.” What made that comment so baffling is the fact that military officials have signed off on a DADT repeal, and the DOD included the DREAM Act in is strategic plan for 2011.

Ramos said that, of the six DREAMers, two have hopes of joining the military, while others wish to become teachers and professors someone, but none of them can legally work because of their immigration status even though they all grew up in the U.S.

In the end, four of the six students who staged the sit-in, risking jail and deportation, were arrested.

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It Takes One to Know One:  Castro Sees Tea Party as “Facism”

In the ultimate pot calling the kettle black, former Cuban dictator and President Fidel Castro recognized the Tea Party but not in very favorable terms. 

While speaking to the only audience he seems to be able to get, a group of students, Castro labeled the Tea Party as the “extreme right” and accused them of leading the U.S. toward “fascism”.  He appears clearly bothered by the U.S. heading toward fascism but not his country ruled by a communist dictator.


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Congressional Hispanic Caucus has New Leadership

Today, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) announced the unanimous election of its leadership for the 112th Congress.  The CHC elected Congressman Charles A. Gonzalez (TX) as Chair, Congressman Rubén Hinojosa (TX) as 1st Vice Chair, Congressman Ben Ray Lujan (NM) as 2nd Vice Chair, and Congressman Dennis Cardoza (CA) as Whip.

Gonzalez succeeds Rep. Nydia Velazquez a Democrat from New York.  High on the to-do list for the Caucus is immigration, health care and education.  Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Illinois will remain the point person on immigration reform. 

The CHC was instrumental in the House passage of health care reform, which Republicans have vowed to repeal when they return to majority status.  In addition both the Hispanic and black caucuses support immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship for an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants. 

Gonzalez said as caucus chairman he would reach out to Republican Latinos in the House to see if there is consensus on some issues that would allow members from both parties to work together for the good of the minority community. 

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It’s World Toilet Day – So Squat for a Good Cause

We kid you not, it’s World Toilet Day to remind us that not everybody s***t’s in luxury and many have no access to toilets with 80 percent of human waste left out in the open.  YUK.

The UN and World Toilet Day organizers note that around 2.6 billion people worldwide have no access to adequate sanitation with over a billion continuing to practice open defecation.  And no that number doesn’t include drunks and inebriatants who drop trough in a public place or your last boyfriend that pees in public to amuse you.

World Toilet Day, which has been celebrated every November 19 since 2001 and is marked by the world stopping precisely at noon for 60 seconds and squatting.  If you are already in the bathroom doing your business you are covered.  However, if you are out and about just stop and squat – the world will be better for it. 

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Rising Trade and Investment with Asia Helping Latin America’s Economy

Rising trade and investment with Asia has helped increase exports from Latin America and the Caribbean and the region’s contribution to the growth of the world economy, said Luis Alberto Moreno, President of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), during his visit to India this week.

Higher incomes in Asia, particularly India and China, are opening opportunities for the region’s goods and services, especially high-quality ones: from natural and unique grass fed beef, renowned wines, and specialized coffees to the high-quality services of architects and engineers, Moreno said.

During this visit, Moreno called on both India and Latin America and the Caribbean to deepen their ties by lowering trade barriers and transport costs and investing on greater cooperation. Currently, India represents just 1 percent of this region’s overall trade, compared with China’s 10 percent share.

“India can provide many valuable lessons coming from successes in higher education, aerospace and microfinance, for example, while Latin America and the Caribbean can provide success stories in mining, agriculture, biofuels and poverty alleviation programs,’’ Moreno said. “The IDB is focused on building capabilities for this relationship to flourish. In the decade ahead, the deepening of this partnership will provide a vital contribution to the world economy.”

Moreno also participated in events to present the IDB book “India: Latin America’s Next Big Thing?” in both Delhi and Mumbai.  The report looks into recent development and economic trends in India and their possible impact for Latin America and the Caribbean.

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FridayNovember 19, 2010