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MondayNovember 8, 2010

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To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Singer Luis Miguel Can’t Stand Shakira. See Why and Tell us What you Think.

Colombian singer Shakira, and Mexican legend Luis Miguel are no longer on speaking terms.

According to the “Vida de Celebridad” blog, following a call by Luis Miguel a few months back, both singers agreed to an eventual meeting to talk about a possible songwriting collaboration, and perhaps a duet featuring both artists.

Apparently, the meeting never happened, and Shakira’s management team declined the offer, even suggesting she was seeking a more profitable duet partner, such as Robbie Williams, or Justin Timberlake.

“Vida de Celebridad” says Luis Miguel got disenchanted and upset by the impasse, and seethes to even the mentioning of Shakira’s name. “He is extremely irritated with her attitude. He found her discourteous and unprofessional.” Sources close to the artist said.


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19 Year-Old Honduran National Sentenced for Human Trafficking

A Honduran national was sentenced on Friday to 100 months in federal prison for attempting to kidnap illegal aliens. This investigation was conducted by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Office of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI).

Kenneth Barahona, 19, Honduran national, was sentenced by the U.S. District Court on Friday, to eight years and four months in prison for conspiracy to harbor aliens and possessing a firearm. Barahona is subject to deportation after he completes his prison sentence.

The investigation by ICE agents in Houston began on March 29 after reports of gunshots were called in by local residents.  Local police officials found Barahona who had suffered multiple gunshot wounds.  Barahona admitted to the attempted kidnapping of more than 20 illegal aliens. During the kidnapping attempt, Barahona and a guard at the house exchanged gunfire with kidnapped individuals suffering multiple gunshot wounds.

As part of the investigation, agents discovered and seized one SKS rifle, and three handguns: a .357, a 9mm, and an Uzi 9mm.

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1.1 Million Hispanic Veterans to Get Help from Walmart

As part of its ongoing support of our nation’s military and veterans, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation will launch a five-year, $10 million commitment to the veteran community, placing a special emphasis on supporting job readiness and training of returning servicemen and servicewomen.  There are 1.1 million Hispanic American veterans living in the U.S. according to 2009 Census figures. 

This funding will allow Walmart and its Foundation to further support nonprofits that assist our veterans in their pursuit of higher education and enable them to more easily reintegrate into civilian life.
According to the U.S. Department of Labor, more than 250,000 veterans were unemployed as of March 2010.

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Pope Visits Spain, Gay Community Recieves him With Public Kiss-In (VIDEO)(BILINGUAL)

Massive crowds of gay men and women in the Spanish cities of Barcelona and Santiago de Compostela, greeted pope Bendict XVI kissing on the streets, in a peaceful protest against the church’s discriminatory stance on gay rights.

Jordi Petit, who helped organise the kiss-in, said: “This is a peaceful act of protest to demonstrate that love is the same in the hearts of everyone.”

On Saturday, the Pope told followers at a open air mass in Barcelona, that the country was at the “epicentre” of a battle between “faith and modernity” in Europe.

He also criticised “non-traditional” relationships, saying: “Generous love between a man and a woman is the efficient framework and basis of human life.”

“Spain saw in the 1930s the birth of a strong and aggressive anti-clericism,” The pope told reporters. “The clash between faith and modernity is happening again, and it is very strong today.”

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero’s government has angered the Church by allowing gay marriage and endorsing 20,000 unions in the past five years.


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Nicaragua Cites GoogleMaps Faulty Map as an Excuse to Invade Costa Rica

President Daniel Ortega from Nicaragua blames Google maps for last week’s accidental invasion of Costa Rican soil. Nicaraguan troops have been accused of crossing the traditionally debated Nicaragua border into Costa Rica, and setting up camp for the night. The soldiers allegedly took down a Costa Rican flag and hoisted the Nicaraguan flag.

In a blog post, Google said the error was caused by incorrect border data from the State Department and they have since corrected the images, to mirror those that have been politically established since the Cañas-Jerez Treaty of 1858, reaffirmed in arbitration by Grover Cleveland in 1888.

Earlier this year, information giant Google was accused of displaying in their Google-maps an inaccurate version of the border between Cambodia and Thailand. Cambodia’s prime minister, Hun Sen, wrote a letter saying Google was “radically misleading,” “professionally irresponsible” and “devoid of truth and reality.”

But Cambodia and Thailand are not the only countries to have google map border issues; several countries are unhappy with the way google depicts their borders,  citing as example the fact that Google changes border data when you go to localized versions of Google Maps: If one compares Google India Maps to India on Google Maps , the borders are different.

The Costa Rica/Nicaragua dispute has become so tense, that Jose Miguel Insulza, the Secretary General of the Organization of American States, has visited both countries to mediate over the conflict. He is expected to report on his progress November 9th.

On Saturday, Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla said she was prepared to take the dispute to the UN Security Council if Insulza failed to find a solution.’

“Costa Rica is seeing its dignity smeared and there is a sense of great national urgency [to resolve this problem],” Chinchilla said.

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Audacities of Terrorist Advertising in Mexico (VIDEO)

Mexican drug cartels appear to be using well known marketing tools to get their message of terror out: media banners and YouTube.  Following the imprisonment or death of notable drug cartel members by Mexican officials, it is not an uncommon occurrence for fellow cartel members to engage in retaliatory intimidation tactics by posting banners in public spaces warning of pending doom.  Mexican reporters have dubbed such banners “narco mantas.”  Similarly, YouTube videos are being posted to send messages to Mexican authorities to warn of a pending crime or to discredit a rival gang. 

In the video posted below a group of thugs covered to protect their identity parade automatic weapons, sing “narcorridos,” and giggle like “cool” kids while on a busy overpass of Mexico. Half of the men redirect traffic around their 2010 model SUV’s and the other half hangs a “narcomanta”—a giant banner that turns the bridge into terrorist ad-space.

Last Friday, Mexican authorities were working to identify the bodies of 18 bodies pulled from a mass grave outside Acapulco, after the grave’s location was revealed in a video posted on YouTube by unknown sources.  In the YouTube video, two men confess to killing a group of Mexican tourists kidnapped Sept. 30 in Acapulco.  Badly bruised and with hands tied behind their backs, two of the kidnapped men revealed the site of the grave that would become their own.

The internet is used not only to incriminate rival gangs and admit to crimes but also to discredit authorities.  On Thursday, for example a man that had been kidnapped last month appeared in a YouTube video confession accusing his sister, a government official, of being involved with the cartels.  His body was found later in the week. 

This week the use of these heinous marketing tactics were readily seen.  As a result of Tony Cardenas’ (co-leader of the Gulf cartel)  death in a gun battle with Mexican authorities last week the banners in the video shown below were being put up on the streets of Nuevo Laredo early this morning.  The banner warns against betrayal saying there is no room for traitors “not even in the pits of hell.”


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Proposed Cable TV Show About Illegal Immigrant Investigator Sparks Controversy

Proposed Cable TV Show About Illegal Immigrant Investigator Sparks Controversy

Photo: Writer Chap Taylor

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The television station, FX, currently has a new drama in development and the lead character is an undocumented Mexican immigrant working as a private investigator.  It is this “illegal alien” character that has a number of conservatives up in arms about the idea of him being a [fictional] hero.

After project writer Chap Taylor began seeing less-than-kind comments about the developing show, he defended it and made the following statement:

I’m not here to insult anyone or make assumptions about their intelligence, patriotism or morality based on the networks they watch or the web sites they view. I would just like to respectfully make the following points:

1.) I am a middle-aged white guy, a practicing Roman Catholic, and a former Army paratrooper (peacetime). I am about as American as American gets. I would appreciate it if you would not pre-judge my character and intentions before you actually see the show.

2.) The pilot script hasn’t even been written yet. For people from any background to decide the value of a show before it even exists on paper, let alone has been shot, edited and broadcast is a little unfair.

3.) As several people on this comments thread have pointed out, some of the most beloved films and television programs of the last fifty years have featured characters who are gangsters, thieves and/or murderers. Aside from CITIZEN KANE, THE GODFATHER is pretty regularly named the greatest American movie ever made. The protagonist of that movie orders dozens of murders, presides over a nationwide criminal network, and ultimately murders both his brother and his brother-in-law.

4 ) The pedophile/rapist comparisons are a little out of line. I mean, seriously, watch the show before you say our lead is the moral equivalent of a guy who rapes kids.

5.) We absolutely do not intend to whitewash anyone. It will not be a show about beastly white folks or saintly immigrants. Like any good drama, we hope to make a show about people in extreme circumstances who have to make decisions – some good, some bad, and some really ugly.

6.) If we’re lucky enough to get on the air, I would respectfully request you watch the first episode before you decide one way or the other. If you then decide that you want to express your disapproval by boycotting the show, that is your right. I know, because I spent three years of my life defending it.

With immigration being a popular issue recently, talk of the show’s development only seemed to fuel the “angry flames” for those against undocumented immigration and amnesty.

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Mexico’s Lost Generation

A new generation of Mexican youth is being swept into the drug cartel wars with roles either as victim or perpetrator.  The country’s has a a high rate of teen unemployment resulting in Mexico’s teens seek out cash and distraction in organized crime.

How many teens there are that are not working nor studying is under debate, government figures puts in the ‘few hundred thousand’ and study’s from the National University system puts it at ‘several million’.  Ciudad Juarez, Mexico’s most violence city has 45 percent of its residents between the ages of 13 and 24.

Teen are being recruited out of the Mexican slums and are paid as little as $100 to smuggle drugs or kill someone.  There is a growing and loud demand for President Felipe Calderon to create opportunities for these teens and take them off the street. 

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Mug Shots of Alien Smugglers to be Commonplace at Border Crossings

Mug Shots of Alien Smugglers to be Commonplace at Border Crossings

Photo: smuggler mug shots

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On Fridays, anyone traveling across the U.S.-Mexico border will now see fliers exposing the mug shots of dozens of suspected smugglers as part of a program that aims to get information leading to the arrests of these people.  This new information campaign has been dubbed ‘Information Wanted’.

The mug shots are of those wanted for smuggling drugs as well as people and all are on the U.S. Border Patrol’s Agency’s most-wanted list.  Border patrol agents are handing out the fliers, currently with 30 faces on them, once a week, and all callers remain anonymous.

“We want to reach the public as much as possible, and hope to put up billboards and even TV ads in the future,” said Eric Cantu, a Border Patrol spokesman.  Cantu added that agents on both the U.S. and Mexico side are displaying and handing out the fliers.

In June, “Information Wanted” started in California before going nationwide, and the Border Patrol’s El Centro Sector has received many calls already, said a spokesman for that sector. “Two of the people featured on our billboard have already been apprehended,” he said.

Anyone with information on the suspects is urged to call 1-877-872-7435.


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Bloody Sunday in Ciudad Juarez

This weekend the most violent city in Mexico got bloodier, with separate shootings that left eighteen people dead in one day. 

In one incident seven bodies were found left for dead on the street, five of them in a car and two were on the roadside.  The other incident involved a family of seven, all killed outside their home.

The grim record for bloodies day in Ciudad Juarez was earlier in then year when 24 people were killed.  Nonetheless October, 2010 will go down in the history as the bloodiest month.  Thus far 2,600 have been killed in this northern border city of Mexico

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MondayNovember 8, 2010