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WednesdayNovember 3, 2010

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To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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BREAKING NEWS: Surfing Champ Andy Irons Dies Suddenly While in Puerto Rico, Possibly of Dengue Fever

The Puerto Rican dengue fever epidemic that was declared earlier this year appears to have claimed the live of reknown championship surfer Andy Irons according to early reports. 

The three-time world champion was in Dallas enroute to Hawaii, his home, after leaving Puerto Rico.  Irons was in Puerto Rico competing in the World Tour and was forced to withdraw due to illness.

The Association of Surfing Professionals confirmed the 32-year old “had reportedly been battling with dengue fever, a viral disease.”  An autopsy must be conducted to determine if the fever is what actually caused his death and if it was contracted in Puerto Rico.

Some reports claim that at least five people in Puerto Rico for the World Tour contracted the fever. 

The island declared a dengue fever epidemic when 210 people contracted the fever in January, triple the number the island typically sees.  As of October nearly 12,000 cases had been reported in the island.  The fever kills 25,000 annually worldwide

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Reacciones de la Prensa Latina en Torno a las Elecciones

A propósito de las elecciones en los Estados Unidos, HS-News se ha dado a la tarea de compilar las reacciones de los principales protagonistas de la prensa Latinoamericana. Haga click en los titulares para acceder al artículo completo.












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An Overview:  Role of the Latino Vote in this Election

Strong Latino voter turnout in key battle ground states has demonstrated once again that the growing Hispanic population is having an increasingly profound impact on US elections.  Latino Republicans in particular combined strong support from conservatives and Latino voters to win 2 new governorships, 4 new house seats, and a new senate seat more than doubling the number of Republican Hispanics in Congress and giving our nation 3 Republican Hispanic Governors for the first time.

Overall Latino voter turnout was strong and continued to lean Democratic even as Republicans made big gains with other voters.

“The elections of 2010 are further proof of the power of the Latino vote,” stated Margaret Moran, LULAC National President. “No longer can politicians afford to ignore the needs of their fastest growing constituency. Latino voters have demonstrated that they are paying close attention to the issues that matter most to their families and their communities and they are prepared to support the candidates who respond to their concerns.”

Latino voters overwhelming helped Democrats win the governorships of our nation’s two largest states, where New York Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo garnered 81% of the Latino vote and California Governor-elect Jerry Brown picked up 63% of the Latino vote.

In Nevada, Senator Harry Reid was reelected with overwhelming support from Latinos who turned out in large numbers to beat back challenger Sharon Angle whose anti-immigrant attack ads angered Latino voters across the state. In Texas, Governor Perry was reelected with 33% of the Latino vote in a state where Latinos made up 17% of the votes cast.

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Thanks to Mid-Term Election, Orange the New Color for Fall

Yesterday’s mid-term elections captured 60 plus Congressional seats for the Republican Party making them the majority in Congress.

This translates in Spanish to Adiós Nancy Pelosi / Hola John Boehner,  likely, the new Speaker of the House.  Therefore this fall’s IT color is ORANGE celebrating Boehner’s love of faux tans and orange bronzer.


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This Midterm Election Sees Numerous Latino Candidates Elected Throughout Country

Numerous Latino candidates were elected to office thanks in great part to the Republican wave that swept the country this mid-term election.  The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) Educational Fund released the following statement:

“Latino candidates contributed to significant Republican Party gains nationwide at the state and federal level, and several made history in the process.

In New Mexico, Santa Fe district attorney Susanna Martínez becomes the nation’s first Latina elected governor. She is joined by Lt. Governor-elect John Sánchez. They were the state’s first Latino Republicans to run for the top two elected positions. In Nevada, former judge Brian Sandoval, becomes that state’s first Hispanic governor.
Several Latinos have contributed to the new Republican majority of the U.S. House of Representatives. In Washington State, Representative Jaime Herrera becomes the first Hispanic to represent the state in the U.S. Congress. In Texas, businessman and political newcomer Bill Flores defeats ten-term incumbent Rep. Chet Edwards (D). In several other congressional races yet to be determined, Latino Republican challengers have been mounting strong runs against Latino Democratic incumbents.

In Florida, former State House Speaker Marco Rubio is elected to the U.S. Senate for the seat once held by retired Senator Mel Martínez.

In addition, there were notable gains made by some Democratic Latino candidates, including Colorado State University-Pueblo President Joseph García, who becomes the state’s first Lt. Governor.

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SB 1070 Saves Brewer’s Gov. Campaign, But Can Brewer Save Arizona?

SB 1070 Saves Brewer’s Gov. Campaign, But Can Brewer Save Arizona?

Photo: Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

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Tuesday, Jan Brewer was able to ride Arizona’s controversial immigration law all the way to victory and defeat Democratic Opponent Terry Goddard by a significant margin, but Arizona has bigger and more immediate problems than immigration despite what her campaign had voters believing.

With all the coverage and excitement over Senate Bill 1070, it should come as no surprise that Brewer won the election, but if you take a look at her dismal campaign as recently as March, you’d see a completely different race. Before signing SB 1070, Brewer’s election was unlikely.

Opponents like Goddard had predicted that concerns over immigration would subside over the summer, but when the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against SB 1070, it kept it on voters’ minds throughout the campaign season as it was constantly in the news.

“Nothing is more important than getting our economy back on track, and yet usually what I’m asked about is my opinion of (SB) 1070 and whether the court’s going to find it illegal or not,” a frustrated Goddard said. “I think it’s imperative that Arizona get down to the business of fixing what ails our state economy.”

After making one of the biggest comebacks in political history by straddling controversy to remain in office, Brewer now has to face reality as she still has the responsibility of bringing Arizona out of its troubled times.

Arizona faces a budget deficit of $825 million in the current fiscal year, and the clear failure of propositions 301* and 302** will add $468 million to that deficit.

Additionally, state operations will add another $1.4 billion to the deficit next year, and Brewer has ruled out any additional tax increases to close the gap. To make matters even worse, the state will lose two major sources of income during the next governor’s term, as federal stimulus dollars disappear and the voter-approved sales-tax increase expires this year.

Now that Governor Brewer has given voters what they want in bringing the beginning of the end to “illegal” immigration, one has to wonder if she can now keep LEGAL residents in Arizona in light of the state’s disintegrating economy.

*Proposition 301-move funds from the conservation land fund to the general fund.
**Proposition 302- eliminate the state’s early childhood development and health programs and move the money to the general fund.

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¡Felicidades! Panama on Your 107th Year of Independence

Today, all of Panama is celebrating and rejoicing its 107-year old independence when it separated from Colombia and had earlier in its history broke away from Spain.  The Spanish arrived in the 1500’s and stayed for nearly 300 years as it colonized the region and enslaved native populations.  Panama broke with Spain in 1821 and joined a union of Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela - named the Republic of Gran Colombia.  With U.S. backing, Panama seceded from Colombia in 1903 on November 3rd.

Panama has always been critical to trade routes with its Panal Canal built by the U.S. back in 1904.  The country has bragging rights as the third largest economy in Central America thanks in great part to canal tariffs.  The country also enjoys one of the largest rainforest in the world and a large biodiverse region.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent her congratulations to the people of Panama:  “The Panama Canal first opened our hemisphere to new movements of people and ideas and helped knit our nations more closely together over a century ago. The bonds of culture and history between Panama and the United States continue to provide a firm foundation for our close cooperation today. I wish the Panamanian people a joyous Independence Day celebration as we honor your accomplishments and reaffirm our commitment to deepening the friendship between our nations. ¡Felicitaciones Panameños!”

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Six Tortured Bodies Found on Intercoastal Highway in Mexico

Mexican police authorities found six tortured male bodies yesterday morning on the highway connecting Tamaulipas and Veracruz. 

The six murdered men were found after witnesses saw bodies being tossed out by two moving SUV’s who were then run over by oncoming traffic.  The victims are all thought to be between the ages of 25 – 30 and showed signed of being tortured. 

Police are investigating and believe the killings to be drug cartel related.  Tamaulipas is the epicenter of a violent turf battle between the Gulf and Los Zeta cartels. 

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Guatemala Funds its Climate Change Agenda with $250 Million

Guatemala received financing for $250 million to help the government prepare, supervise, strengthen and monitor its national climate change agenda.

A focus of the country’s climate change agenda is to develop a methodology for offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. The program also includes a pilot project for energy efficiency.  Attention to climate change is critical for Guatemala, one of the 10 countries most vulnerable to climate change in the world. It is also the fourth most vulnerable to natural disasters, according to the United Nations.

So far this year Guatemala has been affected by the eruption of the Pacaya volcano, tropical storm Agatha, and the wettest rainy season of the last 60 years. These events have claimed 235 lives, forced the evacuation of 208,000 people, destroyed nearly 15,000 dwellings, caused major damage to road and threatened the food security of thousands of families.

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WednesdayNovember 3, 2010