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TuesdayOctober 26, 2010

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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SB 1070 Judge Was Once Almost Deported

One of the judges responsible for deciding whether Arizona will be allowed to enforce its own immigration laws was nearly deported while at college.

In 2007, Carlos Bea recounted to fellow judges how he was almost deported for a mistake he made while applying for a visa when visiting Spain. The mistake resulted in a hearing officer declaring that he had fled the U.S. to avoid the draft. Luckily, Bea was able to get the Board of Immigration Appeals to overturn the rule.

“Only later, when I started handling a few immigration cases, did I realize how unusual…this appellate finding [was],” Bea said.

In 1939, Bea’s family fled Spain in anticipation of a German invasion. Before arriving California, his family went to Cuba.

Once in California, Bea became a resident alien in 1952. While playing sophomore basketball at Stanford that same year, he made the Cuban Olympic team, and left for Havana without a re-entry permit, because he was sure he could get a resident visa upon his return. He had previously done the same on his trips to Cuba. After the Olympic games in Finland, he held off returning to the U.S. to play basketball in Europe for a year.

When he returned to finish his schooling at Stanford, Bea was given a student visa and did not realize until two years later that it was a non-resident visa. He was informed of the difference when he attempted to gain U.S. citizenship. His ensuing case files, in which he stated he wished to stay in the U.S., alerted the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

A hearing officer eventually found him to have “voluntarily abandoned residency” to avoid being drafted and he was to be deported, though an appeals board later overturned that ruling and he was allowed to stay.

Bea is now the latest of three judges appointed to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that, Monday, will be hearing the case to determine whether U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton was incorrect in granting an injunction against enforcing key portions of the law, widely known as SB 1070.

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Strong Tourism Numbers Continue for Cuba

The Cuban tourism ministry announced that last week it welcomed its 2 millionth visitor this year, ahead of last years numbers.  In the most recent report tourism to Cuba was up by 12.3 percent for the month of September with tourism expected to be up by 3 percent for the entire year.

Canadians continue to be Cuba’s main tourist source followed by England, Italy and Spain.  Cuban beach resorts continue to be identified as bargain travel opportunities in spite of the competitive market for those bargain-shopping tourists. 

According to travel expert Frommer an all inclusive week stay in Cuba including airfare will cost you $515. 

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UN to Help Fight Rising Hunger in Nicaragua

To check rising rural poverty and hunger in Nicaragua, the United Nations (UN) is helping the country’s Government to support small-scale farmers boost their production of beans, maize, rice and other staple crops. The agency said that there are 52.5 million hungry people in Latin America, citing high food prices and the global recession as among the main reasons for the region’s increasing food insecurity.

Although Nicaragua has made strides in the fight against hunger and poverty, it is still the second poorest country in the region after Haiti. In Nicaragua, poverty is a rural phenomenon, with two out of three people in the country-side living on less than $1 a day.

The UN is working with the Ministry of Agriculture and the European Union (EU) to help farmers’ associations increase their yields through a two-year strategy, which will among other activities, focus on the delivery of high-quality seeds as well as the provision of technical support and marketing assistance.

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Here’s Something for All you Single Latinas: Man with Record Amount of Belly Button Lint

Just as many single Latinas are bemoaning their fate and looking for love in all wrong places, news comes of quit the catch.  Well only if you are interested in someone who has made it to the Guinness World Record for a record amount of belly button lint collected.

This 45-year librarian out of Australia diligently collected his “belly button fluff” as he so kindly refers to it, for 26 years.  The good news is that he is employed and the bad news here is obvious.  Graham Barker reassures that lint never goes bad and does not smell and has been collecting 3.03 milligrams on a daily basis.  YUK.

If you aren’t grossed out yet or your Match.com date was worse than this – he also collects his beard clippings and has a website to track all this. 

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Spain and Latin America Mourn Death of Paul the Octopus

The octopus who gained worldwide fame for his amazingly perfect World Cup predictions has died.

According to his aquarium, at the age of 2 1/2, Paul the Octopus has passed away due to natural causes.

Paul was famous for having correctly chosen the outcome of all seven of Germany’s World Cup games as well as Spain’s win over the Netherlands in the final.

Sea Life Aquarium spokesperson Ariane Vieregge said Tuesday that Paul appeared to be fine Monday night, but sadly, was found dead in his tank Tuesday morning. She also added that it is normal for an octopus of his type to die at his age.

Staff members are considering a permanent monument to him on the aquarium grounds.

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President Obama Visits “Piolín Por la Mañana”

As part of the presidential bid to win the hearts and votes of Latinos across America before the midterm elections, President Barack Obama kept a promise he made in early 2009, and granted an interview to Latino radio personality Eddie “Piolín” Sotelo last Friday.

The interview aired yesterday morning on more than a dozen stations across the United States that stream the LA based show “Piolín por la Mañana” each morning.  The conversation started immediately with a tone of skepticism and disappointment; Univision’s Piolín asked how the President could even ask for the Latino vote, alleging the community believes “you haven’t worked that hard” to pass an immigration reform bill.

“With all due respect, even though I’m in your studio. The notion that we haven’t worked is just not true. There is a notion that somehow if I had worked hard enough, we could have magically done it. That’s just not the way our system works,” Obama responded.

The President explained that on the subject of immigration reform, the opposition is far larger and requires a lot more work than the work needed to turn the tables in the favor of a new bill of health care.  “There is no place in the country where the Latino vote doesn’t matter and even if Latinos are going to support Republicans, they should say to the Republican candidate: ‘The price of our support is you publicly saying that you’re going to support comprehensive immigration reform,  because I’ve already said that, Harry Reid has already said that, Democrats are already on record saying it.”  He went on further to say if we can get the votes, I’ll sign the bill tomorrow.”

Obama said he would continue to work hard on the issue. “I’m only in the first two years of my Presidency,” he said, “and, by the way, I had a huge economic crisis.”

Listen to the interview below, courtesy of Univisión.

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Dominican Republic Responds to Neighborhing Haiti’s Cholera Outbreak

In response to the outbreak of cholera in neighboring Haiti, Dominican authorities are strengthening preventive measures aimed at keeping cholera out of the country. More than 3,000 cases of cholera have hit Haiti with 250 fatalities, 14 of them along the Haiti-Dominican border.

The authorities have instructed hospitals nationwide to treat cholera wherever it is detected to prevent the spread of the disease as has happened in Haiti.  The health authorities are also working with a team of experts from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).
Bulletins containing information on preventive measures and the protocols to follow have been distributed all over the country. The Helath Minister advised the public to continue following the official recommendations and revealed that the ministry has taken control of the water filtration systems and ordered an increase of chlorine in the water.

A ban on cooked or raw food from Haiti is in effect. Every person crossing the border will be required to fill out a form as a way of preventing the disease from entering the country.  Officials have admitted that there is a risk that cholera would enter the country because of its proximity to Haiti.  The government has also suspended many of the food-related activities during “market days” along the border.

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ELECTION: Is Nevada’s Sharron Angle a Racist? You Decide. (VIDEO)

Sharron Angle, in an attempt to slander Harry Reid, has gone a step further. Many claim Angle’s ads are a clear-cut case of racism, as she attempted to demonize an entire American ethnic group not just her opponent.

Is she a racist? You decide.

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TuesdayOctober 26, 2010