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MondayOctober 25, 2010

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Housing Scorecard Shows Mixed Recovery Signs for Homeowners

The latest housing figures show continued signs of stabilization in house prices and high home affordability due in part to record low interest rates.  The October housing ‘scorecard’, prepared by the Department of Housing and the Department of Treasury, show that families continued to benefit from the lowest rates in history for 30-year mortgages.

In addition more than 3.52 million modification arrangements were started between April 2009 and the end of August 2010—nearly triple the number of foreclosure completions during that time. 

However, housing officials were quick to point out “With many unavoidable foreclosures still in the pipeline, it’s clear that we have a hard road ahead. That’s why we’re focused on successfully implementing the programs we’ve put in place – such as additional assistance on refinancing and helping unemployed homeowners stay in their homes – and ensuring that help is available to homeowners as soon as possible.”

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Voces Místicas en los Sueños de Walter Mercado lo Hacen Cambiar su Nombre

De ahora en adelante, el famoso astrólogo Puertorriqueño que por más de medio siglo fue conocido como Walter Mercado, llevará el nombre hindú Shanti Ananda, que significa paz-felicidad. El cambio de nombre se debe, según el andrógeno personaje, a una revelación espiritual que le llegó a través de un sueño, en el que una “voz mística” le pedía cambiar el Mercado por Ananda y que llevara sus enseñanzas a los más necesitados de paz y amor en el mundo.

“Tuve una revelación espiritual que recibí y que me dijo que de ahora en adelante me haré llamar Shanti Ananda, mi nombre auténtico en lo místico. Me decía el ser de luz que se me apareció que se necesita más gente de luz   en el mundo como yo para ayudar a las familias de Puerto Rico que se están afectando con todo lo que está pasando.  Tengo muchos nombres que el maestro Osho me entregó, pero la revelación me comunicó que debía ser Shanti Ananda”, sostuvo el individuo.

Al preguntársele como piensa que el público reaccionaría ante el cambio de nombre, contestó “Divinamente,  la gente va a entrar en la vibración como un sunami de paz, de felicidad, de amor en sus vidas. El público me conoce por 50 años. Es una reinvención de mi ser, ha surgido un nuevo maestro espiritual. Nada cambia, ahora tengo una actitud más espiritual, estoy más abierto a la luz de Dios y me siento más cercano a la gente. El nombre de Shanti Ananda carga una fuerza divina increíble, la paz que todos añoramos. Si puedo ser un vehículo para la humanidad para llevarles un mensaje de esperanza y de respeto hacia los ancianos y los niños, lo seré.”

EL cambio de nombre al parecer tiene sus raíces en los líos legales de Mercado con la cadena Univisión.  Disputas personales habrían resultado en el astrólogo cediendo los derechos de su nombre a Univision, quien rehusa a devolvérselos. 

Aunque desde hoy lleva nombre nuevo, el artista seguirá con su agenda. Volverá a aparecer en el programa “Levántate” de Telemundo, continúa en radio 740 y sigue con la publicación de su libro “El mundo secreto de Walter” , ahora con su nuevo nombre.

“Ahora me está apurando mi casa editora por mi próximo libro sobre el mundo en el 2012. No paro, estoy lleno de vitalidad, regenerándome cada día más para seguir llevando el mensaje, desde hoy como Shanti Ananda”.

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Hurricane Richard Exacts its Toll on Belize

The tiny island of Belize felt the wrath of Hurricane Richard with heavy rains and howling winds.  As a result, 10,000 residents and tourists have sought shelter in local schools and churches. 

The 90 mph winds made landfall in Belize late last night leaving a lot of the islands tin-shed homes in ruins and knocking out power to most of the country.  Nonetheless there were no reports of death or severe injuries.  Prime Minister Dean Barrow said in a national address that the damage to property is in the millions but did not have an exact estimate.

The Category One hurricane has now left the island and is heading toward Mexico where it is expected to turn into a tropical storm depression.  This is the tenth storm of the hurricane season.

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Visit HS-News Political Cartoonist Gallery

Looking for thought provoking humor on current events,  then visit our award-winning cartoonist gallery in ¿Amigo ó Enemigo?.  Today HS-News features, Michael Ramirez two time Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist , a regular contributor to USA Today, The Weekly Standard and seen in over 550 newspapers and magazines.

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Just in Time for Halloween: Latinos Really Love Scary Movies

According to Nielsen, the movie genres that attract high Latino audiences are family movies first followed by horror-thriller movies.  Hispanics love for family movies have helped make this genre the highest-growing genre in the U.S. market.

However, it’s the horror-thriller movies that Latinos have the highest audience share in.  Experts believe that many Latinos grow up listening to folklore tales with a bit of macabre in them so getting really scared is native to this demographic.  There’s the Llorona who haunts after killing her children and then there’s the very scary El Cucuy (Mexican boogy man) that will come and get you if you disobey your parents – try sleeping at night after hearing those tales.

Basically Hispanics have a great appreciation for a good scary story regardless of how gory it is.  Its Halloween time so bring it on.

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Deportivo Salamanca’s Miguel García Suffers Heart Attack Mid Match (VIDEO)

On Sunday, Spanish team Deportivo Salamanca suffered a near tragedy when midfielder Miguel García suffered a heart attack.

García collapsed after going into cardiac arrest following a break on the match between his team Salamanca and Real Betis.

The midfielder tied his shoe laces, and tried to walk a few steps before collapsing on the ground in the 61st minute of the match. Team doctors managed to bring his heart-rate back to normal, following a good 25 seconds of cardiac arrest.

García regained consciousness in the ambulance, and not only remembered the score of the game, but wanted to continue playing despite feeling distressed.

The soccer player is alive and well and has thanked his team and hospital staff, as well as the media for their concern, help and respect during the unfortunate episode.

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ELECTION:  Ya Es Hora Steps Up Voter Outreach Campaign

With less than two weeks left for the pivotal midterm elections and in partnership with the Ya es Hora, ¡Ve y Vota! (It’s Time! Go and Vote!) coalition, the Univision network is declaring October 26 as the official “YA ES HORA DAY.” As part of efforts to encourage Latino voters to go to the polls on November 2nd, Univision will air on October 26 special coverage and public service announcements throughout the day about the electoral process and the importance of the upcoming elections.

“With ‘Ya Es Hora, ¡Ve y Vota!,’ Univision and its partners strive to inform, engage and empower the Latino community to participate in the electoral process,” said César Conde, president of Univision Networks. “For more than two decades, Univision has worked diligently to help U.S. Hispanics exercise their right to vote by providing them with critical information so that they can make informed decisions – and in doing so, increase their political participation.”

Extensive broadcast will begin on the morning show Despierta América (Wake-Up America) and continue throughout the day with anchors, hosts and reporters from a variety of programs, including Primer Impacto (First Impact) and Noticiero Univision (Univision Network News) informing and sharing with viewers key points on the importance of voting. Univision Radio and online and mobile coverage on www.UnivisionNoticias.com will complement this effort with reports dedicated to the election, the candidates and the issues of concern to the Latino community.


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Spain, Moves Towards Becoming a Smoke-Free Nation

Traditionally one of the countries in Western Europe with the most lenient laws on smoking, Spain is kicking the habit and moving into passing a smoking ban that will forbid smoking in bars and restaurants.

A parliamentary committee supported a bill that would effectively forbid smoking in all restaurants and bars, as well as certain outdoor places near schools, hospitals and playgrounds.

With this new measure, Spain hopes to become more in tune with the rest of the EU’s strict anti-smoking laws.

Presently, Spain only enforces anti smoking laws in the workplace. Since the 2006 law passed, most cafes and bars are allowed to decide whether or not to let customers smoke. Nearly all of them do.

Spain’s bar and restaurant association estimates the ban will cause a 10 percent plunge in revenue for the industry, plus a loss of 145,000 jobs.

The country’s Health Ministry downplayed the concerns, pointing to similar laws in Britain, France and Italy that did not harm restaurants and bars; Chicago has a smoking ban, which didn’t really affect the restaurant business.
Prime Minister José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and the governing Socialist Party endorsed the bill and passed it on to the Senate for review. The Senate is predicted to okay the ban and make it effective on Jan. 2, 2011.

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Perú Gives Bolivia a Slice of Pacific (BILINGUAL)

Peruvian president Alan García has signed a deal with his Bolivian counterpart, allowing the landlocked Andean country to build and operate a small port about 10 miles from the port of Ilo in southern Perú.

The treaty, signed under declarations of South American Brotherhood, was allegedly a diplomatic jab at Chile, who seized Bolivia’s coast in the 1879-84 war of the Pacific.

“It is unjust that Bolivia has no sovereign outlet to the ocean,” said García, in front of the frothy waves at Ilo. “This is also a Bolivian sea.”

The deal allows Bolivia to build a dock, anchor navy vessels and potentially operate a free trade zone, giving Bolivia the alternative to shipping mining exports via Chile.

“This opens the door for Bolivians to have an international port, to the use of the ocean for global trade and for Bolivian products to have better access to global markets,” said Morales.

There’s a glimmer of doubt, however, on whether Bolivia will be capable of raising the necessary investment. Jaime Paz Zamora, Bolivian president in the early nineties, boasted then about a similar, though more restricted, agreement with Perú; however, financial and infrastructural conditions weren’t met, and nothing was built along the Pacific shore. 

This time may be different. Bolivia’s economy is thriving and Morales, an Aymara Indian and the country’s first indigenous leader, has promised to restore national pride, “Bolivia, sooner or later, will return to the sea,” Evo said.

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Tijuana Drug Clinic Ambush Leaves 10 Dead

This morning a group of armed men stormed a drug rehab clinic in the border city of Tijuana, Mexico leaving 10 dead.  Mexican officials are not confirming the number of dead or injured at the scene. 

Witnesses are reporting gunmen stormed the building and demanded patients on the first floor lay down whereby they proceeded to shoot at them.  The inpatients upstairs survived, typically there are 45 patients at the privately run facility. 

This is the first time such an incident occurs in Tijuana but is becoming more common place in other border cities like Ciudad Juarez.  Drug gang rivals tend to hide out at rehab clinics assuming they are safe until they are found out by other drug cartel members. 

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Three Bystanders Killed in Mexican Gun battle

Three innocent bystanders were killed on Sunday when a gun battle erupted between Mexican police and masked gunmen in the northern city of Saltillo, Mexico.

The victims, two women and a 14 year old boy were caught in the cross fire when a convey of vehicles opened fire on federal police officers and Mexican soldiers.  The incident is under investigation.

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MondayOctober 25, 2010