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SundayOctober 24, 2010

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Renown U.S. Universities Seeking Relationship with Mexican Counterparts to Help Solve Border Issues

At the meeting of the Association of American Universities, leaders from the most renowned U.S. universities reached out to their Mexican counterparts to establish partnerships to solve U.S.-Mexico border issues.

The by-invitation-only event gathers the leadership from the U.S. top research institutions and attempts to provide solutions to some of the U.S. most difficult issues.  This year’s meeting was hosted by Rice University in Texas.

Though many universities have established relationships with Mexican universities those relationship are centered on exchange programs and the arts.  U.S. universities are now seeking to be part of the solution for the complex border issues like violence and poverty.  There were various Mexican universities invited to attend the conference.

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California’s Proposition 19 Not Supported by Mexican Government

Mexico’s President Calderon is opposed to California’s Prop 19 on legalizing Cannabis. Calderon has said he believes the legalization of marijuana is a dangerous experiment that would undermine the Us and Mexican efforts to control the powerful narco traffickers. Californians are scheduled to vote on the legalization of Marijuana on November 2.

Some Mexican fear that the law if passed, it would lead to an increase in consumption in Mexico. “It would be the worst thing. It might cut the cartels’ income a bit but we’d see more addicts, and trust me we’ve already got enough,” General Carlos Villa, a police chief in Torreón, told the Guardian.

It is estimated that marijuana is credited with almost half of the drug cartels income but many say that legalization in California would not have any significant impact to the drug cartels profits.

Mexico’s government believes it will come under pressure to follow suit if California passes prop 19, a former foreign minister, Jorge Castañeda, told Nexus magazine. “It is going to be impossible to ask Mexican society to put up with the number of lives at risk and the violence for a fight that Americans, or at least Californians, would have said they don’t want to fight any more,” he said.

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Join SBA WebChat for Small Business Owners

Tomorrow, Monday, October 25th from 1:00pm to 2:00pm (CST) the Small Business Administration (SBA) will host an informative web chat focusing on regulatory fairness for small business owners.

Small business owners, who feel they are subject to excessive or unfair federal enforcement actions, like repetitive audits or investigations, excessive fines, threats, retaliation or some other unfair enforcement action by a federal agency, can seek help from the SBA.

SBA’s Esther Vassar will host the October Web chat on “Regulatory Fairness: What Every Small Business Should Know.” Vassar, leads the SBA’s national effort to ensure fairness in federal regulations on small business while working to lessen disputes between small businesses and federal regulatory agencies.  Chat participants can get answers to their questions about how to get help with excessive and unfair federal regulatory enforcements. 

Participants can join the live Web chat by going online to SBA Live.  Web chat participants may also post questions before the October 25th chat by visiting www.sba.gov, and clicking “Online Business Chat.”

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Ecuadorean Man wins Spain’s First Siesta Championship-VIDEO

A 62-year-old unemployed security worker Pedro Soria Lopez edged out the runner up in the contest by sleeping 17 minutes and snoring that was measured at 70 decibels (the noise of someone talking loudly).  No small task, as he was “siesta-ing” in the middle of a busy Madrid shopping center.

“Oh I am so happy to be the first champion,” said a laughing Quito-born Soria Lopez, who sported a handsome paunch and a drop-bar black mustache. He said he was a regular siesta taker, and it looked as if was telling the truth.

“My wife made me do this, but then they couldn’t wake me up. Naturally, the lunch I had before with the 7 Euros ($10) they had given me helped,” he said before collecting the €1,000 ($1,400) winning check.

The National Association of Friends of the Siesta organized the contest. The group wants to bring attention to the age-old custom in Spain that many feel is being threatened by today’s busy lifestyles.
“People are so stressed out they can’t take siestas any more,” said spokesman Andres Lemes. “Studies show it’s a healthy practice that recharges your batteries.”

The 360 contestants were given 20 minutes to lie down on the couches and take a nap.  They were timed by a doctor with a pulse-measuring device to determine how long they slept. Less than 30% of the contestants managed to fully snooze, this may have been due to the loud music coming from the surrounding stores or the laughing spectators and screaming children.

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Mexican Doctors Protest Violence and Murders at the Border

Yesterday, hundreds of medical personnel from the violence-plagued-city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico staged a three-hour work stoppage to protest the violence in the city that never seems to abate.

The organizers and protesters, consisting of hundreds of doctors, want to send a message to local and national officials – ‘We aren’t safe here and can’t do our jobs.’  They created a list of eight demands to ensure their workplace safety and presented it to the Mayor. 

Thus far this year 2,300 have been killed in Juarez, five of those were physicians with 16 doctors having been abducted and released.  The physicians, joined by many civil rights organizations, feel the city and its residents are all suffering from “chronic anxiety” due to the violence.

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Latinos More Likely to Use Cell Phones to Obtain Health Advice

There are now more than 250,000 apps available for the iPhone, more than 30,000 such apps for smartphones running Android, and several thousand for those who have Blackberry devices.  There are apps for counting calories, monitoring vital signs and apps for keeping personal health records. 

Cell phone users between 18-29 years old are more likely than older cell owners to use mobile health apps: 15% do so, compared with 8% of cell users ages 30-49, for example. African American cell phone owners are more likely than other groups to use such apps: 15% do so, compared with 7% of white and 11% of Latino cell phone users.

Younger cell phone users are certainly the most likely group to look for health information on the go, the drop off age is around 50.  Latino cell phone users are significantly more likely than other groups to use their cell phone to look for health information: 25% do so, compared with 15% of non-Hispanic whites, for example. Cell phone owners living in urban areas are more likely than their suburban and rural counterparts to use their phones to gather health information.

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Rum Beats out Pisco for Number One in Spirits in Chile, Beer tops Beverage Preference

Pisco has been number one in Chile for many years but Rum has just surpassed it in popularity. Chile’s alcohol market has been experiencing a shift as Rum sales (9.2%) just inched past pisco sales (8.9%) for the first time.
Pisco is a brandy or aguardiente distilled from the white muscat grapes grown in two main regions of South America. Pisco, and the drinks made with it, have been popular for centuries. Both Chile and Peru have adopted it as a national drink, imbuing it with national characteristics and claiming their rights to produce it. Pisco is exported to other countries, and while not as universally popular in the US as it is in Chile and Peru.
Pisco is the national spirit of both Peru and Chile and each country has it’s own varieties, cocktails, culture, and history surrounding this clear, fermented grape brandy.

One of the main reasons Rum has seen such an increase in popularity is thought to be that because international companies produce it.
“Because international alcohol companies have a lot of financial support, they can spend a lot on advertising,” Rodrgio Alvarez, of Ron Maddero, told La Tercera.

With 91% of the Chilean households buying some type of alcohol annually, Beer sits comfortable at 48.8% of sales.

Although annual Pisco sales are just under Rum, pisco is purchased more frequently. The average household buys pisco 3.5 times a year and Rum 2.8 times.

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ELECTION:  Republican Sen. David Vitter Ads: Anti-Immigration Phobia at Its Worse (VIDEO)

Republican Senator David Vitter is the incumbent candidate from Louisiana that appears to be poised to win his seat again this mid-term election.  The amazing aspect of this particular election is the candidate was tied to a dead madam and scandalous behaviour.  This election is proof that if you’re Republican that is about all that is needed to win.  He has accused his Democratic opponent Rep. Charlie Melancon of allowing and promoting illegal aliens to enter the country by promoting the most negative protrayals of these immigrants.

The video shown below is considered by many to be the worse profile of aliens, protrayed here as dangerous looking, partying, and all law breaking. 

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SundayOctober 24, 2010