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MondayOctober 18, 2010

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has launched a new website as a one-stop national resource in efforts to protect consumers from identity theft. The website launch coincides with President Barack Obama’s declaration of October 2010 as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Identity theft strikes nearly 10 million U.S. consumers annually, and inflicts $50 billion in costs on the nation’s businesses every year. The number of complaints to the FTC has grown from 1,380 in 1999 to 278,078 in 2009. The Internet has become an appealing place for criminals to obtain identifying data, such as passwords and banking information. During National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, consumers are asked to learn about the risk of cyber attacks and the important steps that they can take to strengthen their digital literacy and cybersecurity.

The FTC’s identity theft website provides a broad range of tips on how consumers can protect their social security numbers, recognize signs of identity theft, prove consumers have been victims of identity theft, and file a complaint to the FTC.

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Is Blago the Answer to FIFA’s Ethics Problem?

FIFA, the international soccer federation is reeling in allegations of pay-to-play between officials and potential bidders for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup Games.

The federation has asked the chairman of its ethics committee, Claudio Sulser, to “act without delay to take all possible steps, including the possibility of provisional measures” against FIFA president, Sepp Blatter, and the secretary general, Jérôme Valcke and other FIFA officials who are implicated.

The ethics committee will meet on Wednesday and could suspend one or more bidding nations. “FIFA also confirms that the alleged agreements between member associations would also be a clear violation of the bid registration document and the code of ethics.”  “Therefore, an investigation has also been opened into the member associations in question as well as their bid committees,” the commitee said.

HS-News is reaching out to a certain infamous Illinois politician to instruct FIFA on how to maximize gain from selling the World Cup games.


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Jesuit Priests from Dominican Republic Held by Immigration Officials in Florida

Jesuit priests Rogelio Cruz and Regino Martinez Breton were delayed by US Immigration officials at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport over the weekend. Father Rogelio, assigned to a rural parish in the province of San Francisco de Macoris, was detained for two hours and then released, but Father Regino, an outspoken critic of immigration abuses and human trafficking was held for 15 hours and threatened with deportation before being released.

Both priests were on their way to take part in a forum organized by other Jesuits and numerous Hispanic immigration activists.  The highlight of the event was a benefit concert with the Camino de Emaus Foundation.

According to numerous sources, calls were made to NY Congressman Charles Rangel and other officials to help secure Father Regino’s release. Regino is considered Dominican Republic’s most radical priest as a result of his staunch defense of Haitian migrants and his leadership role in the Center for Immigrant Solidarity.  After being held for 15 hours Regino was released and allowed to proceed on to New York.

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Texas Officials Accuse Mexico of Hindering Falcon Lake ‘Murder’ Investigation

UPDATE:  Texas officials involved in the disappearance of jet-skier David Hartley are accusing the Mexican officials investigating of trying to “intimidate and discourage [Tiffany Hartley] from the pushing for a fuller inquiry.”  Those accusations came after Tiffany was interviewed by Mexican investigators over the weekend and was interrogated for 12 hours as to how and why the couple were on Falcon Lake.  U.S. officials want their Mexican counterparts to focus on searching for David’s body that has been missing since September 30th, when the couple was attacked by Mexican pirates.  The case has became an international incident with many twist and turns and tragic consequences. 

A lead Mexican investigator on the case was beheaded with his head delivered to a Mexican military base.  The search was suspended indefinitely after that by Mexican authorities though the investigation as to what actually happened continue.  Tiffany Hartley is due to meet with Mexican investigators again today. 

  Mexican authorities that are spearheading the search for presumed dead U.S. tourist David Hartley have announced “there is a recess” in the search.  The Tamaulipas state police said they are going back to the drawing board to figure out new strategies to find Hartley.  He has been missing since September 30th when his wife, Tiffany reported Mexican pirates shot at them as they jet skied on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake, near Texas.

Other reports coming from private intelligence sources are blaming the Zeta cartel warnings as the reason for the search being suspended indefinitely.  STRATFOR is reporting that the Zetas in a case of mistaken identity shot at Hartley assuming he was a rival cartel member and disposed of his body immediately upon finding out he was an American citizen. 

These same intelligence reports are being used by the U.S. State Department prompting Secretary Hillary Clinton to infer that there would be more killings and beheadings of Mexican authorities if the search continued.

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ELECTION:  Pew’s State Hispanic Electorate Fact Sheet

There are 766,000 eligible Hispanic voters in Arizona, 18% of all eligible voters in the state.
There are 5.4 million eligible Hispanic voters in California, 24% of all eligible voters in the state.
There are 434,000 eligible Hispanic voters in Colorado, 13% of all eligible voters in the state.
There are 202,000 eligible Hispanic voters in Connecticut, 8% of all eligible voters in the state.
District of Columbia
There are 16,000 eligible Hispanic voters in the District of Columbia, 4% of all eligible voters in the state.
There are 1.8 million eligible Hispanic voters in Florida, 15% of all eligible voters in the state.
There are 178,000 eligible Hispanic voters in Georgia, 3% of all eligible voters in the state.
There are 62,000 eligible Hispanic voters in Hawaii, 7% of all eligible voters in the state.
There are 749,000 eligible Hispanic voters in Illinois, 8% of all eligible voters in the state.
There are 116,000 eligible Hispanic voters in Indiana, 2% of all eligible voters in the state.
There are 113,000 eligible Hispanic voters in Maryland, 3% of all eligible voters in the state.
There are 256,000 eligible Hispanic voters in Massachusetts, 6% of all eligible voters in the state.
There are 183,000 eligible Hispanic voters in Michigan, 2% of all eligible voters in the state.
There are 224,000 eligible Hispanic voters in Nevada, 14% of all eligible voters in the state.
New Jersey
There are 645,000 eligible Hispanic voters in New Jersey, 11% of all eligible voters in the state.
New Mexico
There are 525,000 eligible Hispanic voters in New Mexico, 38% of all eligible voters in the state.
New York
There are 1.6 million eligible Hispanic voters in New York, 12% of all eligible voters in the state.
North Carolina
There are 138,000 eligible Hispanic voters in North Carolina, 2% of all eligible voters in the state.
There are 140,000 eligible Hispanic voters in Ohio, 2% of all eligible voters in the state.
There are 125,000 eligible Hispanic voters in Oregon, 5% of all eligible voters in the state.
There are 289,000 eligible Hispanic voters in Pennsylvania, 3% of all eligible voters in the state.
Rhode Island
There are 46,000 eligible Hispanic voters in Rhode Island, 6% of all eligible voters in the state.
There are 3.8 million eligible Hispanic voters in Texas, 25% of all eligible voters in the state.
There are 104,000 eligible Hispanic voters in Utah, 6% of all eligible voters in the state.
There are 183,000 eligible Hispanic voters in Virginia, 3% of all eligible voters in the state.
There are 217,000 eligible Hispanic voters in Washington, 5% of all eligible voters in the state.
There are 106,000 eligible Hispanic voters in Wisconsin, 3% of all eligible voters in the state.

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Read it to Believe it-Did the Number 33 Save the Chilean Miners?

It has been brought to our attention by our Chilean sources, that the epic rescue of the Chilean miners, last week might have been influenced by the Kabbalah, numerology, or the dark forces of algebra and arithmetic… you be the judge:

1.  There were 33 miners. (Yes. We all knew that)
2.  Journalists stationed in the desert town of Copiapo came from 33 countries
3.  The note that confirmed 17 days later, that the miners were alive, read: “Estamos bien en el refugio los 33” (English: “We are fine in the shelter all 33”). ImageIf you use the MS Office Word Count tool, for underlined words, it’ll show there are “33 character with spaces” in both sentences.
4.  It took 33 days to drill the rescue shaft to reach the miners
5.  The rescue shaft was 66 centimeters wide. ( 33x2)
6.  The date of the rescue also adds up to 33 (10+13+10= 33)
7.  The mine is located in the 33˚S latitude
8.  The rescue took place in the 33rd week of the year.
9.  The drill Schramm T-130 was digging for 33 days.

In numerology,  33 is considered a master number and is believed to offer guidance to the world. The number also plays a key role in Christianity, being the age of Jesus Christ when he died, and the number of miracles he performed in his lifetime. According to Al-Ghazali the dwellers of Heaven will exist eternally in a state of being age 33. Pope John Paul I, was Pope for only 33 days. 33 is not only a numerical representation of “the Star of David,” but also the numerical equivalent of AMEN: 1+13+5+14= 33.

Dante wrote the Divine Comedy in 3 canticas - each consisting of 33 cantos.  33 is the coming of age of a hobbit in J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.  33 is the atomic number of arsenic; a normal human spine has 33 vertebrae when the bones that form the coccyx are counted individually and 33 is, according to the Newton scale, the temperature at which water boils.

If you haven’t had enough, from the day of the rescue to 9/11 there’s only…..33 days!

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Spanish-English, English-Spanish Crossovers: Operas and Telenovelas (VIDEO)

A curious cross-language phenomena is occurring throughout the U.S.:  operas performed in Spanish and English sub-titles for Spanish telenovelas.  All this pointing to the acculturation of many Hispanic elements by the general U.S. population and the growing interest in all things Hispanic.

While operas have long been heard in French, Italian, and even German, Spanish operas are relatively rare, but across the country, opera aficionados are changing that.

San Antonio native and former singer with regional opera companies, Daniel Frost Hernández, is the founding executive director of recently launched Opera Hispánica in New York. He began the opera after noticing an increased number of Latino opera singers, and composers. Like Hernández’s project, the New York Opera Society will be performing in Spanish as well. While the Houston Grand Opera has announced a single performance of “the first mariachi opera” on November 13th, titled “To Cross the Face of the Moon,” and LA Opera’s recent presentation of “Il Postino” featuring Placido Domingo as Chilean poet Pablo Nerudo was the most talked about Spanish opera this year.

While key cities with an established Latino population are featuring operas in Spanish, more surprisingly, these operas are also being showcased in locations like…Wisconsin? Yes. Milwaukee’s Florentine Company has chosen “Río de sangre” (“River of Blood”) by Don Davis for its first world premiere, and this is the first time the 77-year-old company will present an opera in Spanish.

While operas and telenovelas have little in common and are at two ends of the cultural arts spectrum, there does seem to be a shift in their respective audiences.  Opera lovers wants to hear opera in Spanish to attract a Spanish speaking audience, Spanish language telenovelas wants to attract the English speaking audience with English subtitles. 

English subtitles are recently being added to many telenovelas and other Spanish shows as television stations are trying to bring entire line-ups to bilingual or English-only Latino viewers.  The subtitles are being offered in an attempt to “draw in younger viewers who are interested, but aren’t fluent in Spanish,” said the Los Angeles Times.

Across Southern California, Spanish-language television stations serve as cultural and linguistic lifelines for immigrants, but due to generational changes within the Latino community in the United States, stations are increasingly turning to English subtitles to attract and retain English-speaking audiences.

Given current demographic trends and the apparent decrease in Spanish-speaking skills, the demand for English subtitles on Spanish television is expected to increase.

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ELECTION:  Catholic Hispanics Remain Strongly Democratic

A new survey finds that Catholic Hispanics strongly support Democrats for Congress in the November election, while Protestant Hispanics are closely divided.

The Pew Hispanic Center reports that 65 percent of Latino registered voters said they will support the Democratic congressional candidate, compared to 47 percent of registered voters overall. Twenty-two percent expressed support for the Republican candidate, compared to 44 percent of overall voters.

According to the Pew Hispanic Center, about 64 percent of Hispanic registered voters are Catholic, while 22 percent are Protestant.

Only 32 percent of registered Latino voters said they had given the upcoming election “quite a lot of thought,” compared to half of all registered voters. Of Hispanic Republicans, 44 percent said they had paid significant attention to the upcoming election, while 28 percent of Hispanic Democrats said the same.

Hispanic voters also tended to have a more favorable view of President Barack Obama. About 63 percent approved of his performance, compared to 47 percent of the general population. However, 51 percent said his policies have had no effect on Latinos while 26 percent expressed the view that they have been helpful. 

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Mexico Makes World’s Largest Enchilada

Mexico Makes World’s Largest Enchilada

Photo: Crane view of World's Largest Enchilada along the right.

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

The latest food item to enter the Guinness Book of Records is an enchilada stretching to an amazing 230 feet long in length and weighs nearly a ton and a half.

On Sunday, the people of the Iztapalapa neighborhood on the eastern side of Mexico City spent hours making the enchilada at the National Enchilada Festival.

Guinness official, Ralph Hannah, said the enchilada, made of 75 kgs of corn, 273 kgs of white onion, 122 kgs of serranos chilies, 150 kgs of cheese, 150 litres of cream, avocado and a sea of salsas, is the largest enchilada ever made and now holds the official Guinness title.

“With this Guinness record we are showing the world that Iztapalapa is a high-level tourist destination,” said Mexico City tourism secretary Alejandro Rojas.

Image Mexico City has been attempting a number of world records recently, including the most people kissing simultaneously, and the largest number of people performing the “Thriller” dance to the Michael Jackson song.

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Raphael y su Nuevo CD Triple “Te Llevo en el Corazón”: “Es de las Mejores Cosas que he Podido Hacer

Miembros del equipo de Raphael dicen que el artista esperará que pase un poco el frío invernal de los Estados Unidos a principios de 2011 para iniciar su gira por las ciudades con mayor afluencia hispana, estrenando su nuevo álbum, una ambiciosa joya en la que el artista deja claro que tras 50 años en el mundo de la música, ha tomado la decisión de solo permitirse hacer “cosas grandes”.

Ésa es la razón por la que en estos días,  el cantante quién recientemente fue abuelo por sexta vez,  vuelve con un disco triple en el que rinde homenaje a los “géneros más universales de América”, el tango, el bolero y la ranchera.

En Madrid, donde presentó el nuevo disco triple titulado “Te Llevo en el Corazón”, el artista aseguró en rueda de prensa que ésta ha sido la “producción más ambiciosa y costosa de su carrera”, y explicó que en tiempos de crisis, como la que afecta hoy día a la industria discográfica, y otras varias,  “hay que trabajar el triple”.

Raphael decidió hacer un álbum “a conciencia” y por esa razón viajó a Buenos Aires a grabar el tango con músicos locales, la ranchera se grabó en México con orquesta Mexicana, y el bolero en Madrid con músicos Cubanos.

El dico triple no ha salido aún al mercado, peo puede pre-ordenarlo a través de nuestra sección “Mercado” o simplemente haga click aqui 


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German People Echo American Sentiment – Too Many Immigrants in the Country Not a Good Thing

Germany like the U.S and other super-powers are facing economic hard-times and are feeling burdened by immigrants in the country.  30 percent of Germans feel the country is “overrun by foreigners” and many want to restrict the practice of Islam and opine that Jews had “too much influence.”

Now the German government itself is declaring multiculturalism a failure since it has resulted in many immigrants not learning the German language and not fully integrating into German society. 

This weekend German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke to a conservative faction of the country and addressed the issue stating “The multicultural approach…has failed, and failed absolutely.”  She does not see it possible for different cultural groups to coexist separately.  Of the 7 million immigrants in Germany over 50 percent are Muslim.

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Deadly Landmine Use in Colombia Second only to Afghanistan

Last year 777 Colombians were killed or wounded by landmines planted mostly by drug traffickers to protect cocoa fields used in the production of cocaine.  Landmines are thought to exist in 31 of the 32 provinces in the country, giving it the number 2 spot for number of landmines after Afghanistan.

Just this weekend 11 people who were employed by the government to eradicate drug fields were injured when a land mine exploded in Cartagena del Chaira.  This brings the total of people affected by landmines over the last decade to 8,329, accounting for 10 percent of all landmine injuries and death in the world.

Landmines have been found to be an easy and inexpensive method deployed by terrorist guerrillas in the drug trafficking business.  The landmines are planted in and around cocoa fields and are typically homemade. 

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Mexican Official and his Son are Killed in Ciudad Juarez

The Mexican drug cartels are continuing to target elected and government officials with the latest killing coming this weekend in Ciudad Juarez where a local official and his son were gunned down.

The murder of Rito Grado Serrano and his son Rigoberto occurred at their home near the U.S.-Mexico border and they appeared to be targeted.  Mexican police are investigating.

Other violence over the weekend included an attempted ambush of Mexican Navy personnel in Tamaulipas.  The ambush left two people dead, none of the Navy personnel was injured. 

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MondayOctober 18, 2010