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SundayOctober 17, 2010

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Chilean President Piñera Arrives in Europe to Hero’s Welcome

Chile’s President Miguel Sebastian Piñera arrived in London this weekend for a previously planned visit to a hero’s welcome.  The visit that typically would get little press coverage is getting front page treatment throughout all of Europe.

The President is in England to discuss trade and economic issues with England’s Prime Minister David Cameron and just added an audience with the Queen of England to his agenda, made at her request.  Piñera is bringing a special gift to both of his hosts: a piece of rock from the San Jose mine.

Prime Minister Cameron was one of the first heads of state to congratulate President Piñera after spending 22 hours receiving the 33 miners as they emerged from the mine.  The trip to London is to commemorates Chile’s bicentennial.

After leaving London, Piñera will make brief visits to France and Germany, also bringing their respective heads of state a rock from the San Jose mine.

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Russia and Venezuela Becoming Best Amigos

Venezuela continues to strengthen its ties to Russia with plans for Russia to build Venezuela’s first nuclear power plant including a research reactor while taking delivery of some 35 military tanks from Russia.  Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin met to finalize accords made earlier in the year and to extend the country’s friendship.

The two nations are working to develop nuclear power in Venezuela and in turn Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has agreed to give Russia access to its oil fields and agreed to continue buying Russian weapons.  Thus far Venezuela has spent $4.4 billion on Russian made weaponry.

Soon after Venezuela announced its extended ‘friendship’ with Russia it also announced its intentions to provide oil for Belarus, the former Soviet republic.  Chavez proudly stated “[Belarus] would feel no shortages of oil in the next 200 years.” 

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Miners Struggle with Traumatic Effects of their Nightmare

A mass that was planned for the miners today at the site of the mine has been cancelled. The mass was to be a mass of Thanksgiving for the miners and their families. Citing the psychological fragility of several of the miners, a return to the scene of the trauma was not deemed to be in their best interest at this time. Some of the miners were showing signs of disorientation as they were trying to get reacquainted with their life aboveground.

“It’s not a good idea that they go back to the mine so soon,” said psychologist Alberto Iturra, who was part of the medical rescue team that counseled the miners during their ordeal.
“Ideally, they need a period of rest because they are still on an emotional roller coaster,” Manalich said. “They still have to process what they went through, to let their experiences settle, have their nightmares and let out their anxieties.”

“I didn’t think I’d make it back, so this reception blows my mind,” Edison Pena, one of the first three miners to be released from the hospital, told reporters as waiting neighbors showered him with confetti on his return home. “We really had a bad time.” Reports are that most of the men began returning home this weekend, although some of them men will be transferred to a clinic in Santiago. One miner is known to be suffering from pneumonia and another from diabetes.

The men had agreed to share their story together in order to equally share in any financial gain. The miners have been inundated with job offers, gifts, and invitations from celebrities and presidents around the globe offering trips to glamour spots and major events.

“These are miners, not movie stars,” Iturra warned.

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El Narco se Ensaña con Transportistas; Asaltos Aumentan 36%

El crimen organizado provocó que el robo al transporte de carga se disparara.  Tan sólo de 2008 a 2009 este delito se incrementó 36%, según la Asociación Mexicana de Instituciones de Seguros (AMIS).

“El aumento se debe a que el crimen organizado comenzó a involucrarse. El robo al transporte se convirtió en un producto de generación de recursos”, explicó José Luis Rojas, quien dirigió un grupo de inteligencia en la Policía Federal de Caminos para desmantelar redes de asaltantes.

No sólo ha crecido el número de atracos, también la violencia. En 2009 se empleó 56.4% más que el año anterior. Las mercancías más robadas son las de fácil venta: abarrotes, joyería de fantasía, equipo electrónico, licores, maquinaria, papelería y medicinas de patente.

Las autopistas México-Querétaro, Reynosa-Nuevo Laredo, San Luis Potosí-Monterrey y Matehuala-Saltillo son algunas de las más peligrosas. A los robos se suma el tránsito de narcoconvoys y la falta de patrullajes.

Dibuja la señal de la cruz tocando el volante de su camión de lado a lado. Lo persigna tres, cuatro o cinco veces. Nunca es suficiente. Samuel recuerda esa calurosa tarde cuando lo secuestraron. Fue en Nuevo Laredo, a un costado de una gasolinera, frente a un Oxxo, la gente observaba. Apenas iba a pisar el segundo escalón para bajarse de su tráiler, cuando las armas de tres hombres le apuntaban.

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The Power of Bilingualism

UCLA linguist expert, Jared Diamond, has just published his findings on the benefits of ‘multilingualism’ in this current issue of Science and has confirmed what many belief: the benefits are many.

His study found that children raised bilingually develop a specific type of cognitive benefit during infancy, and that bilingualism offers some protection against symptoms of Alzheimer’s dementia.  When a child raised with bilingualism and he hears a word the brain works harder to figure out the meaning of the word and what language system it belongs to. 

This mental process is called executive switching and it all happens in the prefrontal cortex which later in life will help with the ability to multitask.  The brain will be ready to do many things at one time like it did when the child was younger learning a language.

It works for the same for senior citizens with Alzheimer: those that were raised bilingual tend to delay or slow down dementia symptoms by five years.

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Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards (VIDEO)

Since 1998, the Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards identifies, inspires, prepares and positions Latino leaders in the classroom, community and workforce in meeting America’s priorities going forward. The Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards celebrates the achievements of vetted Latino high school juniors in various categories including: Science, Math, Engineering, Business and Education. The recipients’ average GPA is more than 3.50 and the young leaders are promoted as role models in their communities.  After more than 10,000 applications are collected through a national search, regional committees select three awardees in each of the categories in each of the 10 regions. Students are celebrate and awarded educational grants at ceremonies which are attended by an influential audience of business and community leaders, elected officials, and other leadership. 

For more information about the Awards visit the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and watch a short video on the Youth Awards. 

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El Cáncer Nos Afecta a Todos -Cancer Affects Everyone

Hispanic Access Foundation (HAF) has designed the El Cáncer Nos Afecta a Todos (Cancer Affects Everyone) campaign, specifically for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The campaign focuses on breast and colorectal cancer and consists of a combined “in the air” and “on the ground” outreach approach to improve Latino access to cancer prevention and early detection services and to work to eliminate barriers to prevention and screening.

This educational communications campaign will span several until years up to 2013, and include the development of an innovative scalable and cost-effective model for changing Latino attitudes and behaviors about cancer prevention awareness; forge a stronger link between community health service providers and Spanish-speaking Americans; increase U.S. Latino educational fluency about cancer prevention and early detection, and ultimately result in an increase in the number of Latinos being tested for cancer.

We are reaching the Latino audience through print, radio and television media along with workshops at community based churches. Members of the community who are uninsured and are interested in connecting with a primary health provider and learn if they are eligible for a colonoscopy at no cost to them are encouraged to contact us via telephone or email.

To find out more about the community centers that work in partnership with the Colorado Colorectal Screening Program (CCSP) in your area visit our service provider directory and type in your zipcode and the keyword cancer.

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SundayOctober 17, 2010