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FridayOctober 15, 2010

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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WEEKLY FEATURE:  Coco Loco Latinos of the Week

It’s time to identify our Coco Loco Latinos of the Week and we had a lot of “D” as in DUMB, DELUSIONAL, DESPICABLE and D-Cup.

In terms of Coco Loco Latinos that were acting DUMB there were plenty to pick from but DAVID RODRIGUEZ takes the prize for streaking in front of the President and America hoping to win a $1 Million dollars.  Why not just play La Loteria and keep your pants on and dignity in tact? 

ImageCRISTINA SARALEGUI makes our list this week because she still thinks she’s relevant and has become bitter due to her canceled show.  Not only is Cristina over assuming her importance but delusional thinking the show was cancelled because she’s old.  We assume Univision could tolerate her age in spite of all the stretching its had, its that she couldn’t stretch her ratings any higher.

Our least liked and therefore DESPICABLE Coco Loco Latino of the week is none other than BRIAN SANDOVAL.  The Republican candidate for Nevada governor whose skin tone is two shades off of Indian ranchero and nonetheless thinks his children don’t look Hispanic.  It looks like he may not be Latino-lovin’ but he sure is lovin’ them to clean his house at a discount.  He denies he hired illegals but other claims he was dumb enough to pay with a check.

ImageFinally we have our D-cup Coco Loco Coco of the week and its none other than INES SAINZ.  She announced she is retiring from the locker room and will only work the side lines.  She is dumb for thinking she is comes off as a professional reporter, delusional for thinking she’s good at it and despicable (sort of) for setting the women’s movement back a few years.

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The Pixies Join Rage Against The Machine, in Celebrating the Rescue of the Miners (BILINGUAL)

It was five past ten PM in Santiago de Chile, and the whole nation was in a mood that locals described as “people going crazy, honking in the streets, as if Chile had won the World Cup, or something” when Black Francis, leader and guitar player of The Pixies walked on the stage of O’Higgins Park and before even greeting the audience blurbed in Spanish “I believe we have great reasons to celebrate” and this is why “we will perform 33 songs,” one for each miner, their longest set ever.

What followed was not only a display of kindness from the band towards a whole nation, but also towards their fans. The band played the 33 songs they promised, and then came back to play “Where is my Mind” and “Gigantic” as an encore, for the thousands of Pixies lovers in the audience.

In a press release, following the show, frontman Black Francis said, “We were so moved by this story, by how many lives had been affected by this, and how the Chilean people banded together to support what can only be described as a miracle. We wanted to do something to show how affected we were by this, so we played a special set at tonight’s show, 33 songs for the 33 miners, the longest set we’ve ever played as a band. We found out five minutes before we went on stage that all of the miners had safely reached the surface. This was definitely one of the most meaningful show we’ve ever played.”

Cecilia Ann

Rock Music

Bone Machine

Crackity Jones

River Euphrates


Wave of Mutilation

Monkey Gone to Heaven

I Bleed



Broken Face

Something Against You

Isla de Encanta


Sad Punk


Gouge Away

Is She Weird


U Mass

Break My Body


Dig for Fire


Ed Is Dead

Mr. Grieves

Winterlong (Neil Young cover)

Here Comes Your Man

Head On (Jesus and Mary Chain cover)

Holiday Song



Where Is My Mind



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Inez Sainz Retiring from Locker Room; Uses Interesting Choice of Words to Justify her Wardrobe

Inez Sainz held a press conference at TV Azteca’s offices in California announcing she would no longer be reporting from the locker room, a decision that the NFL agreed with.

Though many sports fan are disappointed fear not Inez has received a multitude of offers to do other things beside sports reporting for TV Azteca and they range from posing nude for Playboy to announcing boxing scores during fights – she has declined both. She will remain with TV Azteca as a sports reporter mostly reporting from the sidelines.

More interesting is her choice of words when asked about the distraction(s) she caused on the sidelines and locker rooms:  “It doesn’t matter if my outfit is on one side or another.  I am only a woman, proud to be a woman, not shy to show I am professional.”

Whaaaat!  Does she mean she doesn’t care if her outfit covers one ass cheek but not the other?  Does she mean she is only a woman and therefore shocked she has to dress professionally?  Does she mean she is not shy to show is a professional exhibitionist close to being a professional nudist?

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Mentally Disabled Man Wrongfully Deported, Now Suing Government

The U.S. government is being sued for deporting a mentally disabled Georgia man to Mexico after being mistaken for an unauthorized immigrant.

Mark Lyttle, 33, who was born in North Carolina, but lived in Georgia at the time, is seeking unspecified damages and new safeguards to protect the rights of U.S. citizens and people with mental disabilities.

In a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union, on September of 2008, Lyttle was misidentified as an undocumented immigrant while serving a 100-day sentence for a misdemeanor assault charge. A spokesman for the North Carolina Department of Corrections said this happened because, when booked, Lyttle said he was from Mexico City.

U.S. officials say he later agreed to be deported, but Lyttle’s lawyer said he was coerced into to approving the documents, and says the man has mental disabilities including bipolar disorder, and a history of physical abuse and emotional problems.

In December of 2008, with a judge’s approval, Lyttle was deported by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and with $5 in his pocket, was dropped off in Mexico. After four months of making his way through Mexico, Nicaragua, and Guatemala, Lyttle convinced a U.S. Embassy official to contact his two brothers who were serving in the U.S. military.

His brothers cleared things up and, within 24 hours, Lyttle received his passport with help from the embassy official.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security later acquiesced that Lyttle was indeed, a U.S. citizen.

Lyttle, who is now a landscaper, told a reporter, “They took my freedom from me, they took my dignity from me. I’m going to do to them what they did to me.”

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DIVE into Your Weekend With This Week’s Latin American Wonder

Dive into your weekend with a Latin American wonder.  Guess What and Where this is?


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Rising Hispanic Star of Republic Party Comes under Scrutiny Again for Finances

David Rivera is running for Congress as the Republican candidate in Florida and has once again come under scrutiny for his questionable finances.  The Cuban American who is currently a state representative is running to gain a Congressional seat in the 25th District.  Now questions have arisen about where and how he earns his ‘consultant income’.  As a state representative he earned $30,000 a year yet claimed income from a firm claiming not to have employed him. 

Controversy has dodged this candidate from allegation of domestic abuse to foreclosure on a house co-owned with Florida Senatorial front-runner Marco Rubio.  Rivera and Rubio are viewed as the up and coming stars of the Republican Party desperately trying to win favor with Hispanic voters. 

The Florida seat is now being looked at as a possible win for the Democrats originally thought to be a sure winner for the Republican party

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New Citizens – What Effect Will They have on Upcoming Elections?

At a time when federal, state, and local elections are often decided by small voting margins—with candidates frequently locked in ferocious competition for the ballots of those “voting blocs” that might turn the electoral tide in their favor—one large and growing bloc of voters has been consistently overlooked and politically underestimated: New Americans.

Between the Presidential elections of 1996 and 2008 the number of new Americans registered to vote jumped to 9.3 million, a 101.5 percent increase, while the number of Latinos registered to vote grew to 11.6 million. 

This group of voters and potential voters includes not only immigrants who have become U.S. citizens (Naturalized Americans), but also the U.S.-born children of immigrants who were raised during the current era of large-scale immigration from Latin America and Asia which began in 1965.

The ranks of registered voters who are New Americans, or Latino or Asian, have been growing rapidly this decade and are likely to play an increasingly pivotal role in elections at all levels in the years to come, particularly in battleground states like Florida, Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico. As public opinion polls reveal, anti-immigrant political rhetoric is likely to motivate many New Americans to cast ballots, but is unlikely to win many votes for candidates perceived as anti-immigrant.

To read the entire report on ‘The New Electorate’ by the Immigration Policy Center visit our HSN Library

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Latino Baseball Hall of Fame Announces New Inductees

ImageThe inductees to the 2011 Latino Baseball Hall of Fame have been announced and include such notable players as Mexican Fernando Valenzuela of the L.A. Dodgers and Cuban Luis Tiant from the Boston Red Sox. 

George Steinbrenner though he is not Latino will be honored posthumously with the Tommy Lasorda Award for all his work in promoting Hispanics in the game.

The class of 2011 will be inducted on February 12, 2012 at a ceremony at Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic.  For a full list of players visit the Salon de la Fama del Beisol Latino site. 

The Latino Baseball Hall of Fame opened on May 29th of this year with 25 inaugural inductees that include the late, great Roberto Clemente, and Panamanian Rod Carew

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National Latino AIDS Awareness Day

October 15th, is National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (NLAAD) and in celebration the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is increasing HIV prevention efforts with increased funding for existing programs such as Act Against AIDS Leadership.

According to the CDC, women of color, including Latinas, are among those at highest risk for HIV infection in the United States. Latinas acquired HIV at nearly four times the rate of white women in 2006 and were diagnosed with AIDS at five times the rate of white women in 2007.  From 2005-2008, diagnoses of HIV increased in the Hispanic/Latino population, though the increase could actually be due to the increase in HIV testing and other outreach efforts.

ImageNLAAD’s theme this year is, “Save A Life; It May Be Your Own” that askes individuals to “save a life” using the following tips:

Individuals can:

Learn whether or not they are infected with HIV by getting tested
Seek early medical care if they learn they are infected;
Protect themselves and others from HIV through safer sex practices and not sharing needles if they inject drugs;
Educate themselves and others about HIV;
Get involved in their communities to help prevent HIV or provide services to those in need.

Organizations Are Encouraged To:

•  Promote NLAAD within your organization. Organizations and agencies are getting involved in support of NLAAD across the nation. HIV awareness and testing events will provide thousands of Hispanics/Latinos with the important information they need to protect their health, their loved ones, and to get involved.
•  Encourage employees to get involved in NLAAD activities.
•  Educate staff about HIV/AIDS.
•  Develop HIV/AIDS policies for the workplace.

For additional information and links visit here.

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La Niña Weather will Continue to Effect Latin America Resulting in More Floods and Droughts

The La Niña weather pattern is likely to continue and may strengthen over the next four to six months, potentially bringing abnormal conditions to widely separate areas of the world, from floods to droughts to below or above normal temperatures, the United Nations weather agency has reported.

La Niña, characterized by unusually cool ocean temperatures in the central and eastern tropical Pacific, is the opposite of El Niño, characterized by unusually warm ocean temperatures, and both events can last for 12 months or more.  But although the current La Niña has similarities to past events, its local impacts may differ from those observed in the past, the World Meteorological Organization warned in its latest update.

Generally with La Niña wetter-than-normal conditions tend to prevail during December-February over northern South America and southern Africa.
Drier-than-normal conditions are generally observed along coastal Ecuador, north-western Peru and equatorial eastern Africa during December-February, and over southern Brazil and central Argentina during June-August.

La Niña also contributes to large-scale temperature anomalies worldwide, with most affected regions experiencing abnormally cool conditions. Below-normal temperatures occur during December-February in south-eastern Brazil, and during June-August the west coast of South America, northern South America and portions of Central America.

Warmer-than-normal conditions occur during December-February along the Gulf coast of the United States.

“Almost all forecast models predict continuation and possible further strengthening of this La Niña episode for the next 4 to 6 months, taking the event well into the first quarter of 2011,” WMO said.

This is because of the strong interaction between the oceanic and atmospheric aspects of the current event and the large area of below-average subsurface temperatures.

The current La Niña developed quickly in June and July 2010, following the dissipation of the 2009/2010 El Niño in April. Since August, the event has been moderate to strong.

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Spanish Nun to be Made Saint

Beatified in 1996, Blessed Cándida María de Jesús Cipitria y Barriola (1845-1912) founded the Congregation of the Hijas de Jesús (Daughters of Jesus) in Salamanca, Spain.  Her school now educates youth in 17 countries.

A profound experience of God’s love led Blessed Cándida María de Jesús to correspond to that love with generosity and decisiveness.  This was the description of the Spanish nun and founder given by Pope John Paul II at her beatification. Now, Blessed Candida is set to become one of the Church’s newly recognized saints with canonization ceremonies being held over the weekend.

Juana Josefa Cipitria y Barriola was born in Spain in 1845. She was always sensitive to the needy and abandoned and felt at an early age that she was “for God alone” thus it was that in 1871 the Congregation of the Daughters of Jesus was born. In a short time the congregation spread throughout Spain, opening schools in various cities. In 1911, the year before Blessed Cándida died, the first group of the Daughters of Jesus left for Brazil, which was the first foundation outside of Spain.

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State Department Honors Honduran for her Work with Women

The U.S. Department of State has named Lina Hortensia Martinez Loredo of Honduras, as “State Alumni Member”.  Her leadership and promotion of women’s leadership and community development is being recognized.

Martinez had a vision of generating employment and income for Garifuna (Afro-Honduran) women in Honduras. This dream led her to establish seven women’s associations that produce cassava (yucca) bread for local and international consumption. She also created her own business, Wabagari Distribution, which processes the cassava produced by one of the associations.

Martinez advises more than 300 women in cassava commercialization. The cassava that is produced in Garifuna communities and exported through Wabagari Distribution has generated employment for small producers and has benefited 25 families. The cassava exports help these families earn above the average monthly family income of US$120 and improve their living conditions. Wabagari, which in Garifuna means “our life,” is also dedicated to promoting the Garifuna culture, both in Honduras and abroad, through the production and commercialization of cassava. In 2009, Martinez received the Presidential Export Award for successfully exporting to the United States the cassava brand “O’ Big Mama.”

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FridayOctober 15, 2010