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MondayOctober 4, 2010

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Illiterate Clown “Tiririca” sweeps Brazil’s congressional elections.

Last weekend congressional elections in Brazil came with a hilarious surprise:

The candidate with the most votes turned out to be Francisco Oliviera, a 45-year old television entertainer and circus clown since the age of 8. He stood out by his make-up, irreverent political campaigns, and the swooping 1.3 million votes he managed to conquer in the elections, more than double the votes of any other candidate.

“What does a federal deputy do?” he asks with a grimace in one of his ads “I have no idea. But vote for me, and I’ll sure tell you…”.

Tiririca’s campaign isn’t entirely an entertainer’s stunt, however, and the clown could pull a very interesting bunch of flowers from inside his bowler hat:
Under Brazilian law, Tiririca can assign excess votes from his own results to other candidates in his coalition; having twice as many votes as anyone else, the joke is on the stern, sober opposition that tried to run him off the race for being Illiterate clown. In this instance, “Illiterate clown” is not meant as a pejorative term: Tiririca is a professional clown who cannot read, but earned the hearts of Brazil with honesty, transparency and making funny faces and dances.

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Alvaro Uribe Velez Decorado como “Paladín de la libertad económica y Política.”

El ex presidente Colombiano Álvaro Uribe Vélez recibió de mano de la Asociación de cámaras de comercio de los Estados Unidos por su rol como “Paladín de la libertad económica y Política.”

“Su compromiso y capacidad para forjar una fuerte alianza con la comunidad empresarial estadounidense debería servir como modelo para los países en toda América Latina y el Caribe. El presidente Uribe ha demostrado la importancia del libre comercio cuando se habla del crecimiento económico y la creación de empleos”, dijo Thomas J. Donohue, presidente de la cámara de comercio de los Estados Unidos, antes de presentar a Uribe con el premio.

La Asociación de Cámaras de Comercio de los Estados Unidos estableció el premio “Águila de las Américas“ en 1993 para reconocer la labor de ciertos individuos en la promoción del comercio y las inversions entre los Estados Unidos y América Latina.

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Golfista Colombiano Camilo Villegas se prepara para “El Hoyo Imposible”

El próximo Jueves 7 de Octubre, el Golfista Colombiano Camilo Villegas hará una peculiar exhibición golfística en el centro de la capital Colombiana.

Villegas se ha propuesto hacer un hoyo en uno desde el helipuerto del edificio mas alto de Bogotá –la torre Colpatria. Uno de diez intentos deberá viajar las 125 yardas que separan el precario tee-off de el centro de la plaza de toros de Santa María, donde se encuentra el hoyo.

“Jamás en la vida había intentado un golpe de este estilo” dijo el golfista a través de la vicepresidencia de asuntos corporativos de Bavaria, quién patrocina el evento. Teniendo en cuenta la altura de Bogotá (8530 piés), la de la torre (147 piés) y los vientos de la ciudad, el audaz golfista va a necesitar concentración, fuerza, y un tanto y medio de suerte para acercarse a embocar “El Hoyo Imposible” como los medios han llamado al evento.

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Chilean Miners Could Be Out Within 10 Days

The Chilean miners that were trapped over two months ago when the San Jose mine near Copiapo collapsed, could now be out within 10 days as the drill is now within 48 hours of reaching their refuge almost 700 meters underground.

The rescue capsule, dubbed the Phoenix, will move a single man at a time, and will travel through a metal lining placed inside the tunnel that is currently being drilled. Engineers believe it will take two to six days to install the metal tubing.

Once complete, a commando from the Chilean navy will be lowered into the mine to evaluate the miners’ health and divide them into three groups: the weak, the able, and the most able. They will be evacuated with the able going first and the most able going last as to leave the weak with the most able if anything were to happen.

Late Sunday night, the men began tightly rolling up their belongings and memorabilia and sending them to the surface inside hollow tubes being called “pigeons”, which are hauled up by rope.

While underground, the miners have been given media training for when they are rescued. Chilean officials are trying to teach the men to capitalize on the experience as well as the invasion of privacy that is likely to follow.

With the rescue drawing closer, hundreds of the miners’ family members are gathering closely in the already established makeshift town, as they wait in anticipation as the drillers’ progress brings the rescue closer and closer.

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Left Leaning Roid Rage by President Rafael Correa

ImageAs Ecuador settles into normalcy after days of chaos and an alleged coup, Latin America is whispering did President Rafael Correa bring this on himself.  After being barracked for 12 hours by his insurgent police officers he challenged them all by bellowing:
“If you want to kill the president, he is here. Kill him if you want. Kill him if you want. Kill him if you can.  Kill him if you are brave enough.” Is it roid rage or simply fool-hearty since the Ecuadorian presidency has been marked by periods of instability;  the last president that completed a full term in office was back in 1992.

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SBA Writes More Than $22 Billion in Small Business Loans

Loans guaranteed by the U.S. Small Business Administration to small businesses and entrepreneurs continued to rebound in fiscal year 2010.  In fiscal year 2010, SBA supported more than $22 billion (54,833 loans) in lending to small businesses through its two largest loan programs, compared to more than $17 billion (47,897 loans) in fiscal year 2009.

November 2009 represented the highest single month loan volume in fiscal year 2010, with $2.18 billion in loans.  This was also the highest single month loan volume SBA has seen since September 2002, which was $2.34 billion.

Under the Recovery Act, signed on Feb.17, 2009, SBA was able to raise the guarantee on its 7(a) loans to 90 percent and waive fees on both its 7(a) and 504 loans. These Recovery enhancements drove a significant rebound in SBA lending in 2009 and 2010.

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Is Former Porker Perez Fit to be Fitness Expert?

The well known and at time controversial celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton, is expanding his audience reach with a new website focusing on fitness called FitPerez.com

Image Perez who is sizably smaller these days launched the site today to encourage his large (no pun intended) fan base to be healthier and happier.  Perez does acknowledge that he uses four trainers, seven-days-a-week to maintain his trimmer physique.  It is not known if he will tell all of us how to afford that many trainers or whether our hair color will turn blue or pink as his has with every pound he has lost.

Perez is attempting to become a media mogul, this is the third site he has launched after his core site PerezHilton.com debuted in 2004. 

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First Hispanic to Lead Corps of Cadets

Texas A&M’s largest student group the Corps of Cadet has selected its first Hispanic leader, Brigadier General Joe Ramirez Jr.  Ramirez is an alumnus of Texas A&M and will be responsible for leading the Corps 2,000 members and playing a senior leadership role in promoting many of A&M’s traditions.  The Corps was established in 1876 and is one of the country’s oldest student organizations.  The Corps of Cadets or “Aggies” as they are best known have produced over 200 U.S. Generals and countless Medal of Honor military awardees. 

Ramirez is the former Deputy Director for the U.S. European Army command and received endorsements from the Texas A&M Hispanic Network.  He will also serve on the University President’s executive team.

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Looking to Make Your Own Music Video Then Read This

Time Warner Cable and the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts have launched “Alcanza La Fama” – a national talent contest that offers young artists the opportunity to showcase their singing skills for a chance to star on their own music video and be the face of an upcoming Time Warner Cable Spanish advertising campaign.

The “Alcanza La Fama” contest will be judged by a panel of judges that include actors Jimmy Smits and Esai Morales, who will select the winner of the singing contest (along with a public vote) by November 19, 2010.  To enter the contest, you will need to submit a video-clip of the “Es Tu Manera” song via Time Warner Cable’s Mi Cultura Facebook page (facebook.com/MiCultura) anytime between now and November 11. In addition, for everyone who “likes” the Mi Cultura Facebook page during the contest, Time Warner Cable will donate $1 to the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts (NHFA), up to a maximum amount of $30,000.

For the official rules and complete details of the Alcanza La Fama contest, visit facebook.com/MiCultura.

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American Latino and LatiNation Launches New Seasons

LATV Networks announced today that American Latino and LatiNation, its nationally syndicated half-hour television weeklies, will debuted new seasons of their long-running shows the began this weekend, October 2 - 3. 

American Latino’s record 9th season will premiere in 100 markets, representing over 85 % of Hispanic homes and 75 million total TV homes.  LatiNation, in its 7th season, will be seen in 86 markets, reaching over 82 % of Hispanic homes and 65 million total homes.  Both shows target the rapidly growing English speaking U.S.-born Hispanic market.

In its upcoming season, LatiNation will feature a dynamic new host, Alexis de la Rocha , who will join New York-based host Jose Mangin, a fixture on the show since it launched seven years ago.  American Latino will continue to be headlined by its popular young host, Valery Ortiz, who begins her second year after taking over from previous host, Daisy Fuentes.

“As American Latino approaches a decade of national presence on-air, the U.S. Hispanic community can take pride in what this accomplishment represents,” said David Morales, LATV Vice President of Sales & Distribution.  “The show’s popularity has passed the test of time and, together with LatiNation, it has proven that positive and uplifting portrayals of Latinos on national television are a win-win for broadcasters, advertisers and the viewing public.”

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Drop the I-Word Campaign Launches

ColorLines is a team of writers, producers and photographers who come together in service to racial justice and they have just launched the “Drop the I-World” campaign.

The I-Word Campaign represents a broad spectrum of individuals and communities from across the country that are demanding respect and rejecting the I-Word, “illegals,” as a designation of their neighbors, children, families and themselves.  The I-Word is shorthand for illegal alien, illegal immigrant and other harmful racially charged terms.

Colorlines explains: “The I-World creates an environment of hate by exploiting racial fear and economic anxiety, creating an easy scapegoat for complex issues and OK-ing violence against those labeled with the word.”  Use of the I-Word affects attitudes toward immigrants and non-immigrants alike, most often toward people of African, Asian, Central American and Mexican descent

If interested sign the pledge at this link.

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Brazil Presidential Elections give Rousseff Lead but Head to Round 2

Although Dilma Rousseff came out on top in Sunday’s presidential election in Brazil, she did not gain the necessary 50% plus one vote, so a runoff will be run the end of October.

With 98% of the votes tallied, Dilma Rousseff won 47%; Jose Serra won 33% with a surprisingly strong performance by the Green Party candidate Marina Silva.

“We can confirm there will be a second round in the presidential elections,” Ricardo Lewandowski, the president of the High Electoral Tribunal, told reporters in Brasilia. There will be an October 21 knockout round where Dilma Rousseff will face off against Serra.

President Lula da Silva will be stepping down January 1, 2011. He has served for two terms (eight years) and is not allowed to run again.

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Honduras to Boost Health Services for Poor Mothers and Children

The Inter-American Development Bank approved a $27.5 million loan to help enhance the coverage and quality of health services in Honduras, mostly among poor women and their children.

An additional $6.7 million from a previous IDB loan for the health sector were reassigned to provide further support, taking total lending to $34.2 million. At the end of the four-year program, the population covered by decentralized health care is anticipated to reach nearly 230,000.

The program is expected to help reduce the percentage of children between 6–24 months of age with chronic malnutrition from the current 31% to 26%; of those with anemia from 58% to 50%; and of pregnant women with anemia from 20% to 12%.

The amounts of one-year-old children receiving vaccinations, prenatal care for expectant mothers and of checkups in the first week after birth are all expected to grow dramatically too.  Also, two neonatal intensive care units in high-demand areas will be expanded and three health care facilities will be rehabilitated, helping slash the mortality rate in hospitals with expanded neonatal wards by one-third.

As a result of these changes, the average wait to visit a specialist in maternal/child health care is expected to drop by more than half and the wait for surgery by one-fourth.

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UPDATE:  More Explosions Occur Throughout Monterrey, Mexico

UPDATE:  It is now being reported that three grenade attacks over the weekend in Monterrey and one in Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.  The three grenade attacks in Monterrey were aimed at public buildings including the U.S. consulate.  The other two grenade launches were aimed at the federal court house and the Topo Chico state prison all located in Monterrey.  The other grenade launch that was not aimed at a public building occurred in Guadalupe also located in the state of Nuevo Leon.

Twelve people were injured when someone threw a grenade in a plaza in the center of town.  The innocent victims, eight adults and four children, were taking an evening stroll when the incident happened.  No one is in custody people are investigating.

ORIGINAL STORY:  Last night at least three grenades exploded near the U.S. Consulate in the northern Mexican city of Monterrey.  The consulate is not reporting any injuries or death due to the explosion.  Several cars parked near the consulate were damaged and flying debris injured a security guard working at the Judicial Power of the Federation building.

Another grenade was launched in Monterrey at a prison facility.

Monterrey has been hard hit by turf battles between the Gulf cartel and Los Zetas resulting in 500 deaths in the area. 

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MondayOctober 4, 2010