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SundayOctober 3, 2010

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To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Ad Campaign to Launch Targeting Republican Senators Who Voted Against DREAM Act

Numerous organizations including big labor and liberal organizations are committing $300,000 for ad campaigns targeting the Republican Senators who either voted against or blocked passage of the DREAM Act.

The DREAM Act has been around in different versions for the last 10 years and saw its closing hope of passing this year.  The DREAM Act would allow a path to citizenship for young undocumented immigrants that lived in the U.S. more than five years and are attending college or enrolled in the military.  Last week the bill was defeated as part of the Don’t Tell, Don’t’ Ask legislation and in spite of the Defense Department’s support.

The ads will run in Spanish in markets with a large Hispanic population like Arizona and Nevada.  $300,000 is the most ever spent on Spanish-language political ads.  The hoped for result is that Latinos will come to the polls in record numbers and oust Republicans who are against the DREAM Act and immigration reform. 

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Peru Demanding Yale University Return its Ancient Treasures

Peru’s President Alan Garcia has asked Yale University to return the Inca artifacts found in Machu Picchu in the 1900’s. More than 40,000 artifacts including pottery, jewelry and bones were found from this site in the Peruvian Andes and are currently in Yale’s possession.

Peru filed a lawsuit in 2008 demanding Yale to return these pieces, taken from the ancient Inca citadel by Hiram Bingham III, a Yale alumnus,  between 1911 and 1915. President Garcia told the press that those ancient pieces should be back in Peru before July 7, 2011, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the re-discovery of the citadel.  The President states that Peru lent those objects to Yale for 18 months but the University never sent them back.  He is hoping that Yale will voluntarily return those objects instead of waiting for the U.S. legal system to decide the case.

“We don’t want a half-Machu Picchu, we don’t want a Machu Picchu piece by piece, we want a Machu Picchu with everything it had on July 7, 1910,” said President Garcia.

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Brown - Whitman Spar over Illegal Immigration (VIDEO)

Republican Meg Whitman and Democrat Jerry Brown had an angry exchange in their first Spanish-language debate in the race for California’s governorship. Both candidates spoke in English and their answers were simultaneously translated into Spanish for the audience in Fresno.

Jobs and state finances have consistently come up as the most important concerns of voters but this past week Whitman’s former housekeeper has become front-page news.

“You should be ashamed for sacrificing Nicky Diaz on the altar of your political ambitions,” burst out Whitman, who usually is calm and reserved and believes Brown was behind the entire Nanny matter being exposed.
“You want to evade responsibility,” shot back Brown, 72, the state attorney general and two-term former governor. He denied any involvement in the matter. “Don’t run for governor if you can’t stand up on your own two feet and say ‘Hey, I made a mistake, I’m sorry, let’s go on from here,’” he said.

“I did hold myself accountable. It’s just a lie to say I didn’t,” Whitman later returned, turning to look at Brown.

Latino’s make up 1/3 of California’s population and a fifth of the electorate. “I cannot win the governor’s race without the Latino vote,” Whitman said at the beginning of the debate.

“What I can really deliver on for Latinos—I can deliver on jobs and education,” Whitman said, returning to her campaign refrain, which she says reaches across ethnic groups.
“I will do the best I can to find jobs, but also to be fair. I will treat everybody, whether they are documented or not, as God’s child,” Brown promised.

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Polls Predict Voters in Brazil will Elect their First Women President Today (VIDEO)

Dilma Rousseff’s, Lula’s chief of staff lead has narrowed recently. The latest polls released have shown that Rousseff might not win at the first stage as expected earlier, with figures around 51% showing her support within the margin of error from the 50% she needs.

President Lula is not eligible for re-election and has given his support to Rousseff.

Sunday’s general elections in Brazil include not only the presidential contest, but also elections of governors of the country’s states, as well as voting for the lower chamber of its federal legislative body, the Chamber of Deputies, and for a part of the Federal Senate.

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U.S. Tour Bus Passengers Found with $3.1 million in Cash at Texas Border

Fourteen passengers aboard a tour bus bound for Mexico have been arrested and charged for knowingly conspiring to evade currency transaction reporting requirements by concealing in luggage $3.1 million in U.S. currency.

Fourteen passengers aboard a tour bus - seven U.S. citizens and seven Mexican nationals - were arrested by Custom officers at the Hidalgo, Texas, port of entry after an intensive inspection of the tour bus resulted in discovering 17 pieces of luggage, each containing hundreds of thousands of dollars in U.S. currency.  The cash was discovered wrapped in deflated air mattresses in all the luggage pieces. The currency totaling $3.1 million in cash was seized by officers.

“This seizure of $3.1 million in undeclared currency and 14 arrests, the largest currency seizure by border patrol in 2010, is a magnificent achievement and serves as a validation of our enhanced outbound enforcement effort.” stated the Department of Homeland Security. 

A charge of conspiracy to smuggle bulk currency out of the United States carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison, a fine up to $250,000 and a term of supervised release.  It is not a crime to carry more than $10,000; but it is a federal offense not to declare currency totaling more than $10,000 or more upon entry into or exit from the U.S. 

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Ecuador Amanece Resguardado y en Relativa Calma

Ecuador amaneció hoy con relativa calma tras la crisis desatada ayer por una sublevación de policías que tuvieron secuestrado durante varias horas al presidente Rafael Correa, quien considera los hechos un intento de golpe de Estado.

La actividad vuelve a la normalidad paulatinamente y en el palacio de Carondelet, sede del Ejecutivo, hay una fuerte presencia militar, según constató Efe.La Plaza Grande está acordonada por agentes uniformados, pero en las calles aledañas se han comenzado a congregar decenas de seguidores del jefe de Estado, algunos con pancartas.La luz del día dejó ver los daños en el hospital de la policía de donde fue rescatado Correa: puertas rotas, sillas destruidas, agujeros de impactos de bala en ventanas, paredes y espacios de trabajo, y manchas de sangre por todos lados, huellas todas ellas del enfrentamiento entre los efectivos de los grupos especiales militares y los policías sublevados.

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Paraguay’s President Hospitalized for Cancer Treatment

UPDATE:  Paraguay’s President Fernando Lugo will now be hospitalized in Brazil due to a negative reaction to his on-going treatment for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  The President was initially admitted to a local hospital and then expected to be transferred to the Syrian-Lebanese Hospital in Brazil where his treatment is being managed.  Lugo appears to be suffering from swelling in his face.  The President informed his country in August he had been diagnosed with the disease but that it was in the early stages.

ORIGINAL STORY:  Paraguayan President, Fernando Lugo announced over the weekend that he has non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma but expects to fully recover and will under go chemotherapy treatments.  The 59-year old former Catholic bishop has been President for two years and represents 6.3 million Paraguayan.  Lugo will commence his chemotherapy treatments almost immediately in Sao Paulo, Brazil but will not relinquish his power during his treatment and recovery. 

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Venezuela Seeks Bigger Role in UN and Radical Change for the Organization

As the UN General Assembly concludes its meetings with world leaders Venezuela took the stage to call for wholesale reform of the United Nations – suspending veto rights of the five permanent Security Council members, enlarging the 15-member body, strengthening the General Assembly and opening up the election of Secretary-General.

“The Bolivarian [Venezuelan] Revolution plans to contribute to the rebuilding of the structure and agenda of the United Nations, which reflects the existing and unjust power relationships in the world,” Permanent Representative Jorge Valero told the Assembly.

“This forum – as it is today – helps to reproduce those unjust relations inherited from the Second World War, becoming more exclusive and authoritarian as neo-liberal globalization advances. He cited what he called the United States’ flouting of the overwhelming demand to end its economic blockade of Cuba and Israel’s refusal to comply with dozens of Council and Assembly resolutions as “two poignant examples that show this unfair and irrational world power architecture.”

“Venezuela proposes to suspend the right of veto enjoyed by only five members of the United Nations [China, France, Russia, United Kingdom and US]. This remnant of the Second World War is incompatible with the principle of sovereign equality of States. Venezuela also proposes an increase of the membership of the Security Council in its permanent and non-permanent categories. Why are developing countries deprived of the right to partake in this forum?”

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SundayOctober 3, 2010