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SaturdayOctober 2, 2010

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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BREAKING NEWS: 22 Tourists Kidnapped in Acapulco

An armed gang has kidnapped 22 Mexican Tourist in the resort city of Acapulco authorities report today. The prosecutor’s office said it did not know the identity of the armed men or the fate of those abducted. The motive of the kidnapping also remains unclear.

“The tourists were looking for a place to stay when they were intercepted, everyone was taken off the bus and then kidnapped,” La Journada newspaper reported, citing a witness who apparently was with the tourists.
Michoacan is the base for La Familia, a powerful drug cartel whose reach stretches to Guerrero, a major hub for drug trafficking where the beach resort of Acapulco has seen bloody violence from gangs battling over the drug trade in the past year.

Acapulco had been known across the world for its sandy beaches and relaxing atmosphere. Violence in the region increased this year after a split in the Beltran Leyva cartel, whose leadership has been hit hard by President Felipe Calderon’s drug war.

Police, are scouring the resort city and the highways leading out of it for the missing men.

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Unusual Wage-Gap Reversal Happening in Puerto Rico: Women Out Earning Men

Puerto Rico will now not only be known for its beauty and scenic beaches but for being the only place in the U.S. where women out earn the men, this according to a recent Census Bureau report.

Women on the island earn an average of $20,563 while the men are pulling in $19,906.  This is the second year in a row that Puerto Rican women out earned men.  Nonetheless, the people of Puerto Rico have some of the lowest median wages in the country with the average American earning $35,540 per year. 

The reversal of the wage-gap is thought to be the result of Puerto Rican women attaining higher levels of education then Puerto Rican men.  In addition the island is seeing a decline in traditional male jobs like manufacturing and more service sector jobs that traditionally women work in.

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UPDATE: 34 Mapuches in Chile Continue Hunger Strike Day 83

UPDATE: 34 Mapuches in Chile Continue Hunger Strike Day 83

Photo: Mapuche's in Chile

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UPDATE: The Chilean Senate passed new reforms to the controversial anti-terrorism law this week, but they are not enough to end the Mapuche hunger strike that enters its 83rd day today.
When the Chamber of Deputies approves the reforms they will be come law. Changes include limiting the use of anonymous witnesses and lowering penalties for arson, two points the hunger strikers had pushed for.
“We hope to offer to the country a solution for this problem, which has gone on for many days and has distressed millions of Chileans,” Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter said. He is also expected to meet with Mapuche representatives this weekend.
Protests and marches continue to increase in Chile as supporters attempt to raise awareness of the hunger strikers.

ORIGINAL: With the strike now approaching day 80, unprecedented media coverage has come to Chile’s “Mapuche problem.”
All the hunger strikers have been arrested for crimes committed in a campaign to reclaim ancestral land that was sold by the government without the Mapuche’s consent. The government has charged the Mapuches under its anti-terrorism law, which is one of the main reasons the hunger strike began.

The anti-terrorism laws we first created by the Pinochet government but more recently have been used to intimidate the Mapuche activists.
Supreme Court President Juica also admitted that there are problems with the law.
“The anti-terrorism law in its current form is an obstacle to reaching an agreement, and so we should look for a way to modify and moderate the law, to give it more relevancy in the democracy in which we live,” Juica said. “The law does not have a very good past because it was created and frequently used in an undemocratic government.”

In addition to protesting the anti-terrorism laws, the hunger strike is also against the militarization of the Araucanía Region (IX), where most Mapuche live, and the police’s use of excessive force against the Mapuche people.

Chile’s government said this week it would be impossible to meet demands by 34 Mapuche hunger strikers that all three branches of Chile’s government meet together to resolve the on-going hunger strike.

In a statement the activist’s plea, “It is urgent that the international public opinion knows and exerts pressure to save the lives of the Mapuche, who are only exercising their right to seek a fair trial.”

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Jennifer Lopez Developing TV Comedy about Latina Nannies

Lopez has been busy- first she inks a 12 million deal with American Idol- then she announces her plans for a new comedy on ABC through her Nuyorican production company.

The show will follow three branches of an extended family that live in Los Angles – as told through their three Latina nannies.  Lopez is working with producer Simon Fields and “Friends” alum Alexa Junge to develop the hour-long comedy. The Puerto Rican star will be the co-executive and produce the yet untitled show.

Some are less than happy pointing out that Lopez is simply buying in to the stereotypes of Latinas and are quick to point out that she should have put her energies into producing a show highlighting successful Latina businesswomen.

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Premio Estrella Music Awards is Looking for You

Premio Estrella Music Award is holding an official casting call for all those who dream of becoming a singing star. This is your opportunity to participate in the musical Olympics of Premio Estrella Music Award. To participate you can visit the official Premio website and subscribe to be in the casting.  Hurray though the casting call is this Wednesday and its in Florida, at the Solare Garden located at 3635 N.W. 78 Ave. Doral, Florida.

The winner of this casting will have the opportunity to fly to the Canary Islands in Spain where a 3 day singing festival will be held.  The winner from the festival will move on to the Grand Finale and will receive the golden star of Premio Estrella Music Award. The Grand Finale will be televised in various countries throughout Europe, Central and South America as well as the USA.

Premio Estrella Music Award is proud to present its judging panel that include well known actress Geraldine Bazan, Mexican actor Hector Soberon, multifaceted actress and singer Liliana Rodriguez, producer and radio station owner Eric Stephen Cohen, composer of the Regueton genre Loony and Jeanpierre Thompson known as the Realtor of the Stars.

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Easter Island in Chile a Top 10 UNESCO World Heritage Site

There are more than 900 UNESCO World Heritage sites that represent the world’s greatest cultural and natural sites and have been deemed important to the ‘common heritage of humanity’.  Country members of the United Nations prepare the World Heritage list and now they have partnered with TripAdvisor to identify the top 10 such sites and only one site from Latin America made the list.

Coming in on the number nine slot is Easter Island in Chile while the Taj Mahal of India took the top spot and the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona was the only U.S. destination to make the list. 

Easter Island is famous for its monumental statues and is one of the most isolated inhabited islands in the world.  The island was settled about 400 AD and was annexed to Chile in the 1800’s. 

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One Nation Working Together Rally to Kick Off Today at Lincoln Memorial

Thousands of people from all backgrounds, faiths, heritage, identities are expected to come together as a united voice for jobs, justice and education billed as the One Nation Working Together rally. Supporters will march on Washington today at noon at the Lincoln Memorial to refocus national priorities in the American people.

To highlight the urgency of the One Nation Working Together rally, supporters point to the figures released by the US Census Bureau showing that one in seven Americans – that’s 45.6 million people – lives in poverty.  The One Nation Working Together movement aims to recommit every person in the United States to nation building principles: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This means that every person who wants to work should have a secure job with a livable wage, equal protections under the law, and access to excellent quality public education for all children, including passage of immigration reform.

Highlights of the One Nation Working Together Plan for a New Economy include one million new jobs and excellent quality education.

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CNN Fires Rick Sanchez after Remarks     ( Audio )

CNN fired newscaster Rick Sanchez on Friday, a day after he called John Stewart of “the daily show “a “bigot” and suggested that Jews run CNN and “all the other networks.” Sanchez was being interviewed on a satellite radio show when he made the inappropriate comments.

CNN official statement: “Rick Sanchez is no longer with the company. We thank Rick for his years of service and we wish him well.”

Stewart had been taking pot shots at Sanchez, portraying him as not the brightest anchor on the block. But that’s what comedians and satirists do: they find a flaw, quirk, or stumble and pick it up and run with it.
Sanchez took this opportunity to drop his professional guard and go on the attack of not only Stewart but also his own network.

Ricardo León “Rick” Sánchez de Reinaldo (born July 3, 1958) is a Cuban-American TV news anchor. On CNN, he hosted Rick’s List plus serves as a contributor for CNN en Español.


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SaturdayOctober 2, 2010