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MondaySeptember 27, 2010

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Oh No! What Will the Lazy Mexicans do if They Can’t Pick Tomatoes?

Looking for thought provoking humor on current events? Come take a humorous look at our frienemies- Introducing ¿Amigo ó Enemigo?

What did THEY say???

What does HS News Say???

Come join us in a laugh with Stephen Colbert

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Database of All Versions of the Spanish Language Coming to Internet in 2011

The first sizeable database of spoken Spanish will be on the Internet in 2011, 15 years after the birth of a unique project of international cooperation in the field of linguistics, in which 17 countries on both sides of the Atlantic have taken part.

The database will reflect the different versions of the spoken Spanish language reflecting pronunciation, grammar and speech differences used by the 450 million people world-wide that speak Spanish. 

The Cervantes Institute of Spain as well as the Royal Spanish Academy sponsored this unique project. 

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Ciudad Juarez Weekend Murders More Violent with Ritualistic Undertones

There were five separate murders over the weekend in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, with ritualistic undertones not seen before that has left police officials outraged. 

On Thursday three bodies were found hung on man-made crosses posted along the Chihuahua Highway, then on Saturday Mexican police reported finding a deceased male with his genitals and heart removed and his head and torso separated.  This ritualistic murder was followed by another man’s body found with severed hands placed on top of his body with a written warning.  The weekend finished with a dismembered male body found in the city.  All victims remain unidentified.

Authorities are outraged at the violent desecration and ritualistic undertones to the murders.  The city has become accustom to beheaded bodies and public displays of victims but has not seen cross hangings of victims or internal organs removed. 

Over the weekend authorities did report the arrest of a suspected Juarez car bomber, Jose Ivan Contreras.  The car bombing occurred in July resulting in three people’s death. 

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iApps for Bilingual Children

SpaniglishBaby has just identified a collection of iApplications that will keep your bilingual child entertained by providing a range of things from stories to games to smiles.  SpanglishBaby is an online community of parents raising bilingual and bicultural children that also seeks to promote bilingualism whenever they can.

If you are trying to expose your youngster to the sounds of the Spanish language there is My Bilingual Baby but if they are ready to hear stories in Spanish with great pictures you can choose from PickPocketBooks and Kidztory Classics.  For the children that like interaction there is Shake the Animals, MindSnacks and Little Pim Word Bag.  All these iApps engage the youngster while covering basic vocabulary and conversation skills. 

For a complete list visit the Spanglishbaby site. 

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¡Si Hablo Español!– Rubio Debuts First Spanish Ads (VIDEO)

Cuban-American and Florida Senate Republican candidate Marco Rubio is reminding the voters he too speaks Spanish and is the son of Cuban-born parents with his first Spanish language ads.  The 30-second ads premiering today are geared for the heavy Latino districts and the large Cuban-American population in Miami.

Rubio is currently the front runner in the three-way senatorial race between independent Governor Charlie Crist and Democrat Kenrick Meek.  His biggest draw seems to be with the Latino voter where he has three-quarters of the vote versus Democratic Meek with 11 percent of their vote; and this is possibly why he chose not to directly speak out to Spanish speaking Hispanics until now.

Rubio spokesman Alex Burgos, explained the late entry of the Spanish speaking ads this way, “[Marco] has relentlessly focused on what he sees as the top issue in the Hispanic community: economic empowerment and how Washington’s current agenda threatens the free enterprise system that enables parents to work hard and leave their children with a better future.”

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Chavez’s Party Loses it Supermajority and Majority of Popular Vote in Venezuela (VIDEO)

Opponents of Hugo Chavez claim victory with gaining over one third of the seats in the parliamentary elections yesterday while building momentum in their attempt to oust Chavez in 2012. The opposition Democratic Unity umbrella group has claimed that it also won a majority of the popular vote, once confirmed this will be a blow to Chavez.

With most of the votes counted, a source at the electoral council reports the Democratic Unity party has 62 seats in parliament and backed the claim of the party willing 52% of the popular vote.

Chavez needed a supermajority (2/3) of the seats in order to be able to bring quick passage of many of his pet projects- the opposition has denied this. Due to a boycott of the last parliamentary election, Chavez has enjoyed near 100 % control of the parliament.

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Hispanics and the Challenges of Retirement

Hispanics in the United States face an especially difficult challenge in maintaining their standard of living throughout their retirement.  This is due to several factors. On average, Hispanics in the U.S. today have lower levels of educational attainment, less earning power, and a lower level of savings than non-Hispanics.  Hispanics in the United States are less likely than non-Hispanics to have an employer-sponsored retirement plan, which puts them at a disadvantage for accumulating retirement income.

In addition, many Hispanics work in service jobs or small businesses that do not provide retirement plan options to their employees. Compounding these trends is the fact that many Hispanics in America today lack the financial literacy necessary for sound retirement planning; less than one-quarter of Hispanic workers have calculated how much money they will need to save for a comfortable retirement, compared to 42 percent of non-Hispanics.

Statistics indicate that Hispanics are likely to have a longer life expectancy than non-Hispanics therefore their retirement savings will need to last longer than many have predicted and thus may have a greater need for varied options to manage retirement assets.  Social Security, employer-based retirement plans, and personal savings, represent the traditional three-legged stool of retirement savings for Americans.  Given that Hispanics are less likely to participate in employer-based retirement plans, and given the lower income they can expect from Social Security, Hispanics must take an active role in developing their personal savings and investments in order to have a financially secure retirement.  Yet, savings levels indicate that Hispanics are less prepared than their non-Hispanic counterparts, and that personal savings have actually decreased over the past few years. 

View the Hispanic Institute study at the HS News Library on the challenges facing Hispanics as they prepare for their retirement and the opportunities for finding sound solutions to retirement planning. 

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Chilean Miners Survive on Courage and the Support of Each Other

On August 5th an estimated 700,000 tons of rock collapsed and closed off the main section of the mineshaft. The men had just gathered in the dining room/refuge are for lunch. The dining room is 12 ft by 12 ft and has a fortified ceiling that is 15 ft high. One moment sooner and later would have had tragic results.

For five days they waited for the dust to settle enough so they could assess the situation. Even with their headlamps on, the dust made it impossible to see. When the dust did settle, the men realized they were trapped in a large open space of about 1200 ft long. A chemical toilet, industrial water and a very small emergency food supply sustained the miners for the 17 days they waited for word from the outside world.

“They were 17 days in the darkness - 17 days during which in the first five days they could barely breathe from the dust,” the rescue effort’s lead psychiatrist, Alberto Iturra Benavides said. “And then they had to say, ‘I didn’t die’ - this in itself stops you from being frightened.”

The group is now divided into 3 groups of 11 men each. They sleep in three different sections of the mine and work in three different shifts. They do have lunch together to maintain unity. Tubes pump 106 quarts a day of water and 4024 cubic ft of air into the miners but little can be done to reduce the humidity that consistently is about 90%.

The men’s mental health and survival is ultimately depended on each other. Ilturra’s team of psychologists talk with the miners twice a day but the men have organized twice a day prayer services and meet for a version of group therapy they call “showing their cards” once a day.

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Arrestaron al Jefe de Los Zetas de Cancún

El Ejército mexicano arrestó a José Ángel Fernández de Lara Díaz, alias “El Pelón”, quien dirigía las actividades del cártel de Los Zetas en el estado de Quintana Roo, con base de operaciones en Cancún, en el Caribe, informaron el domingo fuentes oficiales.

La Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional (Sedena) indicó en un comunicado que la detención de “El Pelón” se logró el pasado viernes en Cancún, como parte de la estrategia de combate al narcotráfico.  La dependencia indicó que Fernández de Lara confesó ser parte de Los Zetas, y que desde junio de este año, el líder del grupo, Heriberto Lazcano, alias “El Lazca”, lo nombró responsable de las actividades de narcotráfico, trafico de indocumentados y secuestros en ese estado del sureste mexicano.

El detenido admitió que el grupo extorsionaba todo tipo de negocios como centros nocturnos, restaurantes, casinos, spas y a empresarios del turismo y hoteles, lo que convirtió a ese estado en una fuente de recursos que son utilizados para cubrir los gastos de la “guerra” que mantiene Los Zetas contra el cártel del Golfo en el noreste del país.

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Cuba Starts to Outline its Small Business Policies

Cuba is starting to outline it plan for small businesses on the island as it phases out 500,000 government jobs over the next six months.  When the government of Raul Castro announced a phase out of many government positions it also announced that the private sector would be bolstered but to what extent was not known.

This weekend Castro announced that Cuban’s could seek self-employment in 178 different occupations such as tutoring, bookkeeping or agricultural food vending.  In addition certain businesses will be allowed to hire employees and other existing business will be able to service more ‘customers’.  The famous “paladares” which are the home restaurants will now be able to service 20 clients per seating instead of 12.

All the new businesses will have to pay sales tax and personal income tax to the government. 

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MondaySeptember 27, 2010