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FridaySeptember 3, 2010

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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The Ultimate Denial: Most Americans Don’t Even Know They’re Fat

Many Americans have skewed perceptions when it comes to their weight, often believing they are thinner than they really are, even when the scales are shouting otherwise, a new poll finds. Thirty percent of those in the “overweight” class believed they were actually normal size, while 70 percent of those classified as obese felt they were simply overweight. Among the heaviest group, the morbidly obese, almost 60 percent pegged themselves as obese, while another 39 percent considered themselves merely overweight.

And that means that obesity may be becoming the new norm, raising the specter of increasing rates of health threats such as diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers.

In most of the states examined, blacks had the highest prevalence of obesity, followed by Hispanics, and then whites.  Among Hispanics the prevalence of obesity ranged from 21.0% to 36.7%, with 11 states having an obesity prevalence of ≥ 30%.

The high prevalence of obesity across all the racial/ethnic groups highlights the importance of implementing effective intervention strategies among the general U.S. population

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Visit HS-News Political Cartoonist Gallery

Looking for thought provoking humor on current events,  then visit our award-winning cartoonist gallery in ¿Amigo ó Enemigo?.  Today HS-News features, Michael Ramirez Two Time Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist , a regular contributor to USA Today, The Weekly Standard. and seen in over 550 newspapers and magazines.
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On the Eve of Labor Day Employment Outlook for Latino Workers Remains Dim with 12% Unemployment Rate

As the country prepares to honor its work force on Labor Day this Monday, the employment picture in the country remains bleak.  The unemployment rate rose in August for the first time in four months to 9.6%.  Latinos in the country have been hit especially hard with a higher rate of unemployment at 12.1% and fewer employment opportunities especially if they are uneducated. 

Less-educated, younger, and minority American workers face the worst job market in decades, far worse than their more educated counterparts. However, the situation for these workers was very difficult even before the current recession. The unemployment rate for U.S.-born Hispanic workers without a high education is currently 22.9%. It is 32.4% using the boarder measure of unemployment that includes those who want to work but have not looked recently and those forced to work part-time.

The unemployment rate for U.S.-born Hispanic workers with only a high education who are 18 to 29 is currently 23.3%.  It is 33% using the boarder measure of unemployment.  A direction correlation to this high unemployment rate is that nearly one-fifth of Hispanic homeowners have or will lose their homes.

Labor Day is a time for barbecues and picnics but it is also a time to remember and honor the struggles millions of Americans face trying to reenter the U.S. economy with gainful employment. 

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Aveledo Afirma que Chávez No es Juez de los Rectores del CNE

Para el coordinador nacional de la Mesa de la Unidad Democrática, Ramón Guillermo Aveledo, el Poder Electoral debe velar por la aplicación de las leyes comiciales porque “el Presidente no es juez de la conducta de los rectores electorales, al contrario, los rectores son los que arbitran y son los que deben decirnos a nosotros como debemos comportarnos”.

Las declaraciones las ofreció en una visita que dispensó en la entidad donde se reunión con candidatos y dirigentes de la Unidad Democrática.  Instó al Jefe de Estado, Hugo Chávez, a respetar las normas electorales y la Constitución ya que no está entre sus funciones ser “juez de la conducta de los rectores electorales”.

Recordó que la Carta Magna establece la separación de poderes. Pidió al CNE aplicar la normativa electoral a todos por igual, esto para referirse específicamente al presidente Hugo Chávez, quien ha violado la norma al hacer campaña electoral pública y abierta por los candidatos del Psuv, además usando los medios de comunicación del Estado.  Sobre el anuncio hecho por la presidenta del CNE, Tibisay Lucena, del exceso de propaganda de la oposición en los medios de comunicación, Aveledo consideró como “un chiste cruel que se diga que la oposición esta sobregirada en propaganda

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Is it the Sun or Drugs Seized from the Illegals–What Happened to Gov Jan ‘Duh’ Brewer? (VIDEO)

The camera-lovin’, illegal immigrant hatin’, sun drenched Governor of Arizona was not ready for prime-time yesterday.  The Governor was part of a televised Arizona gubernatorial debate that began with each candidate providing opening remarks.  Governor Brewer was the final candidate to give opening remarks but remarkably she was unprepared and stupefied.

She started confidently enough boldly stating “I have done so much and we have changed everything” then proceeded to assert she brought the state back from the abyss – then 16 seconds of silence.  For a woman claiming to single-handedly save Arizona from the abyss you would think she would have super human powers to find her thoughts as scattered as they might be.  Instead she stayed silent with head bowed down, hands clasped prayer-like maybe hoping for divine intervention.  It didn’t come. 

Certain religions believe you are struck deaf and dumb when you speak blasphemies maybe that’s what happened.  As the debate proceeded the Governor never seemed to find her voice or even her thoughts, completely ignoring pointed questions on her assertions that there are “beheadings in the desert” or did she mean she left her head in the desert.  Or maybe the Governor can only speak definitely and on-point when them dang illegal’s are around.  Where are they when you need them?  Or did Arizona blogger Stephen Lemons nail it on the head:

“How did this hillbilly queen become governor? I blame [Janet] Napolitano for saddling us with our accidental, X-ray technician Goober-nor.”  “This [performance] was not an anomaly.”

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AT&T Expands Relationship with Mexican National Team

As part of AT&T expanding partnership with the Mexican National Team, the company is teaming with Univision Interactive Media to stream three upcoming Mexican National Soccer Team international friendly games live starting this month. The streams will be available to AT&T customers who subscribe to AT&T Mobile TV or MobiTV services.

In addition to streaming the games live, AT&T says it will offer everything else a true fan needs–Mobile Video game highlights and goals; SMS alerts, scores, news and match schedules; and unique soccer content on UnivisionFutbol.com. After the games, customers can have quick access to Mexican National Team video highlights and replays, by clicking on the “Mobile Video” icon in the main menu of their phone and searching for “El Tri” in the Latino category.

In June and July, AT&T rolled out a star-powered soccer clinic program in 8 U.S. cities, which featured former Mexican players Claudio Suarez, Edgar Duenas and Martin Zuniga. During these clinics children learned training and dexterity tips from the pros, and shared unique moments with the players at pre-clinic autograph sessions.  Most recently, as the title sponsor of the MLS All Star Game 2010, AT&T treated fans in Houston to a one-of-a-kind futbol celebration featuring Mexican forward Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez. Hernandez signed autographs and talked to hundreds of fans during the 2-hour store event.

Ten additional Mexican National Team games anticipated for 2011 will also be streamed live.

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Latin Love Battles at Chilean Mine Site

There has been a rush of women coming forward and claiming relationships with the miners in order to gain government benefits. At least five of the miners have had multiple women claim family benefits and experts believe there will be more.

Marta Flores, a Red Cross worker said: “There has been a lot of conflict between women.”

“We had a big bust up in the canteen tent when a wife came across a woman who claimed to be her husband’s lover - we had to step in and pull them apart before things got physical.”

Flores added: “Unfortunately the conflict stems from money issues…Some of the men have children from numerous women and all of them have arrived here to stake their claim. I’ve met five families in this situation but I’m sure there are more.”

Special councilors trained in marital issues have been brought in to help women who have been confronted by their husband’s infidelity.  Some women arrived at camp only to learn that their partner already had a wife and children that they knew nothing about. There is a case reported where a miner had a first wife that he never divorced, a live-in partner who is the mother of a child with the miner born several years ago and also a women is claiming to be his current girlfriend, and they are all living at the camp.
“It’s a logistical nightmare trying to keep them apart and of course they all want to send messages,” Flores was quoted as saying.

One of the miners, Yonni Barrios Rojas, miner, is likely to have to face some difficult questions when he surfaces.
His wife, Marta Salinas, has found out that he had a mistress. The mistress, Susana Valenzuela, said they met on a training course five years ago and he planned to leave his wife for her.
“He is my husband. He loves me and I am his devoted wife…This other woman has no legitimacy,” said Salinas.

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Secuestran en México a ex Alcalde, Primo del Propietario de Televisa

El ex alcalde de Tampico Fernando Azcárraga López, primo del dueño de Televisa, Emilio Azcárraga, fue secuestrado hoy por un grupo de desconocidos cuando salía de un restaurante de esta ciudad, en el estado de Tamaulipas (noreste), informaron a Efe fuentes cercanas al político y empresario.

Azcárraga López, quien fue alcalde de esta ciudad del Golfo de México en dos ocasiones, fue abordado por desconocidos en la colonia Lomas de Rosales de la localidad.  Además de ejercer la política, Fernando Azcárraga es propietario de una empresa publicitaria de Tampico y primo del principal accionista de la cadena de televisión, Televisa, uno de los mayores medios de comunicación de América Latina.

Según informó en su portal el diario El Universal, Fernando Azcárraga es además hermano de Francisco Azcárraga, presidente de la división Televisa del Golfo, con sede en Tampico.

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Second Gulf of Mexico Oil Explosion in Six Months

Second Gulf of Mexico Oil Explosion in Six Months

Photo: Second Gulf of Mexico Oil Explosion in Six Months

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

Nearly five months after the worst environmental disaster in U.S. History, a second incident on Thursday sent waves of fear through the nation. Reports are that the initial flyover of the site showed “no hydro-carbon spill” although a sheen was noted on the surface of the water 100 ft wide and stretching out for a mile.

Yesterdays incident involved a production platform located about 100 miles of f the central coast of Louisiana. By contrast the Deepwater Horizon massive oil spill was a drilling rig that housed 126 workers. Thursday’s incident involved a production platform, which is built after the well has been drilled and remains in place for years.

Mariner Energy owns the Platform and has announced that all 13 of their employees were found safe floating in a raft. David Reed, a paramedic on board a nearby oil rig, said he suddenly saw “a bunch of smoke” from the direction of the Vermilion platform, and radios in his rig’s control room started “lighting up like a Christmas tree” soon after.

The Obama administration imposed a six-month ban on deep water drilling in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon explosion in April.  The deepwater drilling industry sued to overturn the ban and won in June. In July the government tried again to impose another moratorium asked that the June decision be reversed, and just this week a federal judge denied the request. The Vermilion platform involved yesterday did not violate the moratorium however, because it was not drilling in water deeper than 500 ft.

”This was an oil and gas production platform in approximately 340 feet of water, 102 miles offshore Louisiana (80 nautical miles),“ she said. ”This platform was authorized to produce oil and gas at this water depth. The current suspension involves drilling rigs in water depths greater than 500 feet,“ she said.

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Latin American Exports to Jump 21% This Year

A new United Nations study says that exports from Latin America and the Caribbean will grow by 21.4 per cent this year, owing mainly to purchases from Asia – particularly China – and the normalization of United States demand.  According to the study, “Latin America and the Caribbean in the World Economy 2009-2010” the expected rise in 2010 follows a 22.6 per cent decline in 2009, making the increase even more pronounced.  The increase is driven mainly by South American sales of prime materials.Image

Growth has been much greater in countries that export natural resources, such as agricultural, livestock and mining products – namely, South American nations, the study shows. It has been slower in countries that import basic commodities and depend on tourism and remittances, such as the Central American and the Caribbean economies.  According to estimates, exports from Mercosur countries (South America’s “Southern Common Market”) are expected to increase 23.4 per cent this year and those from Andean nations by 29.5 per cent.  By contrast, sales from the Central American Common Market will expand only 10.8 per cent. Exports from Mexico, for example, are expected to rise by 16 per cent, and from Panama 10.1 per cent, while sales from Chile should see growth of 32.6 per cent.

The diversification of exports, a strong boost to competitiveness and innovation, and greater regional cooperation will allow Latin America and the Caribbean to improve the quality of its participation in the global economy, close productivity gaps, and capitalize the opportunities of international trade in order to grow with more equality,” said ECLAC Executive Secretary Alicia Bárcena during the launching of the report at the Commission’s headquarters in Santiago, Chile.

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In Bolivia Thousands without Food or Resources due to Drought

The United Nations food aid agency has stepped in to help in southern Bolivia’s El Chaco region, where a long dry spell has decimated maize harvests, threatening an entire culture of indigenous corn growers with destitution. The fertile El Chaco lowlands are home to the Weenhayek community, a predominately indigenous population of corn farmers accustomed to dry spells. The current one, however, has gone on for months with rainfall an estimated 40 per cent below the yearly average.

The drought in this area has slashed corn crops by 80 per cent or more in seven out 16 municipalities, with several declaring a failed harvest. Farmers of cash crops such as sesame, peanuts and beans have fared no better, dealing a serious blow to the local economy.  Already, families have begun selling off their land and animals, while countless others flock to the city in search of work. As the price of food soars and the value of their assets falls, families throughout El Chaco are struggling to stay fed. Image

The World Food Program (WFP) reported yesterday that it has started providing a range of different initiatives, aimed especially at the estimated 60,000 people who have already exhausted their food supplies and are in the most urgent need in assistance.  According to the Bolivian Government, more than 19,500 families – or some 100,000 people – will require food assistance this year as a result of the drought.

WFP’s initiatives include Food for Work programmes that provide jobless men and women with food and cash for their families, in exchange for work on projects that benefit their communities.  In normal times, the agency’s school meals programmes provide over 80,000 children across Bolivia with regular, nutritious meals, while giving them an added incentive to get an education.

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El Salvador Set to Improve its Infrastructure

El Salvador is set to spend some $35 million to improve its rural roads that tie into key cities throughout the country.  The rehabilitation and/or improvement of some 80 km of rural roads within a new approach to rural roads management which enhances the investment planning and programming process, optimizing cost and project impact.  The ultimate objective of the program is to contribute to Government’s objective of reducing poverty and boosting economic growth for households in the area around the road works. Specifically, the program is expected to increase economic activity in the project areas, lower vehicle operating costs while increasing vehicle operating speeds, and reduced the incidence of impassable roads.  Thus far El Salvador has spent close $100 million in rural road improvements since early 2002 all in an effort to connect rural residents to jobs and centers of trade.

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FridaySeptember 3, 2010