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SundayAugust 29, 2010

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Money to House Detainees is Good Business

The detention of illegal immigrants in Oklahoma brings in millions of dollars. Federal contracts with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement fund for the jobs, jails and upkeep of the local facilities with federal dollars.

It’s a good business plan,” said Tim Albin, chief of the services division that oversees the budget for the Tulsa County Sheriffs Department. “It allows us to bank and put money back and carry over for other things.”

Agreements between local governments and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement are common throughout the US. The agency currently contracts about 240 local jails and detention sites to hold detainees. The agency last year spent 45% of its 5.7 Billion budget on detention expenses to local governments who housed detainees.

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New Policy Set to Release 17,000 ICE Detainees

A plan that could affect as many as 17,000 detained immigrants will both free up the nations immigration courts and be consistent with ICE’s declared primary focus, immigrants with criminal records.

The Obama administration is beginning the process to release thousands of detained immigrants who can prove they have a potential path to US legal residency. The immigrants in question have entered the US illegally or overstayed their visa’s. The countries courts that are dedicated to Immigration are so overloaded that often a detainee may wait months or years for their case to be heard. ICE is proud to announce that currently ½ of all current deportations are due to being a convicted criminal, which is an all time high.

The plan would be to release the 17,000 immigrants under the new policy. If the INS turns down their application for legalization, ICE will resume deportation proceedings.

The number of immigrants currently being detained in the US has doubled in the last decade. The additional numbers have put a strain on the program on multiple fronts, housing, and immigration courts are stretched to the limits.

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Possible Plan to Rescue Miners in 60 Days

Engineers in Chile are exploring a plan that they hope will speed up the rescue of the miners. Plans begin today on drilling an escape shaft 700 m (2300 ft), which they estimate will take 4 months to complete. Engineers are excited that a second option might cut the time in ½ to rescue the men. It would include widening an existing tunnel and might be able to be accomplished in 2 months.

Either shaft will be two feet in diameter and the men will be lifted out one by one.
Earlier this week a video was released that show them men’s quarter and how they have organized their space with places to sleep, play dominos and pray. (See related Story)

The Chilean government is consulting with NASA on strategies to help the miners cope with the lengthy confinement. They are concerned that 5 of the 33 men did not appear in the video and might be suffering from depression. Card Games, mini video projectors and MPS players have been sent down to help the miners keep occupied.

Chilean authorities have closed at least 30 small mines for safety concerns since the August 5th cave-in.

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Spain is World Leader in Organ Transplants

With over 4,000 transplants conducted in Spain in 2009, Spain has once again become the world leader in organ transplants.  There were 4,028 transplants performed in the country, setting a record with most of those kidney transplants followed by lung transplants.  The country is responsible for providing 17% of all organ donations to the European continent and it is able to do this because on average there are 34 donors for every one million Spanish citizens.  Spain has a “presume consent” law on its books where individuals are automatically considered organ donors unless they specifically ask to be opted out. 

Organ donations save and improve lives nonetheless there is a cultural divide in attitudes amongst countries on this issue.  For example, Japan prohibits organ transplants involving children even if it is a matter of life and death.  In the country there is an overall hesitation to donate because of Buddhist attitudes towards death. The U.S. is top organ donor country however donation rates have plateau over the years and in the 1990’s actually declined. 

Australia has one of the lowest rates amongst developed nations with 12 donors per million. 

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Bloodshed Continues in Mexico over Weekend in Spite of Increased Police Patrols

At least 30 people were murder victims throughout Mexico, as the country reels from the discovery of 72 murdered migrants on a ranch outside of Tamaulipas earlier in the week.  Ciudad Juarez, the northern border city considered the most dangerous in Mexico, saw the majority of violence this weekend. 

Saturday nine charred bodies were found in a burnout SUV followed by the discovery of two bodies located on the outskirts of Juarez that appeared to have been shot at point blank range.  Meanwhile, two federal police were ambushed and killed as they were on patrol, these murders bring the total number of police officers killed to 26 thus far this year.

The city of Monterrey was not spared this weekend either from violence.  Four drug cartels members were killed in a shootout in the city when they tried to spring free several of their fellow cartel members from the local jail.  This year Monterrey has a record 200 homicides since the beginning of the year.

The bloody weekend started with 15 people found shot to death around the fabled resort town of Acapulco in the state of Guerrero.  All the shooting victims where found at different locations on open roads.  Six were found on a highway linking Acapulco to Mexico City, four were found at a toll booth and several others were found in a parking lot of a shopping center.  All victims thought to be cartel members were found accompanied by messages. 

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Mexicana deja Ciudades Incomunicadas; la Compañía no Vuela Desde Ayer

La cancelación de la totalidad de vuelos de Mexicana, Click y Link —ocurrida a partir del mediodía de ayer— dejó a tres ciudades del país aisladas por vía aérea.

Chetumal, capital de Quintana Roo; Puerto Escondido, uno de los principales destinos turísticos de Oaxaca, y Minatitlán, localidad veracruzana que ha sido duramente golpeada por las lluvias, son las ciudades que sólo tenían vuelos operados por Nuevo Grupo Aeronáutico (NGA).

La compañía decidió suspender sus vuelos debido a las deudas que afronta, y habilitó teléfonos para tramitar reembolsos a sus clientes. No obstante, ni ésta ni el gobierno consideraron un plan de contingencia, por lo que decenas de usuarios interpusieron quejas en los módulos que Profeco ha instalado en los diversos aeropuertos.

Mexicana informó de la anulación de vuelos apenas el viernes por la tarde, por lo que la sorpresa y desesperación de los pasajeros fue una constante no sólo en esas ciudades, sino en todas las terminales del país.

En el Aeropuerto de la Ciudad de México, centenares de clientes exigieron una solución a la aerolínea, a la que acusaron de no responsabilizarse. “Estamos de náufragos aquí, vulgarmente”, sentenció uno de los afectados. En Acapulco se vivieron situaciones similares.

El Departamento de Estado de EU aconsejó a los ciudadanos de ese país que se encuentren varados por la suspensión de vuelos en Mexicana recurrir a la embajada o consulados en México, para ser auxiliados.

La suspensión de actividades de manera indefinida de Compañía Mexicana de Aviación, ayer al mediodía, dejó incomunicadas vía aérea a tres ciudades del país, debido a que la empresa era la única que les ofrecía el servicio.

Chetumal, capital de Quintana Roo; Puerto Escondido, atractivo turístico nacional e internacional de Oaxaca, y Minatitlán, Veracruz, son los destinos que, hasta el cierre de esta edición, quedaron aislados vía vuelos comerciales, debido al paro de actividades que Mexicana anunció en un comunicado desde el viernes pasado.

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ICE Crackdown Arrests 370 in Midwest

ICE made more than 300 arrests in a Midwest crackdown, 35 arrests were made in the Chicago area. ICE’s primary focus was to round up criminals who are illegally in the United States.

In a three-day sweep, 370 criminals were picked up in ten states. 347 had convictions for serious crimes, 162 had multiple convictions, and 23 had no criminal record but were wanted as immigration fugitives.

“Of the 370 individuals we have taken in to custody in the Midwest, every one was either a convicted criminal, an immigration fugitive or someone who had already been deported and has come back to the United States illegally,” said John Morton, director, ICE.
This Midwest operation was part of ICE’s Operation Cross-check. ICE claims over 2000 criminals have been removed from 35 states by cross referencing fingerprint data from arrests with Immigration records.

“I am happy and delighted every time ICE agents go out there and make our streets safer by eliminating criminals, drug, rapists, people who steal, people who harm us. But let’s remember. They deport just as many people and use just as many billions of dollars deporting your neighbors,” said U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez, (D) Chicago & Southwest Suburbs.

“If what you do is you segregate the millions that are here working, undocumented in this country, legalize them, you don’t have to worry about them anymore, now you can take all those billions of dollars of resources, half of which you are spending to attack the criminal element,” said Gutierrez.

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SundayAugust 29, 2010