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FridayAugust 20, 2010

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Get Ready to Tango, Salsa, Rumba and Zumba Your Way to the Weekend (VIDEO)

HS News staff wants you to enjoy your weekend and get you moving to the Latin Beat. Get Ready to Tango, Salsa, Rumba and Zumba Your Way to the Weekend (VIDEO). So Enjoy.  If you are interested in seeing your video on the ‘big screen’ let us know by submitting it to submissions@hs-news.com.

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UPDATE: Police Officers and Bodyguard Implicated in Mayor’s Killing

TODAY:  The Governor of the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon has just announced the arrest of 6 individuals for the murder of Santiago Mayor Edelmiro Cavazos. Four of the suspects are police officers and another individual is the Mayor’s bodyguard.  The bodyguard was not suspected initially since he was also kidnapped early Monday morning and released hours later.

Governor Rodrigo Medina de La Cruz did proceed cautiously when announcing the arrests: “The investigation is just beginning,” he said.  It is being reported that the police officers acted as lookouts working with inside information provided by the bodyguard as another individual actually kidnapped the Mayor. 

UPDATE: Edelmiro Cavazos body was found bound and blindfolded on the outskirts of the city of Monterrey. Mr. Cavazos had just returned home Sunday night from a public event when 15 gunmen broke into his home and kidnapped him.

State governor Rodrigo Medina said he believed Mr. Cavazos may have been targeted because of his efforts to tackle corruption in the local police force.

ORIGINAL STORY: Nuevo Leon State officials confirm that the Mayor of Santiago, Edelmiro Cavazos, was kidnapped last night by gunmen. Santiago is located on the outskirts of Monterrey, Mexico.  Nuevo Leon Gov. Rodrigo Medina and state attorney general Alejandro Garza y Garza confirm that State and Federal authorities including the army, navy and federal attorney generals office are all investigating the kidnapping.

The state of Nuevo Leon borders Texas and has seen an increase in drug related violence, especially near the state capitol of Monterrey. The city’s minister of transit was kidnapped in May and later released.

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El Gramo de Locura de los Tous

Todo comenzó en la década de los 20 en Manresa (capital de la comarca del Bages, en la provincia de Barcelona), cuando Salvador Tous y Teresa Ponsa montaron un taller de relojería. Años después lo heredó su hijo Salvador, quien se casó con Rosa Oriol, de solo 18 años, hija de un zapatero.

Resultó la mancuerna perfecta tras un mostrador: ella es creativa, y él, negociante. Rosa, su hija mayor, los describe como “un tándem perfecto, porque unieron gestión por un lado y creatividad por el otro. Detrás de un gran diseñador siempre debe haber alguien que lo guíe”.

Rosa Oriol cuenta: “No estudié para ser creativa, me encontré con que tenía que ser creativa y me guiaba por las ventas. Miraba lo que más se vendía, porque no se trataba de crear por crear, o que luciera bien a la vista. Mi interés principal es que cuando hiciera algo lo compraran. Si no resultaba, pensaba que había que retocar esto o lo otro. Para mí los números se resumen así: si se vende está perfecto; si no, me preocupo”.  Su verdadero talento lo descubrió cuando empezó a remodelar joyas y los clientes quedaban muy contentos.

La pareja dividía su tiempo entre su tienda de joyas y sus cuatro hijas: Rosa, Alba, Laura y Marta. Cuando llegaron a la adolescencia, Rosa se dedicó más a diseñar.  A principios de los 80, Rosa viajó a Milán y surgió la idea maestra: un oso. La compartió con los encargados de diseño, y de ahí ¡al estrellato!

Así llegaron a México, para inaugurar su tienda número 55 en este país y más de 290 en el mundo. Viajaron Salvador, Rosa y su hija Rosa.

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Brazil Surpasses Spain and Canada to Become Worlds 8th Largest Economy

By measure of gross domestic product, Brazil has ousted Spain from its number 8 global spot. Brazil also passed Canada in the rankings, relegating the G7 member Canada to the number 10 spot.

China’s gdp beat out Japan for the number two spot, forcing Japan into the third spot. Japan has held the coveted number two spot for four decades.

The US will likely remain in the number 1 spot until 2025, when it is expected to be surpassed by China. Currently the US gdp is more than twice that of Japan or China, as well as being greater than the sum of the two countries.

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Foreign-Born Entrepreneur Visas Can Help Struggling Economy

If someone has a great idea for a U.S. business that is well funded and creates jobs why might it not succeed?  Of course there are a multitude of reasons but for foreign-born entrepreneurs it will mostly likely be lack of visa. 

There is a rigid immigration system that in the current political climate may become more restrictive.  Many businesses fear that this political climate will result in less student, visitor and cultural visas being issued.  Any entrepreneur that wants to pitch his idea to funders or launch a U.S. business must apply as a student or visitor to be allowed to come to the U.S.

An idea that is finding an audience especially from the business community is creating a new visa program aimed specifically at attracting foreign-born entrepreneurs.

The US remains one of the world’s largest entrepreneurial centers with available funding for good business concepts, numerous business incubator programs and ready and willing mentors.  Current studies bare out the benefits of immigrant founded U.S. businesses:  there is at least one immigrant founder in 25% of all technology companies in the U.S.  These tech businesses contribute approximately $52 billion to the economy and employ hundreds of thousand individuals.

There is currently a proposal in Congress that would create these new foreign-born entrepreneur visas, crafted by Senators John Kerry and Richard Lugar.  The entrepreneur has to secure $250,000 in funding and if the business has generated 5 full-time jobs with $1 million in revenue within two years the founders are granted a green card allowing them to stay indefinitely in the country.  Many view this is a win-win for everyone and especially the U.S. economy that needs to add new jobs quickly.

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16-year-old Mexican Pitcher Commands Franchise Record Payout

16-year-old Mexican Pitcher Commands Franchise Record Payout

Photo: Dejan Kovacevic/Post-Gazette

Click Here to Enlarge Photo

The Pittsburgh Pirates are reporting that they have signed 16-year-old Mexican pitcher Luis Heredia.

Heredia is a very highly regarded prospect in this year’s international free agent market. The Pirates will pay a 2.6 Million signing bonus, the largest payout in franchise history.

Veracruz, the team owning Heredia’s players rights in Mexico will keep 75% of the bonus.

At 6 ft 6, 185 pounds, Heredia is considered by many scouts to be the best young Mexican baseball player seen in years. Jesus “Chino” Valdez, the Pirates, Mexican scouting supervisor has known Heredia since he was five years old, spending ¾ of his time with him over the last year.

“Thank God they came into my life,” Heredia said last Thursday through a translator. “They’re good men, honest men.”

In other Major League Baseball news, The Royals have signed Venezuelan shortstop Humberto Artega for 1.1 Million.

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Families USA Minority Initiatives Explains Benefits to Hispanics on New Healthcare Reform Law

This is Part Three on the benefits of the new health reform law to Latinos.  The new health reform law will significantly expand access to affordable health coverage to the nearly 31% of Latinos that were uninsured and expand coverage for those under insured.  In this segment Families USA looks at how the new law will increase healthcare workforce diversity and improve data systems to help identify health trends amongst Latinos.

Increases Workforce Diversity
It is projected that within the next 32 years, people of color will make up the majority of the population.8 Latinos are vastly underrepresented in the health care workforce. Currently, Latinos make up over 15 percent of the U.S. population, but only 7.6 percent of 2009 medical school graduates and 3.6 percent of the registered nurse population. 9, 10 As health reform expands coverage, it will be increasingly important to make sure that the health care workforce is diverse and addresses the needs of all individuals.

The health reform law will fund scholarships, grants, and loan repayment programs for health care professionals, and it will provide continuing education support for health professionals who serve minority and underserved populations. It will also offer grants to improve health care services, increase retention, and increase the representation of minority faculty members and health professionals. These provisions will improve access to the health care system and enhance the practice environment by making sure that care is culturally appropriate.

Improves Data Collection
It is well known that disparities in health exist across racial and ethnic minority groups, but there is limited coordination, documentation, and analysis of data that examine the nature of health disparities by race and ethnicity. Collecting and reporting these data are crucial for identifying and monitoring the health problems that exist among Latinos and for developing the proper solutions to eliminate disparities in communities of color.

The health reform law requires that, by no later than 2012, data be collected and reported by race, ethnicity, sex, disability, and primary language for participants at the smallest geographic level possible for all federally conducted or supported health care or public health programs. This is important for identifying and examining variations between subpopulations, especially Latinos. This will help to generate reliable estimates of populations for surveillance, research, and analysis purposes. Data and analyses will also be available to agencies within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), as well as to other federal agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and the public.

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Salma Hayek “We Should Not Ask What Mexico Can do For Us, but What Can we do For Mexico” (VIDEO)

Salma Hayek just launched a public service announcement (PSA) in praise of her home country Mexico invoking a bit of President John F. Kennedy.  The Iniciativa Mexico PSA’s feature different prominent Mexicans promoting change in the country through individual responsibility.  The PSA’s are also meant to highlight Mexico’s achievements and are part of the country’s year-long centennial celebration. Televisa came up with the idea in an effort to make sure Mexicans see all the country has accomplished and not dwell on the overwhelming bad news. 

Watch here as Salma urges her fellow countrymen to get up and turn away from inertia and corruption. 

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Defense Minister of Paraguay Impeached

The lower house of Paraguay’s Congress voted Thursday to impeach Defense Minister Luis Bareiro Spaini after he declined to appear for a committee hearing.  Sixty-two of the 80 lawmakers voted in favor of subjecting the minister to a trial in the 45-seat Senate, where a two-thirds majority would be necessary to remove Bareiro.  The impeachment motion was presented by Jose Lopez Chavez, a member of Unace, the party led by controversial retired Gen. Lino Oviedo.

Legislators accused Bareiro of malfeasance because he declined to answer questions from a congressional committee about last weekend’s theft of three M-16 combat rifles from army headquarters in Asuncion.  “The event of the alleged robbery of army rifles by suspected EPP guerrillas is currently under investigation by military justice,” the minister said in a message to the committee “In my character as minister of National Defense, it is not for me to advance opinions or observations about the matter while the investigation continues,” retired Gen. Bareiro said.  Army Gen. Bartolome Pineda was charged Thursday with obstruction of justice for failing to share information about the robbery with civilian prosecutors.

Six hooded assailants suspected to be with the EPP rebel group overpowered three sentries on overnight duty at army HQ and took their rifles, according to the first official account, provided Monday.  But prosecutors say they found evidence the guns were stolen by the sentries, a theory endorsed Thursday by Bareiro, who said after the impeachment vote that he is the victim of political persecution.

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Más Dinero a la Guerra, o Impuestos

El presidente Felipe Calderón afirmó que si el Congreso no reasigna recursos para combatir al crimen organizado, el gobierno federal buscará “nuevas fuentes de ingreso que constituirían una carga para los contribuyentes”.

En la reunión de los Diálogos por la Seguridad, esta vez con representantes del Poder Legislativo, el mandatario planteó identificar “aquellos programas [gubernamentales] que no han dado los resultados esperados y determinar la viabilidad de reasignar esos recursos a acciones de seguridad”.

Dio a conocer que el Ejército seguirá en la calle hasta el último día de su mandato, si de aquí a dos años no hay 32 policías “confiables y fuertes”.

En su intervención, el senador perredista Carlos Navarrete dijo que el Ejecutivo tiene que aprender a negociar iniciativas con la oposición. No basta con proponer, sino que también es necesario cabildear y dialogar con todos los legisladores, señaló.

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Former Guatemalan Pres. Portillo to stand Trial-First at Home then in U.S.

Alfonso Portillo (58) served as President in Guatemala from 2000-2004. Portillo fled to Mexico in 2004 amidst charges of Corruption in Guatemala. It is alleged Portillo stole $15 M from the Defense Ministry while he was in power. Mexico sent him back to face charges in 2006. Portillo was formally charged by the Guatemalan government with corruption in 2008 but was released on bail.

In January 2010 the US government requested Mr. Portillo’s extradition to the US on separate corruption charges. The US charges that $1.5M of foreign donations the US sent for educational resources in Guatemala were transferred by Portillo into foreign bank accounts.

Guatemalan law calls for Mr. Portillo to be tried in his own country before being extradited to another country. The trial is scheduled to begin in September.

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FridayAugust 20, 2010