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FridayAugust 6, 2010

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Read a Book Over the Weekend: There Are 129,864,880 to Pick From

A little interesting factoid brought to you by Google: there are 129,864,880 books as of today in the world.  Google knows this, well because they’re Google and because they have to digitize all of them.  Note that these do not include duplications or reprints because the figure would go up to 600,000,000.  No, there are 129,864,880 unique books to choose from to read over the weekend.  Get going because more original titles are added daily.

U.S. Hispanics spend $1 billion on books, so we’re definitely reading and more so in English; only a third of book purchases are for books in Spanish.  Another interesting tidbit of information, there are over 80,000 Spanish titles published all over the world yearly that contribute to the 120,864,880 figure.  We know most of you buy at least one book a year and for the others that don’t - ¡POR FAVOR! use some of the half-a-trillion in Hispanic purchasing power to become Readers. 

Dr. Seuss says “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”  If you can’t figure out where to start check out our Best Sellers Lists, updated weekly, and our Book Reviews.  Enjoy!


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Mayans want Conquistador Statue Removed

A life size bronze statue of a Spanish conquistador was installed in June in the Mexico’s Yucatan’s state capital; and over 100 Mayan groups want it removed.

History tells us that between 1528 and 1546 Montejo and later his son led bloody battles while seeking control of the Yucatan peninsula. They killed Mayas by the thousands and suppressed the Mayan culture. The Mayans stood strong and continued to resist but their lands were largely taken and those that survived were forced into hard labor.

“This represents an insult for the Maya nation,” Artemio Kaamal of the Maya civic group Kuxa’an’on (“We are Alive” in Maya), said of the monument. “This injures the identity and roots of the Mayan people.”

Historian Juan Peon Ancona called the monument “an example of historical maturity and justice” when the statues were unveiled in late June.

The city council is expects to take up the issue next week.

As witnessed by very few monuments to them in the country, Mexicans have done little to praise the conquistadores, over the past 500 years.

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Ley SB 1070 reduce 17% de compras en Arizona

La polémica ley antiinmigrante de Arizona redujo en 17 por ciento, unas 12 mil 500 personas por día, el número de mexicanos que cruzan la frontera principalmente a hacer compras a ese estado, de acuerdo con estadísticas federales.

La Oficina de Aduanas y Protección Fronteriza (CBP) informó que desde que inició la retórica de la ley antiinmigrante se redujo el número promedio de consumidores mexicanos.

Aunque la cantidad de mexicanos que cruzan a adquirir productos y servicios de Arizona ha variado desde el 23 de abril, cuando la gobernadora de Arizona, Janice Brewer, refrendó la ley SB 1070, el promedio diario es de 12 mil personas menos, informó la CBP.

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The Mysterious Deaths of Prisoners In Puerto Rico Investigated

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has concluded its four year probe into prisoner deaths in Puerto Rico and what they have found is disturbing and calls for an investigation of possible human rights violations.

The homeless community of northwest Puerto Rico drew the attention of the ACLU to mysterious deaths happening at the local, minimum security, Guerrero jail in Aguadilla.  Their buddies were going in for minor offenses and not coming back out.  ACLU looked into the matter for four years and found that 53 deaths, had occurred between 2002 through 2008, of homeless drug users within the first week of their detainment.  The deaths remain a mystery since Puerto Rican prison officials never investigated. 

ACLU feels these individuals could have been saved with quick and proper medical care since none of them died from acts of violence.  The report, which can be accessed at the HSN Library, goes on to state that possible discrimination is occurring against the homeless addict population and that such individuals are being jailed for sleeping on the streets and panhandling instead of having social services provided for them by the Puerto Rican government

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Congressman Luis Gutierrez on Changing the 14th Amendment -“Bring it On” He Says (VIDEO)

By U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez: The “your papers, please” hysteria spreading through the Republican Party has reached a new low. Now, they want to corrupt the U.S. Constitution to promote their opposition to immigrants and immigration. Senior leaders in the House and Senate are introducing legislation and calling for hearings to explore whether we should change the U.S. Constitution to ensure that more people in the United States are denied citizenship or legal immigration status.

Specifically, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell joined an array of Republican lawmakers who feel we should examine whether to rescind all or part of the 14th amendment to the Constitution to prevent some children born in the U.S. from being granted U.S. citizenship.

The pro-life, pro-family Republicans are now pro-neonatal detention and deportation. It isn’t enough to drive out the people not born here, now they want to drive out the ones that were.

Actually, I agree with Senator McConnell. We absolutely should hold hearings as soon as possible to discuss whether we should amend the U.S. Constitution to make newborns deportable. We need a high-level national discussion in both Houses of Congress on the issue of whether to station federal ICE agents in every maternity ward and delivery room right between the OB-GYN and the expectant father.

Imagine a United States where every birth initiates an investigation to determine the citizenship and immigration status of each parent. Let’s have the hearing so we can take careful notes when the Republican’s witness explains how this government intrusion into maternal and child health — burdening our health care system and discouraging pregnant women from seeking medical care (while perhaps discouraging claims of paternity) — is justified to secure our borders and protect the core liberties of America. I would love to hear the opening remarks of Judiciary Committee Members Lindsey Graham in the Senate or Lamar Smith in the House broadcast live from coast-to-coast on C-SPAN. I can hear it now. “Mr. Chairman, I would like to express my support for a full federal background check and proof of citizenship for every precious human life.”

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Over 2.0 Million Mexico City Residents Have Little to No Running Water

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) is reporting over 2 million people living within the city limits of Mexico City either have no running water or receive water sporadically.

Mexico City, Mexico is the capital of the country, very densely populated and home to approximately 20 million people making it the second largest city in the world.  Most residents live in surrounding neighborhoods and 8 million live within city limits or downtown. 

Specifically 1.3 million residents of Mexico City receive no water at all, while 1.4 million receive it irregularly.  The UNAM report does indicate that headway is being made in providing water to more Mexico City residents.  Clearly the Azteca’s that once ruled what is now Mexico City would be disappointed.  They built an ingenious system of damns to keep the city surrounded by clear, fresh water at all times. 

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Constitucionales, las Bodas Gay en el Distrito Federal

La Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación (SCJN) aprobó, por ocho votos en favor y dos en contra, la constitucionalidad de la reforma al artículo 146 del Código Civil del Distrito Federal, que permite los matrimonios entre personas del mismo sexo.

No obstante, la sentencia final quedó pendiente debido a que los ministros presentaron argumentos distintos respecto a la validez del matrimonio gay.

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Telemundo’s Coming to Your Local Store!

Spanish language television broadcaster Telemundo is expanding its network and content distribution by announcing the launch of DO network.  DO, short for “Telemundo en tu Mundo”, will provide Telemundo content on digital screens at your local grocer, retailer, bus spot and sports arenas.  The launch will put the DO network in several hundred supermarkets and in over 700 retailers.

Telemundo, is the second largest Spanish language broadcaster in the U.S. enjoying a 93% Hispanic market share after Univision.  Telemundo is owned by NBC and its Conexion division, which manages its web sites, mobile and digital properties, will handle this new network.  In the U.S. digital, out-of-home networks are growing at 9% annually and generate $2.5 billion in ad revenue.

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More than One in Four Illinoisans Obese

There are 72 Million people in America that are obese. This number increased from 2007 to 2009 by 2.4 million. This study looked at the number of obese people in each state and compared it to the overall population.

The Trimmest States in the Union:

  • 1.)  Colorado           Obese 18.6% 
    2.) District of Columbia     Obese 19.7%
    3.) Connecticut             Obese 20.6%
    4.) Massachusetts         Obese 21.4%
    5.) Hawaii                 Obese 22.3%

  • 26.) Illinois                 Obese 26.5%

    The Fattest States in the Union:

  • 1.) Mississippi               Obese 34.4%
    2.) Louisiana                     Obese   33%
    3.) Tennessee                   Obese 32.3%
    4.) Kentucky                     Obese 31.5%
    5.) Oklahoma                     Obese 31.1%

  • 24.) Illinois                     Obese 26.5%

    Is your bowl ½ empty or ½ full?  While Illinois is almost smack in the middle, these results indicate we should all be eating organic, climbing mountains, and definitely staying away from that delicious pan dulce!

    See the full states listing here.


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    Peru to Spend $45Million on Women Microentrepreneurs

    The Inter-American Development Bank disbursed a syndicated loan for the equivalent of $36 million, denominated in Peruvian nuevos soles, to help Mibanco – Banco de la Microempresa S.A. increase its capacity to lend to female microentrepreneurs in Peru.

    Funding for this project will come from a consortium of lenders providing $10 million and private investors that are providing $26 million toward the endeavor known as “Crecer Mi Negocio” (spanish for Grow My Business).  The project will finance medium-term loans ranging from a few hundred dollars up to $3,000 for the purchase of new fixed assets or financing of improvements in existing businesses.

    “The program launched by Mibanco is a unique initiative, not only for its massive scale but also because it goes a step beyond providing access to finance for low-income people by offering business training specially designed so that women who own microenterprise and small businesses can succeed in their ventures,” said project team leader Susan Olsen of the IDB’s Opportunities for the Majority initiative. 

    Mibanco’s CFO, Ramiro Postigo Castro, underscored the significance of this project for his institution: “We are sure that this transaction, the first local currency-denominated syndicated loan approved by a multilateral institution for Peru, will contribute to strengthen and promote entrepreneurship among women in our country and have a positive impact on the local economy. Mibanco is proud to be part of this initiative, which reaffirms the organization’s commitment to social and economic development by expanding credit to underserved markets in our country”.

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    Labor and Latino Community Leaders Announce Todos a Votar! Campaign

    The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) California, the California Teachers Association (CTA) and Latino leaders today announced a major statewide campaign, “Por Nuestras Familias - Todos a Votar!,” aiming to register thousands of new Latino voters and boost Novembers Latino election turnout by signing up Latinos as new, permanent absentee (PAV) voters.

    At a news conference in Los Angeles historic Placita Olvera, Eliseo Medina, International Executive Vice President of SEIU and David Sanchez, President of the California Teachers Association announced that they will embark on the 9- city “Por Nuestras Familias - Todos a Votar!” bus tour beginning August 14, with the goal of reinvigorating Latino voter participation and empowering those who do not regularly cast their ballot on election day. The campaign will provide non-registered Latino voters the tools they need to vote and generate motivation among all Latino constituents through a permanent absentee application drive.

    Goals for this campaign include:

    —Registering Latinos to increase the proportion of voters statewide
    —Signing up Latinos as permanent absentee voters to increase Latino voter turnout from 34% in the last gubernatorial election to 40% this November - and make Latinos the decisive demographic this fall.

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    FridayAugust 6, 2010