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ThursdayAugust 5, 2010

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To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Is a National American Latino Museum Still a Good Idea?

Is a National American Latino Museum Still a Good Idea?

Photo: Museum of the American Indian

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In September of this year Congress will be deciding on whether to have a museum, dedicated to the American Latino and their contributions, go up in Washington D.C.  and become part of the Smithsonian museum Mall. 

The National Museum of the American Latino was conceptualized in 2008 and had a two-year mandate to present its case to Congress.  The Museum exists only in name and concept with a 23 member appointed commission, made up of a venerable who’s who amongst Hispanic Americans.  Some notable Latinos involved are music mogul Emilio Estefan, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Eva Longoria Parker.

Given the current political climate and the majority of Hispanics feeling discriminated against with the anti-immigration rhetoric, many feel this is the right time for this type of museum.  The museum would become a home to historical artifacts, images and personal stories chronicling over 500 years of Latino contributions to the U.S.   

Economic realities, limited government resources for museums and stagnant attendance in other ethno-centric museums beg the question: Is the American Latino Museum Still a Good Idea?

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Senate Rep Leader Mitch McConnell Today Defended the Idea of Holding Hearings on 14th Amendment

Mitch McConnell referred Thursday to what ‘seems to be a burgeoning and unseemly business’ of flying illegal immigrants to the US to give birth to a child, who would be a US citizen under the 14th Amendment.

The Republican leader of the Senate said, “I don’t think having hearings on an obvious unseemly business is a threat to the 14th Amendment. What is wrong with looking into this? The Post did it. And I think what I hear my members saying is, why don’t we have some hearings and see what we can find out about what seems to be a burgeoning and unseemly business in many foreign countries?”

The Washington Post column by Michael Gerson the former chief speechwriter for President George W. Bush. Mr. Gerson wrote, “revoking birthright citizenship would turn hundreds of thousands of infants into ‘criminals’ – arriving, not across a border, but crying in a hospital. A whole class of people would grow up knowing they are hunted aliens, through no fault of their own. This cannot be called the rule of law. It would be viciousness and prejudice on a grand scale.”

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Bolivia: Reducen Salario a Ejecutivos de Petroleras

El ministerio de Hidrocarburos redujo en más del 50% los salarios de los ejecutivos de las petroleras nacionalizadas por el gobierno hace cuatro años, informó el titular de esa cartera.

El salario de los principales ejecutivos de esas compañías, que ahora dependen de la estatal Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB), se redujo de 17.000 a 7.857 dólares al mes, explicó el miércoles el ministro Fernando Vincenti a medios locales.

Cinco ejecutivos renunciaron tras el recorte, pero la mayoría continúa trabajando bajo las nuevas condiciones, dijo.

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Families USA Minority Initiatives Explains Benefits to Hispanics

This is Part Two on the benefits of the new health reform law to Latinos.  The new health reform law will significantly expand access to affordable health coverage to the nearly 31% of Latinos that were uninsured and expand coverage for those under insured.  In this segment Families USA look at how the new law eliminates discrimination due to pre-existing conditions and increases funding for community health centers.

The new law offers critical protections to individuals, including many Latinos, who have pre-existing conditions today—as well as to those who are healthy now but who may develop a health problem as they grow older. Under health reform, no individual with a pre-existing condition will be denied coverage, charged a higher premium, or sold a policy that excludes coverage of essential health benefits simply because he or she has a pre-existing condition, such as cancer or obesity. According to a recent report by Families USA, more than one in six non-elderly Latinos (16.9 percent) has a condition that, without health reform, could lead to a denial of coverage.

Community health centers play a critical role in expanding access by serving as a trusted safety net, especially for communities of color. Typically located in medically underserved areas, community health centers provide culturally and linguistically appropriate care to all residents regardless of insurance status, citizenship status, or ability to pay. Compared to other populations, Latinos disproportionately use community health centers as their source of primary and preventive care. For example, of those who used community health centers in 2008, approximately 33 percent were Latino.7 Beginning in fiscal year 2011 and continuing through 2015, the health reform law will provide $11 billion to community health centers for the services they provide and for construction and renovation.

Undocumented immigrants will remain ineligible for public benefits and will be barred from purchasing insurance through the exchanges. Community health centers, therefore, will continue to play a critical role as the safety net for our most vulnerable populations, including those who will continue to lack access to care.

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Census Report Expected to Show 50 Million Hispanics Reside in U.S. – WE’RE HEEERE!

The U.S. Census Report of 2010, that has not released final numbers, is expected to show that one-in-six U.S. residents are of Hispanic descent according to Advertising Age.  This translates into 50 million Hispanics residing in the U.S. making this demographic now the SECOND largest consumer market in the U.S. behind non-Hispanic whites.  The Census estimate before it took the census was at 48.4 million.

The Hispanic demographic profile is young, married with traditional values and a close-knit family present.  Approximately 17 million Hispanics are under the age of 18.  All Census estimates puts the Hispanic population and market growth at a 42% increase from ten years ago when the last Census was taken in 2000.  The Hispanic population had soared from 1990 to 2000 Census by 58% making this the fastest growing minority and the largest at 12.5% of the U.S. population

Advertising Age and others predict the Hispanic population at current levels and with continued growth will be one of the largest consumer-spending motivators over the next 10 years. 

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UN Visits Guatemala to Discuss Unyielding Poverty

The head of the United Nations (UN) rural development arm, Kanayo F. Nwanze, today began an official visit to Guatemala to talk with the country’s leaders today about ways of alleviating poverty and tackling environmental challenges.

Nwanze will meet with President Álvaro Colom Caballeros and representatives from rural development program PRODEVER to review the progress of poverty-reduction programs and market-access projects.  The $26 million PRODEVER program has helped some 1,800 farmers and small business owners to increase their incomes. The program has successfully improved market access by creating several infrastructure and training projects, including the construction of rural roads.  The UN program has also helped more than 1,600 women learn to how to read, generated over 300 new jobs for the region and opened new international markets for local producers.

Wal-mart now buys 1 million mandarin oranges for its U.S. stores that come from Guatemala farmers.  Nonetheless, a recent study highlighted the prevalent hunger issue in the country, now effecting 98% of low-income households.  Guatemala has approximately 14 million residents of which 52% live in poverty.

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Calor Causa Muerte de Nueve Personas en EU

Al menos nueve personas han muerto en Estados Unidos por la ola de calor que afecta al sur, mediooeste y norte del país, donde el Servicio Meteorológico Nacional ha alertado a 18 estados.

Amplias regiones de Arkansas, Misisipi, Luisiana, Alabama, Tennessee y la región central de Arizona están bajo advertencia de “calor excesivo” , mientras que los avisos de “altas temperaturas” se extienden desde Nueva Jersey y Delaware hasta Texas.

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UPDATE:  Suspects in Custody for Kidnapping of Mexican Journalists

UPDATE:  Mexican authorities are announcing the capture and arrest of three Mexican nationals thought to be involved in the July 26 kidnappings of four journalists.  Three of the four journalists were returned safely but one remains unaccounted for.  It is unknown if the fourth journalist was located when the suspects were apprehended. 

UPDATE:  Three out of four Mexican journalists kidnapped early last week have been released.  A reporter for Televisa television was released first and then two cameraman one from Televisa and the other from Milenio Television.  The columnist from El Vespertino, Oscar Solis, remains missing.  All three are said to be in good health and were unharmed.  Media organizations were outraged at the boldness of the kidnappings and top network Televisa cancelled its news program in protest.  Viewers were welcomed by an blank television screen when they tuned in to the news. 

ORIGINAL STORY:  Four northern Mexican journalists, that include a television reporter, two camera man and a newspaper columnist, covering the ongoing problems in a Durango prison remain missing this morning since being kidnapped on Monday.  The journalists were covering ongoing gang control of a prison in Gomez Palacio, Durango that has been receiving a lot of attention.  Prison authorities were under investigation for allowing inmates to leave with weapons and carryout executions without impunity.  The inmates from this prison have been connected to the July 18 killing of 17 young people attending a party in Coahuila.

No one has laid claim to the kidnapping of the journalists, authorities suspect a drug cartel from Sinaloa and rivals to the powerful Zeta cartel.  Some of the kidnappers demands include the airing of video discrediting the corrupt prison officials and the Zeta drug cartel.  Journalists have been targeted some time in Mexico, with at least 30 murdered or unaccounted for since 2006 when President Calderon declared war on the drug cartels. 

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Another Attempted Bombing Occurs at U.S.-Mexico Border Bridge

A bomb of unidentified origins and content was detonated on the Lerdo Bridge, one of four international bridges linking the U.S. to Mexico right on the heals of a another bomb launched at the border bridge between Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas on Saturday.  The bomb was detonated by Mexican police and U.S. border patrol on the Mexican side of the bridge, there were no report of injuries.  The Lerdo Bridge connects El Paso, Texas and Cuidad Juarez, Mexico.  This was the latest in a string of bombings being attributed to drug cartels. 

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Donarán 40 Millonarios de Estados Unidos la Mitad de su Fortuna a Obras de Caridad

Unos 40 millonarios de Estados Unidos anunciaron este miércoles que aceptaron donar la mitad de su fortuna a obras de caridad, en respuesta a una iniciativa lanzada por Bill Gates y Warren Buffett.

Apenas empezamos pero ya tuvimos una respuesta fantástica, dijo Warren Buffett, el segundo hombre más rico de Estados Unidos, cuya fortuna asciende a 47 mil millones de dólares, detrás de Gates, que posee 53 mil millones.

Gates y Buffet habían revelado hace un mes y medio que durante una cena organizada en Nueva York en mayo de 2009 entre millonarios lanzaron la idea, que prosperó en otras reuniones similares entre magnates entusiastas.

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Incumbent Rousseff Five Points ahead of Serra in Race for Brazils Presidency

In what has been seen by many as the tightest presidential race since democracy returned to Brazil in 1985, all eyes are expected to be on tonight’s first TV debate. In June Rousseff was launched as the official presidential candidate for Silva’s popular Workers Party. This will be President Lula da Silva’s former cabinet chief ‘s first elected post. Opposition leader Jose Serra of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party has been mayor, governor, senator and a previous presidential candidate.

President Lula da Silva has placed his prestige and popularity (averaging a record 80% approval rating) behind his hand chosen candidate Rousseff. Silva has gone as far as to say Rousseff is the incarnation “of Lula da Silva in a woman”.

The first round of Brazilian elections (with a population of 200 million) is scheduled for October 3. If no candidate garners 50% of the ballots plus one, a run off will take place October 31.

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Virginia’s MicroTech Named Fastest Growing Hispanic-Owned Business in U.S.

MicroTech, a technology systems integrator, has been named by Hispanic Business Magazine in its annual “100 Fastest Growing Companies” list as the 2010 No. 1 Fastest-Growing Hispanic-Owned Business in America. Referred to as a “dynamo of growth,” this is the second consecutive year that MicroTech has been ranked at the top spot on the prestigious national list—a feat never before accomplished in the history of the survey.

The July/August 2010 edition of the magazine reported MicroTech’s 5-year sales growth total at almost 1,800%, propelling the firm to its number one ranking. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s latest statistics, the number of Hispanic-owned businesses totaled 2.3 million.

“For a six-year-old Hispanic Business, I can’t imagine a better indicator of industry success than the Hispanic Business 100,” said Tony Jimenez, MicroTech President & CEO. “We are very honored to be recognized again and featured by the preeminent minority business publication. Growth-wise, there are a number of reasons for our exponential success—highly trained and motivated personnel; a commitment to quality assurance and customer service; and the solid experience we provide to customers in solving their problems and understanding their needs. It all adds up to a reputation for success that we try to build on every day.”

MicroTech specializes in government computing environments—managing over half-a-million technology users in the Public Sector daily. MicroTech uses Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Project Management (PM) tools to enhance productivity, and a virtual infrastructure that facilitates business mobility and faster customer service. A Prime Contractor on more-than-100 Federal projects, MicroTech offers access to over 500,000 tech products and services through 20-plus contract vehicles across the government

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UPDATE:  “Wild Bill” Alleged Serial Killer Confesses to 5 Killings

UPDATE: As Panamanian authorities continue to search the property of William Adolfo Cortez more details are coming to light.  Central America’s first alleged serial killer now has been identified as American William Dathan Holbert, 30 of Texas residing in Panama.  He has confessed according to CNN reports to killing 5 individuals; thus far 3 bodies have been found on his property in the Bocas del Toro tourist area.  His girlfriend’s identification has also been confirmed as Laura Michelle Reese not Jean Seana and she is no longer being identified as his wife. 

UPDATE:  The government of Nicaragua deported alleged serial killer William Adolfo Cortez, known as “Wild Bill” and his wife Jane Seana Cortez to Panama, where they face two murder charges and questioning in the disappearance of 5 other individuals.  Panama’s President, Ricardo Martinelli,  identified them as “one of the first cases of serial murders” in his country and probably in all of Central America.  Upon arriving to Panama City the pair thanked authorities for the trip back to their home and stated they needed to speak to authorities about the [murder] matter. 

American citizen and Panama’s Most Wanted Man, William Adolfo Cortez, has been captured in Nicaragua along with his wife, Jean Seana. Cortez is suspected of killing three people whose bodies were found on his Panama farm located in Bocas del Toro.  Last week the body of American Cher Hughes was discovered on Cortez’ property making him the prime suspect, shortly thereafter he fled Panama, the other bodies were found later.

Authorities believe “Wild Bill” as he is known may have killed 20 other individuals across Central America.  Authorities allege Cortez would start a real estate transaction and while negotiating the transaction the owner would disappear and he take title to the properties. 

Cortez a resident of Panama has been eluding police throughout Central America, traversing from Panama to Costa Rice to Nicaragua.   

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Remittances to Mexico Down in 2010

The monetary remittances sent from Mexican national’s working in the U.S. is down again announced the country’s central bank.  For the first quarter in 2010 remittances totaled $4.8billion which represents a decline of 12% compared to same time last year when remittances totaled $5.5billion.  The global recession and lack of employment in the U.S. is blamed for the decline, though the Mexican Central bank acknowledged the rate of decline is diminishing.  After oil exports to foreign countries, remittance are the country’s second largest source of foreign income. 

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ThursdayAugust 5, 2010