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FridayJuly 30, 2010

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Sherriff Joe Proves- No Rest for the Wicked

Sheriff Joe Arpaio launched his 17th “crime suppression” sweep in Maricopa County vowing to have his deputies and volunteers check the immigration status of those arrested. Arpaio admits he timed his operation to send a message that nothing is changing despite US District Judge Bolton’s ruling.

Joe Arpaio is currently being investigated by the Department of Justice for possible civil rights violations.  Arpaio has long been criticized for what many say is a practice of arresting people on minor infractions as a ruse to check their immigration status and ultimately process them for deportation.

‘Joe Arpaio has shown a disregard for basic constitutional protections,’ said Chris Newman, legal director for the National Day Laborers Organizing Network, who traveled from Los Angeles to Phoenix this week. ‘People in Maricopa County have grown accustomed to defending themselves from his so-called crime suppression sweeps.’

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Jueza que Bloqueó Parte de ley de Arizona Recibe Amenazas

El miércoles, Bolton bloqueó las partes más polémicas de la ley SB1070, que criminaliza la presencia ilegal en Arizona, en lo que fue una victoria para los grupos pro-inmigrantes y un revés para quienes exigen más acciones punitivas contra los indocumentados.

El encargado de la seguridad del sistema jurídico en Arizona (“U.S. Marshal”), David Gonzales, dijo a la prensa que, tras el dictamen del miércoles, Bolton ha recibido “miles” de llamadas telefónicas y correos electrónicos, algunos positivos y otros negativos y de gente furiosa con el fallo.

“Es gente que está ventilando (su frustración) y han expresado su descontento en una forma muy perversa”, explicó Gonzales, sin ofrecer detalles sobre el contenido de los mensajes ni de sus remitentes.

No obstante, señaló, algunos de los mensajes son lo suficientemente serios y las autoridades les han prestado atención.

La gobernadora de Arizona, la republicana Jan Brewer, presentó hoy una apelación del dictamen de Bolton ante el IX tribunal de apelaciones en San Francisco (California).

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We’re Coco Loco for Perez as Idol Judge

HS-News is throwing its might, which might be slight, behind, in front and on the side of Perez Hilton as the next American Idol Judge.  As everyone knows Ellen DeGeneres has stepped down after a short tenure and rumors are rampant who might fill her “sneaker shoes” on the show.  If Kara, “I fall asleep every time you talk”, DioGuardi also leaves as has been reported there are three spots available and plenty of room to add some Latin spice to the show.

HS-News is throwing its might, which might be slight, behind, in front and on the side of Perez Hilton as the next American Idol Judge.

Sean “Diddy” Combs (who???), J-Lo (stay home and be with your kiddies and undernourished husband) and Steven Tyler (just malnourished and old and please Don’t Walk This Way) are all rumored as possibilities.  Perez has always voiced his desire to be on the program and we support him MUCHO MUCHO.  As soon as DeGeneres announced her leaving,  Perez announced to MTV “Obviously I’d be great in that role” identifying Jessica Simpson as his “Paula” if she were hired also.  We of course can do without the vapid, weight-fluctuating Simpson but if that’s what it takes to get him to FOX so be it.

Perez has always voiced his desire to be on the program and we support him MUCHO MUCHO.

Perez would bring zest, less Bo toxicity than Simon and more weight (literally) than Ryan.  We want him to doodle away the losers, cheer on the winners and bring some freshness to the show.  ¡Buena Suerte Amigo!

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“I Gotta Feeling” Black Eyed Peas Don’t Like SB 1070

As Mexico staged various protests throughout the country against SB 1070 or what is left of it, they were joined by many high profile artists and performers, such as the Black Eyed Peas, Café Tacvba, Shakira and Kanye West in solidarity.

Mexican-American and Black Eyed Peas star Taboo, went as far as producing a protest video “One Heart, One Beat” against the controversial Arizona law.  The video is presented here for your listening pleasure.

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Aprueba la ONU Iniciativa de Evo Morales que Declara Derecho Humano el Acceso al Agua Potable

El presidente de Bolivia, Evo Morales, agradeció hoy a los 122 países que apoyaron en la ONU la iniciativa boliviana para que se declarara el acceso al agua potable y el saneamiento básico como un derecho humano esencial para el pleno disfrute de la vida y de todos los derechos humanos.

Sin votos en contra, en la votación, realizada ayer durante el sexagésimo cuarto periodo de sesiones de la Asamblea General de ese organismo, 41 países de abstuvieron, entre ellos Estados Unidos, Canadá, Reino Unido y Australia.

Desde Trinidad, la capital del amazónico departamento de Beni, Evo Morales subrayó que una vez que la comunidad internacional reconoce que el servicio del agua es un derecho humano, debe ser administrado por las alcaldías, gubernaturas, el gobierno nacional y no por empresas privadas.

El agua potable es un servicio y no debe ser objeto de acciones mercantilistas indicó Morales, según la estatal Agencia Boliviana de Información.

De acuerdo con estudios de la ONU, por lo menos 884 millones de personas carecen en el mundo de agua limpia y 2 mil 500 millones sólo pueden acceder a este recurso a más de tres kilómetros de distancia de sus hogares.

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Latino Children In North Carolina

The Latino children of North Carolina represent the fastest growing segment of the state’s population, increasing 34% in the last three years, and yet are the most underserved.  A study by Action for Children, a nonpartisan advocacy group, identified the issues negatively effecting this young population that have resulted in low-test performances, high drop out rates and low graduation rates.  Visit the HSN Library for a complete copy of the study. 

A key issue identified that has negatively impacted Hispanic youth is language and societal isolation from their peers.  When these issues are not present Hispanic’s do well and at times on academic par with their American peers.  Other issues include drugs in school and lack of a safe environment that result in truancy.

The group called for North Carolina to better serve this population by making several recommendations such as hiring more bilingual and culturally knowledgeable teachers.  The study found that this youth segment’s cultural background serves it well with good health, high self-esteem, having at least one parent working and remaining engaged with their families.

Hispanics are a critical driving force in the North Carolina economy and many legislators are aware of this.  In 2005-06, North Carolina’s rapidly growing Latino population contributed more than $9 billion to the state’s economy through purchases and taxes – more than 100 times the estimated net cost to the state budget for health care, education and corrections for Latinos. 

“The bottom line is that Latino children are bringing a lot of strengths that North Carolina needs”  concluded Action for Children


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Deadliest Month in 5 Years for Border Crossers

Deadliest Month in 5 Years for Border Crossers

Photo: JeffSmithUSA.com

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July is closing out this weekend while at the Pima County Arizona medical examiner’s office it will be the worst month for border deaths in the last five years.  The staff has been overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of bodies and was forced to make accommodations. A refrigerated truck was brought in to house the additional bodies after the buildings two units were full. The bodies of 57 border crossers have been brought in this month.

Despite Arizona proposing to make it illegal for undocumented immigrants to live and work in the state,  immigrants continue to come.  These tougher enforcement conditions have forced smugglers and immigrants into more remote, dangerous terrain. Crossing hundreds of miles of desert on foot in record-breaking heat is simply too difficult for many.
The medical examiners office consists of five investigators, six pathologist and one forensic anthropologist with a backlog of more than 150 unidentified remains with one case going back to 1993.

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Boy Scouts of America Celebrate 100 years with New Campaign to Bring in Latino’s

This week the BSA National Jamboree in Virginia will celebrate Scouts 100th anniversary. Boys ages 12-18 will spend 10 days doing everything from archery to robotics to testing their own DNA. More than 26,000 scouts and 250,000 visitors are expected. Boy Scouts have hosted the annual meeting since 1937.

The Scouts begin their new century with a campaign to draw in Latino’s.

The Scouts have their work cut out for them as they recruit the Hispanic youth. “[Hispanics] don’t know what we’re about,” says Chief Scout Executive Bob Mazzuca. They are unfamiliar with Scouting, he says, because many “didn’t have grandfathers, fathers, or uncles grow up in Scouting.”  To that end, handbooks, advertisements and bumper stickers are now all available in Spanish with a new slogan “Valores para toda la vida”.

Some immigrants incorrectly think that scouting is expensive or that it is associated with US law enforcement . Latino family values are exactly what the scouts offer. With the aid of good role models, they camp, they hike, and they belong always with a sense of honor to God and Country.

The journey begins with Tiger Scouts in first grade but children of all ages are always welcome.

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Unos Dos Mil Evacuados por Incendio en Refinería de Pemex en Norte de México

Unas 2.000 personas fueron evacuadas hoy por las autoridades de Ciudad Madero debido al incendio de un tanque de combustible con 27.000 barriles en la refinería Francisco I. Madero de esta ciudad, conurbada al puerto de Tampico en el Golfo de México.

Fuentes de Protección Civil del Ayuntamiento de Madero explicaron que se produjo una explosión en un tanque de combustóleo (combustible industrial) y que al sitio acudieron miembros de la Secretaría de la Defensa (Sedena) de Marina (Semar), de los cuerpos de Protección Civil, de bomberos y de otros organismos.

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Dismissal of Honduran Judges Sends Intimidating Message Says UN

The recent dismissal of three judges and a magistrate in Honduras, apparently because they spoke out during the political crisis that engulfed the country last year, sends a disturbing message to other jurists in the Central American country, three independent United Nations human rights experts warned today.

The experts said the dismissal last month of the judges Guillermo López Lone, Luis Chávez and Ramón Enrique Barrios and the magistrate Tirza Flores could have the effect of intimidating other members of the judiciary “to refrain from expressing views different from those expressed by the authorities” in Honduras.

“None of the decisions that led to the dismissal of the judges and the magistrate contains legal grounds that justify why the conduct that was the object of the disciplinary proceedings was considered to be grave,” the experts said in a statement issued from Geneva.

The Supreme Court notified the four jurists that they had been dismissed for “non-compliance or serious breaches of their duties,” but the experts said the sackings seem to be connected to the jurists’ public remarks during last year’s crisis, when there was a coup d’état in Honduras, and their involvement in several acts of protest.

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CONSULATE CLOSING: The U.S. has temporarily closed its consulate offices in the border city of Ciudad Juarez until further notice for a undefined “security review”.  The consulate had already authorized relatives of consulate employees to leave for Mexico as a safety precaution due to escalating violence from drug cartels some aimed at consulate employees. 

CRIME:  Mexican authorities announced the death of Ignacio “Nacho” Coronel, one of the three top leaders of the Sinaloa drug cartel and founder the lucrative methamphetamine trade.  The 56-year old was killed in a gun battle with police as they raided one of his safe houses in Guadalajara.  There was a $5million reward offered for his capture.  This is one of the largest coup for Mexican authorities due to Coronel’s cartel leadership position and the scope of drug trafficking he controlled.

CORRUPTION:  62 police officers from Baja California, Mexico were arrested after a two year investigation that uncovered the officers were tied to drug trafficking and organized crime. 

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS:  High level officials from Mexico and China are meeting in Mexico City over several days to discuss and strategize on how to better enhance their international ties.  Topics covered will range from organized crime to climate change to cultural exchange programs.


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JUSTICE:  The drug trials of 14 Los Zetas cartel members have began in Guatemala City.  The cartel members are charged in the 2008 murder of 11 people that occurred as part of turf battles between Mexican and Guatemalan cartels.  The border cities of Guatemala are facing incursion from Mexican cartels fleeing Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s crackdown on them. 

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FridayJuly 30, 2010