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SaturdayJuly 24, 2010

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To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Safeco Field in Seattle Location of Another SB 1070 Protest

A group of protesters is scheduled to meet at tonight’s baseball game in Seattle. The Mariners are playing the Boston Red Soxs. The display is to draw attention to the location of the 2011 All-Star Game. If Arizona SB 1070 goes into effect, the call is for major league baseball to boycott the next All-Star game scheduled for Arizona.

“Arizona’s extreme immigration law is an invitation to racial profiling and harassment of Arizona residents and anybody who visits the state, including MLB and Seattle Mariners players, their families and fans,” said a spokesperson for Washington Community Action Network, one organization coordinating the Saturday demonstration.

Several baseball players have already said they will not play at the 2011 All-Star game if it is held in Arizona.

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Termina Huelga de Hambre el SME

Después de noventa días en ayuno, los 14 electricistas del campamento del SME levantaron la huelga de hambre, luego de que la dirigencia a cargo de Martín Esparza acordara con los secretarios de Gobernación y del Trabajo, Francisco Blake y Javier Lozano, respectivamente, instalar una mesa de diálogo para solucionar el conflicto derivado de la extinción de Luz y Fuerza del Centro.

Después de la reunión en Gobernación, que duró alrededor de cuatro horas, Esparza se trasladó al campamento para hablar con los huelguistas. Alrededor de las dos de la mañana emitió un discurso ante cerca de dos mil personas, a quienes les dijo que por consenso habían decidido cesar el ayuno.

Sobre la avenida 20 de noviembre había alrededor de 18 ambulancias. El primero en salir fue Miguel Ángel Ibarra, el joven de Necaxa que presentaba problemas de salud y que el martes le dio un síncope cardiaco. El último fue Cayetano Cabrera Esteva, pero lo hizo por detrás de la carpa, argumentando que se trasladaría a un hospital privado por decisión de su familia.

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Florida Hispanic Senatorial Candidate MARCO RUBIO Receives Key Endorsement

Republican Senatorial candidate for Florida, Marco Rubio, received a key endorsement of support from the U.S Chamber of Commerce.  The Chamber typically supports Republican pro-business candidates and felt that Rubio “has an appreciation for free enterprise” that the other candidates do not.

The Chamber is critical to any candidate’s success because it brings in a vast funding network to candidates it supports.  The U.S. Chamber is projected to spend $75million on this year’s midterm elections alone.  Rubio is in a tight race with former Republican, now independent Governor Charlie Crist.

Rubio and the Chamber both share the same point of view on Bush-era tax cuts “lets keep them” but differ on a key Florida-centric issue, the trade embargo wth Cuba.  Rubio wants to keep the embargo in place until democracy comes to Cuba while the Chamber actively promotes the lifting of the embargo in line with the view of most Americans.


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Colombia Still Waiting for Venezuela’s Reply on Harboring Terrorists

Colombia Still Waiting for Venezuela’s Reply on Harboring Terrorists

Photo: Colombia Still Waiting for Venezuela’s Reply on Harboring Terrorists

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After Chavez cut all Venezuela’s relations with Colombia, there are still no answers to the ultimate question.  At the heart of the dispute is the claim that Venezuela has given refugee to an estimated 1500 guerrillas in the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) and the National Liberation Army, (ELN) as well as some of their leaders. Colombia has always been open to mediation on the dispute, even calling upon Spain and Cuba to help with the matter. At this weeks OAS Council meeting, Colombia presented evidence of the Venezuelan governments harboring of the 1500 strong force that continually attacks Colombia from across the border. Colombia presented photos and videos among other evidence.

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Asistirá Calderón a Cumbre de la Unión Africana en Uganda

El presidente de México Felipe Calderón asistirá a la XV Asamblea de la Unión Africana que comienza el domingo en Uganda, donde espera lograr apoyo en la negociación de un acuerdo sobre cambio climático de la ONU que se discutirá en noviembre, en una cumbre a efectuarse en México , informó el viernes su despacho.

Calderón aprovechará su estadía en Kampala para reunirse con varios jefes de estado de países africanos y para participar en la Conferencia de Jefes de Estado Africano sobre Cambio Climático (CAHOSCC), indicó la presidencia mexicana en un comunicado.

Es la primera vez que un presidente mexicano participará en una reunión de la Unión Africana, constituida por 53 países.

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Arizona Businesses Feeling Impact of Immigrants Leaving State

The Arizona business economy that was already suffering the same economic woes as another parts of the country is now suffering additional losses as immigrants leave the state due to its SB 1070 immigration law.  From less renters in Surprise, Arizona to lower sales at the Phoenix Dollar Store to the local Food City closing, evidence is aplenty.

Whereas supporters of Arizona’s SB1070 feel the legislation will save taxpayers from not having to cover the cost of education or social services for its undocumented population.  However, the overall economic effect of immigrants illegal and legal leaving the state is not clear since Latinos represented the fastest growing population in the state and were one out of every three people living in Arizona with a purchasing power of $31Billion.

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• CRIME: The bodies of 38 people have been found in Monterrey, Mexico in what police are describing as a “drug-gang dumping site.”  The bodies of 36 men and 2 women were found late Friday and the site is still being excavated for additional remains.  It appears drug cartel victims were tortured at the site and then their bodies dumped according to police officials, whom did not explain how they discovered the site.

• ARCHAEOLOGY: An anthropological team from France and Mexico announced they were able to recreate the appearance of a “Las Palmas” woman from remains found in Tulum, Mexico.  The remains were found in perfect condition in 2002 and were of a woman 44-50 years old that was 4 ft, 11 inches weighing 128 pounds living some 10,000 years ago.  The careful reconstruction shows a woman with Southeast Asian features confirming migration to the Americas were from northern and southern Asian regions.

  The U.S. Department of Treasury has identified two businesses owned by daughters of drug cartel leader, Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada as money laundering fronts.  The companies named to the list are Arte y Diseño de Culiana SA de CV and Autotransportes JYM.

• NATURAL DISASTER: Mexican officials announced that 21 of the dams of the Rio Bravo are at capacity and soon can overflow due to more rains in the region.  It will take a month or more for levels to subside if no heavier rains occur, therefore residents living near the dams were advised they maybe evacuated.  It has rained in Mexico 36% more than it typically does this time of year, resulting in 21 deaths thus far.

• CRIME:  Mexican police in the border state of Tamaulipas seized pickup trucks disguised as army transport trucks to confuse Mexican citizens and hide from authorities.

  A Mexican man, Efrain Ibarra, has claimed responsibility for the Google search error, known as Google bombing, that lead any internet user to a pedophilia site when typing in the Spanish word “vaticano”.  His stated purpose was to “denounce the church”. 

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• ENVIRONMENT:  Guatemalan seismologists have detected increased activity inside the Pacaya volcano that erupted last May.  The Pacaya volcano is located 18 miles south of the capital city and its last eruption resulted in three deaths.

• ARCHAEOLOGY:  Archaeologists in Guatemala have discovered a Mayan king’s tomb packed with well-preserved carvings, ceramics and children’s bones.  The tomb is thought to be from 300-600 AD and from the high point period of Mayan civilization.  A joint America-Guatemalan task force discovered the treasures while digging for antiquities in the ruins of Tikal, a popular travel destination for U.S. tourists.

• BUSINESS:  Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom announced renewed drilling for crude oil inside an environmentally sensitive national park.  The Laguna de Tigre National Park is one of Central America’s largest tropical rain forests and also holds one of the largest oil fields in the country that is managed by French interests.  German legislators considered this National Park to be so environmentally significant it offered the government compensation so they would not continue to drill there, an offer it refused.

• ENVIRONMENT:  Lake Atitlån, one of the country’s main tourist attractions is under siege by pollution from local farms runoff.  The Lake represents 20% of all tourist travel to the country which is on the decline.  Government action is slow due to limited public resources but the issue has drawn international environmental agencies to investigate and create solutions. 

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SaturdayJuly 24, 2010