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ThursdayJuly 22, 2010

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Asian-Latino Food Maybe Coming to Your SuperMercado SOON

If Pramook Jirdpongsatorn and Juvenal Chavez have their way your local supermercados will have lots of Thai food appealing to the Hispanic palette on the grocery shelves across America.  As the fastest growing consumer sector, the Hispanic market seeks its comfort foods at the local grocery store and U.S. food manufacturers are failing to meet that booming demand.

An entrepreneurial Thai grocer, Jirdpongsatorn, in California has partnered with Juvenal Chavez, owner of Mi Pueblo supermercados to offer the Hispanic consumers Thai food staples like rice, tuna and chile peppers.  Thai cuisine uses many of the same ingredients that traditional Latino dishes use. 

Mi Pueblo, the largest Latino food retailer in the Bay area, is known for its unique product lines to meet the diverse needs of Hispanic’s from Mexico to Central America.  It has partnered with Jirdpongsatorn to create a private label of Thai food for the Hispanic kitchen; its too soon to say if it will create a national trend, they certainly hope so.

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Hispanic Batman, The Book on Sale??!!

Yes! You heard it right, and for that legion of fans old and new this is some very exciting news. “Hispanic Batman” the book will be released by Royal Flush and on sale at the San Diego Comic-Con, home to the largest comic book and popular arts convention. For everyone else, unsold copies (highly unlikely) will be on-sale on the Royal Flush website after the convention that ends this Sunday, July 25th.

Hispanic Batman created in 1997 by comic artists Erik Rodriguez and Josh Bernstein is the parody and tribute to Adam West’s portrayal of the oh so famous comic book hero. This unique publication has found its audience and fame by tackling tough issues like immigration, slavery, politics, and even Playboy icon Hugh Hefner. Light-hearted, goofy, offensive and extremely well drawn, Hispanic Batman’s charms are irresistible.

“The Hispanic Batman Collected Archives, Vol. 1” is self-published by Royal Flush magazine and only 1,000 copies will make it to circulation possibly leaving the rest of us craving a good laugh from the joker.

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Rompe Chávez Relaciones con Colombia

Tomó la medida tras que Bogotá reiteró en OEA acusación de la presencia de jefes guerrilleros colombianos en territorio de Venezuela. Incluso, dijo que “a una guerra con Colombia habría que ir, llorando, pero habría que ir”.

Caracas. El presidente Hugo Chávez anunció este jueves que Venezuela rompió las relaciones diplomáticas con su vecino Colombia y agitó el fantasma de la guerra entre los países, en respuesta a una denuncia de que Caracas protege a líderes guerrilleros izquierdistas.

“Yo me veo obligado a romper relaciones con el gobierno de Colombia por dignidad y estaremos alertas”, dijo el mandatario en una transmisión por la televisora estatal.

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Hispanics Three Times as Likely to Contract HIV than General Population

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is now including poverty as a key risk factor for AIDS and labeling it as an epidemic in America’s inner cities.  Typically AIDS is viewed as a disease of the gay, bisexual and drug using communities not of the inner cities of America.  AIDS appears to be disproportionately a disease of the poor.

African-American women represent the majority of new HIV cases, the virus that leads to AIDS and African-American’s representing 45% of all AIDS cases in the U.S.

Individuals living below the poverty line were twice as much at risk for getting AIDS then those outside the poverty line especially minority populations living in poverty.  Hispanics are three times as likely to get AIDS than the general population and African-American’s eight times as likely.

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HAPPENING NOW:  Judge to Decide if AZ Law to Go Into Effect

July 23:  Judge Bolton has not ruled on the matters before her from civil organizations and the Department of Justice.  She did rule that there would be no cameras allowed in the courtroom and reserved the right to accept or deny portions of the civil organization’s suits that represent various civil and immigrant rights organizations.

Late Afternoon:  Judge Bolton’s line of questioning focusing on the amount of time someone would be held while their immigration status is being checked with Immigration and Customs (ICE) officials.  Typically anyone stopped on a minor offense is cited and immediately released,  the language in SB 1070 does not allow for that.  Attorney’s for civil organizations faced questioning on the extend of “harm” SB1070 can do to someone.  If a law is harmful it can not be enacted and it is too early to measure the harm of S B1070.

Late Afternoon:  Attorney’s for the ACLU and other civil rights organizations and the State of Arizona have concluded their arguments and the Judge will break for lunch.  It is not known when the Judge will render a verdict.  The Department of Justice will bring its arguments before Judge Bolton after the break. 

Afternoon:  120 spectators fill court room in two part hearing process.  Hearing is underway for part one of the process which is whether Arizona can implement SB 1070 on July 29 and whether to dismiss the various civil groups, ACLU included, suits calling for the block.  Later this afternoon the Judge will hear from the Department of Justice and their “preliminary injunction” to block the implementation. 

July 22nd, Morning:  U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton of Arizona arrives in court ready to hear arguments from the U.S. Government and others who are suing the state of Arizona to stop the implementation of SB1070 on July 29, 2010.  30 protesters stand outside in prayer formation, hundreds of others protest and half dozen came with handguns clipped to their hips all awaiting the judges decision.

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Convertirán Palacio Nacional de México En Gran Museo

A partir de agosto el Palacio Nacional, otrora sede del gobierno federal, se convertirá en Galería Nacional y las personas podrán ver incluso la oficina que por años ocuparon diversos presidentes del país.

El cambio corresponde a los festejos por el Bicentenario de Independencia de México y el Centenario de la Revolución que se conmemoran este año.

El secretario de Educación Pública, Alonso Lujambio, dijo que el Palacio albergará una colección permanente de 1,510 piezas de arte, documentos y objetos mexicanos comenzando con los restos de los héroes patrios exhumados en mayo pasado del monumento del Ángel de Independencia.

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Recent Tests in Connecticut Reveal Improvements for Hispanic Students

Hispanic and Black students in Connecticut’s school systems continue to narrow their academic achievement gap in math and reading skills. The 2010 test results revealed and overall improvement in all six grades for students of all races with minority students making much faster gains than while students.

The Connecticut Mastery Test administered to about 250,000 public school students in grades third through eighth measures proficiency in reading, writing, science and math. Connecticut Department of Education Commissioner Mark McQuillan explained, “Our students are performing better, but challenges remain.”

Some of the statistics showing areas of improvement in minority students:

  • Between 2006 and 2010, the number of white fifth-graders scoring as proficient in math increased by 5.2 percentage points. For black and Hispanic students, the gain was 13.1 points.
  • Math results, white students boosted their proficiency by 4.9 percentage points, compared to 15.3 for their black and Hispanic peers.
  • In reading, minority students in the eighth grade posted a proficiency boost of about 11.2 percentage points versus about 3.9 points for white eighth-graders.


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Chavez’s Latest Attempt to Stifle the Opposition

New Center for Situational Studies of the Nation (Centro de Estudio Situacional de la Nación, CESNA), is Chavez’s latest attempt to reign in critics of government policies or actions.
“President Chávez has created a new tool for controlling public debate in Venezuela,” said José Miguel Vivanco, Americas’ director at Human Rights Watch. “The new decree would allow the president to block the discussion of topics that are inconvenient for his government, blatantly violating the rights of expression and to information, which are at the heart of a democratic society.”
The center’s president, appointed by Chavez and the ministry, has the power to declare that “any information, fact, or circumstance” is “reserved, classified, or of limited release.”
Human Rights Watch said Wednesday that Venezuela should close this new office as and stop seeking to discredit human rights defenders and prosecuting critics.
Chavez’s has recently moved to take over a significant amount of shares in the last remaining television station that openly criticized Chavez and his policies and is now demanding a representative on its board.

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More Dead Penguins Wash Ashore on Brazilian Shores

Over 400 penguins have washed up dead on the tropical coasts of Brazilian shores due to their quest for food. Some experts think that overfishing has forced these birds to swim further from the icy shores of Antarctica and Patagonia to find fish to eat leaving them vulnerable to strong ocean currents especially for the young ones.

While it is common to find some penguins on these tropical shores swept by the strong currents from the Strait of Magellan there have definitely been more this year than at any other point in time.

Vetenerians at the Niteroi Zoo have already received 100 penguins for treatment so far this year, many drenched in petroleum due to the Campos oil field

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Pierden Sus Casas 2 mil Familias Tras el Paso del Huracán Alex en Nuevo León

Más de 70% de la población censada de 18 mil habitantes que suman Ciudad Anáhuac y Rodríguez se encuentran sin trabajo y más de dos mil 800 familias perdieron su casa, muebles y documentos personales, y la única fábrica, que daba trabajo a mil 200 anaquenses cerró sus puertas al quedar inundada tras la creciente del río Salado, el pasado 7 de julio.

Asimismo, 90 por ciento del municipio de Rodríguez quedó sepultado bajo el agua, casas colapsadas, y decenas de familias están sin tener qué comer. Un panorama, sin duda, desalentador para los habitantes de Anáhuac: “Aunque no tengamos trabajo aquí tenemos que vivir, a mi mamá se le inundó su casa, no quedó nada, absolutamente nada, no tenemos qué comer.

“Estoy sin trabajo y sin casa; perdí todo, no tengo nada ya. Es la casa de mis papás, yo no vivo aquí, radico en Anáhuac, pero ellos sí perdieron todo, vea como quedó la cocina y los muebles”, aseveró a Excélsior una de las personas afectadas.

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Virginia Becomes “Legal Friend” of Arizona’s Immigration Legislation

Virginia is expected to enact strict immigration laws similar to Arizona’s controversial SB 1070 within the next year announced its Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.  Virginia already has several anti-immigatory laws on its books ranging from E-verify to allowing law enforcement to question someone on their legal status in the country.  In addition, in solidarity with Arizona, the Attorney General signed a “friend-of-the-court” legal brief supporting Arizona’s legislation, one of nine other states to do so.

Viriginia has close to 500,000 Hispanics in its state which represents 2% of its population; the majority of which are undocumented and the trend is growing.  The state does have two Democratic Senators Mark Warner and Jim Webb that have voted on pro-immigration legislation.  They did not vote to enact the E-verify program at a federal level and did vote to support funding for sanctuary city policies. 

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Puerto Rico Unemployment Remains High and Higher than National Average

The island of Puerto Rico continues to be besieged by a high unemployment rate that remains at 16.6% as of June figures.  This rate is higher than the national U.S. average of 9.5% which slowly is trending downward. 

In Puerto Rico the rate remains high without any indication of improvement due to the island’s stagnant economic activity.  As 217,000 islanders remain unemployed there are few jobs opportunities for them to seek.  The unemployment rate on occasion has dipped negligibly downward experts believe when unemployed islanders leave and seek jobs on the mainland.  There are several public works projects that will be bringing in new job opportunities shortly but not enough to substantially reduce the unemployment rate according to Puerto Rico’s employment administrators.

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Guatemalan Women being Considered for Special Asylum Group

Lesly Yajayra Perdomo came to the US from Guatemala in 1991, when she was 16 to join her mother. Lesly has lived here for 18 years and works as a secretary in New York, and she is seeking asylum because she would be unsafe in her home country.

Perdoma has been fighting deportation since 2003. Her request for asylum is primarily because “she feared persecution as a member of a particular social group consisting of women between the ages of fourteen and forty.” The Board of Immigration Appeals as well as the initial immigration judge have rejected this argument.

The ninth circuit Court of Appeals ruled last week that a person might be eligible for asylum from Guatemala because she belongs to a specially persecuted group in her home country. Specifically in this case women being the persecuted group in Guatemala. The courts direction was for more review of the case and moves it back to the Board of Immigration Appeals.

Guatemalan women are murdered at a high rate as well as those coming from Americas are particularly susceptible to abuse as they are seen as Americans and considered rich. Guatemalan police and courts have a poor record of aiding women in the country.

The case for a special Asylum group to be considered in Guatemala now goes back to the Board of Immigration Appeals. The decision will have a broad range of impact.

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ThursdayJuly 22, 2010