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MondayJuly 19, 2010

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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I’ll Be a Monkey’s Uncle:  Titi Monkey Thief Caught at Mexico City Airport

The sweet endangered titi monkey from Bolivia was making an entrance into Mexico which is cause for celebration except it was in someone’s pants.  Sounds like a wild party but no such luck.  Roberto Cabrera was caught with monkey’s in his pants when they belonged in the jungle.

He was entering Mexico City from Lima, Peru when someone notices the bulge in his pants, I’ll be a Monkey’s **ss and don’t know why someone was bulge watching but luckily for 18 endangered titi monkey’s they were.  He was arrested for trafficking in endangered species and the monkey’s were whisked to safety.

Read more at Winnipeg Free Press →

Dengue Fever Warning Issued for Americans Traveling to HONDURAS

As a result of 21 dengue fever deaths in Honduras , the American Embassy there issued a warning to American’s already living there or planning on traveling to the country.  Honduras is one of several Latin American countries besieged by dengue outbreak this year. 

Dengue fever has been reported from Argentina to El Salvador to Puerto Rico and even Mexico has reported 16 recent cases. Colombia and Venezuela had the most reported cases for the South American region whereas Costa Rica, Honduras and Mexico reported the most cases for Central America.  The majority of dengue fever reports for Americans living in the U.S. have come from those traveling from infected areas. 

Honduras, like other Central and South American countries are implementing public fumigation programs and eliminating any source of open water.  The general public in these affected regions are being informed on the symptoms to be on the watch for: high fever, lower back muscle pain, rashes and nose or gum bleeding.  The World Health Organization and the U.S. Center for Disease Control is closely monitoring Honduras and other regions to see where the disease is likely to go next. 

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National Guard Troops Set to Arrive on Border August 1st

The National Guard troops pledged by President Obama in May for border patrol will start arriving on August 1st, just one day after Arizona’s SB 1070 is due to go into effect.  The President pledged, amongst other things, 1,200 National Guards troops to the southwest border region.  They will work with the 1,000 border patrol agents currently assigned to the region.  National Guard Bureau officials see their role as “criminal and intelligence analysis, entry identification and surveillance.”  The rest of the National Guard troops promised will be deployed by September.

524 troop members will be in Arizona, 250 in Texas, 224 in California an 72 in New Mexico and the rest will serve in administrative support positions. 

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Guatemala: Once Muertos y 4 Heridos en Dos Masacres

Uno de los ataques del sábado fue efectuado en la comunidad de San Juan Sacatepéquez, ubicada a 32 kilómetros al oeste de la capital guatemalteca, mientras la familia dormía.

El segundo ataque sucedió en la población de San Benito, departamento de Petén, a 505 kilómetros al norte de Ciudad de Guatemala. Cuatro hombres con pasamontañas irrumpieron en una residencia y asesinaron con armas de fuego a cuatro menores y a su abuela, informó la policía.

Tres menores más resultaron heridos y fueron trasladados a un hospital cercano bajo custodia policial.

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Students Draw Attention to Unfair Tuition Rates for the Undocumented

State laws differ on how illegal immigrants are treated for tuition rates at state universities. California, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin all allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition rates. Other states like Massachusetts require illegal immigrants to pay out of state tuition rates, which increase costs by thousands of dollars and make it impossible for many to attend. A blend of student immigrant advocacy groups from Massachusetts, Colorado, and California launched the first class of “ Dream University” in Washington this week. They gathered across the street from the White House.  Classes of 20 will be held in history, civil rights, science music, as well as other subjects. The classes will allow undocumented students to attend class as well as stand an s a vigil to support passage of the DREAM Act. Students are signing up nationwide through face book and professors have signed on from Washington’s Georgetown University and The American University. Students will live in tents set up on the Capitol grounds.

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Crackdown on Illegal Gang Members Continues with 105 Arrested in Texas

Assisted by local law enforcement agencies, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested 105 men and women during a five-day operation targeting foreign-born gang members and their associates throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  This is the latest local effort in an ongoing national initiative to target foreign-born gang members and gang associates.

This multi-agency operation targeted gang members and associates engaged in organized criminal activity. Sixty seven of those arrested during this operation are documented gang members; five are gang associates from local street gangs. Five additional suspects were apprehended on other criminal and federal immigration charges. Investigation is continuing to determine the gang affiliation of the others and their rank in the gang structure.  Seventy-two were arrested on criminal warrants or charges; 33 were administratively arrested by ICE on immigration violations.  Of those arrested, 57 are from Mexico, 42 are U.S. citizens, four are from El Salvador, and two are from Honduras.

Some of these gang members are sought or have been arrested for various crimes, including: home invasion robberies, drive-by shootings, aggravated robbery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, possession/manufacture of controlled substance, unlawfully carrying a weapon, burglary, theft, evading arrest, and resisting arrest.  Information received by ICE indicates that criminal gangs are becoming increasingly involved in north Texas with smuggling and distributing narcotics, laundering illicit drug proceeds, and other illegal activities.

Read more at U.S. Immigratio and Customs Enforcement →

La Reforma Judicial, Otra Victima del Crimen

Como una víctima más de la guerra contra el narcotráfico, el nuevo sistema de justicia penal de Chihuahua ha sido fuertemente torpedeado en su estructura. Más de cien de sus operadores estratégicos han caído por las balas del crimen organizado lo que ha impedido que, en estos tres años de aplicación, se logre el objetivo para el cual fue diseñado: abatir la impunidad en el estado.

Sicarios de diversas organizaciones criminales han eliminado de 2008 a la fecha a 98 elementos de la Procuraduría General de Justicia (PGJ), entre ellos policías investigadores, agentes del ministerio público y peritos especializados, además de 21 abogados. Todos ellos recibieron capacitación para aplicar, en el terreno de los hechos, las reformas judiciales que le iban a dar un giro de 180 grados al sistema de procuración de justicia de Chihuahua.

Un año duró “la luna de miel”, porque en enero de 2008 inició una escalada de violencia en el estado, que ha abonado la mayor parte de los 24 mil muertos que se contabilizan en el país por la guerra entre los cárteles de droga y del gobierno federal contra ellos.

Read more at El Universal →

Eduardo Sanchez Junco, (67) Founder of Hello Magazine Dies

Eduardo Sanchez Junco, (67) Founder of Hello Magazine Dies

Photo: hello magazine

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Mr. Sanchez Junco’s death was announced on Hello’s website which gave no cause though several outlets have reported Mr. Junco had cancer.
Eduardo Sanchez Junco was born in Palencia, Spain, in 1943. His parents, Antonio Sanchez Gomez and Mercedes Junco Calderon, started Hola the next year. Eduardo earned a degree in agronomy from the University of Madrid before joining the family publishing concern; in 1984, on his father’s death, he assumed its leadership.

Hello is known for its flattering well-choreographed coverage of elusive celebrities. Hello has been available in the US for many years but it took being sued by Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones to make it familiar here. In 2003 the British High court ordered Hello to pay approx $24,000 to the couple and about 1.7 Million to OK Magazine for publishing unauthorized pictures of the couples wedding. Mr. Sanchez Junco is also famous for his act of chivalry regarding topless photos of Princess Di. He once paid a million pounds to secure images taken by paparazzi of Princess Di sunbathing topless in Spain only to promptly destroy the photos and negatives.
Eduardo is survived by his mother, Mercedes, president of the company, his wife and their three children.

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Caffeine Lovers Rejoice: Coffee Production on the Rebound

Production of coffee appears to be recovering in several South American country’s according to a recently published trade report.  South America now produces most of the coffee consumed worldwide with Colombia and Brazil most noted for their coffee bean exports.  This year Brazil is expecting to export 50 million bags of beans to caffeine lovers everywhere.

Prices had been going up sharply during the summer months due to a reduced coffee bean supply level. Last year Colombian coffee production dropped by 28.5% and is now recovering with a planned increase in the number of coffee bags its exports.  Many South and Central American country’s had reductions in their exports due to aging plants, natural disasters and climate change. 

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Univision #1 Network

Last Thursday something unusual happened in America, Univision beat ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX as the #1 network in the country, regardless of language in the critical market of 18-49 year old adults.  Univision’s “Premios Juventud”, the equivalent of the MTV Awards or Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards, was watched by 11.4 million viewers.  WOW.

This is the third year the show gives Univision a #1 network position ranking.  This year ABC came in 2nd place with its “Wipeout” show and FOX favorite “So you Think You Can Dance” came in last place. 

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Raul says 1 in 5 workers redundant

President Raul Castro’s announcement that one in five Cuban workers may be redundant has many workers concerned. In a country where 5.1 million people work for the state, which has a total population of 11.2, this affects virtually all the residents.
Short on details, many fear that as many as one quarter of all government workers will loose their jobs or be moved into the farming or construction sectors. With salaries worth only about $20.00 per month, and 95% off all employees working for the state, low pay has equated to low productivity.
Cubans like to joke, “the state pretends to pay us and we pretend to work.” It is a common site in Cuba to have several employees observing while few are actually working. Tips and wages are so low in restaurants that the staff is unconcerned with their customers.
Salvador Valdes Mesa, secretary-general of the nearly 3 million-strong Cuban Workers Confederation has insisted that the reorganization will not result in any firings but rather that employees will be reassigned. With the need in agriculture and construction sectors the fear is that many will simply quit.

One 35-year-old computer engineer fears he will loose his job but he says, “I didn’t graduate from college to now work as a day laborer or a peasant.” “My question is ‘Will the Cuban authorities put aside their paternalism and let me leave?’”

Read more at msnbc/AP →

Evangelicals Join in the Fight for Immigration Reform and a Path to Citizenship

“Hispanics are religious, family-oriented, pro-life entrepreneurial” say the pro-immigration Evangelicals that are teaming up with President Obama to make immigration reform a reality and seek to include a path to citizenship.  Politically influential Christian leaders and the President are rarely on the same side of an issue, this time it is different.

There were several Christian leaders on the stage when the President delivered his immigration speech earlier this month, there are many advocating for reform from their pulpits and other leading demonstrations against deportations.  The issue remains contentious amongst religious conservatives some arguing you can’t break than law and then become a citizen while others refer to Biblical passages that cite “treat the stranger as you would yourself.”  However, the most vocal, influential and politically active Evangelicals are arguing for immigration reform to become a reality and for a path to citizenship to be a part of that legislation.

The support that is now coming to the President on the immigration issue is due in great part to the growing number of Hispanics in evangelical congregations and the fact that 70% of Hispanics are Catholic and identify themselves as conservative.  Many other religious denominations especially the Catholic Church have already come out to support immigration reform and a path to citizenship but the Evangelicals are critical in swaying the Republican party. 

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MondayJuly 19, 2010