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FridayJuly 16, 2010

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Enrique Iglesias First Bilingual Album Released

Enrique Iglesias releases his first bilingual album in his 15-year career.  Having been born in Madrid and raised in Miami, a bilingual production is a natural. “This album has everything. It is undoubtedly the most eclectic album I have ever done,” Iglesias said in a recent interview.
“I didn’t plan it to be this way, but I think that mostly, when you have both languages, when you have collaborations with artist of genres totally different from those I have done, that has made the album to be so diverse musically,” added the Latin superstar.
The album has been in the works for three years and includes collaborations with many artists including Akon, Nicole Sherzinger, Usher , Wisin and Yandel. Public reaction has been very positive for the long awaited album.

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Nearly 10 Million Latinos to Benefit From Affordable Care Act

Government public health officials joined the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) today to highlight ways in which the Affordable Care Act will make health insurance more accessible and affordable to the nearly 10 million Latinos that will be eligible to receive health coverage under the new public health law.

“Health Care Reform brings us closer to establishing health care as a civil right,” said LULAC President, Rosa Rosales. “With one in three Latinos lacking health insurance coverage, Hispanic families have suffered more than any other ethnic group due to lack of coverage and inadequate care.” Hispanics are disproportionately impacted by chronic health conditions and face disparities in accessing health care and the quality they receive. Even when Hispanics and non-minorities have the same types of insurance, racial and ethnic minorities receive lower quality care or live in neighborhoods where quality health professionals and services are not available.

LULAC will focus its attention amongst other things on ensuring that discriminatory health practices are eliminated and preventative care such as mammograms, immunizations and screenings for cancer or diabetes will be utilized by Hispanics especially since the out-of-pocket costs will no longer be required for these health screenings

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Minority Students Flocking to U.S. Colleges in Record Numbers

A new report from the U.S. Education Department shows more minorities are going to college and more are going directly to college from high school.  A large percentage of these minority students attend public colleges with 80% receiving some form of financial assistance.  The high attendance is paying off for the Hispanic community as more and more are attending some form of higher education.  In 2008 about 13% of Hispanic adults had at least a bachelor’s degree compared to 20% for African-Americans and 33% for white Americans. 


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Strange Bedfellows:  Immigration Reform and Gay Rights

In an “I’ll scratch your back and then you scratch mine” political strategy, U.S. Representative Luis Gutierrez of Illinois is voicing his support for a gay rights bill to be a part of his proposed immigration reform legislation.  Gutierrez feels he could gather more support for immigration reform by including immigration gay rights in his proposed legislation.

The “Uniting American Families Act” proposed in 2009, would allow gay and lesbian Americans to bring their partners living abroad to the U.S. legally.  Under current immigration law a citizen or legal resident can obtain a visa only for an immediate family member not for a same-sex partner.

This unique vote getting strategy could back fire on Gutierrez, since the gay rights bill is opposed by the U.S. Conference of Bishops and the Catholic Church that wholeheartedly support immigration rights and a path to citizenship.  Most Republicans who oppose immigration reform until the borders are secure remain unswayed in changing their opposition even if gay rights are added to immigration legislation. 

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Hate Mongers Alive and Well in Utah

Terrorizing Latino residents of Utah, a list of 1300 people suspected of being undocumented is released to law enforcement, media and state agencies. The list compilers call themselves “Concerned Citizens of America” but many wonder if the State of Utah is the real source of the information.
The list was included with a letter calling for people on the list to be immediately deported. Social Security numbers, birth dates, work places names of children as well as due dates of pregnant women were included. The detail of the information indicates the information may have originated from state records. It is a misdemeanor to leak state records but a felony to leak personal medical information, as was the case with the due dates. The Utah’s governor’s office has begun an investigation.

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Israel Honors Salvadorian for Saving Thousands of Jews during WWII

El Salvadorian World War II diplomat and former Consul General, Jose Arturo Castellanos received one of the highest honors from Israel for saving thousands of Jews during the war.

Castellanos is credited for issuing some 40,000 Salvadoran passports and birth certificates to Jews to save them from the death chambers of war torn Hungary.  The title of “Righteous Gentile” is one of the highest recognitions bestowed by Israel and mostly given to Europeans.  Several World War II survivors offered testimony of Castellanos bravery and fight on their behalf. 

Castellanos, posthumously has been recognized by the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee for his efforts.  During his lifetime he was not recognized for all his heroics but thanks to the Salvadoran government and his family he is now being given his rightful accord

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Mexican Gang Drives Car Bomb into Police

Gang members in Juarez Mexico rammed a car into two police vehicles in the northern border city Thursday. The attack was in retaliation for the arrest of one of the leaders of the La Linea drug gang. Although attacks on the Police have occurred previously, it is believed this is the first time an explosive filled car has been used as a weapon in Mexico. Seven Police officers and two civilians were injured in the explosion, two officers and an emergency medical technician are confirmed dead.

Graffiti later appeared on a wall stating, “What happened on 16 (de Septiembre avenue) will keep happening to all the authorities who keep supporting El Chapo. Sincerely - the Juarez cartel. We still have car bombs.”

The La Linea drug gang is responsible for at least 25 executions in Mexico, primarily of rival gang members. The La Linea gang works for the Juarez drug cartel.  Police arrested Acosta Guerrero, 35, the “operations leader” of the gang.

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AZ Catholic Church Pleads for Immigration Reform as a Humanitarian Cause

Father Gerald Kicanas who is the Bishop of Tucson, Arizona and Vice President of the U.S. Catholic Bishops Conference, was on Capital Hill yesterday testifying before Congress on the need for immigration reform characterizing it as “ultimately a humanitarian issue.”  He testified as a witness to the human consequences of illegal immigration and what he has seen running his diocese right at the Arizona-Mexico border.

Bishop Kicanas testified to the exploitation by human smugglers, death in the desert and broken families.  He categorized undocumented immigrants as a “permanent underclass” and urged Congress to grant citizenship for the 12 million individuals already here and grant work permits for those wishing to work in the U.S. 

In closing he urged Americans to tone down the harsh rhetoric and everyone to study the “root causes” of illegal immigration and support international aid so that migrants can ultimately stay in there country’s and contribute.

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Hispanics Will Reap Many Benefits from New Financial Reform Legislation

Congress just passed a massive piece of legislation, “Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010” aimed at regulating the U.S. financial systems and putting in place stricter controls so as to avert the financial crisis of 2008 from occurring again.  The good news for consumers is there are also new protections for them and several that benefit the Hispanic financial consumer making the banking system more fair and accessible to them.

Latino’s and other minorities have been disproportionately impacted by the economic crisis and specifically targeted by unscrupulous lenders resulting in 2 million African Americans and Latinos unemployed and 17% of all Hispanic homeowners losing their homes. 

The new legislation will create a new consumer protection agency to protect from abusive financial products and services.  There will be at least $1billion in bridge loans to help families hold on to their houses while they seek employment and promote greater access to safe and affordable bank accounts and credit.  The new legislation also creates a more transparent process for wiring money, last year alone Hispanics sent $17.3Billion to Mexico many not sure what and how transfer fees were calculated. 

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FridayJuly 16, 2010