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ThursdayJuly 15, 2010

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The DREAM to Higher Education

For the 70,000 undocumented students that graduate High Schools each year the future is uncertain. Their access to post-secondary education in the United States is halted due to their immigration status and the inability to access public funding for higher education.

Aspiring undocumented college bound students are ineligible for public forms of financial aid often needed to finance the cost of their education and in certain cases are denied admission to public and private institutions despite their academic qualifications, due to their undocumented status.

But students are not standing by idle; they are pushing for an educational reform that could also grant them a pathway to citizenship under certain parameters the Dream Act would enable immigrant youth who meet certain criteria, coming to the U.S as children, having graduated from a U.S. high school, and completing two years of college or military service, an opportunity to legalize their immigration status.

Yesterday a group of Hispanic students valiantly stood outside the office of congresswoman Nydia Velázquez president of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to urge her to support the stand-alone Dream act. Velázquez currently supports the Dream Act as part of the comprehensive immigration reform, not as a stand-alone. But students are weary of the passage of a comprehensive reform and are urging a stand-alone piece of legislation.

It appears that the organized marches, hunger strikes outside the offices of congressmen with the power to pave a new path are paying off. Congressman Luis Gutiérrez who shares the views of Velázquez has agreed to try and convince the members of the Hispanic Caucus to support the stand-alone cause of the next Latino generation, as a stand-alone piece of legislation.

Anyone interested in supporting the cause there will be a national mobilization in Washington D.C. urging nation’s leaders to approve the law. For more information on the march visit www.thedreamiscoming.com

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Homer Township Jumps on Bandwagon

Little tiny Homer Township, located in Western Will County IL decided to jump on the anti-immigrant bandwagon this week. Although they readily agree that the township has no problems with illegal immigrants, and that all town documents are printed in English and have never been requested otherwise, they felt a need to pass a resolution this week declaring English their official language. One might wonder why, and you would not be alone.  This wholly symbolic gesture will have no effect on life in Homer Township. The township has a population of about 30,000 with approximately 3600 Hispanic residents with very little governing responsibilities.  Perhaps that explains why they have no more pressing matters to cover.

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Dios Mio! Singer Jon Secada Stripping Instead of Singing

Dios Mio! Singer Jon Secada Stripping Instead of Singing


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Cuban-born, once famous pop star, Jon Secada is now stripping for a living instead of singing for his bread.  The singer-songwriter who won multiple Grammy’s, has collaborated with such musical superstars as Gloria Estefan and Elton John, is now working at Chippendale’s, a Las Vegas nightclub.

He won acclaim for writing Estefan’s “Coming Out of the Dark” and had a best selling first album “Jon Secada”.  His Spanish language album “Otro Dia Mas Sin Verte” was the number one album of 1992.  He is part of Chippendale’s Collar & Cuff’s Parade. 

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South Carolina’s Growing Face of Intolerance

As the state legislature of South Carolina considers enacting illegal immigration laws similar to Arizona SB1070, other cities and counties throughout the state are crafting illegal alien legislation on their own.  Case in point, yesterday’s vote in Summerville, South Carolina’s city council that would ban the hiring of illegals and bar them from living in Summerville. 

The suburb with 42,000 residents, once known as the summer enclave of slave-owning plantation owners, doesn’t on the surface have reason to feel a threat from illegal immigration, its economic fallout, nor does it face border issues like Arizona.  With only 800 plus Hispanics living in the town it somehow felt compelled to draft and propose their own version of SB 1070.  Its demographics also do not fit the profile of a besieged municipality with 77% of residents white, affluent and Hispanic’s constituting the smallest minority at 2% of the population, according to current census figures.

The Summerville’s law that is currently under city legal review will be voted on August 11th.  The ordinance, if passed, was justified by city officials as “needed because the federal government is not doing enough to prevent illegal immigration.”  It is unclear how a small predominantly white suburb in South Carolina has deemed itself capable of doing the job of the federal government since there are numerous county and state illegal alien laws on the books. 

Could it be that Summerville and most of South Carolina, including Republican Governor Mark Sanford is reacting to current census figures that showed the biggest percentage increase of the Hispanic population had occurred in their state?  Nonetheless, there are approximately little more than 150,000 Hispanics in the state and 850 of them in Summerville. 

Or could it be that Summerville wants to voice its support to state bill “Illegal Aliens Enforcement” introduced in April 2010 calling for warrantless arrests for those suspected of being in the country illegally, fining those not carrying papers; and making it illegal to work in the state in any capacity without documentation. For a full copy of the proposed legislation go to HSN Library

Regardless of Summerville’s motives or South Carolina’s there is a growing pallor of intolerance and racial isolation, which a state with a history of slavery and lynching cannot afford.

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Hallazgo en México de Toneles con Restos Humanos

Los militares mexicanos encontraron tres toneles con restos humanos diluidos en ácido y cinco tumbas clandestinas en el estado de Nuevo León anuncio la secretaría de la Defensa el miércoles.

Un informe anónimo llevo a las autoridades mexicanas a un predio ubicado en la zona industrial del estado donde encontraron tres toneles de 200 litros cada uno repletos de restos humanos diluidos en una especie de ácido. Al inspeccionar el área cuidadosamente encontraron otras cinco excavaciones.

Las autoridades continúan la investigación, por ahora solo un hombre que se encontraba en el predio ha sido detenido.

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Domestic Violence Deaths Rise 40% in Argentina

La Casa del Encuentro has released unofficial figures citing the death of 126 women as a result of domestic violence during the first half of this year. This figure is a 40 per cent increase from the same period in 2009.

The report was compiled from cases reported to Argentine news media because of the lack of filed complaints against attackers.

The majority of the crimes occurred in the province of Buenos Aires with the perpetrators identified as the current or former husbands or boyfriends of the victims.

Fabia Tunez the general coordinator of La Casa del Encuetro urges the government to implement the comprehensive law Congress approved in March of 2009 that punishes and eradicates violence against women.

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Shifting Priorities:  U.S. Hispanic’s Now View Immigration as No. 1 Concern Not Economy

A comprehensive study was just completed by the Hispanic Federation and the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) showing shifting priorities for the U.S. Latino population and a galvanization of this population behind the issue of immigration.  The U.S. Hispanic community like the rest of America typically has listed jobs, the economy and education as priorities, not any more.  The study shows that immigration is now statistically more important than jobs, specifically for every 9 out of 10 Latinos.

The majority of Hispanics even those that are U.S. born, multi-generational and “highly” acculturated are unified in opposition to Arizona SB1070, in support of immigration reform with a path to citizenship and most importantly ready to act on the issue at the voting booth.  86% of those polled want to see legislation that includes a path to citizenship, a mandate being ignored by most Republicans who continue to focus on border security and not pointedly addressing what to do with the estimated 12 million undocumented individuals that are already here.

The majority of those polled in fact are Democrats, which is not surprising, but there is an estimated 33% independents who regardless of political affiliation want immigration reform to become a priority.  The most surprising element of the study was the large number of Hispanics who intend to vote their voice and register to vote if they are not already.  The U.S. Latino population that is typically optimistic about the U.S. and the direction it is heading appears to be more pessimistic and all indications are that negative sentiment started with the passing of Arizona SB1070.

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Consumer Reports No Recomienda El IPhone 4

La revista estadounidense Consumer Reports que se encarga de clasificar nuevos productos que entran al mercado reporto que el nuevo iPhone 4 tiene problemas de recepción causados por el diseño de su antena.

Poco tiempo después de que saliera a la venta en junio los consumidores empezaron a quejarse porque notaron que si sostenían el celular de cierta forma con la mano provocaba que las llamadas se interrumpieran.

La razón porque el iPhone 4 registra más interrupciones de llamadas es el uso de una programación defectuosa que muestra incorrectamente un indicador de barras para mostrar la fuerza de la señal anuncio la compañía Apple.

Como resultado de la defectuosa señal del teléfono Consumer Reports no lo recomendara en su lista de puntuación de celulares multiuso.

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Mexico’s Calderon Shuffles Ministry Posts- Again

With two years left in his term and an inability for Calderon to achieve consensus, replacements in Ministry positions are an effort to get the opposition to support important reforms.
Calderon’s fourth interior minister, in four years will be Jose Francisco Blake who will lead the country’s security concerns. Blake’s experience in violence ridden Tijuana makes him a hopeful in Calderon’s fight against organized crime. Bruno Ferrari was named the new economy minister. Calderon hopes change will help him to pass labor legislation as well as to make some changes in Mexico’s political structure that will allow for re-election.

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33 Yes, 27 No- Argentina Legalizes Same Sex Marriage

Argentina becomes the first country in Latin America to legalize same sex marriage. Gays and Lesbian s will enjoy all the same legal rights and responsibilities as heterosexual couples. Rights are significantly broader than civil unions as it encompasses the right to adopt, inheritance rights, and addition of partners to health care to name only a few.

The Senate debated for over 16 hours following only one day after 60,000 people marched on the Congress to oppose the bill. The Catholic Church and evangelical Churches made a strong stance against the bill, while supporters called for marriage equality for everyone.

The lower house has already approved the bill and the President has gone on record in support, same sex marriage will be legalized through out Argentina.

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ThursdayJuly 15, 2010