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SundayJuly 11, 2010

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Olé!!!!  Spain World Cup Champions

In 120 minutes of World Cup competition “La Furia Roja” the Red Fury was victorious over the Netherlands in a 1-0 defeat made possible by an Andres Iniesta goal in overtime.

Both teams had more World Cup game victories than most but no title.  Spain had won 24 games in 19 years of World Cup play until today – World Cup champions for the first time.  All of Spain is pouring out in cities and towns to celebrate.  Right now there are over 300,000 people pouring into Madrid’s downtown Paseo de Recoletos.  Spain is now the European champions and World Cup. Ole!

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“Wise Latina” Celebrates 1st Year Anniversary on Supreme Court

The first Latina justice, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, is celebrating her first year on the court with little fanfare and growing respect amongst her peers.  As the first Hispanic Justice and the third women to sit on the court her opinions, her demeanor and her attire are watched carefully by fans and detractors.

She arrived on the Court well prepared with 17 years experience as a judge and appeared eager and at ease in her new role: asking 36 questions in the first case she heard.  She comes well prepared and easily identifies the core issues of conflict on the matter; receiving public praise from her fellow Justices for it.  Nonetheless she has not made any decisions that are considered controversial or led an opinion.  Typically legal scholars state it takes 5 years for most justices to find their voice; she will probably be no different. 

Though she has maintained a low profile this first year, doing very little public speaking and interviews, she has become an icon in New York where she maintains a home.  Where ever she goes she is recognized for her “Wise Latina” comment but her opinions are not as well documented.  Legal scholars while trying to assess her opinion and decision making style have concluded, to no surprise, she is part of the liberal wing of the Supreme Court.

Justice Sotomayor has voted with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg more than any other Justice.  Overall her opinions and votes have tended to side with the liberal wing on issues ranging from gun rights to religion. She voted to declare juvenile life-without-parole sentences unconstitutional, did not agree with the majority vote that Miranda rights should be the onus of the individual versus law enforcement and dissented that possession of guns for private use should extend beyond that.

She did make a quiet mark for herself on the court when she identified, for the first time ever an individual as an “undocumented immigrant” instead of as an “illegal immigrant” as the Supreme Court has always done.


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World Cup 2014- “Brazil is Calling You”

Brazil has officially been handed the keys as the next host of the FIFA World Cup. Titled,” Brazil is calling you! Celebrate life here” the new campaign will include movies, advertising and use of social media to entice people to Brazil. The kick-off of the new campaign is to begin July 12. Working closely with the Ministry of Tourism, the goal is for a 300 percent increase in tourist revenue for the games. Long term goals are to double the number of tourists who come for the game as tourist to Brazil by 2020. Brazil also hopes to show the world that they are an excellent location for the 2016 Olympics.

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It’s ALIIIIVE!  Castro Makes Rare Public Appear

Putting countless rumors of his death or being near death to rest, Former Cuban President Fidel Castro has been seen alive and well.  Several photos were posted on Cuban blogs, yes they do exist but underground, showing Castro visiting with the scientific community.

The photos were posted on pro-government blogs but not on official government media sites, leading to the assumption that the photos are not sanctioned.  The 83-year old leader has rarely been seen since his health issued of 2006 and since he stepped down as President of Cuba in the same year.  His spry younger brother, 79 year-old Raul Castro is the current President. 

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Mas y Mas – The 7th Lawsuit Challenging AZ SB1070 is Filed

On the heels of the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against Arizona’s immigration law SB1070 another notable institution has filed suit against the state.  The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) filed their suit specifically speaking against the training video used for Arizona police officers “about who is and who is not really deportable”.  LULAC feels officers will focus solely on appearance and ethnic profiling.

LULAC is one of the oldest Hispanic civil rights organizations in the country created in 1929 and boosts a membership of 115,000.  Their suit was filed in the same federal courthouse as the 6 other lawsuits and will be heard by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton.  SB1070 is due to take effect in 18 days on July 29th.

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The 2010 New York International Latino Film Festival Kicks Off

The New York International Latino Film Festival (NYILFF) will open its 11th edition on Tuesday, July 27 with THE DRY LAND, starring America Ferrera and Wilmer Valderrama at the School of Visual Arts Theater.  The gripping TROPICO DE SANGRE, starring Michelle Rodriguez and Cesar Evora, will headline Dominican Night on Thursday, July 29 at Columbia University and STOLEN DREAMS (Sohnos Robados), 2009 Winner of the Rio International Film Festival is the Closing Night film on Saturday July 31 at the School of Visual Arts Theater.

This year, the #1 Latino film festival in the country, will present over 100 films ranging from full length features, documentaries and shorts including several star-studded red carpet premieres. Celebrities invited to attend are America Ferrera, Jimmy Smits, Wilmer Valderrama, Michelle Rodriguez, Martin Sheen, Jaime Camil, Cesar Evora, Jason Ritter, Ryan O’Nan, Ana de la Reguera, Deborah Harry, Paul Rodriguez, Tony Plana, Manny Perez, Priscilla Lopez and many more.

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Who, When and Where – Cuban Government Slowly Providing Details on 52 Detainees Release

When the Cuban Catholic Church announced that 52 jailed political dissidents would be released several days ago no one knew who, when and where – slowly those details are coming out, making this unprecedented action by the Cuban government more of a reality. 

Yesterday 12 names of detainees to be released were provided on top of 5 identified earlier.  All of these individuals have accepted asylum in Spain, who has agreed to accept them as a condition of their release.  The landmark deal was brokered by the Spanish government and the Catholic Church; though over 100 political prisoners remain in jail and are not part of these negotiations.

The 52 release-es are among a group of journalists and political activists that were jailed on charges of treason for their actions and public voice against the government in 2003;  most have been in jail since then.  All that remains unknown is when they will be released. 

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“Coraje Hasta el Final” Uruguay Proclaimed Courageous to the End by its People

With much hope coming in to the consolation match and little star power Uruguay couldn’t obtain a third place position in the 2010 World Cup Games.  In a 3-2 defeat Uruguay lost the opportunity to place in the World Cup games; its last won the World Cup in 1930 and 1950.  The match was exciting and there were moments when South America held its breath to bring the cup back to them, especially when the score was tied at 2-2.

History was not on Uruguay side, it had only beat Germany once in 10 matches and that was in 1928.  Germany had also beat Uruguay in 1970 in a third-place match, which was also the last time Uruguay had reached the semifinals.  Uruguayan newspapers pronounced their pride because their team had played amongst the giants.  Proclaiming “en el corazon de la gente, estos judadores fueron asombrosos”, in the hearts of Uruguayans these players were astonishing.”

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SundayJuly 11, 2010