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FridayJuly 9, 2010

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Chávez Faces Resistance to the Nationalization of the Largest Food Manufacturer

Polar, the Venezuelan version of Kraft or Procter & Gamble is the president’s next expropriation victim. A decree nationalizing Polar’s warehouses and offices in Barquisimeto, an industrial zone was signed. Chávez plans to replace the facility with apartments.

But Polar isn’t standing by idle, they have taken up the issue with the Supreme Court and its employees are rallying up in opposition. Workers worry they will suffer the same fate their compatriots have when their companies were nationalized. Juan Tacoa, president of one of the unions protecting workers explains, “Here in Polar, we have benefits we know we would not have with the government.”

Employees are camped out at Polar’s entrance to make sure Chávez’s supporters did not storm the gates. Santos Freites, 42, embodies the overwhelming sentiment among his co-workers, “This is our fight, our cause, and the reason we are here is our jobs,” he said. “We are here because we need to defend our jobs, for our children and our families.”

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WTF!  Arizona Republican Voter Drive to be Held at LowRider Car Show

You read it here folks.  Tomorrow, the Hispanic Republican party, yes one does exist, is hosting a Voter Registration Drive at the Low Rider Car Show.  The “lowrider” is a style of car most identified with Mexican-Americans or Chicanos; the cars move up and down on souped up hydraulic systems with loud speaker systems. 

“Somos Republicans” is a Republican organization seeking to “increase the Latino Republican” voting block by 100% within two years.  Good Luck!

In fairness to the organization they have issued a press statement condemning Arizona SB1070 and firmly back the concept that immigration is a federal government issue.  Clearly they have not been conferring with other branches of the Arizona Republican party especially those that drafted SB 1070 or Republican Governor Jan Brewer

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Children of Immigrants – The Numbers

More than one in five children in the United States has at least one immigrant parent a study by the Urban Institute is showing.  The study is showing that most of the population growth in the U.S. is coming from children of immigrants.  More than half of those children are Hispanic and by age 8 half are bilingual.

The study also showed that in spite of a large percentage living in low-income households, their use of public benefits is low.  For example, children of immigrants are less likely than those U.S. born to participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.  There is also a large portion of immigrant children, 84% that live in two-parent families which is higher than U.S. born children.

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Victims of Argentinas “Dirty War” Finally Receive Justice

Family members cheered as some of the perpetrators of Argentina’s “Dirty War” were sentenced this thursday. Leftist supporters were targeted at the beginning of the military dictatorship, 1976-1983, and kidnapped, tortured, and murdered at the secret detention center in provincial Tucuman.

Former General Luciano Menendez and former police intelligence chief Roberto Albornoz were sentenced to life in prison for the inhumane crimes they comitted at the secret detention center. In addition, two former police officers, brothers Luis Armando de Candido and Carlos Esteban de Candido were sentenced to 18 and 3 years.

The case was revived when a protected witness came forth with 259 pages of secret documents he smuggled from the detention center and hid for three decades. The evidence included the names of more than 250 people with notations indicating their fate. Included in the evidence were documents with handwritten notes made during torture sessions, reports about spying efforts, the names of intelligence agents and the identities of bodies.

During its reign the junta killed between 13,000 to 30,000 people. Approximately 20 dictatorship-era human rights cases are being tried this year in Argentina, and verdicts have been reached in 23 others.

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Huelga en la Provincia de Panama Resulta en 1 Muerto y 100 Heridos

ULTIMA HORA—El portavoz del gobierno, Judy Meana, anunció que “Se llegó a un acuerdo positivo en la noche del domingo.” La ley laboral que inicio esta huelga—quita la obligación a las empresas de pagar la cuota sindical y permite sustituir a los empleados en caso de huelga—se va a posponer por 90 días en los cuales se abrirá un diálogo nacional en lo cual participarán los sindicatos, gobierno y otras organizaciones para revisar la reforma laboral.

El gobierno se comprometió ha arreglar los problemas asociados con la huelga en términos de ayuda social, indemnizaciones, pensiones, y gastos funerarios de las víctimas. Ademas el gobierno libero a todos los trabajadores presos por los disturbios sin llevarlos a juicio.
Una semana de huelga por los obreros del Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Industria del Banano en Bocas del Torro, una provincia occidental de Panama, se convirtió en un disturbio violento este jueves que la policía provincial esta tratando de contener.

Por ahora se ha reportado un muerto, Antonio Smith, dirigente de las bananeras, varios heridos de gravedad, y tres policías están retenidos en una finca bananera. Los heridos graves fueron trasladados vía aérea hacia otros hospitales. Por su parte los policías están reprimiendo con punta de balas y gases lacrimógenos en un esfuerzo de reprimir a los manifestantes en lo que se ha vuelto una anarquía total.

Las protestas comenzaron por el rechazo de un ley aprobada hace un mes que reforma normas laborales, ambientales, aviación comercial y policía, entre otros. Los obreros bananeros sostienen que la ley esta dirigida en contra del derecho de huelga y los sindicatos.

El gobierno ha respondido con realizar un Consejo de Gabinete extraordinario y enviar al ministro de la Presidencia Jimmy Papadimitriu a la region para comenzar un diálogo.

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Friday’s Running of the Bull’s Leaves Three Injured

In Pamplona Spain at the San Fermin Festival, it was a panic filled third running of the bulls. In addition to thee people being sent air born, one of the bulls became separated from the pack. The lone bull charged runners, and charged at wooden barriers separating spectators from the bull run.  The bull was finally steered into the arena to end the run at 6 minutes and 23 seconds, more than twice the normal time.
The race consists of a path through Pamplona’s historic old quarter. The route was slick with early morning rain today as the bulls ran the 930-yard coarse from the holding pen to the town bullring.

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Cuban Political Dissident Ends Hunger Strike after 130 Days

Cuban doctor and political dissident, Guillermo Feriñas, has announced the end to his 130 day hunger strike.  Fariñas has conducted several hunger strikes over the years to protect the Cuban government and the treatment of prisoners.  In 2006 he received the International Human Rights Award.

Fariñas had been bedridden from weakness at his home in Cuba when he made the announcement, stating “This confrontation…has no winners or losers, only Cuba, our nation, has won.”

Fariñas announcement was made in reaction to Cuba announcing it would release 52 political prisoners.  This release will leave100 political prisoners in jail according to human rights watch groups.

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AZ Governor Brewer Sets Up On-Line Giving to Help AZ “Stop Illegal Immigration”

In a plea that is finding an audience, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has set up an on-line site www.keepazsafe.com to collect funds to “maintain a secure border” and “stopping illegal immigration”.  It is being reported that the donation efforts have collected approximately $500,000, mostly from small $5-$20 donations.  The site has pictures of Brewer in action, border patrol on duty and a picture of Brewer with New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson who cannot be too happy.  He has stated that SB1070 is “racial profiling”.

AP reporters uncovered the list and have been contacting donors which are stating their support for the state in hopes that “terrorists” do not enter the country illegally.  To date, no known terrorist on any government or international watch list has been apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border. 

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Mel Gibson Rage Rant Includes “Wetbacks”

It appears Mel Gibson’s racist rantings have not excluded any race or ethnicity.  If the Hispanics, specifically Mexican-Americans, were feeling left out by his tirades – worry no more.  In the taped encounters between him and his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva he is heard ranting about Jews and African-Americans, now comes the Hispanics.

Gibson is heard screaming about a staff member”  “I will report her to the fucking people that take fucking money from the wetbacks.”  Its assumed his is threatening to report the staffer to immigration authorites.  As insulting as the term “wetback” is, poor drunky Mel is dating himself using a term that hasn’t been used in ages.  He needs to get more mod in his bigotry or preferably keep his mouth shout.

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Cristiano Ronaldo is #1 Latino on Forbes ‘The Celebrity 100’ List

Every year Forbes makes a list of the worlds most powerful celebrities.  Judging is based on several criteria but primarily it is earnings and media coverage. No surprise- Oprah is number one-again, and the first Latino appears at #48.
World Soccer Hero Cristiano Ronaldo is the #1 Latino with earning of 36 Million from his FIFA work. Also at 36 Million is Alex Rodriguez listed at #49. First female is Cameron Diaz at #60, followed by Charlie Sheen, Gisele Bundchen and George Lopez who slid in at #94 and 18 Million.

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FridayJuly 9, 2010