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ThursdayJuly 8, 2010

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Summer Travel Just Got Pricier with Passport Fees Increase

Passport fees are set to increase next week tuesday if you are planning on applying or renewing your passport. The plan to raise the fee first proposed in February alarmed congressmen, AAA, and other organizations. Moreover, more than 70% of the 1,797 public comments filed with the State Department expressed their discontent about the fee increase.

The Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for passport affairs, Brenda Sprague, explained that the fee increases are needed to cover rising costs which include the new high-tech security features and the new facilities being built to keep up with demand.

  • Adult passport: New fee: $135. Old fee: $100
  • Adult passport renewal: New fee: $110.  Old fee: $75
  • Minor passport (under age 16): New fee: $105. Old fee; $85
  • Adult passport card (allows border crossings by land): New fee: $55. Old fee: $45
  • Minor passport card: New fee: $40. Old fee: $35
  • Extra visa pages: New fee: $82. Old fee: It was free of charge

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School Children to Receive Special Training

School Children to Receive Special Training

Photo: By Maxine Park, Guerrero Public Safety Department

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As school ends Friday in most of Mexico, many administrators are trying to prepare for new states requirements that teachers be trained in “shootout drills”.  Training will include immediately taking all children inside, locking classroom doors and keeping children away from all windows. In additional children are to be taught to never take pictures or videos of the shootout.
“The first thing the kids want to do is take pictures to post on their social networks,” says Erika Arciniega, director of crime prevention for the Guerrero state police. “We don’t want them to become targets.”
As drug related violence continues to escalate in Mexico, urban gunfights between drug gangs threaten children’s safety. Since October at least nine gunfights have broken out in school zones, three have been in the last month.  On June 15 only 60 feet from a preschool in Taxco, soldiers and gunman battled for an hour.

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Mueren 8 Funcionarios Mexicanos en Una Avioneta Mientras Evaluaban Destrucción por “Alex”

Los funcionarios volaban sobre el estado mexicano de Coahuila para comprobar los daños dejados por el huracán Alex. El gobierno de Coahuila informó que en el accidente murieron el secretario de Obras Públicas, Horacio del Bosque Dávila, el alcalde de Piedras Negras, José Manuel Maldonado, y otras seis personas más.

La avioneta que llevaba a los funcionarios sobrevolaba los cauces de la presa Lafragua cuando la avioneta se desplomó en una finca y explotó. Todavia se desconoce la causa del accidente pero el gobierno esta seguro que la avioneta explotó al impactar la tierra provocando la muerte instantánea de los ocupantes.

El huracán Alex causo la inundación de la región nordeste de México al desbordarse varios ríos y presas.

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El Salvador Responde con Ley Antipandillas a la Ola de Violencia

El Salvador responde con una ley que criminaliza la existencia de pandillas por los últimos atentados de violencia por presuntos miembros de pandillas. La ley fue discutida por varias organizaciones, universidades, iglesias y grupos empresariales antes de ser formalizada. El presidente Mauricio Funes enviara la ley a la Asamblea Legislativa para que sea discutida y enriquecida.

La nueva legislación, según Funes, establece que la “sola pertenencia a una pandilla, ya es constitutivo de delito”, aumenta los años de cárcel por el delito de agrupaciones ilícitas, controlará las cuentas bancarias y otros bienes producto de acciones criminales.

El Salvador esta pasando por unas de las peores olas de violencia que el país ha visto tanto así que los últimos atentados se han clasificado como actos terroristas.

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Minorities are Among the Largest Group of Internet Users

A recent study released by the Pew Research Center revealed that minorities are the most avid users of internet over their cell phones. Also low-income groups are the fastest adopters of the mobile web technology in contrast to the wealthier communities who have had more access to the internet in the past two decades.

For lower-income families wireless devices are a gateway to the internet, 46 percent of households earning less than $30,000 report they use data services on their wireless devices, an 11 percentage increase from 2009.

Overall Hispanics are the largest users of data applications on their cellphones and laptops. The research revealed that 83 percent of Hispanics said they use text messages, 47 percent of Hispanics use e-mail, and 18 percent of Hispanics have purchased a product over their mobile device. All of these figures are leading the pack among their African American and White counterparts.

There are limits however to the mobile devices access to what is called public purpose applications that include help finding jobs, managing household expenses, and homework. The penetration of internet usage through smart phones in minority communities is an improvement however to the previous inaccessibility.

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Conservative Latino’s In Utah?

Conservative Latino’s In Utah?

Photo: Flickr Sarowen

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Hoping to tap into a currently little recognized source- Latino advocates in Utah look to have a major influence in local politics.  Looking to the 23 percent of eligible Latino voters who have never registered to vote and the 10-15 percent who are registered but do not vote, hopes are to oust several lawmakers on the state level.  Specifically lawmakers who are trying to pass a law in Utah similar to SB 1070 in Arizona.
Proyecto Latino de Utah Director Tony Yapias says that,” “The general voter in Utah, even though they’re conservative, they’re more compassionate,” Yapias says, “and I believe they are the ones that are going to vote some of these legislators out.”

The important distinction is that although many conservatives, regardless of ethnicity, do not support illegal immigration, they do seek a humane way to deal with the immigrants already here.

One concerned politician is Rep Stephen Sandstrum who says he is not deterred by Obama’s suit against the Arizona law but rather, he is “full steam ahead” on introducing his Utah legislation.

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Los Encierros de San Fermín

El primer encierro de las fiestas de San Fermín fue rápido y sin corneados. El recorrido de más de 800 metros se concluyo en apenas dos minutos y medio este miércoles. Hubieron varias caídas, tres jóvenes fueron trasladados a centros hospitalarios sin embargo no había heridos graves.

Los encierros se celebrarán todas las mañanas hasta el 14 de julio. En el segundo encierro que ocurrió esta mañana hubieron dos corneados y la carrera peligrosa se tomo casi cuatro minutos. Ocho personas tuvieron que ser trasladadas a servicios de urgencias, el corredor más grave tiene un “pronóstico grave con riesgo para la vida” avisaron médicos del Hospital de Navarra.

El año pasado falleció un joven madrileño por una cornada fatal en el cuello. Los tradicionales encierros son el acto principal de los Sanfermines, cientos de mozos de todo el mundo corren delante de los toros por las calles de la capital navarra hasta llegar a la plaza de toros.

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Mexico: Alex leaves 18,000 Evacuations and flooding in its wake

In the aftermath of Hurricane Alex that struck last week, many dams in Mexico are threatening to overflow. In what is being called a critical situation, 18,000 people have been evacuated from Ciudad Anahuac in northern Mexico. Officials are monitoring the Rio Grande, which was expected to crest early Thursday morning. In some places the river is 20 ft above normal. In order to have controlled flooding, 20 floodgates along the Rio Grande tributary, Salado River, have been opened. The situation is describes as still very critical.
Mexico’s third largest city, Monterrey has been flooded damaging major highways and disrupting drinking water supply. 130,000 people remain with out drinking water.

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U.S. Government Not Alone in Legal Fight Against Arizona’s SB 1070

When the Department of Justice filed suit this week to block Arizona’s immigration law, SB 1070, it joined other notable institutions also suing to block the legislation.  The American Bar Association (ABA) filed it brief on June 30 in the same federal district court of Arizona where the U.S. government filed its brief. 

Its brief was filed in support of the class-action lawsuit launched by the American Civil Liberties Union (ALU).  In a prepared statement the ABA stated “the ABA has long opposed initiatives such as SB 1070, which by their plain language, can only be implemented by intruding on the civil rights of both citizens and non-citizens.” 

The week before the ABA suit the Mexican government also filed a brief against Arizona’s SB 1070 to ensure its citizens are “accorded human and civil rights when present in the US”.  Arizona also faces lawsuits filed against it independent of the ACLU, ABA and Mexican government filings.

The National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders and several Tucson police officers were some of the first to file against SB 1070.

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Volkswagen Announces $1Billion Investment in Mexico

European auto manufacturer, Volkswagen (VW), has announced it plans on investing $1Billion over the next 3 years in its existing Mexican operations.  The investment is part of the company’s “Strategy 2018” and will expand existing operations in Puebla, Mexico where the Jetta is manufactured.  Mexico is also a finalist for a new North American engine plant the company will open shortly.

The Puebla facility is the principal manufacturer of VW’s compact cars for North America and employs 900 Mexican engineers.  The Mexican facility produces over 500,000 units and is one of the largest such plants for VW worldwide. 

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Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer Statue Renovation Complete

One of the world’s most recognizable Catholic symbols has been restored and re-inaugurated for the world to see again.  Christ the Redeemer statue, one of the Seven Worlds of the World, sits perched on the Corcovado Mountain overlooking Rio de Janiero.  It had been undergoing repairs for water, nearly 80 gallons, that seeped inside the base chapel and caused damages.  The statue was also reinforced to withstanding lightning strikes.

A mass was held for the re-inauguration led by the Bishop of Rio de Janiero, Dimas Lara Barbosa.  The statue was originally built in 1931 and took 9 years to construct.

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ThursdayJuly 8, 2010