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MondayJuly 5, 2010

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To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Dengue Outbreak Feared in Puerto Rico

The Health Secretary of Puerto Rico has announced a third death of dengue fever on the island.  Secretary Lorenzo Gonzalez Feliciano urged island residents to eliminate any potential breeding ground for the infectious mosquitoes, like standing pools of water and open drains.  He also recommended that islanders and visitors sleep under netting and wear bug repellent spray as an extra precaution.

The Puerto Rican government is spraying schools and public parks in an effort to diminish an outbreak.  The dengue virus grows stronger during times of intense, damp heat like those that can occur in July and August in Puerto Rico.  There is no vaccine for the dengue virus, once thought to be on the wane, and now making a come back in different strains.  Anyone traveling to the island is asked to check with government officials as to whether shots are necessary when visiting.

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156 Military Personnel Granted Citizenship for Their Service to the Nation

The American Forces Press Service announced that 156 of their service members were granted citizenship “through service to the nation.”  The naturalization ceremony was held at Camp Victory, Iraq on July 4th and was presided over by Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Dr. Jill Biden.

All branches of service were represented amongst the 156 military personnel present and represented 56 different countries.  The commander of American forces in Iraq also spoke at the ceremony expressing gratitude to those who chose to service their country even before obtaining “the right of U.S. citizenship.”

In 2009 10,000 military personnel became naturalized citizens taking advantage of legislation passed in 2000 making it easier for military personnel and their families to obtain citizenship. 

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More “CRAZY TALK” Coming from Arizona Republicans

It seems everyone has a creative way to fret out and punish those in Arizona that are not U.S. legal residents.  A Republican candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission, the commission that regulates pubic utilities, Barry Wong is suggesting that utility customer’s immigration status be checked and if it doesn’t pass mustard – Lights Out – no service. 

Mr. Wong made the unique suggestion as a cost cutting measure for the state.  “Cutting electricity, water, natural gas, even telephone line at the homes of illegal immigrants” he said “would lower costs for the rest of the state’s customers.”  The actual details on his plan are not known.  Thus far no one has endorsed this idea even the rabid anti-immigration voices of Arizona. 

Mr. Wong, whose parents are Chinese immigrants, is a former member of the State house and currently has a temporary spot on the five-person commission board.  Unlike state legislation that needs to be vetted by a committee, changes to public utility policy can be authored by one person and only 3 votes are needed to become policy.  Hopefully, Mr. Wong has checked the immigration status of his parents and relatives.

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Soccer Superstar Ronaldo’s Baby Mama MYSTERY

Cristiano Ronaldo might of lost out on the World Cup but gained a son in the process.  He recently announced that he was the father of a baby boy whose American mother will remain anonymous and has given up her maternal rights.  Ronaldo will have sole custody with his mother and sister helping to raise the baby.

With his Real Madrid team salary of $121 million the baby should be covered in diapers and diamonds.  The baby was born on June 17 but Ronaldo made no mention of it during World Cup play making the Facebook and Twitter announcement this weekend.

Everyone was caught off guard even his current Russian girlfriend Irina Shayk and the bevy of other women he has been linked to.  Kim Karadashian, rumored to be another girl friend wished him well. 

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President Felipe Calderon’s Political Party Trailing in Most Elections

Notimex is reporting that Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s political party known as the PAN is trailing in nine of the 12 gubernatorial elections held yesterday.  The Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), that ruled Mexico for seven decades is taking the lead in those races.  Many Mexican’s feel the price paid to bring drug trafficers to justice is too high and the violence too prevalent.

The elections were also critical in the eyes of the world to see if Mexico’s long-fought battle for democratically held elections remain viable or under siege by drug cartels.  The results on that issue are mixed.  During campaigning one gubernatorial candidate was killed, 10 municipal candidates killed and many others threatened.

There was high security everywhere; bulletproof vests for candidates and four bodies found hang in Chihuahua.  Certain areas of the country reported high turnout others sparse.  In Tamaulipas where leading PRI candidate Rodolfo Torre was assassinated many poll workers refused to show up and in certain places in the state no one came to vote.

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Religious Leaders in Houston Take to the Pulpit to Preach on Immigration’s Benefits

Priests, ministers and rabbis throughout Houston, Texas took to their pulpits over the weekend and uniformly endorsed immigration reform that would provide a path to citizenship.  The head of the Catholic Church in the area Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, leaders of other Christian denominations and some Jewish leaders sent letters urging member churches to take up the cause.  The effort is being organized by the interfaith group, the Metropolitan Organization in an effort to recognize immigration as a positive for the country and part of its history. 

All involved recognized it is an uphill battle in conservative Texas and especially in Houston that has seen the white majority on the decline. Nonetheless religious leaders hope their congregations will remember it is a “religious obligation” to welcome strangers.

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MondayJuly 5, 2010