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SaturdayJuly 3, 2010

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To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Bus Crash in Southern Peru

Bus Crash in Southern Peru

Photo: Google Images

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A Saturday morning bus crash occurred in southern Peru leaving 8 killed and 24 injured according to Peruvian officials.  Those officials continue to investigate but preliminary indications are blaming excessive speed as the cause of the bus plunging down a ravine as it was passing a curve.

The accident occurred as the bus was traveling on the Pan American Southern highway in Arequipa, Peru;  the highway connects Peru and Chile. 

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FREE Digital TV to 30 Million Argentineans Announces President Cristina Fernández

FREE Digital TV to 30 Million Argentineans Announces President Cristina Fernández

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The administration of Argentinean President Cristina Fernández announced plans to have free digital TV to over 30 million of its citizen’s starting with the poorest.  Individuals that are currently receiving any type of government assistance or on fixed incomes will be the first to receive converter boxes.

The government started testing the digital TV program by sending out the free converter boxes right when the World Cup started and plans to have the boxes in 1.2 million household by the end of the year.  By 2019 and after a $1.6 billion investment they plan on having 75% of the country’s 40 million citizens accessing digital TV.  President Fernández wants the country to leap into the modern times and is opting to providing free converter boxes to those least able to spend $180, the estimated cost of the converter boxes.  There will also be free channels provided beside state TV with free programming for children and programming on science, technology and sports.

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Polling Numbers Shape White House Behavior on Immigration

Gallop poll reports a significant drop in Hispanic voters support for President Obama. Many Hispanics voted for Obama because he promised he would bring immigration reform in 2009. Obama has disappointed many by giving priority to health care reform, energy legislation and financial regulatory reform. White House political advisers who need Hispanic votes in 2010 and ’12 in swing states like Nevada, Colorado, and Florida are pressing heard to see immigration reform become front and center. Those interviewed in Spanish show a greater decline in Obamas approval rating.

See the Gallup polling results here.

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Economies of Latin America Surge

The economies of some nations in Latin America are experiencing an unprecedented economic surge compared to recent years. The demands in Asia for commodities coupled with the economic policies countries have implemented to combat deficits and inflation rates are responsible for the increase in investment and growth. The World Bank predicts that the economy in the region will have a 4.5 percent growth rate this year.

Brazil is leading the pack with a 9 percent growth rate in the first quarter and an estimated 7.3 growth at the end of this year. Mexico in spite of its sharp contraction last year has a reported 4.3 percent growth rate in the first quarter and could even reach 5 percent this year. For Peru, a small nation plagued by hyperinflation and two-decade war, the GDP reached 9.3 percent in April in comparison to the same month last year.

Venezuela on the other hand, and its neighbor Ecuador are not enjoying the benefits of this economic surge. Electricity shortages and fears of expropriations caused GDP to shrink 5.8 percent in the first quarter in Venezuela.

This economic surge is in large part due to increased business relations with Asia. Some scholars in the region speculate that the economic boom won’t last too long due to shaky political systems, the excessive reliance on commodity exports and the risks associated with increase trade with China. Latin America has become susceptible to Chinese policies that increased the demand for commodities.

Other economists attribute this phenomenon to temporary low international interest rates, another factor enabling the economic growth. Whichever the case may be, Latin American economies are rebounding rapidly after the world’s economic downturn, and recent natural disasters in the region. Chile rebounded from the February earthquake rapidly and had an economic growth of 8.2 percent in April from the previous month. Peru’s economic growth is expected to rival or outstrip Brazil’s over the next few years, but for now Brazil ‘“embodies the rise of emerging powers, one of the great themes of this century” according to David Rothkopf, a former Commerce Department official.

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“Roly Poly” Toy Manfucturer Accused of Laundering Money for Colombian Drug Cartels

Angel Toy corporation, located in Los Angeles, is under investigation for suspicion of laundering money through its U.S. and China operations for Colombian and Mexican drug cartels.  Three key executives, all of Chinese descent, were arrested on charges of money laundering, conspiracy and witness tampering.  The accused include Angel Toy’s owners and its CEO. 

California Attorney General, Jerry Brown alleges that members of the drug cartel would drop off bags of money at the company’s Los Angeles headquarters and in turn this money would be wired to China to purchase stuff toys that the company makes, including its well known line of Roly Poly animals.  The toys were then sold throughout Colombia through a distribution channel with all proceeds going to the drug cartels. 

The charges were brought forth after a two year investigation conducted through U.S. Immigration and Customs and the California Attorney General’s office. 

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Hurricane Alex Leaves 6 Dead in Mexico

Hurricane Alex has left Mexico but not before causing flooding in the Gulf coast region of Mexico.  The category 2 hurricane severely damaged infrastructure to the city of Monterrey and caused several bridges to fail as well as damaging railway tracks.  The flooding resulted in 6 deaths in Monterrey.

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Revenge Between Rival Drug Gangs Behind Killing of 8 in Colombia

Colombian officials are blaming fighting between rival drug gangs for a shooting in northwest Colombia that claimed the lives of 8 individuals and injured 9 others.  The shooting occurred in a nightclub in northwest Colombia, near the city of Medellin.

The government is reporting that gunmen came into the club and shot at everything in sight.  One American with a dual-passport was among the victims.

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SaturdayJuly 3, 2010