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ThursdayJuly 1, 2010

Latino Daily News: Bringing You the Latest Hispanic Current Events and News Stories 24/7

To reflect the dynamic interests of our audience, Latino Daily News is an online daily news source and virtual cultural center for and about Latinos. We offer the latest news headlines, as well as innovative and insightful Hispanic current events stories, photos, videos, and commentaries from a Latino perspective, 24/7.

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Julián Lazaro Admits to Being Spy for Beloved Russia

UPDATE:  Julián Lazaro confessed his loyalty to Russia and admitted to he and his wife’s guilt in delivering messages to the KGB.  While admitting his loyalty to Russia he refused to give his true name and identity but did admit to having the Russians pay for his home.  Lazaro’s wife, journalist Vicky Peláez, has not made a court appearance. 

ORIGINAL STORY: The FBI in New York arrested a columnist for the Hispanic Newspaper El Diario/La Prensa, Vicky Peláez ,55 and her husband Julián Lázaro, along with eight others last Sunday.

The Office of the Public Prosecutor in Manhattan has charged them with conspiring to act as agents of the Russian Federation and of money laundering. Peláez is accused of working on behalf of the Russian government to spy on Americans.

The FBI Investigation alleges that Peláez and her husband traveled to South America several times. While there, they transmitted “hidden messages” to the Russian Government and “received money” in exchange for the information.

Recently Peláez wrote comments against the US government and supported the idea of using a nuclear bomb to stop the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The couple’s oldest son Waldo Mariscal, 38, an architect, insisted the government is persecuting his parents for their political views. The allegations are “all inflated little pieces turned into a mosaic of unbelievable things,” he said. “It’s preposterous.”

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The Merge between Comcast and NBC-Universal Yields Benefits for the Hispanic Community

Leaders of the Hispanic community signed an agreement with Comcast and NBC-Universal that promotes the advancement of Hispanics in the workplace. The agreement includes naming a Hispanic to Comcast’s board of directors within the next two years, launching a new Spanish-language multicast channel, increasing contributions to Latino scholarship and internship programs, increasing the number of Hispanics employees, and also increasing business conducted with Latino-owned vendors.

The executives at both affiliates are excited about, “the opportunity to create opportunities and build strong bonds. As we embark on our new venture, we are confident that the transaction will result in unprecedented opportunities for diverse communities.”

These news are a pleasant surprise amidst the chaos surrounding the Hispanic community at this time.

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Brazilian Baby takes Internet by Storm Updated!

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HSN Weighs in on President Obama’s Immigration Speech

President Obama opened his address to the nation this morning to tackle the long overdue issue of immigration by recognizing that immigrants “made America the engine of global economy”.

He recounted the stories of successful Hispanic immigrants who with their entrepreneurial spirit and patriotism for their newfound country impacted the nation in a positive way. He comforted the cries of millions of immigrants who are discriminated, “being American is not a matter of blood or birth, but a matter of faith.”

Then he got to business, and painted vividly the truth of the problem. Everyone has to take accountability; the undocumented citizens for coming here without permission or overstaying their visas, businesses for exploiting them, and the government for failing to enforce and implement stricter immigration laws.

Obama demanded responsibility of undocumented immigrants by admitting they’re here illegally, learn English, pay a fine, pay taxes, simultaneously sending a message to possible immigrants that it is NOT okay for them to come here illegally.

“today we have more boots on the ground on the South West border than anytime in our history.”

Action Plan

Obama recognizes the importance of this moment to act. He recognizes that laws like Arizona’s SB 1070 puts pressures on local authorities, local budgets, and makes it difficult for undocumented immigrants to report crimes essentially making the streets more dangerous.

Obama highlighted the importance of having a homogeneous immigration law across the nation, so the nation is not fragmented on this issue.

In regards to border security Obama asserted, “today we have more boots on the ground on the South West border than anytime in our history.”

Most importantly Obama acknowledged that immigration reform should facilitate the migration of the best and the brightest with entrepreneurial spirit to flourish in the Land of the Free, the law should also respect the unity of families, create a path for farm workers who cultivate and harvest the land, and finally reassured the Hispanic community that he is 100% behind the Dream Act that would enable undocumented students to obtain a higher education.

His efforts, the efforts of immigration advocates, and Hispanic organizations are all in vain and impossible without republican votes, “It’s simply not politically or mathematically possible.”

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Congress Moves to Lift Travel Ban to Cuba

After more than fifty years of a travel ban intended to isolate Cuba, a first step has been made to lift the ban and ease food sales to the island.

The House of Representatives Agriculture Committee voted 25-20 to move the topic into discussion this fall in both the House and Senate. Supporters believe lifting the travel ban will promote positive change on the island and provide more jobs for Cubans and Americans. Opponents believe this is not the time to bail out a brutal dictatorship and aid American big corporate interests. Recently President Obama has allowed greater telecommunication links and unlimited family travel into Cuba. The Cuban government however, has failed to reciprocate these privileges to its own citizens . Congress in 2000 exempted farm sales from the long-standing embargo as long as Havana paid in cash in advance.

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MYSTERY:  Colombian Beauty Killed Weeks After Husband Was

Colombian TV personality, Ivone Gomez, was gunned down by a motorcycle assailant as she was leaving a Cali gym.  She was killed in the same neighborhood her husband, Jose Trujillo, was back in April; that killing remains unresolved.  Ms. Gomez is well known to Colombian morning audiences as a TV morning host on the Telepacifico network.  Police are looking into both killings to see if they are related and why Gomez and Trujillo would be targeted. 

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Cross border Gunfire from Mexico Reaches El Paso City Hall

A shootout between gunmen and Mexican police in Ciudad Juarez reached El Paso City Hall. In total seven bullets traveling more than half-mile reached the Hall, one crashed through a ninth-floor office window, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said “good fortune” prevented any injuries.

Ciudad Juarez is a city plagued with drug violence just across the Rio Grande from El Paso. Violence has spiked in Juarez since the Sinaloa and Juarez cartels started fighting for control of the border city since 2008, more than 5,000 people have been killed.

This incident has created an overwhelming feeling among politicians that increased border security is essential for their protection. Obama has ordered up to 1,200 National Guard soldiers to the border.

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Major Drug Arrests Made in Juarez, Mexico

Juarez police announced the arrest of ten alleged members of the Azteca gang, who serve as enforcers for the Juarez drug cartel.  Following on a tip police arrested the gang members west of the downtown area.  Most of those arrested are considered lookouts for the drug cartel that also participated in drug dealing.  The key arrestee, Jorge Rodriguez Rios, known as “El Viejillo”, is suspected in 13 homicides of rival gang members.

The Juarez police is enjoying some recent success in locating key members of the Juarez drug cartel.  Recently they arrested a suspect connected to 37 homicides in the city.


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Alex se Convierte en Tormenta Tropical en el Noreste de México

Alex tocó tierra en la costa de Tamaulipas el miércoles como huracán de categoría 2 y el jueves disminuyo su fuerza a tormenta tropical. La lluvias ya han provocado inundaciones en autopistas de zonas tan lejanas como Monterrey al continuar su avance hacia zona montañosas del país.

La frontera entre Texas y México fue afectada por tornados e inundaciones provocados por Alex, pero no toco las plataformas petroleras en el Golfo de México.

Operaciones de BP para controlar el derrame petróleo frente a la costa de Luisiana fueron suspendidas.

El centro estadounidense agregó que Alex es el primer y más potente huracán de categoría 2 que ocurre en junio desde 1966.

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$3.0B Expansion Underway for Panama Canal

In a rain soaked ceremony Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli announced the $3.1Billion expansion of the eponymous Panama Canal that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  The Panamanian President was flanked by Latin American dignitaries included Presidents from Colombia, Guatemala and Honduras. Also in attendance were the Italian Premier Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Spanish dignitaries, both country’s are leading a construction consortium to expand the canal to have a third set of locks.

The 49 mile-long canal handles 5% of the world’s trade and is managed by the Panamanian government since 1999 and before then jointly by the U.S.-Panamanian government.  It is considered one of the most critical international maritime passages in the world with 15,000 ships carrying 200 million tons of cargo annually. The expansion will allow larger ships to travel through the canal.  Originally built in 1904, the Panama Canal can accommodate 875 foot ships not allowing the much larger ships built today for carrying cargo. 

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Diez Años Después de la Saga de Elián González

Elián González hace diez años tomo enfoque central del gobierno Estadounidense y Cubano. El pequeño que en ese entonces estaba a punto de cumplir seis años a finales de 1999, fue encontrado por un pescador en las costas de Florida. Fue el único sobreviviente de una embarcación en la cual su madre y otras personas se ahogaron intentado llegar a Estados Unidos.

Hoy en día es un joven que estudia en la escuela militar Camilo Cienfuegos, donde se prepara como futuro oficial de las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias. También es un militante de la juventud comunista, amante de la música, computación, y el gimnasio, todo un joven de 16 años.

“Elián es líder natural. Su fuerte no es la oratoria. Lo de él es hacer, más que hablar, pero sí dice lo que piensa y lo hace bien”, reseñó su padre.

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Rogue Mexican State Police Chief Arrested for 30 Brutal Killings

Mexican Federal police announced that they have captured former police chief, Miguel Ortiz Miranda, also known as “Tyson”, a brazen, fearless, killing machine for the La Familia Michoacan drug cartel.  The police believe he is connected and/or executed 30 of the country’s most brutal killings over the last years, as well as orchestrating kidnapping and extortion’s.  The most notable were a June 2009 road side ambush on federal police killing 12 officers and last month’s slaying of 15 individuals that had angered La Familia.

Several years ago Miranda was Morelia, Michoacan’s state police chief when he started selling useful information to the drug cartel.  He also provided them with security going as far, in July of last year, as shooting out federal police stations to free jailed cartel leaders.  He was also known as enjoying the macabre, leaving notes on decapitated victims heads placed in ice coolers.

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Sunday’s Election in 12 states will go on Despite Violence

Mexican officials have said that voting will proceed, including in Tamaulipas where assassinated Institutional Revolutionary Party candidate Torre’s replacement has not even been named yet.

Gunmen ambushed Torres’s campaign caravan Monday, killing him, three bodyguards and a state lawmaker. It is believed the hit is part of a feud between the gulf cartel and a gang who has split from it known as the Zetas. The Zetas have grown to the point that they control much of life in Tamaulipas. Drug cartels fund a tenth of Mexico’s economy. Calderon’s government is urging citizens to stand up to the cartels by voting; many Mexicans fear the cartels are winning this fight.

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ACLU Issues Travel Warning to AZ

In response to civil liberties threats caused by the recent passage of Arizona’s racial profiling law, state-based American Civil Liberties Union affiliates across the country are issuing travel alerts informing individuals of their rights when stopped by law enforcement when traveling in Arizona. The unconstitutional law, known as SB 1070, requires law enforcement agents to demand “papers” from people they stop who they suspect are not authorized to be in the U.S. If individuals are unable to prove to officers that they are permitted to be in the U.S., they may be subject to warrantless arrest without any probable cause that they have committed a crime.

Although the law is not scheduled to go into effect until July 29, the ACLU is concerned that some law enforcement officers are already beginning to act on provisions of the law. Moreover, there has been a history of rampant racial profiling by law enforcement in Arizona, especially in Maricopa County, as well as a stated anti-immigrant policy of “attrition through enforcement” by Arizona lawmakers meant to create a hostile enough environment for Latinos and other people of color that they voluntarily leave the state.

“ACLU affiliates across the country are issuing these alerts because it is imperative that individuals understand their rights before traveling in Arizona,” said Anthony D. Romero, Executive Director of the ACLU. “Under Arizona’s racial profiling law, people who look ‘foreign’ are more likely to be stopped for minor infractions and then asked for their ‘papers’ if police believe, based on their appearance or accent, that they could be in the country unlawfully. We hope the alerts provide people with some measure of protection from illegal harassment from law enforcement and inform them of their rights should they encounter it.”

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Fear for Safety Keep American Students Home

Fear for Safety Keep American Students Home

Although no American students have been known to have been hurt in Mexico’s drug violence, safety concerns are keeping students home.

“To make an analogy,” said Geoffrey E. Braswell, an associate anthropology professor at the University of California, San Diego “I would not have considered taking students to Mississippi during the early 1960s or to Chicago during the 1968 Democratic convention, but other parts of the U.S. were, of course, safe for travel. Mexico is that way.”
In March two Technologico de Monterrey students were killed when fighting erupted between drug traffickers and soldiers.

The state departments issued a warning then that lead to the cancelation of many Universities study abroad programs scheduled for Mexico. It is not only Universities in the border cities like Ciudad Juárez and Reynosa where violence has erupted very close to the campuses that are affected, but Universities hundreds of miles away from the violence as well.

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ThursdayJuly 1, 2010